4 Most Popular K Beauty Products Korean Teens Love | Makeup for Teenagers

4 Most Popular K Beauty Products Korean Teens Love | Makeup for Teenagers

Oh my gosh guys! This is so cute. Nothing. it’s fine. Blush! I love blush. Hello, my name is Yeon Woo Ahn, and I’m 17 years old. My name is Bella Choi and I’m 16 years old. Hi guys, what’s up.
My name is Jihyun Lee. I am 19 years old. My name is Ji-hye Kim. I’m 17 years old,
and currently attending high school. I first tried lip tint in sixth grade and eyeshdow in my second year of middle school. My makeup’s slowly getting darker. One of my girl friends, she’s one of my classmates, her dream is to become a makeup artist and I kind of learned from her a little bit. Yeah. I’m super into beauty and the beauty community. That’s kind of a thing for me. Yes, I have a lot of interest. I go to a lot of makeup stores
and shoot videos with my friends for fun. Klairs Mochi BB Cushion Pact. Since it has mochi in its name, i feel like it’s going to make my skin very mochi-like. Oh my gosh guys! This is so cute. I think this kind of looks like a marshmallow to me. I use cushions a lot because they’re convenient. A cushion pact is a first for me. Oh, you twist open. You guys know how good
it feels when you peel this off, right? Oh, I like this one. At first, I think you have to
press on it for the product to come out. The color is like this. And this, I think it’s for the
right amount of makeup you need. Can I try it on? Oh~ I kind of gives you a bit of brightening. I have very dark eye bags. So I always apply concealer before applying cushion. But I don’t think I need to with this
because it has very natural coverage. You can tell for sure that this part has been covered. I worried that it would be too dark
or light because it comes in one shade, but after using it, the color is natural and the inside feels hydrating but the outside is silky. I like the way it naturally glows up half of my face. It kind of looks like my skin but a lighter shade and more photoshopped, maybe? It’s like more blurry, it’s really nice. I think it looks really good,
it gives you a really good texture on your skin. I feel like my skin is porcelain. I think that will be it. For those that feel makeup is too much or too thick, the design of this is cute, so I think
it would be great for students. As I told you before, it’s this kind of product. To be honest, products below 20
thousand won have a cheaper feelings becaue they cake and give a poor finish. But I think this fits me very well. If you go to any local makeup shop,
it’s like 20-something to almost 30 and 40 thousand won if they’re very expensive, but this is good.
It’s just very cute. Yeah, becuase of the puff.
I think this is a really good quality puff. Thinking about that, I don’t think
that price is affordable for teens. I think it would be okay to buy it on sale, but I think buying it at its original price
can be slightly burdensome for students. The design is super cute. Etude House Play Color Eyes ‘In the Cafe’ Oh is it like an everyday eyeshadow palette? This is something I actually use everyday. The included colors are all good for daily use making it something students can use without burden. Inside, it comes with a total of 2,4,6,8,10 colors. I’m not very good at eyeshadow,
so my friends do it for me. Daily maybe, after school look? I actually prefer using my hands at first before, but when I go in detail, I probably will use this. Hmm. Today, let’s go with a little bit of a brownish. It has a little mirror in it so I think it’s very handy. This color, and this color, since it’s pretty, and hm…. using this, should we add an accent? Does it look okay? No. It doesn’t. It doesn’t? I’m going to use the darkest color for my eyebrows. I have no eyebrows. I do, but, I want full eyebrows. And then, I think I’m going to
brighten my inner corner with ‘Peach Pepper Salt’, this color. Inside the inner corners of your eyes, and under just for a hint of a gleam. For me, it’s super noticeable
even if I put on a little bit of makeup. Because I’m a student, I would get in trouble by my teachers even with a little makeup. So for those of you like me, I think you can end here. But for those tht are okay and
want to pop out more, I’m going to use the color ‘Takeout Without Syrup.’ This color is super famous. Just apply it at the ends of your eyes. But if you go to school like this, won’t you get in trouble? Your eyes are perfect for applying makeup. Really? This is the first time doing this kind of makeup. Your first time? Is this too dark for you? I remember when I used to do make up when I was 13. You started your makeup when you were 13? Mhm, drinking and smoking too. It’s a joke. Do I look okay? I think I’m finished with my eyes. And I think this would be it. I think I’m done. To be honest, as someone
