21 Money Saving Shopping Hacks (How To Shop Smart)

21 Money Saving Shopping Hacks (How To Shop Smart)

Luxury Tastes But Limited Budget 21 Money
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[Music] So, apparently drunk shopping is a thing. We’re talking $45 billion yearly that people
spend while they’re intoxicated. Apparently, the average drunk shopper spends
almost $500 and guess what the number one category is? Clothing. So, my first tip for shopping smart and finding
ways to stretch your money, don’t shop while you’re under the influence. In today’s video, I’m covering the shop and
pitfalls you want to avoid, so you can keep as much money as possible. Don’t go shopping on your payday weekend. Seriously, weekends in general are bad. Why? When you look at the data, Mondays and Tuesdays
people spend the least amount of money at stores, then on Fridays 40% more than average. Saturday’s everything goes crazy literally
double, 100% more people will spend when they go out shopping on Saturdays. Now, you may attribute that to normal shopping
behavior, but here’s the thing. During payday weekends, you go even crazier. Add 25% to all those numbers. My advice on payday, have them automatically
deposited and then distribute it to different savings accounts and pay yourself first. Yes, put away a certain amount for savings,
budget it for different things, then pay your bills and then whatever is left over if there’s
anything left over, that’s what you spend on frivolous things. Now, this one I bet you’ve never heard and
that is stay positive about your old gear. So you got an older phone and all your friends
have the newer phones. If you’re always bashing your phone saying,
ah, man, I wish I had the new one, this thing is so old versus praising the phone. I know this sounds kind of strange, but this
phone never dies on me, the battery still works well, it actually never crashes. You’re more likely to take care of it and
you’re more likely to keep it and you’re less likely to go out there and spend money on
something that you don’t need. Next up, instead of buying a real Rolex, buy
a fake one. Let’s look at the facts. This watch sells for $10,000 this one sells
for $100. Is this one a hundred times better than this
watch? Now, I admit, this one is a bit of trick point
if you’re into watches, you’re going to know that the Rolex Submariner has value. And I know this seems like it may contradict
an earlier point I made about not to buy fakes, but that was assuming that you really did
want a Rolex, so you really didn’t want that high-end watch. If you really don’t care about whatever brand
you get, you just like the look of the watch, then buying a fake is actually perfectly fine. Let’s say you’re not going to settle for a
fake, you want the real thing, then in that case make sure to sleep on the watch. And by that I mean wait to purchase by sleeping
on it by waiting a day by maybe waiting a few days all of a sudden you’re going to allow
yourself to take emotion out of it and say is this a logical decision. Now, I’m laying out some great shopping smart
tactics in today’s video, but one of the issues is you’ve got to remember to actually do these
things. So, wouldn’t it be great if there is an app
where you could save things and ask to be notified when they go on sale, when they’re
back in stock when they have it in your size in the color you want? Well, gents, I’m here to tell you that it
exists, it’s called Shoptagr. It is your free personal assistant right there
on your phone any type of electronic device where you can shop on the web find what you
want, save it, and be notified when it’s on sale, when they have the color, when they
have the size you want. And the best thing is that Shoptagr works
with over 300 brands online. We’re talking the biggest online retailers
like Nordstrom, eBay, Barney’s, and Amazon. It syncs across all devices from your tablet
to your phone to your computer. Gents, getting started is easy, let me show
you. The first thing you want to do is go download
the app. All you have to then do is go find an item
to tag and then tag it using Shoptagr. Shoptagr takes everything you’ve tagged keeps
it in one location, again, you get notifications when you want them. And you can create your own private shopping
list. Maybe you want to build up your work wardrobe,
you’re building your core wardrobe, you’re interchangeable wardrobe, you can have lists
for all this. Gents, I’m linking to Shoptagr down in the
description of today’s video. Go check it out. It’s absolutely free. It’s an amazing tool. You’re going to be able to save money on the
clothing you’re buying. Go grab the app. Again, I’m linking to it down in the description. So, my next tip is to buy the best you can
afford and take care of it. This is a $300 pair of shoes. Most men, they’re going to scoff at spending
that much money on shoes, instead they’re going to want to go out there and buy a $50
pair of shoes. And I cut a pair of $50 shoes in half and
guess what? You see really this is complete crap on the
inside. It is going to fall apart within a year. When you cut open a $300 pair of shoes that
have been Blaked-stitched Goodyear-welted, all of a sudden you see the construction is
made to last. In fact, this sole can be resewed multiple
times. If you take care of it this upper could easily
last over 20 years and in 15, 20 years, it’s going to look better than it looks now. Beware of what the hell. What I’m talking about here is the phenomenon
of when you get a crack in the dam. You know you didn’t expect to spend any money
or you had a budget of $50 and you spent $55 and you realize what the hell I might as well
spend $100. There’s a big difference between going $5
over your budget and $50 dollars over the budget. But it’s a human — this is a phenomenon that
happens especially in men, we start to think, okay, I already bust it, I can now do anything
I want. We do this with our diet we do this whenever
we’re spending. Be very careful of this. [0:05:01]
And tied to that last point, beware of being high dollar stupid. So, you’re looking at a pair of socks. One is $10 another pair is $12. What’s the $2 difference? You’ll spend five to ten minutes trying to
figure this out. Yet, when you’re looking at cars the difference
between a $42,000 car and then a $45,000 car that has some upgrades has the leather seats,
all these other things you don’t even think about it, you’re like you know what I’m spending
the money I’m going to do it. That’s $3,000 you’re not even thinking about,
so we become high-dollar stupid. Be very careful of this. Next up, photograph your receipts. Oh, yeah, smile for the camera. No, I’m not talking about that kind of photographing. The point is you want to keep your receipts
