5 Beginner Gym Mistakes You Need to Avoid!

5 Beginner Gym Mistakes You Need to Avoid!

Going to the gym can be tough, but not always
because getting in shape is hard work. For some, the problem is that… they’re
not exactly sure what they’re doing in there. The environment, the equipment, the exercises,
and heck, even the fashion trends can be difficult to grasp. To enlighten some of our fellow beginner bros
and broettes, and even some of you seasoned gym-goers, here are 5 beginner gym mistakes
that you might want to fix. Number 1, you use only machines. There’s nothing exactly wrong with machines
as they do simplify many exercises and are, for the most part, easy to use. But its simplicity has its drawbacks. One is that machines typically accommodate
only average height ranges, making it tough to use if you’re too short or too tall. Some machines also follow unnatural movement
paths, which can be uncomfortable to use. Free weights are much more…well, free, allowing
you to work with better, more natural patterns. Also, one huge disadvantage is the lack of
strengthening stabilizer muscles. Machines already have you set in a fixed,
stable position, thus you won’t need to kick in much of your stabilizers to keep balance
and control. Free weights, in contrast, will require just
that. Now again, that doesn’t mean machines aren’t
good at all. In fact, one of the best machines in all of
fitness are the cable machines. But they do have their limitations and it’s
important to integrate free weight exercises into your program wherever you see fit, especially
if your goal is overall fitness. Number 2, you’re doing way too many isolation
exercises. Yes, I’m talking to you, the one staring
in the mirror while doing your eighteenth set of bicep curls. Believe it or not, there’s more to being
in shape than the size of your arms. These single-joint isolation exercises, like
curls, side raises, and triceps pushdowns, only tend to focus on one muscle group at
a time. Large compound movements, like squats, deadlifts,
and shoulder presses, however, hit multiple muscle groups at once, meaning more work in
significantly less time. Compound movements also allow you to work
with much heavier weights, which is great if you want to build overall strength and
muscle. Now, isolation exercises are still important. They are great at hitting muscles that need
more work, and they’re more effective in controlling specific volume targets for any
given muscle. But the point is, don’t stick with isolations
only. Do your compound movements too, if not more
so. Number 3, you only use light weights. It’s understandable that beginners will
hesitate to lift heavy. However, avoid doing so goes against one key
fitness component: progressive overload. The concept that, one must persistently increase
the demand placed on the muscles to effectively become stronger and bigger. Sure, you might toss on a few more pounds
once in a while, but nothing even close to your maximal potential. You need to push your limits for results,
ESPECIALLY if the goal is getting stronger. Studies repeatedly show that strength gainz
are best achieved when lifting heavy. That means you need to lift a weight you can
only do maybe 5 or 3 reps max, or even just once. And then after you achieve that, try even
more the next time around. No more 40 rep sets unless your goal is strictly
endurance. And before wrapping up the last two, I wanna
give a quick shout out to the PictureFit discord community! For those of you unfamiliar with discord,
it is a chat service originally created for gamers. But it’s also proven to be great for other
communities, including health and fitness. Our PicutreFit community have lots of great
people sharing advice each day. Overall, we’ve been tremendously successful
in creating a fun yet mature, and helpful environment. If you feel like you need help with your goals
or wanna help other bros and broettes or even wanna just chat with me and others, then please
come check out the discord community today. Registration is super quick and easy. Just follow the link in the description. Number 4, you don’t bring along a bottle
of water. A simple but crucial mistake many people make,
not just beginners. The thing is, our body is two-thirds water
and on average, we sweat off roughly 1 liter of water for every hour of exercise. If we don’t replenish the lost water, it
can lead to dehydration, which comes with nasty symptoms like muscle cramps, fatigue,
poor concentration, and headaches. Qualities you certainly wouldn’t want during
your physical activities. The simple fix is to bring that water bottle
with you. There’s really no reason not to and it’s
better than relying on the gym’s water fountain. Also, if you’re doing anything super intense
or long endurance, you might want to consider a sports drink or coconut water instead to
help replenish the loss of electrolytes. Plus, it has sugars, which replenish energy
stores. Just make sure you account for the added sugars
into your overall diet. And finally, number 5, you don’t ask for
help. There has been a long-built stigma of an anti-social
sentiment in the gym. Unsolicited fitness advice is often discouraged
since no one likes to be told what to do even with the best of intentions. But such a contentious pride to be independent
means… we suck at asking for help. As a beginner, there’s no doubt you’ll
need all the help you can get. We also have studies showing that people with
social and/or coaching support are much more likely to be successful with their goals. It’s both a motivational and educational
benefit to have someone encouraging and helping you along the way. I’m personally a huge advocate of working
with actual professionals, even personal trainers, with enough due diligence, but I understand
not everyone has the financial means to do so. In that case, put your pride aside and don’t
be afraid to ask for help when you need it. Contrary to popular belief, gym bros and broettes
are more than happy to help. After all, they understand how difficult it
once was as a beginner themselves. And that’s five mistakes you might want
to start working on as a beginner. I hope you all left with at least some extra
knowledge you can take to the gym. If you enjoyed the video, don’t forget to
hit the like button and subscribe for more future videos. Also, please come check out the PictureFit
discord community for more help on your fitness goals. As always, thank you for watching and happy


