‘$100 Challenge Stress Test’ Official Highlight | Bar Rescue (Season 6)

‘$100 Challenge Stress Test’ Official Highlight | Bar Rescue (Season 6)

Tonight’s stress test
is all about teamwork.Last night there was no team,
so there was no work.
Shots for the kitchen. Drinks were ordered but
they were never even received. Shots for the kitchen
and I still ain’t got no food. Tonight, I want them to learn,so I put some money
on the line,
’cause when they don’t serve,
none of us make money. If they can serve this entire
room in 20 minutes, Robert and Ashley have proven
to me that they can communicate, rein this staff in,
and be successful. Hello, everyone! – ( cheers )
– Okay, so set those up,
set a stack. I hope you enjoy some
of the changes that we’ve made. – Come on in.
– ( cheers ) Okay, girls, it’s starting.
Let’s go. All right.
How are you doing? That’s our menu for today, okay? – Hello. How are you?
– How you doing? – Good.
– My name is Mariah. – I’ll be taking care of you.
– The moonshine? All right, so two moonshines
coming up. Go, go, go, go, go. One wing, one catfish fire. Yeah, I need another– I need another hoagie bun. Let’s get this room served. Bubbles:
I was really overthinking
before all these people
came in here,
but I knew I could do it.I knew my team could do it
as long as we came up
with a game plan.
Who doesn’t have a drink?
Come on, 20 minutes, guys. Hold on, hold on,
hold on. This is going inside here.
You’re making two, yeah? – Yes.
– You have to smash that
inside the pint.I wanna make sure these
cocktails are to spec,
and just overall,
everything’s consistent. Hey, how are you? – Spirit last.
– ( bleep ) – Yes.
– All right,
so you wanna do that and you build it inside here,
remember? – Okay, build it
in there, got it.
– Build inside that. – ( bell ringing )
– Order up. When I got here,
the biggest problem was Robert and Ashley’s inability
to control their staff,but if they don’t control
their staff,
they will never be successful. – How we doing?
– The bartenders seem like they’re struggling
a little bit. Seal it at the bar. As well as the servers. So, catfish– wait. Yeah. Catfish. – I messed up.
– Yeah. – Catfish, what did you say?
– No, no, wings. – Can you help ’em out?
Let’s do it.
– Yes, I am. Margarita, moonshine. – No.
– No, water. Oh, my God. – What are you making?
– ( inaudible ) Oh, okay, great.
I need– make two of those. When you lay it down there,
just lay it down flat. It’s gonna stick on there
and then flip it back over. Who wants some catfish? – Yes!
– Yes! I’m gonna buy the next five
people catfish on me. – Catfish!
– Ashley, would you
be kind enough to take the orders for me? One, two, three, four, five. Jon decided to buy
some food on him.Completely flooded us.Give me some more catfish
in there, please. Skylar:
It made a big difference
having Robert helping us out,
’cause he was actually
doing the work with us. Robert, when was
the last time we did this kinda
volume back here? Oh, man, at this pace?
Never. Keep an eye on that bread. That’s right, margarita. Nine minutes left, guys, and your money starts
going up in smoke. Nine minutes.
Get this room served! The $100 challenge motivated us
a whole lot.It was a fire
under everybody’s ass.
– Go, go, go, go, go.
Front of the house,back of the house,
servers, bartenders,
we all had to work together
to get that money. All right, you guys,
make sure you’re checking
back with your customers to see if they liked
their drink.Ashley and Robert actually
were the best
that I ever seen as bosses. Michela, where would you
like your Deonna orders? Right here. All right, Chef. Four minutes to get the next
three orders out. Wow, guys!
You might pull this off. Hey, we’re gonna pull it off. – Get out of here!
– Guys, let’s go! You already made
the margarita? Yes, margarita’s already out. And you’re making
this right here? – Making that now.
– At the same time? – Same time.
– All right, good job. Come on, guys. Who else needs a cocktail here? These gals,
they need cocktails. – ( bell ringing )
– Don: Order up. I heard the bell going off,
bell going off. Sounded good to me.
They have my food out on time. It ain’t crispy? When a bar is moving
this quickly, management
must watch what they do. We sent ’em back, actually,
because they weren’t crispy. – And, um–
– We asked for extra crispy. We asked for extra crispy. If management doesn’t know
who screwed up, how do they recover? This is supposed
to be crispy. – Crispy.
– Can you write me a note,
please? – Yes, I did.
– Ashley: What’s wrong with it? – They want it crispier?
– Yeah. – I need crispy. Okay?
– Extra crispy. The two with cheese,
extra crispy. Go, go, go, go, go. Derrick:
How’s the cocktails, guys? Cocktails are good? ( cheers ) Who still doesn’t have a drink? Everybody in this
room has a drink? ( cheers ) Last night these bartenders
couldn’t even talk, they were so drunk.Tonight, they made it.They served the entire room
in 20 minutes,
made themselves
a hundred dollars,and they proved
that when they’re sober,
and they’re trained,
they will step up. Now the kitchen is hanging
by a thread.They might lose their hundred
on one ticket.
Guys, the bar cleaned
the room already. They succeeded,
they won their money. All right, we’re next.
Let’s go. Don’t let ’em show you up.
Don’t let ’em show you up. Never, never, never that. Skylar:
What we got?
What we got? Make sure we have two crispy
fish coming out. It’s the cheese next.
Got the cheese here. Let’s go, let’s go. Just making it. Go. – Order up.
– Let’s get it. ( bell ringing ) – Congratulations.
– ( cheers ) That’s what
we talking about! That’s what we talking
about, baby! – Congratulations. Robert!
– Oh, man. Thank you.
Thank you so much. Jon:
We got something
to be proud of, don’t we? – Yes, sir.
– Food to be proud of. Jon:
We’re at a clean kitchen. Look, an engaged owner
standing by us, cooking. – How you feeling, Robert?
– Very proud of you guys. Y’all earned it.
Y’all earned it.I couldn’t be more proud
of Robert and Ashley.
They proved that when
you step up and lead, everybody wins. Tonight,
I didn’t shut this down. Tonight, you guys shut it down. Cooks:
That’s right, baby.


  1. Perfect example why nobody wants. Blacks on their work staff or even work along side them. Lazy as shit and never know what they are doing a d expect a raise and a. BOnus for Doing nothing

  2. This is why i love this show. Jon will be an asshole when he needs to be yet he will still praise you and give you props when you kill it.

  3. 0:04 “bubbles the bartender” is the same girl that played “dunk girl” customer in another one. These are so fucking staged, lol even the employees are actors

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