🔵 1938 Depression Era Orange Ade Recipe

🔵 1938 Depression Era Orange Ade Recipe

welcome friends today we are continuing
our depression-era recipes pre-world War two recipes and I can feel that spring
is coming the days are getting longer so let’s make some orangeade that we can
drink on the back porch when the weather gets warm so this recipe it says to make
it in a crock I have all of the family crocks but I kind of don’t feel
comfortable using them anymore they’re kind of precious and they look really
good in the link so I’m gonna use this food safe restaurant container it’s
plastic but it is okay to pour boiling water in it which is something that
we’re going to do in a little while so don’t freak out everything will be fine
the first thing we need is waiting for my scale we need two pounds of white
sugar okay so this is slightly out of order from the recipe but since I’m
weighing things I might as well weigh things we’ll set this over two ounces and it says I need 2 ounces of citric
acid and so make sure you get food grade citric acid I’ve got a big citric acid
down in the down on the brewery that I use for cleaning not the same stuff or
it is the same stuff but it could have other contaminants in it so two ounces
wow that’s quite a bit okay so that’s one ounce Wow okay two
ounces I’ll pop that in with the sugar and I’ll just clear this up and we’ll
move on to the next next up you need to grate the rind of four oranges and while
I’m testing the orange I’ve got two quarts of water two Imperial courts
which are larger than American courts of water on to boil which is what we’re
gonna add into this next to dissolve the sugar in that green pot I’m also making
cottage cheese at the same time so it sits pretty busy here in the studio
today okay water’s boiling and oranges are
zested now I’m gonna hang on to the oranges because we still need them as
well as these lemons but the next thing is to pour the boiling water into here
to dissolve the sugar the citric acid and start to bring out the flavors from
the orange peel do you think I can pour the water in without spilling it
everywhere let’s see now just give this a stir to completely
dissolve the sugar looks good so at this point I’m going to cover this
and set it aside until it comes down to room temperature before we move on to
the next step okay while that is chilling I need to juice all of these
oranges and lemons there’s a job okay so I got about 750 mils of fresh
juice I’m going to pour that into this jug and now I’m going to mix in the
sugar citric acid mixture just stir it up I don’t know why I’m stirring it as
soon as I pour it in it’s all gonna mix together anyway okay so can I do it can
I do it without making a mess now put the cap on it and I’m going to exert a
little bit of patience it says to wait at least 24 hours before drinking so
I’ll see you tomorrow all right beverages Wow this is orangeade so apparently you’re supposed to put a
little bit in the glass the crock in cylinder cool place yeah less than
quarter and then fill with water I’m putting club soda because okay I
think bubbles would be nice you’re modernizing original I am oh well
I have to imagine back then someone were to put Seltzer in don’t you think maybe
but you know depends whether they had salts are available
I guess so all right that’s pretty bang on yeah that’s uh
that’s really refreshing and lovely yeah amazing um I think we’re both surprised
that was a big bag of horn oranges you brought in okay so I’m I am super
excited about this cuz when I was making it I’m thinking you could take this
basic recipe take out the oranges put in grapefruit and make ting oh yeah those
do you like grapefruit bandages I mean this would be amazing and so there’s
there’s enough citric acid in this that that is preserved that will stay in your
fridge for 6-8 months well um and then if you’re someone who owns one of those
so does a SodaStream yeah I I also was thinking this afternoon I could put that
in a keg with water and carbonate it and we could have carbonated all summer long
out of the keg you could so make a mean Shandy – yeah and I think I think
historically this would be something that you would make once a year when the
oranges arrive yes cuz cuz you know oranges are not always readily available
yeah we forget at this point that when we go to a grocery store today
everything is available all the time because it’s either coming from South
America or South Africa and the seasons don’t matter anything really wasn’t that
long ago that no we are that oranges were a big deal in the winter when I was
a kid at school the school would do a fundraiser and people would buy case the
cases of oranges from us at the school because that’s when you got them you
would arrange for like a large delivery yeah and that wasn’t that wasn’t that
long ago no um and of course if you talk to your grandparents you’ll probably
find an organ orange for Christmas was a big was a big deal so in this in this
instance in 1939 in rural Ontario orange would have been a big deal and this
would have been a way to take when you got the oranges to have that flavor last
a long time perhaps when you if you couldn’t eat
them all fast enough yeah yeah and and and so here you
reserve them and you’d have that orange sunshine all winter long this is really
good thanks for stopping by see you guys soon you


