24 Hours Being Pregnant! (Yikes!)

Hey, I’m Natalie and I’m… pregnant. Not the kind of pregnant that you’re thinking about. ohohohoohohohohoooo! I think my belly is here! So I got an 8-10 months belly Oh, It’s not even my skin color! This is going to be GREAT! (Natalie) This part is sticky so it sticks on your belly. (Dennis) I’m a father in one day! I can’t see my toes!!! I look kind of cute pregnant! I decided that I’m gonna be pregnant for the next 24 hours. Pregnant!!!! I’m gonna be going through my typical day, doing the things that I usually do like: Yoga, Shopping, Chillin’ at the pool, and of course visiting my parents! the future grandparents! I wanted to see the struggles as a pregnant woman, the challenges you (not completed) {Are you kidding me, no maternity clothes)? The tribulation… and boy did I not have any idea what was ahead. I went on Amazon, and I purchased a belly, a very expensive belly might I add, this thing cost me $160 (Dennis- DAANNG, you didn’t tell me about that)! Very expensive. Wait I’m going on tour! We are fortunate enough to have Kool-Aid as the main sponsor for the “Create your summer tour” Thanks to Kool-Aid for making this tour possible and keeping me fresh this summer! I would love to meet as many of you guys as Possible so check out the links down below and purchase your ticket NOW! V.I.P. tickets for New York and Chicago are about to run out, so make sure you buy your tickets soon. (link down below). So the first challenge I decided to do was shaving as a pregnant woman. OMG was it tough! I am slipping! I was sliding all over the bath. It was not easy! I literally could not even bend down Alright guys, give this video a thumbs up because this is rediculous and hard. (THUMBS UP THIS VIDEO FOR NATALIE)! Whatever, I’ma go hairy. Right after trying to shave and failing miserably, I just decided to embrace womanhood so then we decided to go to the pool What do you think about this shirt? I’M PREGNANT! (Cue the cool music) We’re on our way to the poo,l but Dennis, where is the Kool-Aid from the intro? I’m having cravings. Finally at the pool. I’m like wobbling around a little bit. (Dennis-How do you feel?) I feel unconfortable… I am kind of like Self-conscious that I hope no one sees me. No, one’s at the pool, honestly it’s actually dead. Oh, I’m feelin’ hot Dennis, pass over the Kool-Aid ooh, YEAH!!! Cheers! Wooh! (Dennis-Why do you like Kool-Aid so much)? I feel like Kool-Aid is like that fun, cool, fresh drink to enjoy this summer and thanks so much to Kool-Aid, once again for sponsoring The “Create your summer tour,” you can get your tickets down below! Dennis- Are you going to finish that one? okay I wonder if I will float, if I get in all right you guys, I’m about to jump in! Let me know down below in the comments whether you think I’m gonna float or Just, sink. Also SUBSCRIBE if you haven’t already, and TURN POST NOTIFICATIONS ON so you don’t miss an upload! Time to jump in! that was probably not safe, I don’t recommend alright guys so i guess timing out of these wet clothes and goats my friend I’m so tired Going up those stairs i really feel it it’s heavy i back her literally nothing fits i think we might have to go shopping but I’m craving chai tea? Baby is calling is it possible to not actually be pregnant and still got cravings leave a comment below okay guys i’m actually feeling kind of moody my back is killing me this thing you know we can’t really shop till i drop or some maternity clothes i feel like this shirt is screaming like baby i’m actually feeling a little self-conscious we’ll actually look at my belly One of the biggest challenges by far is finding the maternity section we’ve never been to it do you even know where it is here my wife gettin cut all right what what okay yeah you go so for those of you that don’t know natalie has a podcast now i am the new co-host you can check it out every friday on apple podcast spotify and everywhere else a podcaster links down below any different driving with that Very heavy it must be weird to be doing whatever you’re doing in life and then all of a sudden get like a random kick? tonight still kick i’m gonna get my parents reactions they just got back from Columbia so they haven’t seen me in a bit i’m just gonna pretend like you know baby got cooked up in here for a bit No, no maternity section i got a couple where are we going right now walmart and why is that it seems like options are very minimal i’m actually really shocked kohl’s didn’t have any maternity stuff There is no target near where we lives we ran out to go through the highway and down for a few about 20 minutes about 20 minutes just for maternity clothes if you happened to be one of our followers and i’ve actually experienced something like this maybe to help people out in the comments leave where they saw maternity clothes as honestly it was very difficult to us three place turn into yet target look this is nice that it’s gonna be like dorothy know that’s so long i’ll let you decide what i should wear this might feel like on is that what do you really think yeah the black first of all really well this was my favorite hey guys So we had a small date planned out for today it wasn’t very nice so i think i’m gonna go ahead and reserve somewhere very nice restaurant here in orlando let’s just hope that they have availability for today You guys have an option where you guys have like flowers? it looks like a really Me she looks like she’s in her early i don’t know why the belly in the dress this guy definitely make you Tell us how old do you think she was after danny feels really guilty enough to know that has alcohol so they’re really good tonight veggies on dude i can’t wait to go forward take this off color black I’m gonna do my regular show you guys Here we go how much time do we have left again So obviously since this is a 24 hour pregnancy challenge natalie will have to sleep with the pregnancy belly the entire night i kind of wanted to make it as comfortable for her as an experience as it could be but i purchased these new whole cover it’s like a giant pillow but i just realize it says new old pillow sold separately i’m screwed natalie can you come here for a second i got a gift for you i bought you this yes i only got you the case Alright guys so i appreciate denis trying to get this for me but i guess i’ll see you guys in the morning this will not be very comfortable i literally was sweating up the storm i don’t think this is healthy I had to loosen it up a bit morning because it’s way way too tight on me and sleep on my belly Because it’s like i’m floating up in the air i was thinking why do women have to go through this Why can’t men also go through this so i wanted dennis to try this on at least for a few minutes let me know what you think so right i feel like myself again so des is in the bathroom right now currently trying on the belt conv local executor team natalie all right

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