15 Min Senior Workout – HASfit Exercise for Elderly – Seniors Exercises for Elderly – Seniors

15 Min Senior Workout – HASfit Exercise for Elderly – Seniors Exercises for Elderly – Seniors


  1. Here's a great workout for Seniors or people with physical limitations. Even if this doesn't apply to you, maybe you know someone who needs this!

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  3. Thanks for these workouts. My Mom is 87 and still likes to work out. Sometimes when she comes over and I want to do one of your workouts in the living room, I set her up in the kitchen with the ipad to do a senior's workout or chair workout. So thanks for doing these!

  4. I'm a 72 year old cancer patient and I fell and broke my tib and fib last august, I have been doing this workout and the chair workout for three months now and they have been a great help, I cant wait to get into the more strenuous workouts thanks for having them free on you tube

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  7. Today was the first time I did this workout. I think it was great! I will be doing over and over again. Thanks for making this video.

  8. Thank you. 

    Great for a warm-up, right before I do my physical therapy (shoulder) exercises. 

    You are very generous to the public regarding this free exercise routine.

    Coach Kozak, you have a great, kind, soothing voice. Thanks again!

  9. Hi HASfit I have just found this site and I am wondering what you would suggest for me. I am coming up to 62 and have a few extra pounds around my waist. But also thin arms I have NEVER had any abs or muscles and want to change my looks and hopefully be a little fitter. The only exercise I do is walking with my dog. Also thank you for this video as not everyone can afford gyms.

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  15. Great video! Nice job explaining the exercises and putting together an appropriate total body routine for this age group.

  16. This video is encouraging, and I love how simplistic you make the workout. If you could please share my link, I am inspired to help the people in my community as well https://www.gofundme.com/helpingshape

  17. Thank you so much for exercises that are sensible and do'able! It's so pointless having an exercise routine that you do, and then thinking I could never do that again…I am 60 yrs old and was chronically sick for 25yrs.. now I'm not sick, but I am fat and having very little muscle and no core strength…Until I saw your video's I thought this would be my future until it killed me. BUT I'M SMILING NOW! Once again thank you so much you are a life saver! 🙂

  18. Well balanced workout tips for seniors! Your instructions are clearly demonstrated and well spoken. Please tell me if doing 10 times in a row and repeat 2 more sets is recommended. Thanks so much!

  19. Thank you so much for your help..i was able to walk a mile in the snow because of your help.. you may not have increased my life expectancy but you have improved my life.. where can I buy some of the posters you show?

  20. Love your work outs!am a senior work with you for 35 minutes. Than I walk maybe2/50 miles my goal is to walk 3 almost there! W
    Thank you

  21. Discovered this recently and have started doing it (almost) every day. I travel a lot and have downloaded it onto a SD card for my laptop as I often do not have internet access so I can do it whilst away. I have never been an "exercise" person or played any sport (I'm 75) and was getting a little concerned about my fitness level – don't want to limit my travel at this stage!
    I have passed the link on to my doctor and to a couple of friends who I think would benefit.
    Keep up the great work.

  22. I'm 73, out of condition. Just started this workout and it feels great. Thanks for putting it on. I checked out the newer version too — maybe tomorrow.

  23. Thank you so much for a wonderful workout. I am disabled and this one really helped me. Of course there are some I have to modify, but it was not too intense.

  24. QI am close to 77 yrs old and am faithful to this routine and have found that because of this exercise program I can do my yard work, saw down dead cottonwood tree, load up cement , place walk pave blocks, hoopla hoe weeds around the perimentor of my ample yard, walk to post office a 1/4 mi. Thank you so much for this program.

  25. Just finished this first exercise for many years – I am 70 pretty fit from dog walking but needed something more – this is great

  26. At 74 this workout is just perfect for me. I just started doing it in the hope that it will give better support in my legs. Thank you for the video.

  27. safety check fir squats. when starting to do this for the first time, perform this exercise with your back 6 inches from a wall or use a very heavy chair / couch until proper balance is achieved. please and thank you !

  28. I do this with my grandma and she absolutely loves it. She is 88 years old and she uses 2 lb dumbbells. I really appreciate your videos . Thank you so much

  29. Good workout. What would you suggest for me. 50 yrs old. Problem is bad feet , cannot flex my toes. Trouble finding cardio workouts. Bike gets boring. Any suggestions would be great. Thx

  30. Can you do these exercises with hand weights every day? Or do you have to rest a day in between when using hand weights? So do these every other day?

  31. I appreciate this workout. I have always hurt myself in one way or another working out. This is what i needed. Simple but effective. Thanks again!

  32. I have been looking for suitable dumbbell exercises for my 76 year old mom to help her lose some weight and I think this combo will be a very good and strong start for her. Thank you.

  33. I really like this workout. I've been doing a lot of HASFIT workouts since the beginning of the year. Others have noticed the difference. I've been steering people to your channel!

  34. Nice pace. Dis with my 77 year old mom. She was giving me the side eye but she did it! She used water bottles too. "He did it so I will Too" LOL 😅

  35. I started this work out a couple months ago and alternate it with walking. I am seeing good results in flexabilty and weight loss. Once I can keep up with the coach I will try other of the HASfit programs. Read some previous comments about the sound and I don't have a problem with it so it either got fixed or people need to check their internet service. Hang in ya'll and we will all become seniors who and show up all the couch sitters.

  36. I am a 78-year-old male, who started doing this routine for the last 2 weeks. On the first day, I perspired and was sore so badly that after the shower I took nap at 9:00AM (just after exercise). I almost wanted to quit several times. But I persisted. I am amazed by the improvement I have achieved already. Prior to exercises, my Left hip and knee were almost frozen and had neck pain. Actually, I asked my doctor to refer me to a rheumatologist, as I was sure I had arthritis. However, the doctor ordered an x-ray of the left side and he concluded that my problem was in muscles and not in my bones. So I needed to do exercised. This is how I stumbled on this site.
    I cast the exercises from a tablet to a large living room television and do my exercises there. It is wonderful. My joints are getting better and I plan to do these exercises regularly.
    Thank you, coach Kozak, from Toronto, Canada.

  37. Been diagnosed with COPD. I have noticed a big decline in my energy. Would you know if this would be recommended for me?

  38. I know someone who is nearly 69 and does this workout regularly. It is good for her as she has a fused spine and has difficulty with other workouts. This one is helping her a lot! Thank you 🙂 x

  39. Thanks! I live in Wisconsin and these days it has been hard to get out of the house because of the weather. i'm glad I found these videos so I can still workout on days when I can't get to the gym.

  40. I’m 41 and have been doing this workout for the last few days because I just wanted something gentle. I was mixing up between 3 and 5 pound dumbbells and I truly love this workout. It’s nice and thorough and makes me feel good and strong. Thanks for the great workouts.

  41. MD
    I am 83 yrs young but have slowed down for the past year. I was looking for something to assist me in my quest to keep in better shape as I continue to age I LOVE this program and work with it every day for the past week. I can feel the difference. Thank you.

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