10 Things Every Pregnant Woman Should Know | Do & Don’t

so today I have two secrets to tell you
guys hey wishtrenders welcome back to wishtrendTV so today I have two
secrets to tell you guys so number one I’m married yes I’m not single and I
even have a two-year-old son so that’s my first secret now here goes number to
have another baby inside of me so that’s my second secret I am actually eight
months pregnant so I’m in my third trimester I always told the cameraman DK
or Fanny who you guys probably know film from here and up don’t go down here so
that’s why nobody really knew about my pregnancy so now I am sharing it with
you guys because I wanted to make a video out there for a new pregnant woman
and actually we did get a lot of requests and questions about what kind
of ingredients to use especially if you’re pregnant so we thought we just
make a video for you guys and actually our wishtend staff actually did a lot
of research on pregnancy not just beauty products but also lifestyle and health
and all these good things so we wanted to just share all this with you guys so
keep watching especially if you’re pregnant but even if you’re not um and
if you’re planning on to be pregnant these are some great do’s and don’ts
that you might want to know so do’s and don’ts during pregnancy so let’s get
into some real good nutritious information on the do’s and don’ts so
do’s and don’ts on food now if you’re pregnant you probably know that all the
food that you take any kind of liquid you take you know it’s affecting your
baby as well so we have to be really careful with certain types of food as
well do healthy foods during pregnancy so first of all, babam bananas now bananas
are filled with vitamin b6 and for vitamin b6 it produces a
neurotransmitter called dopamine and this will really help with morning
sickness especially hmm if you know about morning sickness it’s very painful
I actually knew someone a lady who couldn’t even stand the smell of rice so
morning sickness is very important right and this will help you with that next is
babam tomatoes and tomatoes are filled with antioxidants it cleanses a
blood system and also strengthens your blood vessels hmm and so basically this
is a essential food for your fetal development next is sweet potato you
probably know if you’ve had a baby or if you’re pregnant you are constantly like
constantly constantly constipated because as your baby gets bigger your
intestines are pressed like everything’s kind of like us smushed because of the baby
and you know so that’s why we probably kind of have a lot of digestion issues
as well but sweet potatoes will help with constipation so anchovy and cheese
now calcium supplement is very important for the fetal growth and anchovies and
cheeses it’s quite convenient right to carry around so it’s a good source
for your fetal don’t harmful foods during pregnancy so raw
foods be really careful when you’re eating raw foods because it can be
infected with you know parasites and cause diarrhea so it’s better to cook
them fully before eating them especially any kind of fish or any kind of meat as
well so next is alcohol obviously this is like a given for if you’re pregnant
don’t drink alcohol because as you know the placenta in our body is kind of like
a safety barrier between the fetus and the mother however it won’t stop alcohol
from getting through and alcohol can be completely absorbed by the baby through
the bloodstream coffee also if you’re pregnant you probably heard at least
once avoid caffeine and yes I admit I love coffee too and just I’m a coffee
addicted person but coffee inhibits absorption of calcium and iron in the
body and in result this can give a lower birth rate for your child and during
pregnancy you kind of lose the ability to decompose caffeine and harmful
ingredients can be delivered straight to your fetus so if you’re really craving
coffee try decaf and if you don’t have any options other than caffeine
maybe take about half a cup but avoid those refills so do’s and don’ts for
ingredients even if you’re not pregnant you probably agree that ingredients in
certain products are so important before you using it and especially if you’re
pregnant if it’s absorbed by the skin you want to make sure it’s not harmful
to the fetus do the ingredients during pregnancy so vitamin C if you’re
pregnant you’re gonna notice a lot more dark spots and pigmentation in your face
but you’re in luck because vitamin C actually controls the amount of melanin
basically preventing blemishes and pigmentation on your face not only this
but you know that it contains antioxidants and this helps anti-aging
by removing your active oxygen but remember you want to avoid those harsh
products so try to find a pure stabilized vitamin C product and usually
this won’t stimulate or irritate the skin
so find a pure and gentle product that even sensitive skin types can use centella asiatica during your pregnancy
your adrenocortical hormone increases and during this time the
collagen and the elastic of your dermis area is damaged and this is where
stretch marks appear and centella is a great ingredient for stretch marks
centella not only prevent stretch marks but when you actually do get those
