1 – 9 DPO SYMPTOMS, LINE PROGRESSION & Best Pregnancy Test for Early Results

Welcome back guys! Today I’m gonna be
going over the symptoms that I experienced from 1DPO, that’s days past
ovulation, leading up to 9DPO when I got that first positive pregnancy test
and stick around to the end of this video because I’m gonna share with you
the absolute best pregnancy test for early results. First of all, I want to go
ahead and apologize if you hear a chainsaw in the background of this video
periodically, they’re chopping down a huge tree in the apartment behind mine
and it looks like it’s gonna take them all day, so I’m just gonna go ahead and
film and I apologize in advance. If you’re new here, I have a six month old
son, right here, and I’m gonna be doing this video in retrospect, obviously, but I
wrote down all of my symptoms days past ovulation because I knew eventually I
wanted to start my own YouTube channel and share all of this information and if
you’re anything like me, that two week wait was hell and watching videos from
other women who actually were pregnant, comparing my symptoms with theirs, helped
keep me positive. Starting on 1DPO I was still checking my cervical mucus as
I did throughout the cycle and there was a mucus plug jelly-like substance inside
of me, which I contributed to maybe leftover semen, but I had inseminated two
days prior, so I kind of wrote it off. Also, I had tightness in my stomach, but
no cramps and sore nipples. 2DPO my bottom right molar was hurting a lot, it
wasn’t like a hot and cold sensitivity, it was just bothering me in general. My
nipples were still very sore and I smelled cat pee. I have a litter box, I
have a cat, so I have a litter box. I went ahead and cleaned that and then five
hours later I was changing my coffeemaker, setting it up for the next
day and I smelled it really strongly again. I went over to the litter box, I
smelled the trash can, I couldn’t place the smell. And heightened sensitivity to
smell is a huge pregnancy symptom, so that was a good one. Also I had woken up
with soreness in my right arm as if I had gotten blood
drawn the day before, like right here in my vein. My cervical mucus was white and
chunky, like gummy between two fingers like a little gummy piece. I had dark
veins in my breasts, my opk was still dark that morning, but my
cervix had dropped and was tight and closed and I had my BBT temperature
spike. 3DPO my cervical mucus was boogery, like snotty. I had a hint of a
sore throat, the vein in my arm area right here was still really sore, my
bottom right molar was also, I started having back pain and there was a canker
sore in the middle of my tongue which is a HUGE indication of pregnancy. Also kind
of TMI, but if you’re a woman you know what this is: I had a bump down there on
the right side, kind of like a blood clot bump and this is really uncommon for me,
so if you’ve got that too, maybe it’s linked. 4DPO I woke up with a lot of
boogers, stretching pain on my left side, my nipples were feeling better, but the
left one was still a little bit sore, I still had a bump down there and after
brushing and flossing my teeth there was bright red blood and I had a super vivid
dinosaur dream that to this day I could recite to you scene by scene. Really
greasy hair and giving my daughter a bath before bed, out of nowhere it hit me
like a ton of bricks, my legs got super achy and I actually had to sit down for
a few seconds. On 5DPO the backs of my knees and
calves were pretty sore which I just saw as an extension of whatever the heck
happened the night before, vivid dreams again and I woke up in the middle of the
night to go to the bathroom, which I never did pre-pregnancy and then I
experienced insomnia after that, it was impossible to get back to sleep.
Then I had bloating cramps in the morning and I actually had to rush home
after my class that morning to go to the bathroom, even though we got out early
because it was a test day. Sensitivity in the same bottom right tooth at around 11am.
At this point I was starting to notice a pattern, it was always happening
around lunchtime and lasting for a few hours each day. I had a random emotional
fit, which obviously I now can contribute to hormones, but I wanted a cup of tea
really bad, but I didn’t know if I was pregnant, which cup of tea would be safe
for the baby, so I just got really emotional about that.
Then also I started experiencing constipation. On 6DPO I had really
vivid dreams again and was absolutely starving after my class, then a needle
type pain in my left side which was then instantly gone, then twinge cramps in my
left butt cheek, followed by the back side of my ribs on the right side. 7DPO
I had a post nasal drip feeling, vivid dreams, blood in the tissue when I blew
my nose and super greasy hair. 8DPO I woke up extremely tired even though
I’d gone to bed early the night before because we were going hiking that day
and I didn’t eat before bed or anything, which usually will mak e me a little bit
more tired the next day, so it was very random. Gas cramps in the morning, which
is abnormal if you don’t eat before bed, blood in the tissue when I blew my nose
again, a gentle needle pricking on my right side, watery nose and sneezing, a
twinge on my right back side and lower back pain, as well as my right bottom
tooth being sore. After we went hiking that day I had a whole chocolate bar and
it did not pick me up at all. If you’re a chocolate person, you know if you have
chocolate it’s gonna give you that sugar and caffeine spike and then you drop, but
I had no spike whatsoever. I just stayed super tired and I, pre-pregnancy, was in
excellent shape. We used to go hiking all the time together and it just didn’t
make sense that I had such horrible back pain during that hike and it was just
taking a toll on my body. I could just tell something was off and at this point I
was definitely starting to be convinced that I was pregnant. 9DPO I
had vivid dreams, I didn’t have anymore twinges or needle type pains, but cramps
in my lower stomach and my legs and back were extremely sore. Now, I had planned to
wait until 11DPO to test, but on 9DPO I could not wait any more, so I did
some research because it was super early and I went ahead and picked up two of
the pink plastic dropper pregnancy tests from the Dollar Tree, as well as a three
pack of First-Response pregnancy tests and a few purple and
white, First Signal plastic dropper ones from Walmart.
I took them at 11am, all of them were negative,
so I threw them in the trash can and we were meeting my friend and her
daughters at 12:30 that day, so I made us some quick lunch and mid-bite you
guys, I had this intuition to just go check the trash can. I got up went over
the trash can and guess which one of those tests had turned positive… that 88
cent purple and white First Signal test from Walmart. I wish to God that I had
filmed this you guys, but it was just so random. I just had that intuition and I
went and I checked the trashcan and bam. It was the most faint line you could
possibly see, but if there’s a line you’re pregnant. It’s just a matter of
the line getting darker consistently, day by day after that. That’s when you know
that the pregnancy is going to stick. The next morning it was darker and
I kept all of my tests, tracking my progression day by day, until finally I
got a Clear Blue Digital test to… oh, baby… I got the Clear Blue Digital test to do my
pregnancy announcement. So I highly recommend these Walmart First Signal
pregnancy tests. I’ll link them below for you and just save yourself the time and
money and stock up on them. Watch your progression go a little bit
darker and then grab yourself a digital for confirmation. I really hope this
video helps and my heart goes out to all of you women currently in your dreaded
two week wait: it will be over before you know it. Please go ahead and subscribe,
next week I’m going to be putting out the exercises that I did every night on
my yoga ball, to help alleviate that back pain and
stretching that your body is going to start making in the beginning of
pregnancy, really throughout, but it’s really intense in the beginning and go
ahead and give this video a big thumbs up and I’ll see you in the next one!

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