? Powerful?  Black Seed Oil:? ✨ Beauty✨ Health✨

? Powerful? Black Seed Oil:? ✨ Beauty✨ Health✨

Hi its leda Lum Apotheca and today we are
gonna talk about black seed oil and how awesome it is, and anti inflammatory and weight loss
and all sorts of awesome beauty applications and health. Okay you guys, so this is the
black seed oil that I got from Amazing Herbs off of Amazon, this is 32 ounces it was around
40 bucks and well worth it. I transfered it from this black container which apparently
it’s the two under here, H-O-H-D-P-E. I looked that up and it’s supposed to be safe but just
to be sure I put it in to a glass container ’cause I don’t want it to… Just wanna make
sure and I’m gonna just… ‘Cause this is see through, I am gonna put it in my cupboard,
just making sure it’s not deteriorating. It’s a healthy immune system, an anti inflammatory
response and I’m gonna talk about why it’s so awesome. So it contains 5XTQ Thymoquinone,
which is the maximum naturally recurring source of such component, which is one of the components
that is so widely studied and probably why black seed oil is so awesome.So it’s from
the buttercup family and it’s also called black cumin ’cause it’s pretty like cumin
seed, it’s very spicy. I like it but a lot of people don’t like it, but it’s very bitter
and tastes like chewing on cumin seeds. And so I think it will be yummy in a salad dressing,
but I just take a swig of it in the morning and at night and I definitely feel better,
it seems to… Like if I have a headache I’ll use it, it’s an analgesic, it has pain relieving
properties too which is very cool. Let’s see, it’s a super anti-inflammatory which is maybe
one of the reasons why people are experiencing such weight loss with it, which you might
wanna try if you are interested in weight loss, especially around the gut I can see
why it would be… The anti inflammation would help reduce swelling in your joints, a lot
of people experience benefit from that but maybe that’s why, I dunno. It’s definitely
a hypo-stimulator, hypo-protectant, hypo. So it protects your liver that’s what that
means. And also I’ve heard that it can stimulate the clutothyrone production in your liver,
maybe that’s why definitely it’s anti oxidant property is for your liver through your kidneys,
who knows, increases your liver function.It’s helpful for the elasticity of blood vessels
so it’s great for heart disease and hypertension, and varicose veins and that’s really awesome.
It creates apoptosis, it stimulates the death of tumor cells, it inhibits tumors growth.
So in studies with rats and humans, it inhibited tumor growth by up to 50% in certain tumors,
it stimulates healthy bone marrow by 250%, so that’s a great increase so maybe that’s
partly why it’s such a great immune stimulator, because your white blood cells are produced
in your bone marrow and maybe that’s why. And also has great anti viral, anti bacterial
properties so it’s gonna help with super bugs like the candida over growth in your system.
I also put some just on my face like I wanna try it as a face oil, why not, and my skin
absorbed it like crazy quickly and I also put it on my boyfriend’s face and it was amazingly
well received, and I’ve been trying it morning and night just see how it like… I mean it
definitely has a strong smell or maybe you are not in to that, but I’ve also heard that
it’s helped with hair growth, you can massage in the roots like a hair mask, so perhaps
you’d like to try that. It’s kind of expensive but… Asthma, originally I took this when
I took this a few years ago I bought a bottle and I forgot about it and recently I had a
chest cold, and I took it two years ago and I immediately started feeling my lung capacity
increase, I felt I could feel it clearing my lungs, so that what reminded me to get
a bottle again, was my lung function and it’s been a great expectorant. So dephlegming.
It’s anti fungal and anti pesticidal, parasitic, not pesticidal, parasitic, those little pests.
Awesome, so it’s got a high content of linoleic acid so maybe that’s probably why the skin
enjoys it so much, or maybe it’s the Thymoquinone, but since it’s anti cancer I think that’s
great ’cause who wants skin cancer. There you go so, you might wanna try that especially
for weight loss, you can see a lot of videos about it for weight loss, but even just increasing
your bone marrow alone by 250%, I’m gonna take it, that’s it. And a lot of stories of
people’s miraculous liver, not liver, but tumor and cancer relief. So even for that
apoptosis I’m gonna take it. There you go, black seed oil, hope you enjoyed that, if
you did please give it a thumbs up and subscribe, and if you have any suggestions for future
videos, please let me know and comments welcome.


  1. will black seed oil help with pimples and scars due to pimples?? can you put this on your face like after washing your face in the morning ??

  2. Black Seed Considered a Universal Remedy The Prophet Muhammad (Peace be Upon Him) said in his divine wisdom about the Black seed "Use this Black seed, it has a cure for every disease except death". (Sahih Bukhari)

  3. It's funny my bottle of black seed oil came yesterday. I was looking for videos on the best way to take it and came across yours. Wow! Your skin is flawless and you're such a beautiful woman.

