5 Best Turmeric Benefits, 13 Turmeric Side Effects, & 4 Ways to Take Turmeric

Today’s show we are going over turmeric
I’m Dr. Travis Zigler and I’m Dr. Jenna Zigler in the next ten minutes you are going to learn what turmeric is, the amazing health benefits of turmeric, four different ways you can take it turmeric side effects, and also
turmeric dosages and we’ are even going to go over a little special bonus turmeric
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content and let’s go over what is turmeric so turmeric is a perennial herb
from India it has a close relation to ginger and it’s actually the root of a
plant that’s been dried out and crushed into a powder so it is a characteristic
bright yellow or yellow orange color oranges that’s why we wore our orange
glasses and I even grow my orange beard its a little more yellow apparently
we don’t wore any yellow but it does have a pungy earthy odor it’s a little
bit bitter and kind of has a peppery ginger flavor so it’s an interesting
flavor you really can’t miss it in dishes the powder is available at most
grocery stores you can find it either in the health food aisle or sometimes in
the spice aisle as well curcumin is actually the active ingredient in
turmeric and turmeric is one of the most powerful herbs on the planet for
fighting and even reversing disease there are over 10,000 published journal
articles that prove the worth of turmeric so it’s pretty awesome so let’s
go over the health benefits of turmeric number one it assists in weight loss
and prevents obesity and basically it assists in fat loss so you can add it to
smoothies, teas, soups, broth we’ll get into that a little bit more later but
turmeric has been shown in multiple studies to reduce body fat and lower BMI
in obese people and it can actually reduce inflammation as well which can
decrease and prevent diseases such as diabetes and cancer so number two health
benefit of turmeric is that health helps helps arthritis and helps
with joint pain relief 54 million adults suffer from arthritis
and so turmeric actually helps you reduce that inflammation and is a natural pain
reliever and actually some studies show that it’s as effective as NSAIDs which are Advil and Aleve so it’s shown to be as
effective as that as a pain reliever it also helps reduce swelling that
causes pain and discomfort from arthritis and it stops tissue
degeneration which is a big thing with arthritis so number three is that it
fights chronic inflammation and can slow aging so the root cause of aging is free
radicals in the body and basically free radicals can get into your body in the
first place due to lifestyle choices such as smoking, drinking, sun exposure,
unhealthy diet, and basically free radicals lead to cell death in your body
and so antioxidants actually counteract free radicals and stop them from causing
so much damage turmeric is packed with antioxidants which we love and it
can slow the inflammation in aging process because of that so number four
health benefit is turmeric actually turmeric reduces acne and improves skin health and the reason is because it
actually defends against UV damage on your skin and it reduces that premature
cell death that occurs due to that UV damage and UV damage as we know is from
the sun it also improves the elasticity of your skin our skin naturally loses
that elasticity as we get older that’s when wrinkles form and your skin just
gets a little more saggy and that’s what turmeric is good for it is actually can
help reduce that elasticity or increase the elasticity and decrease those wrinkles the reason this is because curcumin the
active ingredient turmeric like we went over earlier helps
to reduce acne because it is antibacterial so number five is that it
enhances brain function so scientific research says that turmeric works
wonders on the brain and it can help provide energy to your brain and
can help you learn new skills and become better at other skills it actually
reduces anxiety and depression by balancing brain chemicals responsible
for mood enhancement so it can also help reverse memory problems so overall
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different ways to take turmeric and so The first way you can take it is turmeric tea.