who is bad at applying shadows I think 22 thousand won is a bit expensive. Yeah. It has a lot of colors and you can use every single color, every single day. I would buy it. This quality, anad ten colors in a palette, which is very light, I think I’m going to purchase it, yes. Yes, of course. I think it’s good
for anyone to just have one of these. Blush! I love blush. Coral cushion blusher. Let’s open it. Aw! There’s a cute, soft cotton ball inside. It doesn’t look like a puff.
It looks like a decoration to me. The color is very pink,
with a slight bit of coral, orangy thingy. I use a little more darker color than this but I mean let’s just try it out. We don’t know. Oh. Okay. It comes out a lot. You’ve probably seen, but
students these days put on a lot of blush. You can think of it as a trend. But if you put on too much it could look weird, so I think just an adequate amout is enough. I think the color is so pretty. And you keep putting it on.
I has an addictive quality to it. I saw on a Youtube video or something that if you put blush on one line,
your face looks a little bit smaller or shorter. Oh and a tip.
If you put a little on your chin, it looks more vibrant, or lively, you know? So, a little on your chin. You’ll look like more younger. You know what?
We are young. Oh my gosh.
I never knew I would like this. But I’m liking this color. If you look inside, there is a film inside. When you’ve taken these out, you have to do it like this. If you don’t, you could leave a fingernail mark on it. If it breaks once, it keeps breaking easily. It comes with a puff inside. I think it’s nice that you only
need this product and no extra brush. But a con is that if the puff gets dirty,
you can’t buy a new one. But the color is nice, and this is a very pretty blush. Yes. This is a blush that I’m already using. The pink color is just my type
and since it goes on the apple of my cheeks it’s pretty if there is a bit of shine of the product. So, I think I would definitely purchase it. Honestly, I wouldn’t. Just because of the puff. Because, I don’t think if I buy this, I won’t use the puff. I would maybe use a different brush and do it. It’s hard to control the amount
you want, so that’s why I think that. Good price. Super good price. Actually I am going to go and purchase this. If you have one blush, you can use it for a long time,
so I think it would be nice to buy one. I’ve seen this one in commercials. A beuaty YouTuber Ireally like uses this a lot. Thunder Bolt… Is it a tint? I don’t know. For me, tint gets to be very dry on my lips. So I don’t know if this one’s going to be. Let’s see the color. Shade 3. Lightening. The colot is an orange-red color
that many students like. I’ll put it on my lips now. I think it got on my teeth. My teeth… Just a moment. The con of water tints is
that they get on your teeth easily. I’ve just demonstrated that for you. If you don’t want to get it on your teeth, just put your thumb in your mouth
and close your lips over it. Such a good tip, right? It kind of dries out fast. Mhm- I like it. It’s difficult to reapply every few hours at school, so this kind of long-lasting tint is good for students. I think this is good when you’re at school because teachers are like, if you don’t look sick,
as I said, you have make up on. But teachers run, have baby wipes,
“wipe your lips, wipe your face” and if color comes out… I’ve cleaned the floor for a week everyday after school… That’s too harsh, whatever. Yup. Liking the color of the full look. No. The price is affordable, but it’s too difficult to apply
because it’s a water based tint. Yeah. because… Nothing. It’s fine. Um, of course. Because it’s cheap.
First of all, it’s gotta be cheap. For me, I found myself not really
reaching for it after I bought it. I think people will have split opinions. But looking at the price alone, I think 6800 won is an okay price for a tint. This is so cute! Do I put it on like this? The cushion. Because I put on skin makeup everyday, I try a lot of products. So I really want the cushon, because
I thought it worked really well for me. From the four, my favorite was the BB cushion. because I really liked how it looked on my face. I think the blush. I really didn’t think I would really like it that much, but it was mind blowing.
I really like the blush. Do you guys like the blush?
I like the blush. I liked the eyeshadow the most. Because it had 10 different colors
and it was 22 thousand won. Please leave us comment below, and click the like! Please like and subscribe! And put on the notifications and that will be set. please click like and subscribe! Bye! Bye! Bye! Thank you. Bye!


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