  4. I like the taste too…my husband says it taste like paint thinner. I can definitely feel a difference when I do not take this I feel like crap

  5. I just start taking black seed oil and I have auto immune hepatitis since I been 16 I'm now 45 and my enzyme level where high 239- 343 I never felt sick but the time I fell out on the basketball ? court in high school and that was because I was short of breathe that's how they found out my illness the doctors have used me for a test dummies so I finally got the black seed oil my liver enzymes went down to 1-43 my doctor call me and think I listen to them and took the higher dose of Prednisones and immured which cause liver cancer….only thing is i don't know if I'm taking too much cause I've been having headaches but I'm happy very joyful my blood levels are down I need guidance with this stuff it's real

  6. best oil ever from islamic culture. I used coconut oil in Asia, and I jst discovered this miracle in Egypt.
    you are gorgeous. and your info is complete .thanks:)

  7. the prophet MUHAMMED peace and blessings be upon him said 1400 years ago, that the BLACK SEED cures every disease except DEATH!

    sadaqa rasuulullaah = he spoke the truth!?

  8. Black seed oil is the most amazing thing I've ever taken. It's wonderful. It also fixed my bad eczema/dermatitis that was all over my face and scalp

  9. i'm muslim and we use black seed and love it but be careful don't use too much because too much can be very bad for you

  10. it smells like car oil as well as taste the way it smells, lol. I used it for two days and stopped due to the taste and was afraid of weight loss and I'm a petite woman. I will be trying it again though

  11. I took some for the first time the other day, and the next morning was vomiting and in bed for the whole next day. Anyone experience that?

  12. Salad Dressing! Black seed oil, MCT oil, Braggs Amino acids, turmeric, hemp seed and chia seeds! I add black pepper …. taste amazing!!


  14. I have a question I prepare my own salad at home I don't go out there and buy it. My question is can I add black seed oil on salad.


  16. Been on the black seed couple of months now. You're definitely right about it. If you're new to it I'd recommend half a teaspoon once a day for four or five days to get the stomach used to it. It gave me terrible cramps initially but was able to increase to full teaspoonfuls twice daily with no problems. Certainly one of nature's greatest remedies. Thanks for the video.

  17. I suffer from acne and used it for my face as well as injest it. Is it normal that my face would be a little itchy in my problem areas once i apply it?

  18. What's your one personal must, favorite thing that makes your skin so lovely, friend! :)? Help! I'm trying to begin my path to glowing, healthy skin like yooours♡♡♡

  19. I just started watching you a few days ago and I'm excited to try out your smart stuff facial products..it refreshing to see real people and learning new things that really help..I've just started PURE organic sulfer for my hair and skin and my nails and hair have been growing like crazy..it's helps my fibromyalgia pain allso ..I'm curious if you have every tried.. I would love to send you a sample… I have sent my email to our company smart stuff …I look forward to communicating you come across with such a happy Spirit [email protected]

  20. black seed oil literally helps with everything… EVERYTHING. That answers any questions people may have, the answer is yes!

  21. Thanks for your honest review. I use Black Seed oil with wonderful results. Yes as she stated rub into scalp for stimulated hair growth. Which is a great reason for this beautiful lady NOT to massage into face. Greetings from Irish James in Morocco, North Africa.

  22. I know this is an old video hope you see this message. Do you take this right off the spoon, do you add it to warm nut milk, mix with juice or water? I have crazy inflammation no diagnosis just take prednisone. I'm morbidly obese with asthma and sleep apnea. I started keto/whole 30 – ish no dairy (allergic to dairy) intermittent fasting. Taking my health in my own hands sick of drs and pills and Bill's, not getting any better. So I'm curious about this oil now. I hope you see this and respond

  23. Keep that oil Refrigerated.. I've been using it for a long time.. It works wonders on respiratory infections and asthma.. Strengthens the lungs.. Kills ance bacteria on the face and body. Gets rid of razor bumps for men.. Promotes hair growth.. Helps control blood pressure..

  24. I tryed it on my skin and it makes my eyes water …. can u tell me why?…. I’ve tryed it 3 times now and the tears come out every time I am also using the black seed oil gel pills I have no side effects with that … both r from the same amazing herb company

  25. You look like a beautiful Jeannie that came out of the Black Seed Bottle. Blackseed as brought me to you . ❤️?

  26. Ok… I have a question…. every video I see with the black seed oil. Everyone's is a dark color ,almost black, the one I use it not dark . Do you have to have the darker color? Is it the purest? Thanks to all who reply.

  27. Pretty, smart, well studied/Practiced and very easy on the eyes and ears!!

    We could use more of you in the world ? Keep up the the solid work sis!! Shalawam

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