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  2. Bonus tip: don't drink TOO much water your going to puke it out and even get some nasty heartburn. Small sips

  3. This video was in my recommended, and I think I know why. Look at me, I’m definitely the kind of guy who needs this vid.

  4. Overloading your muscles can lead to chronic hand vibration. DO NOT overload yourself (by overloading i mean constantly pushing for higher weight NOT lifting the same weight 30 times) if you want to do really precise things (surgeries and such) later in life. Though if you only want strenght and dont care about beign so precise with your hands its not that important.

  5. Still, you should remember to warm up well before training and don't increase your weights too much too fast … or you may risk less to heavy injury.

  6. keep the gym clean, put back your weights after use , DO NOT wear your sweater, sweaty work out clothes, and smelly sneakers in the steam room/ sauna.

  7. Hi , I have one question!I'm 203cm tall(90kg) and I go to gym.In gym,gym workers advised me to engage personal trainer because he will give me some exercises which will enable me to do squats , dead lifts,push ups .I dont have money for personal trainer , so what can you advise me? I repeat once again, I dont have money for personal trainer.Thanks and sorry for my bad english.

  8. Hhee. 40 reps. Beginner. Did a 100 series for some time. That is self slavery. Hardest weight training I ever did. You really need to fight through it. Ok technically it's not 100 reps in one go. It's you try to reach 100 after a series of three and when you can do 70 to 75 in one go, you slightly increase the weight. Really toughens you up. Did a 100 rep series squats with I think 30kg. Thats just hard. After that you wish you only did a normal 100kg squats series with 10 reps or so. The endurance training is just fucking hard

  9. Gyms have always been second nature to me, but I got to say not having the right outfit always makes me feel uncomfortable, I mostly do free weights so comfort is a must

  10. YO LOOK if yoyre over weight dont go right for the weight get on the tradmill , do push ups sit ups skmething thatll easily shed belly fat if you just lift weights you might gain muscle but youll still have most of the body fat left

  11. how can i get bigger as beginner few weeks in, ive got my muscles to be stable, but now i dont feel anything

  12. I want to go to the gym, but I'm scared… I played basketball for YEARS, like 13 and now I don't exercise, but I feel anxious about the gym because I know nothing about the machines, the right things to do, etc 🙁

  13. Wth do NOT go for a 1 rep max of a weight and then increase the weight next time like are you thick, your first goal should be form. Get someone experienced to go with you. Or ask a gym hand if your form is right. Then find what you can be consistent with. Then build off that once you're ready to move up. Doing 1-3 reps of a weight you really cant do is called ego lifting. And we dont do that.

  14. I think my.problem is being shy being a girl going by yourself can be very overwhelming among a bunch of dudes that obviously know wt they are doing

  15. People also forget that slow progress is better than no progress (: So there's no reason to feel demotivated, or feel as if you aren't getting any results!

