5 Health, Wellness, Fitness Affiliate Programs That Pay “Healthy” Commissions: Up to $2500/sale

5 Health, Wellness, Fitness Affiliate Programs That Pay “Healthy” Commissions: Up to $2500/sale

– Hey, quick question. Are you looking for affiliate
programs that are health, wellness, and fitness-based that you can add into your portfolio? Hey, well my name is
Chris, from ChrisNjigha.com and in this exciting episode, we’re talking about five health and wellness fitness
programs that I think are, that will pay big time commissions
and keep your pocketbook healthy, fat, while keeping you slim. You see what I did there? Okay, nevermind. (laughs) (bouncy electronic music) Alright, if you haven’t already, then hey definitely give
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because its all designed to make you more money. Because this channel, if you don’t know, is all about empowering you,
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the marketing skill sets to get results, make more money,
and get that breakthrough. Alright, so we’re not
going to waste any time, we’re gonna get right
down into it, alright? We’re gonna be talking
about five health, wellness, fitness affiliate programs that you could potentially consider
adding into your portfolio. For me, I’m pretty much into
a health-type, pretty healthy mind and conscious, I like
to keep the guns nice, right? So, some of these programs, I’ve used. Some of these products
I’ve used, and I love them. Some of them I haven’t, but
I’ve heard other people who’ve tried them and loved them as well. So you’re definitely gonna get
a good nice mix right here, that you can consider which
ones to add into your portfolio. With that being said,
let’s get down to it. The first one, is Kyani. Kyani is actually a health
and wellness-based company. What they do is they promote products that are an organic blend of whole foods, fruits and vegetables,
plant-based products. Their flagship, which is called
their Triangle of Health, which is basically a
combination of a bunch of fruits and vegetables and
different natural-occurring substances that are really
good for your health. They’ve kind of put together
all from food-based. And then they have a skin care line as well that’s really good. That’s based on, once again, food. So, what’s interesting about
them is that, you’ll find, actually, you can go right
here and you can see more about the products, the Triangle of
Health and things like that. I’ve actually used this product line. I’ve really enjoyed it, I love it mostly for
the recovery that I get, from when I’m going into the gym, being in there about an hour or so. Hittin’ the weights, running
the bikes and all that, I get a nice little recovery
from using these products. I can’t really speak
on the skin care part, but I hear that’s pretty good too. The interesting thing
about Kyani, is though, is that they’re actually,
what you wouldn’t consider an affiliate program, they’re more technically considered a network marketing program. But if you ask me, I
consider them more of an affiliate because of two things: One, is that their products, their products are extremely high quality. And two: the company’s actually
geared towards customers. They’re geared towards customers, so you can actually make a very healthy size of commissions and paydays just from referring customers and having
customers in their sales. That’s one of the reasons why
I consider them to be mostly an affiliate, but even though
they’re network marketing. But to be honest, just on
a side note, I consider network marketing and
affiliate marketing to kinda be on the same thing, because it’s all based on a tiered structure. There are affiliate companies that have multiple tiered structures that could technically be considered
a multiple-level marketing, network marketing type of
commissioned structure. And all it is, is if you have one tier, that means you sell to ‘A’, ‘A’ buys, you make a commission, right? Now let’s say ‘A’ sells
to ‘B’, and ‘B’ buys, then ‘A’ will make a
commission percentage and you’ll make a commission.
That’s called second tier. There’s a lot of affiliate
programs that do that. And then let’s say ‘B’
is like, “You know what?” Hey, this product’s so
good, he promotes to ‘C’. Well then ‘C’ buys, ‘B’ is
gonna make a commission, ‘A’ is gonna make a
percentage from that sale. And then you’re gonna make
a percentage of that sale. That would third tier,
but by that time it’s multiple levels, what you would
consider network marketing. So, for me, I consider
them to be the same thing. But I really like this company because you can really
make a lot of money, towards just, you don’t
even have to build a team, it’s just really just
having customers, alright. So, the way it works for
them, is, they actually have a commission structure that
will pay you 30 to 50 dollars per customer, depending on what they buy, and how much they buy, from
which line they buy from. There’s also other bonuses
that you can get too, depending on the number of customers that you’re referring to, which
makes for even more sales. You’re gonna be looking
at 50 to 100 dollars from multiple customers,
not even just one. Its really the program, one
of the ones I recommend, because of its high quality products and it’s geared towards customers. Number two health and wellness
and fitness affiliate program that you can take advantage