and you want to be tracking this. There’s plenty of apps out there that can
actually help you automate this, but by tracking your expenses, you actually start to identify
where you’re wasting money or at least where you’re spending money so that you can identify
how to change that if need be. Thrift stores, next to new, buying at consignment
shops, guys, there’s nothing wrong with buying used clothing especially when it fits you
when it looks good. One of the cool things about going into these
type of stores is that all of a sudden you break free of the fashion trends. You’ll see things on the rack that maybe were
made 10, 20 years ago, 30 years ago and it’s all put together and you get to find things
that you really like. Oh, and by the way, you’re going to save a
lot of money. Excuse me, sir. Can I put these shoes on hold? I’d like to come pick them up tomorrow. The beauty of putting something on hold isn’t
that you just get to cool off and not make an emotional purchase, but also you get to
comparison shop. You get to look around which takes me to my
next point going from store to store realizing that some store are going to draw you in because
they got a great sale on shoes, but guess what? Their jackets maybe their electronics whatever
it may — maybe their jewelry their watches, they aren’t going to have the best deal on
everything. So, you want to shop around, you want to find
the best deal and you realize some stores are going to bring you in because they’re
making a great deal here, but they plan to make it up elsewhere. If you understand this game and if you’re
willing to spend the time to go around to different stores, you can save big money buying
items piecemeal in different areas. And, let’s not forget price matching. These shoes right here selling at one store
for $149, at this other store for $129. Now, you like to shop at this other store
you’re going to buy other things there, you might as well ask, you know what? They’re selling for $129 over at the other
store, can you give me that deal? Talk with the manager oftentimes you’re going
to find that they’ll do it. And, don’t forget to have a plan have a list. Yogi Berra said it best, “If you don’t know
where you’re going, you’re going to wind up somewhere else?” So, you’re going to wander into a sale, you
didn’t expect to want to purchase that third pair of shoes which you already have a lot
of, but you wandered into a great sale. No. Go into a store with a specific purchase a
specific item that you want to pick up. So, if you’ve got a hard to fit body, you
like clothing that fits you well, you know about the tailor tax. Here’s the way to avoid it. Learn to do minor alterations by yourself. Why? Because if you can do minor alterations like
darting in a shirt, adjusting the sleeve length, hemming your own trousers, all of a sudden
you’re going to realize this isn’t rocket science. Because sewing on a button instead of paying
five bucks and having to take the time to take the shirt or the jacket over, you’re
learning to do this yourself, it makes you independent, it gives you a skill set which
you’re going to use the rest of your life and it’s something that is relatively easy. Oh, and by the way, I will link to videos
down in the description on how to do some minor tailoring. Want to save money on a jacket? Buy it when it’s a hundred degrees outside. What I’m talking about is buying out of season. So, understand that clothing has to move through
stores. They have the summer, they have the fall,
they have the winter clothing and they’re going to want to move out that older clothing. So, if you realize, okay, clothing has been
out for about six weeks in the season. Six to eight weeks, we see the sales start
to pop up, that’s when you want to purchase. Yes, it’s the end of the season, but guess
what? You’re going to hopefully live through another
seasons and if you’re buying timelessly classic clothing for ten years this is going to be
in style, it’s going to look great on you. Now, I talked about taking pictures of your
receipt, but make sure to look at your receipt for double charges. This happens all the time, human error and
you want to make sure that you weren’t double charged for anything. So, if you find a piece of clothing that just
works for you, you like the fit you like the brand, don’t be afraid to buy in multiples. You don’t have to buy the exact same color,
although that can work, but really when it comes down to trousers, I know for a lot of
guys, this is hard to find something that fits that looks great on you. So, when you find something that works, don’t
be afraid to get two, three, four. Stock up especially if it’s on sale. Learn and use the names of your sales associates. I’m not saying become buddy-buddy here, but
what I am saying is be friendly with them, treat them respectfully like human beings
and guess what? They’re all the sudden going to start to
look out for you when you ask them, hey, are there any sales coming up? They’re going to give you a truthful answer,
yeah, you know what? In three days, this is all going to go on
sale. Do you want me to hold this for you? Human beings want to help other human beings. And if you treat people with respect, you’d
be surprised what you’re going to get back. When you’re purchasing things, try to use
cash. So, there’s a 2015 study, they showed people
that used credit cards in some cases would spend 100% more than if they were spending
cash. Why? Because parting with cash is painful. [0:10:06]
Be wary of the clothing at the front of the store. So they put the clothing at the front of the
store, not that it’s best for you, but the clothing they want to sell. Probably at full price when you go to the
back, what do you find in the back? The clothing that maybe didn’t sell as well
or is out of season, but guess what? It’s going to be on sale. And if you shop the same stores again and
again, make sure to be on their email list make sure to follow them on social media. So many times they’re putting out information
about sales and this is where you want to grab it this is where you want to use it. And if you miss the sale, don’t be afraid
to ask if they can retroactively apply the discount. You missed it by one day, you missed it by
a full week, all you could do is just simply ask. What’s the worst they’re going to say? No, but a lot of times they’re going to say,
let me see what I can do, because they want to please the customer. And this one’s easy to remember, if it doesn’t
work for your body type if you can’t wear it with confidence and if you don’t love the
way it looks on you, don’t buy it. So, what to watch next? How about how to build a minimalist wardrobe? I’ve got you covered with this video right
here. [0:11:05] End of audio


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