13 men wrote a health care bill that would hurt women

13 men wrote a health care bill that would hurt women

These 13 male senators wrote a health care bill without the help of any women, and it’s really bad for women’s health. “Nobody is being excluded based upon gender .” “You know you need to write about what’s actually happening, and we’re having a discussion about the real issues.” The bill cuts funding for Medicaid, the government health insurance program for low-income people, which pays for half of all U.S. births, and two-thirds of all unplanned births- including prenatal care. This is important, because the number of women who die in childbirth is increasing in the U.S., even if that number drops in other developed countries. “The number of women in the U.S. who died in childbirth is nearing the highest rate in a quarter century.” “60 percent of the deaths in the U.S. at least, are preventable.” “African American women are four times as likely to die of pregnancy-related complications.” The bill also cuts funding for planned parenthood by preventing clinics from getting reimbursed for treating Medicaid patients. Millions of women depend on planned parenthood for contraception, cancer screenings, and pregnancy and std tests. The congressional budget office estimates that defunding planned parenthood would result in several thousand more unplanned pregnancies each year. This would reverse the current trend. Unplanned births and pregnancies have been falling steadily in the U.S. The bill also targets maternity care, for women who get their insurance through a plan from one of the state insurance marketplaces. Under Obamacare, plans on these state marketplaces had to cover basic health benefits like mental health treatment, prescription drugs, and maternity care. In this bill, states no longer have to force insurance companies to cover this stuff. Before Obamacare, 88% of marketplace insurance plans didn’t cover maternity care and if this bill passes, we might end up there again.


  1. The GOP is completely dangerous to women. I believe this crisis deserves civil obedience. How can American women be compliant to these draconian policy agendas???

  2. Kinda weird how they go crazy about abortions because they don't want unborn babies to die but, they're fine with adults dying giving birth

  3. So who pay for my family's maturity care? I have a small mom/pop business, with private catastrophic insurance. We had to pay more then $5000 out of pocket (and still paying last 2 yrs) because that was the deductible. We know a public school teacher and she had to pay $10 for the whole maturity care. On top of that we have to pay for that teachers healthcare through our property tax (talk about injury to insult). The reason I get so infuriated with Vox is your reporting is so "fake" on healthcare. It is so one sided. Why do you think most independent freelancer, subcontractor, or mom/pop business owners are so angry with Obamacare?

  4. Please stop making this about sexism. This bill is not about gender, it's about killing poor people to cut taxes for the rich. The bill is terrible for all low-income people, of course some of the issues are specific to women. Some of the issues are specific for men too, like not being able to afford prostate exams resulting in more men dying of prostate cancer.
    The problem people have with feminists is that it seems they don't want to prevent sexism, they just want to find it and point their fingers and feel superior.

  5. Don't get me wrong, I feel bad about this, but if you see it from a positive way, all those babies are being save from coming to this world, I feel a little bit jealous of them.

  6. While I do think this bill was pretty much trash for many people, including women. The concept that they could not create a valid bill that helps women simply because they are male in complete nonsense.

  7. Everyone knows that the population is rising. The government it killing more people to drop the population!!

  8. Women cannot access economic justice without full reproductive rights. Economic justice is impossible for women without being able to decide when, or whether, to have children. Lack of access to reproductive health care can put women into poverty and keep them there. Someone claiming they are in favor of economic justice while actively voting against reproductive rights is saying that economic justice only matters for men.

  9. Hey vox, can you talk about men only issues? I know you need to hold your feminist agenda but if you were a true feminist you would talk about men's issues as well.

  10. The title should read: "13 Senators wrote a health care bill that hurts EVERYONE" What the actual f**k Vox?

  11. Some good information and definitely something Americans should pay attention to but, was it just my computer or did the frame rate on those animations make anyone else's stomach turn? When the pictures from of the senators scrolled across the screen, I had to look away as it started to make me sick. I'd prefer a smoother animation next time, please.

  12. Dear angry men:

    Vox is not attacking these legislators for being men and daring to write a bill affecting women's health. No, it is not because they are men. It is because they have no personal experience with female reproductive specific health issues, so they're not qualified to make decisions in this area without consulting someone more knowledgeable. Like, for example, one of the many female legislators in Congress who were not included in the creation of this bill.

    Why not a male gynecologists? Because these 13 legislators are not compelled to listen to a gynecologist then they are to listen to the opinions of their colleagues. This is why they excluded their female colleagues.

  13. there's a very important distinction that was left out in the title of this video. "13 Caucasian White Men" i see color.