stretch marks in the beginning it really helps to reduce the color and even the
size and basically it helps restore the skin and especially improve the damage
weakened area and also it keeps your skin moisturized without it evaporating
and of course you already know centella is also very famous for acne spot
treatments try to choose a product that includes up to 1% of the centella
ingredient so apply it to any part of your body where you think you might have
stretch marks you know especially your tummy area or anywhere around your face
where you want to manage your ethnic next is hyaluronic acid when you’re
pregnant the great amount of blood is actually delivered to the baby so
therefore you might feel more dry and irritated in your skin using a non harsh
gentle product that contains hyaluronic acid or beta-glucan will keep the skin
fully hydrated and remember try to find a safe product that doesn’t contain any
harsh ingredients and that’s fragrance free and also alcohol-free don’t
ingredients to avoid during pregnancy avobenzone this is a component hormonal
disturbances acne and also allergic reactions diethanolamine this
substance can cause carcinogenesis abnormal development as well as
abnormal fetal brain development as well isoflavones this is like an estrogen
like ingredient that causes problems during pregnancy
using this can cause hormonal imbalance as well as dark pigmentation of course
we know that parabens work as like a preservative for cosmetics but it’s
known as carcinogens as well this also acts kind of like an estrogen and it can
have an effect on brain development disturbances and that act as a various hormone
secretions now addition to parabens arbutins and hydroquinone toluene
formaldehyde phthalate these ingredients are just not good for anyone not just
pregnancy but just anyone now we did got a lot of questions from you pregnant
folks about the products and ingredients from klairs and by wishtrend you are
safe one thing you can know for sure is they don’t make any of the products made
with any of these kinds of harmful ingredients and especially if you’re
pregnant you can use any of these products I mean I myself use the vitamin
C serum for my pigmentation and I absolutely love how gentle it is not
only that because I want to avoid stretch mark as much as possible I rub
the all over body lotion all over my body especially my tummy area and
actually I kind of mix coconut oil with it and kind of rub it around because
it’s like that extra coconut oil smell I love that too so like I said you’re safe
with their products do and don’ts for skin care so during pregnancy we
experienced rapid hormone changes and that’s also why we probably experienced
various skin problems as well we can’t just use any kind of skin product we
have to be really careful because not only our skin is sensitive but we have
to now consider if this product is safe for the baby so be very careful when
you’re choosing products do protect your skin from UV rays now if you’re pregnant
you’re gonna have a lot of pigmentation because of endocrine hormones
in balance and that is why applying sunscreen is so important especially to
promote aging from all those UV rays and not only that our skin really feels
rough and dry but be really careful when you’re finding a sunscreen of your
choice now try to find a sunscreen lotion that has at least SPF 30 and that
contains zinc oxide or titanium dioxide and make sure it’s a physical Sun
protectant these types of physical sunscreen lotions kind of form a thin
layer on the surface of your skin and they reflect the UV rays and also the
heat so it’s much less suitable and less irritable for pregnant women don’t skin
care products to avoid now functional products that contain brightening effect
anti-aging anti-wrinkle all these kinds of functional products they might
contain retinol and you’ve probably heard if you’re pregnant you want to
avoid retinol and yes retinol is a wonderful form of vitamin A that helps
with skin regeneration and it prevents collagen from damaging as well but
excessive vitamin A is known to cause fetal abnormalities actually my doctor
told me when I first found out I was pregnant she was like avoid retinol and
also an ingredient you want to avoid it’s salicylic acid and you’ll probably
find them in like cleansers or toners if you use a great amount of it it can be
toxic for pregnant women so try to avoid these especially if you’re pregnant and
if you’re breastfeeding as well do and don’ts for body care do manage your
stretch marks early on yes the issue stretch marks
especially happens when we’re pregnant right and as our body spins so does our
skin the collagen and elastin of our dermis layer becomes damaged and
that’s when we get stretch marks our skin tears both horizontally and
vertically of course it’s best if prevented but
it’s so important to manage it as well during our print
see you’ll kind of start to see stretch marks even as early as five months of
your pregnancy so make sure you manage it and massage it well so after taking a
shower apply any lotion or any kind of moisturizing cream around your stretch