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  2. Have been binge-watching your cooking videos after coming across them on YouTube. Immediately inspired to make the orangeade recipe after seeing it. Bought organic oranges, lemons, Domino sugar, citric acid and even a kitchen scale …processed it all following the steps and just now realized you said two pounds of sugar vs. three pounds in the recipe. I’m sure it’ll be fine in 24 hours.

  3. There's an imperial quarts and American quarts? I thought Americans already uses the imperial system? Enlighten me please??

  4. Another great video! I'm wondering if it's possible that you could name A supplier for the glass jugs and caps that you are using? Everything nowadays is made and stored in plastic from the local grocery store. And because of where I live all we have as a local grocery store is a Wally's retail store approximately 52 miles away. The smaller version of the store as I live in a very rural area. I have to see if you do anything with tomato or tomato juice or a V8 type product. I haven't looked yet. You're bringing back a lot of memories of when I worked at a supper club. I usually work days and the chefs came in early to make things. One in particular and he was really good. Learn to laugh at mistakes made and how to fix them up. and I'm seeing that you're doing a lot of the same things that he did. After we work four hours putting things together the boss would come in and do the taste test. We all learned you don't argue with the boss. And a second lesson we learned it's always have a bottle of corn syrup around. When something wasn't sweet enough he seasoned it to his taste with corn syrup for his own personal meal. The strange things was what we thought was good when we served it it didn't go very well but after the boss was done it was put out and there was nothing left.

  5. I am 50something. I remember the big navel oranges being a big deal at Christmas. I don't really remember having oranges any other time.

  6. I was too young to know the recipe, but my grandmother made an orange ade concentrate that we mixed with water and It was one of my favorite drinks as a child.

  7. "I can feel that Spring is coming. The days are getting longer."

    The sarcasm is strong with this one!

  8. Hi there, question where did you get the book at. I collect pre1980 and under soda cans and soda bottles. Please let me know the books name please.

  9. Can you make some Tasty Lemonade for me? 😉 Every time i see Americans in films drinking sweet lemonade im jealous, there are not any good in sales or traditional recipes.

  10. I can remember going to the country store in the 1960's and early 1970's to get a bottle of Orange Crush. If you think that Orange Crush is the same now as it was back then, you're sadly mistaken! Back then the drink was made from fresh squeezed orange juice, real sugar, and carbonated water. It had the meat of the orange in it, and it was way more satisfying than today's version. Sometime in the mid 1970's the recipe was changed, and the drink lost its charm!

  11. Well, I made it yesterday. Had my first glass this morning. Wow its strong!
    In the video he says TWO lbs of sugar, but the recipe says THREE. I followed the recipe.
    I was worried that 1 part concentrate with 2 parts water would be too diluted. Nope. This stuff is like orange-flavored hummingbird nectar. Strongly recommend keeping a jug of water in the fridge to mix with. Really like it!
    I'm thinking orange-flavored Kool Aid or Tampico are trying to be this – but this is the real deal.
    100% recommend – will make again.

  12. I’m in Florida and there’s literally a store selling fresh pressed orange juice in cartons every day down the street from me. I truly appreciate how plentiful they are in this state and in this age 😭😭😭🍊🍊🍊🍊🍊

  13. The recipe you made used 2 pounds of white sugar and the recipe at the end says 3 pounds. Am I missing something or misread?

  14. During the Depression, did the average person HAVE that much sugar to spare, at one time, on making sugared drinks? I would think the discussion would go something like this: "You're thirsty? Well, take this here glass on out to the well outside and start pumping, son!"