  16. I have a feeling they have these mirrors at the gym that make you look muscular, I go mostly to look at my self 🤣 Just kidding 😁

  17. Shit i actually expected 4 to be "drinking TOO MUCH water". I used to drown myself when i worked out to the point where id be doing my workout and could feel it sloshing around in my stomach and learned to chill out a bit. Now i drink a ton like 30 min before and then sip throughout. Same with food. I cant be weighed down

  18. Lol I try to use all machines. On my second day I maxed out the leg press. 410LBS BABY. 10REPS+ 3SETSSSSSSS. I'm working on strength and not endurance. PEACE💪

  19. I’m not a pro but even when people don’t ask I help them because I’m not gonna let a 16yo dead lift with an arched back while his noob friend just watches him destroy his back

  20. 6. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. That massive dude who just bench pressed double your body weight, he’s actually a pretty nice guy .

  21. all this info about gains and whats best for what goal and im just like… please i just wanna incorporate more exercise into my life without killing myself with it

  22. "beginners hesitate to lift heavy"
    Skinny 5"10 17 year old kid trying to deadlift 500lbs on first day: am I a joke to you?

  23. Here's what I do I drink 9 litres of water go outside and sweep the bag yard and throw out the rubbish I then have my breakfast I have cereal, bread and tuna milo
    Then I take a hour break go and bike 900 laps then I go to gym lift 90 kg do 900 sets 30p reps and then I cart wheel home go to my door step do 9500 pushups 1 billion burpees
    Then I take shower and for lunch I have a wrap with chicken fish Kumara brocolli drink 9007 bottles of smoothie and banana
    Then I go again but this time….

    I wake up

  24. I'm sorry. I have social anxiety. I tried to go to the gym and do all these things, but had multiple anxiety attacks and ultimately cancelled my membership. So I'm still a depressed potato.

  25. Is right to use heavy weights cuz I have watched that it's more important to have nice technique instead of heavy weights

  26. Don't over do yourself just to make yourself look stronger in front of girls (who usually don't like talking to guys at the gym) and buff dudes. I know it is awkward and embarrassing to be curling 25's next to a 6'5" buff man curling 70's or getting exhausted after 7 min on a treadmill next to an attractive sweaty girl (the ones that with the push up bras and yoga pants) who is still going after 15 min. But guys (and girls), there is a first time for everything. How do you think they felt when they first went to the gym?

  27. Number 5 was an issue I had, it got to the point where I went on Reddit and YouTube to show people my bench because I was stalling on the lift. I had at least 20 ppl give me great advice which helped me so much during my next benching session. Bottom line, asking for help only benefits you the most and more importantly saves you so much time.

  28. I don't know how gyms work in the US but do your trainers give you a course to follow or what? My trainer doesn't let me do what i want and the video tells me that you all do what you want without a fixed course and there are special employees to help you do your exercises in the right way

  29. It has been proved that doing reps until you cant do more (60% less than 1rep Max) will make your muscles look bigger than few heavy reps

  30. For first I am not from USA or UK so sorry for my englysh.I heve one question if I am litlle byt of owerweight and I am 14 years old what ist best for me to lose fat?Kardio,free weight or work with my oun body?

  31. I got this problem on my shoulder everytime i bench press it has a clicking sound on my shoulder it's annoying

  32. Is 1 or three reps really to recommend for beginners? I'd say no because you are not used to em, resulting not doin them right, risk for damage etc. Instead, lift heavy enouge to only make about 8 reps, on the last rep it will be failure.

  33. for anyone who cares to read, my brother in laws mother is one of the leading cardiologist in turkey and what she said to me was: it was newly discovered that everytime you push yourself too hard, there are micro injuries happening in your heart. as far as i remember heart tissue cannot reproduce itself. so dont push yourself extremely hard, know your limits. Take care 🙂

  34. Im really skinny one thing that scares me is that if i go gym ill start doing weights and start lifting heavy weights but my arms wont grow in size. Is this a thing.

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