mark area or where you think you’re gonna have stretch marks before it gets
really dry and this will prevent stretch marks and make sure use a lotion that is
gentle enough that any baby can use as well I’m going to show you a really
quick simple belly massage that you can do so use an appropriate amount of cream
rub it around your hands and then massage your belly clockwise and with
both your hands gently massage from the outer area to the inner area of your
tummy and with your hands swipe up in a upward motion and then swipe down in a
continuous downward motion don’t massaging body with aroma oil now
you probably love aroma massages body full aroma massages who doesn’t and like
I said it feels heavenly wonderful I love it too but did you know certain
aroma oils act similar to hormones so it can contract or relax the muscle
so it’s not really the best substance for pregnancy right and although they
say the actual amount of aroma entering the body is very minimal but still you
don’t want to risk anything that’s harmful for pregnancy right these are
certain aroma oils that you should avoid when you’re pregnant
lavender jasmine and parsley that’s pretty much most of the famous ones
right so let’s just say don’t use aroma oils do’s and don’ts of hair care do
prevent hair loss yes guys I’m a victim of this issue too there is a reason why
our hair falls out and it’s because the nutrients that make up our hair such as
protein and calcium it goes straight to the fetus so therefore the actual
functions that make up our hair is significantly
weakened just like we use a steam towel on our face it’s good to actually use a
steam towel on our hair too and on top of that if you use like a haircare pack
it’s even better steam towels can deliver hydration directly to our scalp
and it’s really effective in blood circulation so use like a hair pack and
then wrap your hair with the plastic wrap and then add a steam towel over
your hair don’t perms or hair coloring our scalp has like a high absorption
rate so therefore if you get perms or colorings it can kind of indirectly
affect the fetus products for perms or colouring actually contains chemical
ingredients such as oxidizers reducing agents and hair dye and especially this
strong scent it can really cause morning sickness and also you know sitting down
for long periods of time it can really put pressure on the uterus so try to
avoid getting a perm or coloring or just get it after your baby and quickly these
are some really quick additional things to keep in mind if you’re pregnant
Botox of course is generally prohibited for pregnant women I mean
although the molecular weight for the actual Botox is a little bit large for
it to go through the placenta still doctors say it’s a no-no nail care now
manicures are composed of various chemical products and although they
don’t directly go into the skin the actual smell or scent can have an
indirect effect on the fetus and you know especially you’re really sensitive
to smell especially in the beginning of your pregnancy and it could be kind of
stressful and make you irritated due to the smell okay so finally bath or sauna
especially if you’re in your early days of pregnancy please avoid going into
like a hot steam bath or a sauna especially if you’re in hot steaming
water the temperature of the amnionic fluid might rise in the body and
they say this might have an effect on fetal malformation and that’s the last
thing you want right but if you really want to take a bath
try bathing in a temperature that is similar to our body temperature for
about like 37 degrees so hope this information really help a lot of you
guys out there and so we’re finally so happy to finally have shared this with
you guys as well so hope this really helped you guys especially if you are
pregnant I really hope these tips kind of gave you an idea of what to do and
what to not to do and one last thing I don’t know how to say this but I just
have to say goodbye for now and as you know because I’m kind of in my final
trimester of pregnancy this is my goodbye with wishtrend
as well it was so great to communicate with you guys and see how supportive you
guys were for wishtrend I was so happy to work with such a wonderful staff
including Eunice as you guys know like the cameramen and the content media lab
because if you guys don’t know they do so much research behind the cameras to
give you such useful information so I hope really you guys find it really
useful in your daily lives as well anyways I’m off to have a baby soon and
I guess you guys don’t want to see a huge pregnant lady in front of the camera for
too long well the video made today was especially for women who are kind of
preparing for their pregnancy or in the future they’re gonna be pregnant or if
they are pregnant so I hope this was really helpful and also finally I just
want to encourage you that no matter where you are what age you are what
condition you are just remember that you’re beautiful just the way you are
our videos are mostly tips to help yourself but most importantly is to love
yourself okay well guys I’ll miss you so happy no just kidding
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