10 Mistakes to avoid in Periods ||   پیریڈز میں کی جانے والی غلطیاں  …… (Eng Sub)

10 Mistakes to avoid in Periods || پیریڈز میں کی جانے والی غلطیاں …… (Eng Sub)

Assalam-o-alaikum & welcome to my channel. In today’s video, I’ll be sharing all those mistakes which are supposed to avoid during your periods. I know many points are already known by you but there are many females who have recently got their periods for the first time and are not much aware of all tips and tricks related to periods. So, lets get started but before that do not forget to subscribe to my channel and hit on the bell icon to get notifiction for every new video, uploaded by me. Mistake # 1 to avoid is always change your pad every 4-5hours. There are many females, especially those with scanty periods, think as their flow is less, so they don;t need to change their pad frequently & keep wearing same pad for around 8-10hours. So such ladies need to understand either the flow is less or more, still they “SHOULD” change their pad after every 4-5hours, Because as long as your pad is in your hands or in the box, it is harmless. And as soon as it incorporates with your body, and comes in contact with some liquid, chemicals in that pad start spreading harmful bacteria giving rise to numerous infections. Especially those females or teenager who are experiencing menstruation for the 1st time, “Listen girls, either your pad is clean or not, you need to change it after every 4-5hours. Mistake number 2 to avoid is: Keep your private area dry. Let me clarify you here, it is just a MYTH that one can not wash her private area off during periods. Its absolutely UNTRUE. Either you are a muslim or non muslim, cleanliness and body hygiene should be your first and foremost duty, and to cleanse yourself properly, you need water. So, always wash yourself off with water but always use luke warm water for washing and then pat yourself dry. Always remember, Wet body parts gives rise to humidity which in return welcomes many bacterial and fungal infections, rashes or any form of skin allergy or skin disease. So, it is recommended to always wash and pat dry your body especially your “lady parts”. 3rd mistake to avoid is: Be very careful with the fabric of your undergarments. Always wear cotton patties, especially during summers or your period days, In case, if you use undergarments made of silk or any other fabric , your private area won;t get any oxygen giving ride to humidity which causes infections, skin allergies and/or skin rashes. While if you use cotton panties, your body will get enough quantity of oxygen, it needs. Mistake # 4 is One shouldn’t take any medicine during your menstruation days. Our elders (in South East Asian countries) always forbade us to take any medicine, no matter how much pain u r in, & this is absolutely wrong. If you are undergoing any menstrual pains and visit any doctor, (“THE TERM I Used here is incorrect. my “APOLOGIZE” It is “DYSMENORRHEA not “Amenorrhea”) so when you tell your doctor about your painful periods, he/she’ll write you a medicine for it. I myself take medicine for it and I also dicussed with my doctor that our elders forbade us to take any medicine while on periods and my doctor confirmed me that it’s a myth. and there are specific medicines available in market for this specific issue (menstrual pains) Let me tell you here, you take take any available painkiller But I’d advice you to speak to your doctor first before taking any medicine for any issue. Next tip is if u r in pain & u dont want to take any medicine, drink turmeric milk. Highly effective for period pains. I am giving the link above to the recipe of turmeric milk and will also place the link in the description box below. Or you may also use HOT WATER BOTTLE on your lower belly or back or wherever u r feeling the pain. You’d feel relieved after some time. Next mistake to avoid is: Avoid eating”chilled ” food items during periods. Because during periods, you are facing numerous issues like weakness, mood swings, pain etc so its better to consume warm or hot items so that your body gets comfort. Point & 7 is : When one is on periods, she doesn’t feel like eating anything (am also among those who don’t want to eat anything due to pain and mood swings. But this is a HUGE mistake one can ever do to her body as our body is already tired due to pain, facing weakness due to blood wastage, and then we don;t wana eat. My question is HOW WOULD OUR BODY GET AN ENERGY TO SURVIVE? So, my honest advice to all is either you want to eat or not, it doesn’t matter. JUST EAT SOMETHING. either something light or can have some juices or milk or some dry fruits. Next point is: During PMSing or when in periods, one face tremendous “never-ending” mood swings like depression, anxiety, happiness for no reason, etc. So, to deal with this situation, keep yourself busy in some activity. Because when you keep thinking about your extreme mood swings, you are not doing any good to yourself . So, my advice is to keep yourself busy in something, you enjoy doing. Another question, I usually been asked is “Can I exercise during periods” ?? My answer is Yes, you can exercise during these days. In fact, I’ve heard those who face scanty periods, or whose flow is less or are facing spotting issues,should exercise as it helps them to get regular periods. should exercise as it helps them to get regular periods with normal flow. But remember, if first 1-2days of your periods are extremely painful, then you should avoid exercising and can opt for low to moderate pace walk, or take complete rest. But if your are not experiencing any pain, then you can exercise during those days. Last point is: All married females who are sexually active, should avoid any “sexual intimacy” with their husbands. Especially my muslims viewers, you all must have known it is not allowed in Islam, and speaking scientifically about it, when females are in her periods, numerous changes (hormonal, physical or psychological) are taking place in their body, psychological) are taking place in their body, which could cause various problems to female in the form of mood swings, anxiety,letharginess etc as well as could cause harm your husband as well. So, it is always better to avoid “sexual intimacy” with each other during your period days. Well, these were some points which u need to be careful of while on your periods. Hope u like this video, if you find it useful, give it a thumbs up, share with ur friends and do not forget to subscribe to my channel. See u soon.Take care, Allah hafiz


  1. Assalamualaikum jazakallah di very helpful video for me and other girls. In sub k bare me mujhe nhi Pata tha jazakallah☺️☺️

  2. Khuda ki qasam bohat khushi hui
    K ap ny ham larkio k liye itni information wali video bnai.
    Am a house wife
    Mujhy b boht masly ho jaty hyn
    Ab pta lga k kin cheazo ko avoid kre tu taklif se bach skty hy.
    Thank you mam
    Love u so much

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  6. World best sister for every age girl…kisi k negative comment par dehan na dain balky apni mehnaat jari rak kar sadqa jarya mai shumar karwayen

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  12. It's better to consult doctor in case of dysmenorrhea as in many cases there are serious conditions like Pelvic inflammatory diseases, endometriosis etc. that require proper treatment in stead of Simple NSAIDS.

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    agar karenge to kisko kitni der baad 5mn 10mn 15mn…plzzzz zarur batayen bahot urgent hai

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  18. I have heard during periods 1 is not supposed to tak any facial or any treatment in face.. is it true??? Anybody??

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    Allah Sab LarkiyOo kOo Hamesha khush rkhy or Buri Nazar say pachye ❤

  20. i take bath 2 times a day in my periods.. is it okay? everyone tells me that you should not take bath in your periods coz your body pores are open and water can enter your body and it will make your belly swell..

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