Turmeric tea has a nice earthy spicy taste to it and aroma to it
and it’s going to give you all the anti-inflammatory benefits of turmeric
but then you’re also going to get a little it’s going to help you with
your digestion as well number two way to take it is through an organic turmeric
powder and so a turmeric powder you can add to smoothies you can add to soup you
can add to salad dressing you can add pretty much anything you want just
sprinkle it on top it does create a little bit of an earthy
gingery type flavor it’s a little spicy so make sure you like the taste of it
before you just do something in it but we like to make a salad dressing because
all salad dressing in the stores are garbage and what you can do is just take
olive oil balsamic vinegar and then sprinkle any herbs and spices you want in that so turmeric is a great one for
that to get a nice antioxidant salad dressing with a healthy organic olive
oil and that’s going to just help you with eating healthier without all the
garbage that’s in salad dressings number three is a turmeric liquid drop and so
that’s a supplement that’s in liquid form and all you do is I think it’s like
a quarter teaspoon but just go by that whatever is on the drop manufacturer
that and we put a couple recommendations in the show notes and on the blog post as well but you just drink it that’s it pretty easy just drop in
your mouth that’s it and then turmeric supplements and vitamins so that’s just
like any other supplement or vitamin comes in a capsule form swallow it like
a vitamin and you just take it so we have a list of our eleven favorites in
the blog in the description so make sure you check those out and then if you
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button and hit the bell right beside it to get all the health notifications you will need seven turmeric benefits for your dog
little furry friends yes so basically we talked a lot about fighting inflammation
and reducing aging and fighting free radicals and things like that and we
talked about this with turmeric because these studies were all done in humans
where it has all these anti-inflammatory properties however
your dog can also benefit so turmeric is anti-inflammatory for your dog it is a
powerful antioxidant to reduce aging it relieves arthritis pain treats GI
disorders it can increase heart health supports liver function and it has been
shown to be as effective as steroids for reducing joint pain in your dog so check
out the turmeric supplement we recommended for dogs in the description below
and just something to keep in mind with your dogs is that all those are
pretty much the same as humans they’re going to give you the same
benefits as they do for humans but with the dog be careful giving them like
powders and drops make sure you take one that’s recommended for a dog and that’s
why we like going up in the description below so 13 turmeric side effects so
there’s lots of side effects that can occur from turmeric it is a natural herb
but with anything natural too much can be too harmful or can be harmful so make
sure you follow the dosage schedule which we’ll go over in a little bit but
an increased risk for bleeding is very common if you take too much turmeric it
is a blood thinner has blood thinning capabilities and so if you’re on a
Warfarin or Coumadin make sure you consult your physician before going on
something like turmeric supplement form powder form any form and so that’s the
same thing with surgery you want to avoid taking turmeric if you’re going to
have surgery because the area is for bleeding then increases so with turmeric can also cause stomach irritation acid reflux disease and with any GI
irritation it can also go down out the other end and cause diarrhea and I guess
up the other end is nausea and so it can cause a lot of things with your GI tract
if you take too much of it if you notice you’re getting those symptoms just
reduce the amount you are taking or of course consult your
physician it can lower your blood pressure which may sound good but
lower blood pressure if it goes too low that can actually be bad like
passing out when you stand up that’s never good so it raises the gall
bladder contractions which can increase gall bladder stones and it can also
increase kidney stones and if you’re pregnant or breastfeeding make sure you
consult a physician first that’s going to make sure usually if you take the
powder form it’s okay but you want to kind of avoid those supplement or liquid
forms but always consult your OBGYN first and don’t take it if you’re allergic to it that’s obvious we shouldn’t have to say
that but it can also decrease fertility in men and so if you’re
battling fertility issues as a man as a male make sure you don’t take turmeric it
can cause an iron deficiency and again the most common thing is the blood
thinning so if you’re going into surgery stop taking turmeric mentioned to your doctor that’s the surgeon that’s doing
it and then also if you’re taking Coumadin or Warfarin make sure you talk
to somebody about that so if you’re taking turmeric let us know below
how you take it and then if you’ve noticed the benefits from it so next we’re going to
talk about turmeric dosage reasonable dosage is 500 milligrams a day or so
some experts will recommend between 400 and 600 milligrams up to three times a
day as well as you tolerate it however we always recommend that you follow
the dosage either on the supplement bottle or on the package if you’re using a
powder most of the time you’re it’s going to be tough to overdose on turmeric
unless you are taking it in supplement form but make sure you check with your
doctor for all of that and get their recommendations don’t forget to like
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