10 BEST Partner Exercises

10 BEST Partner Exercises

Hi everyone! Thanks for joining me today on the Runtastic Fitness Channel. I have a really special
guest here with me. This is my really good friend and gym buddy Nelly and she’s here with
me today because we are going to do a really awesome workout for you guys that you can do with your friends too. You can do it with your friends, your family, with your significant other and Nelly is
actually the reason why we decided to this video. So, tell ’em
why we decided to create this. Well you posted it on your facebook fan page and I thought this could be great fun to do
it together. So, you convinced me to come over
here and just try some exercises with you. Yeah, I
convinced her But, yeah so she had asked me like “Hey Lunden we should do a partner workout, or you should do a partner exercise video.” And I was like, “Okay cool, who should be my partner?” So, since she is my real life gym partner, we work out together all the
time, she keeps me motivated and now we are going to do some exercise for you. So, for these exercises you need a partner. It’s two-people exercises and we have 10
of them to show you So we’re going to get started, ready? Alright, so I hope you got inspired by these 10 exercises that you can do with a
partner. I was inspired by my friend by her idea to make this video. So, your homework is to find a friend and
try out maybe some of these exercises may be all of these exercises and I don’t forget to like and subscribe
to the Runtastic Fitness Channel and thanks for joining me, it’s been a pleasure to have you. Find a friend to do this with you. Right now, call them! Hey, let’s workout.


  1. Nice vid @RuntasticFitness… tks for sharing. FOLLOW ME, I'LL FOLLOW YOU BACK & LETS BUILD THE GREATEST EXERCISE COMMUNITY #CreativeWorkout

  2. Wow this is exactly what i was looking for. Im training my first group today and itll be the first time i train anyone outside of a gym. Thank you!

  3. Love doing partner workouts! Keeps the energy high. We've actually made a few of our own home partner workout routine videos. Got to admit though, I have never tried the back-to-back wall sit. Looks like fun!

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