5 Hidden Signs of Depression

5 Hidden Signs of Depression

There is a common misconception that depression is easy to spot. Hollywood often depicts it as somebody who is always sad, or looks worn out. But depression isn’t always obvious, which is why so many of us struggle with it silently. Sometimes, it means smiling on the outside, when we’re really dying on the inside. Here are 5 hidden signs of depression. 1. You have habitual remedies Therapy and medication can help with depression. But if you find yourself making extra changes to your lifestyle, then it can indicate that you are struggling more than usual with it. I’m going through this one myself. If you are too, you may find yourself exercising more frequently, listening to music more often, or doing your favorite hobbies to distract yourself from the pain you’re feeling. Hidden depression exists when you’re trying to quiet the loud demons in your head. 2. You have irregular eating and sleeping patterns People with depression struggle with consistent sleeping and eating patterns. You may find you’re either sleeping and eating too much, or too little. Depression can work in extremes, and slows us down when we get little energy from our irregular daily patterns. 3. You are highly philosophical Do you constantly find yourself seeking a purpose in life? Do you also think about the “what if’s” and have frequent, deep conversations about life and death? Although you sound very scholarly and smart, there can also be a downside to thinking too much. People with hidden depression have a tendency to ruminate about their uncertainties in life. They usually feel directionless, lost, and scared. 4. You have trouble with abandonment People with depression understand how much of a burden it can be. I can strongly relate to this. I have a hard time letting people in, afraid that it will be harder for them to be there for me when I need their support. I realize I have abandonment issues, but I’m trying harder to be more vulnerable. I realize I can’t fight depression alone, and neither should you. No one should have to. 5. You’re losing your patience Have you been feeling irritable or angry with others lately? Depression doesn’t always have to look like sadness or dejection. Instead, you might find yourself frustrated and impatient with everyone. If you feel like you’re at your last straw, your depression might have intensified. Do you resonate with any of these hidden signs? We want you to know that you’re not alone, and together, we can fight depression. Please share your thoughts with us below. Also, please don’t forget to subscribe for more content from Psych2Go. And share this video to get a free copy of our magazine! With your help, we can reach more people to spread awareness about mental health issues. Thanks for your support, really and truly. We wouldn’t have gotten this far without each and every one of you. Have a good day! Thanks for watching! Hey everybody! I just want to give a personal thank you video for you guys, for always supporting Psych2Go and making this all possible for us. Our vision is to make psychology as accessible as possible so that it promotes self-awareness and it helps you guys grow. However we want to make more content for you guys, and we’d love your support in buying one of these bracelets from our partner: Introvert Palace. Check out the bracelet, it’s pretty cool and it even includes Pluto! The link to purchase will all be in the description box below, and I hope you guys have an amazing day. Bye!

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  2. lowkey just looking if I have the signs bc im too scared to go see a professional bc I think im going to be a burden to my mom with the fees and shit….so now im here…..ive been researching alot about wats wrong with me for the past few days so I can explain wat my situation is to my teachers (bc ive been skipping class a lot due to severe panic attacks every morning)
    im 14, i want to just say…not everyone is faking their situation…ive had alot of friends experiencing severe depression bc of their parents…….it might be nice to maybe get to know the person a bit more and not judge, u never really know wat their going through

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