  14. Funny how they're all republican straight white males. Seems like Vox is trying to push something…?

  15. See this is why diversity is important. These 13 men are blind to the experiences of women and that is through no fault of their own. No one person can encapsulate the human experience and no one person draft policy that affects millions of people but we can try by having a group of policy makers from diverse experiences each adding their influences to make a holistic bill.

  16. You know what is messed up about US and goes by unnoticed? The health insurance is in itself too high! Why does a visit to a doctor cost 250$? If i have a fever I have to pay 250$ for the doctor to write down a simple antibiotics prescription. In my country I can get an operation done in that amount, something is really wrong with the medical system in the country!

  17. The data that's being shown in this video is from 2013 during Obama's Presidency and which is based from data collected by the CDC. Pregnancy-Related Deaths have been steadily increasing since 1987 and many of the complication/ deaths that occur based off the research article that the CDC provides is either mainly associated with the higher obesity rates in this country. The video seconds in states that African American women are 4 times as likely to die from these complications because they also have the highest rates of mortality from CAD which is 69% higher than in white women. All of which is correlated to excess obesity. Also, the Republican health bill hasn't taken effect yet so none of the issues that have occurred are due to Republicans. However, I hope the bill doesn't pass because it's horrible in many ways.

  18. I totally understand that this is a liberal, democratic channel. But please for the love of god, in order to increase your legitimacy and unbiased, please make a video on the socialist government of Venezuela. It would be nice to see you acknowledge that as well rather than just attacking trump and other conservative policies.

  19. there is more women than man in america, so your governement is evening the odd

     (oh the irony) It's just the governement trying to make everyone equals!Don't like it? go to Europe.

  20. Trump said he would fund Planed Parenthood if they agreed to stop doing abortions. They said no now we are here.

  21. Too many verifiable facts. Dislike.

    Gee, I wonder why the republican party is considered so anti-science and anti-fact.

  22. Funny how most politicians appreciate investment when it takes place in wallstreet but not when it's investing in fellow Americans: our people's health and education. Because who needs an educated, healthy workforce. For a nation that claims to be in solidarity with fellow Americans we certainly kick each other down a lot.

  23. My only issue is that most of these points seem to be speculative.

    According to most studies done comparing Medicaid patients and people without healthcare, people with Medicaid, government healthcare that should cover pretty much everything that you've mentioned, people WITHOUT healthcare coverage are HEALTHIER than those with comprehensive Medicaid.

    This hints that what Senate republicans are doing may not be as bad for Americans as Vox and the Media are pointing out.

    The whole point of Medicaid is to serve as a buffer for poor people so they can get back on their feet and start climbing the economic ladder. The problem is that Medicaid has been abused and not made anyone healthier.

  24. Here's a much better healthcare bill, how about none for all, every man woman and child for themselves? Those that work and can do so survive and thrive, the rest can seek aid from the churches and charity organizations, the way things worked for centuries until government controlled and taxed everything. Pull yourself up, don't keep asking for a hand out. There are exceptions I'm well aware but undoubtedly we have leeches on Medicaid, wic, and welfare as well as disability that are bleeding the middle class like myself dry. There was a time where if you didn't work you didn't eat, and that needs to come back to emphasize self sustainability and work ethic in our great nation.

  25. More and more again americans wants to be depended on government subsidies. What a shame. And when the government cut back at it, Americans cry about it thinking they are entitled to it

  26. Why can't the republicans agree that ObamaCare wasn't a half bad idea and not have to reverse every good thing any democrats have done as soon as they come into office. But on the other hand democrats do the same sort of thing often so the problem really is the the question of why can't opposing parties just say to the other party you know what you didn't do a half bad job or actually not have to be the opposite of the other party.

  27. This is so stupid. Their gender shouldn't be an issue. Elizabeth Warren is talking about a single payer system, that would hurt me and I'd be angry if she wrote a bill for it, however the reason I wouldn't like it wouldn't be that a female wrote it, and if it were I'd be called sexist.

  28. The amount of hate I see in the comments regarding women's health/safety is appalling to me! How am I supposed to (eventuality) raise a family when the government isn't supporting over half of the U.S population?
    How am I expected to (eventuality) give birth and be an outstanding mother if all that the government cares about is the money that it takes from mother's in this county? There are so many comments that are cruel and disrespectful towards young mother's and/or mother's of color. To those people: have you ever thought those pregnancys were unplanned and they are not able to receive a safe abortion because of bills that have been passed that force women to give birth? Some women stuck in these situations are in abusive relationships and it's not safe for them to receive help or the proper care. I really hope you can see these issue from the perspective of the women that you disregard as "selfish women who only get pregnant to receive benefits".