of, that’s paying high commissions, big time
money, is Net 2 Fitness. Net 2 Fitness is actually
a company that specializes in fitness equipment. Things like your home gyms
and your gym systems here. You can purchase a whole gym from them. You can purchase exercise
bikes, ellipticals, treadmills, things like that. If you want machines, they
got leg machines, upper body, chest, back, all that type of stuff. If you just want separate
weights, dumbbells, you can buy them from them as well. So they got their whole
collections of everything that you can get from here. Ellipticals, exercise balls, inversions, you know that’s the thing, I don’t know! And the gyms systems, so that’s
pretty cool if you’re the kind of person that wants to
not want to go to the gym, but you wanna bring the gym
home, so that you can save time, which is always a big thing for me. That’s one of the reasons why
I don’t like going to the gym. Its the time constraint,
you literally have to drive there and then come back, so anyway. So if you want, that’s
something you can do. That’s one of these programs that I like, that’s pretty cool. Now, you can check out
their affiliate program, which is actually pretty cool. The way they work, is they
have a first tier structure and a second tier structure. See what I’m saying? So, now we’re talking about
multiple tier structures, right? So their first tier, they
actually have 10 percent of the sales you can make as an affiliate. And then you have a second tier,
so let’s say you refer ‘A’, and then ‘A’ refers to ‘B’.
‘B’ makes a sale, well then ‘A’ gets paid 10 percent, you
get paid five percent. So that’s second tier
percentage right there. So you can come to this
page and you can see some of their details on earning with them. And what is really cool is they got a 30 day cookie duration. Now think about it, 10
percent may not be a lot, but we’re talking about
gym systems, right? These jokers run for like
5,000, 10,000 dollars, depending on what you buy. So 10 percent of 10,000? Well, that is a grand right there. Right? And that’s just from one sale. That’s just from one sale. So, yes, very healthy-sized
commissions you can make from this program. And that’s why I like Net 2 Fitness. Alright, so, that was Net 2 Fitness. The third health, wellness,
fitness affiliate program that I recommend that’s
paying big commissions, healthy-sized commissions, is Organifi. I actually have not used this product, but I’ve heard a lot of
good things about it. So, in terms of the
quality of the product, very high quality. Very
high quality, alright? So what they are, they’re basically a food supplement company. They specialize in whole
food, plant-based products. You can see their Green Juice is their flagship product, very very popular. If you look on Amazon
its like, killer reviews. So its really nice, if you’re
into juicing, which I’m into, But you really don’t want to
go through all that stuff of actually juicing with
a juicer and blender, which to me, is a major headache. This might be an
alternative you can consider because you don’t have to
do it, its basically powder. You put it in water
and you are good to go. So they also have
probiotics and they’ve got other type of stuff
there that goes with it. What I like about it
too, is that they have a 60 day money back guarantee. So that means that they’ll
stand by their product, which is also pretty cool. They are a
subscription-based-tupe company. So, you subscribe to it every month, which means that your commission
structures is recurring. So, you can actually come
down here where it says affiliate program, and you can
get more information on it. Oh, by the way, I’m gonna
leave links to all these in the description below so that you can check them out and see
which one fits for you. But I like about Organifi, because they keep it real simple. You get a 20 percent commission from each sale that you make and it’s pretty nice ’cause you can also give your customers 15
percent savings as well. So you can pretty much
fill it out right there, you’d be good to go. That’s pretty cool with
Organifi right there. So, that was our third program. Our fourth health, wellness,
fitness affiliate program that is paying big time healthy commissions right now is Fitbit. So you’ve probably heard of Fitbit, right? So Fitbit is essentially a health and fitness device
company, mostly wrist-wear. And what they do, is
these devices are designed to track your health,
everything about your health. From your activity, how
many steps you’re taking, to your exercise, how many
calories did you burn. To your sleep, how many hours
of sleep are you getting, your weight, how many pounds you’ve lost, your week, with your trends,
help you with your goals, things like that. In fact, they’re actually
getting to the point where they can even track distinct
information about your health. Like your blood sugar, your
blood pressure, your heart rate. Things like that. So that’s where they’re going. They’re the leader in the health-fitness connected device space. They consume about 72
percent of the entire market! So you’ve heard of Fitbit, very good products, pretty awesome. I have a friend of mine, she has one. She’s trying to get me to get
one, I’m thinking about it. But she loves it, it keeps
track of all her fitness, and her steps and things like that. Just kinda like a tool. I think what’s really cool is
