2017 Women’s Health Awareness Day Recap Video

2017 Women’s Health Awareness Day Recap Video

[MUSIC] Women’s Health Awareness Day is it’s not a health fair it’s a health conference. Our mission is prevention control and management. And so we want women to have the appropriate resources so they can prevent disease but also control and manage disease. Knowledge is power and I think what that event does is it gives knowledge to people and enables them
to deal whatever ails them in their lives. We’re hoping to get them engaged so they’ll start asking questions about where they live,
they’ll start making connections between some of the illnesses that they have
and exposures that are in their neighborhoods. They’ll start really working with their county commissioners, their county health departments to help make life better. This event is so important because
women’s health issues are very important. We spend so much time as women taking care of
other people that we forget to take care of ourselves. You can get free assessments, measurements of many different
things that you normally would have to go to doctors and pay for being done by medical personnel
who are volunteering and it’s free! Do you realize we bring over 90 vendors and service providers to an
institution of this nature on a Saturday. We’re here to make sure that
these services that are critical to the health and well being of
women and their families are considered and that’s why we’re here. It allows people to get access to the services, screenings,
and resources that they typically can’t if they work a Monday to Friday job and they can’t take
that time out of work to be able to actually get the information and resources that they need. Women are an important group that you really want
to reach out and make sure they are familiar with what’s happening in their bodies
and how they can deal with lung disease and since I’m a lung doctor I really care for that. It is a sense of community. As you walk around
and you look at the women and they’re hugging each other. These women have grown up together in the community,
they go to Church together in the community. So they worship together, they live together in the community and they come here and they’re able to let their hair down and to learn about how to take care of themselves and their bodies. [MUSIC]

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  1. This video shares the vision, mission, and goals of the Women's Health Awareness Day (WHAD) Conference. Go here to register for the 2018 Conference: https://tools.niehs.nih.gov/conference/womenshealth_2018/

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