  15. OMG! I JUST made this….and I KNOW it says to wait 24 hours…..but my hands smelled of oranges, the whole kitchen smelled of oranges…my husband was lurking around, licking his lips, so we said…screw the 24 hours and we made a glass right away……OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOW!!!!!!!!!!! I loved your wife's face when she tasted it….and now I know why! Even without waiting the 24 hours it is TO DIE FOR GOOD! Thank you for this recipe!

  16. That's funny. This is the exact same way I have been making orange lemonade forever. Minus the citric acid. I just use more lemon for acidity.

    Quite funny I came up with what is essentially the same recipe

  17. I recommend using stevia instead of sugar. Substitute the 1,3kg of Sugar with about 130-190ml of liquid stevia. Also, because there is no sugar you won't need as much water. Because of this the ratio will be about 1:6 – 1:8.

  18. hey glen, question. You mention putting the ade into a keg WITH water. Do you mean you're pre-mixing the water with the ade and carbonating? Or are you approaching it like you did in your "how we carbonate" video, where you carbonate a keg of water then add to your base?

  19. I am with you on the carbonation. I loved Orange Crush Soda as a child in the 1950's. And we each got an orange and an apple in our Christmas stockings.

  20. I remember me and all my cousins would get a brown paper bag with an apple an orange a couple chocolate coins and a candy cane for Christmas from my grandma there were thirty two of us it was still a nice gift then lol

  21. You would love the juicer attachment to the Kitchen Aid mixer. How about something with cherries?

  22. Have you considered replicating Orange Minute Maid Soda? IT was the bast orange soda ever, and they don't make it anymore

  23. I'm FROM Wisconsin and I had no idea what you were talking about with ting. Looked it up and it's a regional thing to just Wisco, and I'm not in the region it's from. Learn something new every day…

  24. seems easy to make and it lasts a long time. do you filter out the rind or does it just dissolve into the mixture?

  25. Citrus ripens in December. So the folks who lived during the depression only had a small window to enjoy oranges, lemons etc.

  26. We would get oranges and tangerines for christmas when my grandmother would make christmas goodies baskets when I was a kid!

  27. Being from Wisconsin… Wondering about "Wisconsin" Ting. I recall there was/is a "Ting" Soda Company… Curiosity Peaked.

  28. Not sure if it has been asked or not but would this work to use just lemons? Would be nice to have a lemonade that is fresh like this but cheaper then using so many lemons.

  29. I'm from South Africa and we always have oranges. I guess we just take it for granted having fruit all year round. I never realised fruit was seasonal in other countries, or at least years ago.

  30. Hi Glen just to let you know I made your orangeade recipe last week end and wow totally unbelievable taste!! Its like fanta!! But I need to invest in a sodastream, it's costing me a fortune in soda water lol 👍👍👍 I will be trying all your other recipes just to see if they are as good !!!

  31. Thanks for yet another great video! I will definitely be trying this one out. Seems simple enough! Have you ever thought about trying to make cream soda? It was one of my favourites growing up. Cheers!

  32. My head spins listening to ounces, pounds, gallons etc. Thankfully people put the conversion to gms and litres on screen.

  33. New to your channel but you guys are amazing. love your videos and have tried a couple recipes… AWESOME!!!!!! Thanks from Rossville Ga US

  34. I am now old enough to be the grandparent and I remember the orange in the toe of my Christmas stocking being a very big deal in the late fifties and early sixties. So, I can imagine the importance of oranges in the winter s of the depression. thanks for the history.

  35. You've mentioned a Soda Stream… Here is how you do it for yourself much cheaper. 😉

  36. For best flavor make an oleo saccharum with the sugar and orange zest before adding the water. By mixing the zest with the sugar and letting it set for a few hours to overnight, the osmotic nature of the sugar will pull the oil from the zest. You can vacuum seal it for a faster extraction if you want.

  37. I think it would be nice if you briefly toasted with your wife or other guests before drinking. This video was very cool though, I like the thought of preserving orange sunshine in syrup.

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