  29. The amount of dislikes on this video absolutely disgusts me. How can anyone who watches this, not feel a sense of urgency and outrage?

  30. This bill would hurt people of both sexes, not just women, and having a couple of wealthy republican women in the room would not have made this bill any different. Everything is not a feminist issue.

  31. so instead of everybody in the United States paying for some poor chicks baby she can't afford she has to pay for it herself, horrible

  32. They want to make it harder to obtain birth control because the abortion clinic is a whole industry. They want more money.

  33. The Republican plan isn't a health bill, it's an income redistribution plan. Don't leftists like wealth redistribution? The Left is becoming so blind and hypocritical that they'll go against their own core beliefs just to take a slam at Trump. If Trump raises taxes for the rich the Left will cry.

  34. Good, I don't want to pay taxes for other people's mistakes.

    (By mistakes, I mean unplanned pregnancies.)

  35. maybe if planned parenthood would stop performing abortions they could receive funding? btw birth control and other stuff should never be considered basic care, it is completely unnecessary so if you want to be covered for it you should pay a higher premium since your being covered for EXTRA care.

  36. I also like how some people are extremely sexist and want men to pay equal premiums for LESS care when it comes to health insurance but think its fine to charge men MORE for the same care when it comes to car insurance, since when is that fair or equal?!?!? answer that vox

  37. Spend the money on important stuff, like education or the environment spending money on "unplanned pregnancies" (Killing baby's) is a waste of Tax Money and Lives.

  38. I can guarantee you that the vast majority of people who downvoted this video did not get past the first second.

  39. haha america this is good, now you can finally sod off and die. please delete this video and campaign for killing babies and import more jihadist like in europe, also pass a bill that says you can nuke other states if you have a disagreement

  40. I support women's rights and also pro-choice, but if women want to participate in law making… they need to become law makers. There are barely any women in congress or the government. It's a no brainer. Minority groups understand this and this is why you see them getting into politics rather than just sitting around complaining all day. They know old white men aren't going to care about their problems. Women should expect the same.

  41. This is proboly fake. You say this but you dont have any sources other then to your website. Also abortion is like someone going into a hospital and killing babys.

  42. the welfare state that was developed in america isn't sustainable many "rights" people have today aren't really rights, they're privileges. privileges that are tanking the U.S. federal budget. it's as if the left is trying to make america bankrupt. when trying for the "everyone wins" path, in reality your setting up for everyone loosing.

  43. I agree that these policies aren't a good idea, but saying that they are invalid because only men participated in its formation is idiotic. They are representatives and no doubt many women voted for them. There is this compulsion on the left to think that someone must look like another person to be able to represent them. But people should ideally (and aside from the identitarians often do) vote based on values rather than superficial traits like race and gender. How could I put this.. vote for someone based on the content of their character.

  44. African American woman are 4 times as likely to die from having a baby,wtf is this bullshit pulling numbers out her ass

  45. why do women get pregnant if they cant afford it? if you want to have sex, why dont you women wear condom or take pills and the take men take a pill that'll stop sperm production?

    *the women that are irresponsible dont deserve help in any form what so ever.

  46. Imagine ladies if men outlived you by an average of 8 years, also imagine if men received a vastly larger sum of public revenue towards mens health issues, and then try, just try and grasp the fact that in this reverse world men constantly complained about how unfair it all is. How would you ladies feel? Would we hear much from you? Also, if you did try and voice your thoughts, you would be shamed and labeled misandrist. How about this. We, as a society completely halt all funding towards women's health and redirect it to men's health issues, until which time men and women's life expectancy levels out to a point wwhere women on average are only out living men by 1 year? Just a thought.

  47. This is why i would/ could never live in US. The men are soooooooo behind the times.
    My God, they even do graphs on pregnancies.
    He had to laugh while denying it.
    I don't believe US has not got Health care top of the list for the people who cant afford it.
    Way behind in times.
    Refuse to have sex..

  48. The problem is that it hurts women, not that it was developed by men. And I'm pretty sure that defunding Planned Parenthood would not happen if they ended providing abortion.

  49. Maleness isn't an ideology. Femaleness isn't an ideology. Stop caring about gender and sex liberals and conservatives — these do not affect your ideology!

  50. it upsets me on so many levels that there were no women in this debate. like wtf. it’s about women it should have women. this is also one of the reasons im moving out of the US once i can

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