they have little stuff like forums and communities with
Fitbit, where you can do things that are designed to motivate you. Things like leader boards,
who’s on top of the leaderboard, whose got the most calories burned, whose lost the most weight,
you know, things like that. Designed to keep you inspire
you to keep on the thing. Because, you know, weight
loss is hard, its not easy. They have things called
Fitbit Challenges too as well, all designed to get people
excited about their health and doing it together,
which is always pretty cool. In terms of their affiliate program, you come down here and you
get some more information and its actually pretty cool. Their commission structure
is based on the fact, you can just scroll down here, you can see that you get
12 percent commission on all the products that you sell. Directly from the site,
membership is free, you get access to all the new content, new information that’s released. So its pretty cool and, in
fact, if you sell even more, then your commission rate
can actually go up as well. So if you’re a high-in-volume person, then that’s a great way to
make big-time commissions, especially in a space
that’s getting larger and bigger and more
popular each and every day. That right there is Fitbit. Now, for our fifth and final,
but absolutely not least health, wellness and fitness
affiliate program that right now is paying big-time commissions; that would be Food Blogger Pro. You probably never heard it before, but, this is actually a pretty cool concept. So essentially what they are, is they are a blogging website platform. And what they do, its designed to help you create an entire blog and monetize it around being a food blogger. Which is pretty cool, you
know, you see a lot of them. But, blogging is not easy. I mean, its not hard, but there’s a lot of technical stuff that comes along with it. So what they’ve done is
they’ve kinda eliminated all that stuff and made it real
simple for you to get started. If food blogging is something that you’re really passionate
about you wanna do, and I’m into food too, because if you’re into health,
and fitness and wellness, and paying attention to what you eat, obviously, is one of
those big things, right? Because you don’t know
60 percent, 70 percent of entire fitness is just diet, right? You know, only 30 percent is
like, going to the gym, right? So, what’s cool is that they’ve made it so easy, done for you, right? They’ve got literally 300
easy-to-understand videos that are designed for
the beginner in mind. And intermediate, designed
to take you step-by-step to creating your blog and
everything you have to do. Their membership is pretty simple, you don’t have to sign no contract, you cancel anytime you want to, there’s a community where
they answer questions for you. And it’s pretty cool, I mean,
they’re doing pretty well in terms of their trusted brand
around the world right now. So, there’s a lot of information
here that’s given to you, and if you want to join
the affiliate program, they actually have that down here. So you could click on it, and
what I really like about them, is that their commissions
is 20 to 40 percent recurring commissions. Wooo! Recurring! I love that, right? I mean, because its a
subscription-based model, people pay every month, you
get a recurring commission percentage on that
subscription every month. The only thing is that it’s
kind of a little small, right? Because it’s not expensive
to be part of this program, but if you’re referring quite a few people that can actually add up. So, 20, 40 percent and its tiered as well. Recurring commissions, small
but very, very reliable. Alright, and that’s it, so
that right there is your five health, wellness and
fitness affiliate programs that you can take advantage of right now. they are paying healthy-sized commissions. If you’re into health and fitness. So, hope you enjoyed it, hope
that was helpful for you. If you did, don’t forget give
the video a like, alright. Definitely subscribe to the channel. And, oh by the way, tell
me if there’s other ones that you know of, that you’ve heard of that are really good in the health, wellness and fitness
space that I didn’t add, then, hey, share that
in the comments section. I’m always curious and wondering
what’s out there, alright? Oh and by the way, if you
wanna learn how to make affiliate marketing
fortunes the lazy-man way, then you might wanna check out my lazy man’s cheat guide
to affiliate fortunes. The simplest way to
make affiliate fortunes with the least amount of work, the least amount of effort,
the least amount of stress! So click the link below in description, get access to that for free. So until the next exciting
episode my friend, be blessed. Stay hungry out there. I’ll see you on the next one. Bye now!


  1. Hey, Chris I absolutely loved this video please keep up the great content you provide, as I got a question for you is there another way to get accepted within Fitbit's affiliate program? As within the affiliate page of the Fitbit website, there is no signup for new affiliates or even signup at all. Would love to hear from you ?

  2. Hey Chris why do you think those are good products that make great commissions? I never heard about those brands I would love to try them but I don't have the money so can I know if are those are from good quality?

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