– What’s going on, you guys? I hope you’re having a fantastic day. So I’m officially moved in
to my new apartment here but I was going to be
doing my apartment tour but I’m still waiting
on my couch to get here. I decided to do a different video today. We’re gonna be talking about the best jobs you can get with little to no schooling. And first of all, because it is a Monday, I want to announce the winner of the weekly membership to Stock Radar. That is the Stock
Analysis membership site. And this week’s winner is Landon McDowell. And if you guys wanna enter that, remember every single Monday, I give away a lifetime
membership to Stock Radar and all the details on how to enter are in the description below. But the idea for this video
came from something very simple and that was the video I
did recently talking about why I quit my $70,000 job after learning about passive income. And I was very surprised
that a lot of people were commenting and asking me how did I make $70,000
a year at 22 years old. And to me this seemed like a no-brainer because I knew how to do this
and it really wasn’t that hard but I think a lot of people don’t realize how much money you could actually make depending on what field you get into. Now I will say this, if
you watched that video, you know that I quit that
job because I hated it and I hated my life, and
so I don’t do that anymore. So don’t think that you can
just make a lot of money and it’s going to make you happy. That’s a complete fallacy. And don’t fall into that
trap of chasing the money rather than chasing your passion. But with that being
said, if you have no clue what you wanna do and you
just wanna make some money to save up some money to start a business or you’re just looking
to have a good salary or a good wage, these are the five areas I would recommend going into. So my number one recommendation to you is to get involved with a trade. Now this could be something
like being an electrician. This could be carpentry. This could be using your
hands and doing plumbing. This could be being a pipe fitter. No matter what it is
though, these trade jobs pay very well, especially
if you are in a union. And the other beauty with
this is that you can start off as an apprentice and have absolutely zero
dollars of educational costs. So typically these
apprentices are five years, I know I was looking at the IEBU or International Brotherhood
of Electrical Workers. I decided to get a two year degree in electrical construction. But before I did that, I was considering entering
the electrical union. And if you do that, you start
off at about $14 an hour and you don’t have any college at all that you’re paying for. You just go to work and you often times are taking classes at night. But they’re basically paying
you to learn this trade and five years down the road,
you could have that wage of $40 an hour or more. So I know the IEBW, the
electrical union I was looking at topped out at about $40 per hour and that’s a salary of
just over $83,000 per year with absolutely zero college. Now it will take you about
five years to get there but the beauty of it
is, you’re making money in each of those years as an apprentice. And again, like I said,
you start off at about $14 per hour and once you’re making that $80,000 a year, you
have absolutely zero dollars in student loans and you can also transfer to different unions if you’re in an actual electrical union. You can work anywhere in the
country if you wanted to. Now the second route
is actually what I did, and this is my educational background. So when I was in high school, I had no idea what I
wanted to do with my life. I knew I enjoyed teaching people but I had a bunch of people tell me that you can’t be a teacher. You’re not going to make any money. And unfortunately, I believed these people and I made the decision
to go off and get a degree in electrical construction and this was solely based on the fact that I took an electronics
class in high school and I thought it was kind of interesting. So anyways, I went to community college. I got a degree in electrical
construction and maintenance. And that degree cost me about $12,000. Now I did have my grandfather
help me out with that, so I didn’t have to pay for that college, but I had about a $15,000 limit
as far as my college went. Anything beyond that would
be coming out of my pocket. So I spent about $12,000 on that degree. It took me two years to get
that associate’s degree, and then a week before I graduated, I actually got a job working
for the local power utility. Now, I started off in the
collections department so what I would do, I’d go door to door. I would knock on people’s door and I would shut off their power if they wouldn’t pay their bill. And it was a terrible job. It was one of the worst
summers of my entire life but anyways, it led to me
getting a full time position with that company. But my starting out wage there, my hourly rate as a collector
was $27.20 per hour. And that ends up being a salary
of about $56,000 per year. And do keep in mind that
working for a utility, you do get a decent amount of overtime. So I was a collector
for about eight months and then in the fall, that is when I got my permanent job there as a planner. So what I would do is, I would do the preliminary design work for the overhead power line construction. A great job if you’re
into math and engineering but it just wasn’t for me. But that job paid me $31.62 an hour and that job topped out at $50 an hour and it took you five years to get there. So I was making about
$65,000 per year at that job starting out, and within five years, it was a guaranteed pay of over $100,000 if I stuck with that progression. But as I’m sure you guys know, that is not how that job panned out. I decided to start a YouTube channel and go full-time with that. But nonetheless, utility
workers make a lot of money, especially if you’re in a union. So the second route I
would recommend going is looking at some kind of
utility construction work. Number three on the list
here is one you probably never thought of before, but
it’s air traffic control. These are very high stress jobs
but they pay a lot of money. Most people working in air traffic control make over $120,000 per year. And as far as the educational
schooling goes for this, there are actually
specific schools out there for air traffic control. So it’s not like you’re going out there and getting a formal degree of some kind. You go to a specific training school where you learn air traffic control. And they have ones all over the country. Now is this a line of
work I would wanna do? Absolutely not. I mean, you are looking
at the planes in the air, the planes that are landing,
making sure that there are no possible threats to our safety. So it’s a very high stress job but this is a very high paying job that requires very little schooling and not a lot of upfront investment as far as education goes. So number four on my list
here is radiation therapy or being a radiation therapist. Essentially, helping
people, cancer patients or other patients with
radiation treatments. Now this is a job that
you typically see people with a bachelor’s degree
doing very well with but you can actually get into this field with an associate’s degree and expect to make somewhere
around $80,000 per year as a radiation therapist. And there are all kinds
of different school in the country here that
teach you radiation therapy and specific programs for that. I know the college I went
to, the community college, had a program for both dental hygienists and radiation technology
and radiation technicians and those were very affordable programs at a community college. So we’re talking about
potentially investing $15,000, maybe $20,000
at most in your education and being able to come
out making $80,000 a year. That’s not a bad investment right there. And then fifth and
finally, we have to include being a registered nurse. This is a fantastic
field to be getting into. Anything relating to healthcare, just because of the aging population. More people are living
longer and so we need more people working in healthcare, and registered nurses
typically make about $68,000. There’s all kinds of
associate’s degree programs all over the country where you
can get into an RN program. And you can also build upon that and excel and make more money in that field. And nurses also get a ton of overtime and so that’s also a
great field to get into whether or not you’re a man or a woman. I know, traditionally,
it was a lot of women in the nursing field
but now it’s pretty much gender neutral and there
wouldn’t be any issues with being a man in that field,
making that kind of money. So just to wrap that up,
those would be my basic recommendations here is
look into the trades, look into healthcare. Those are two very hot areas to get into that are going to have steady demand as far as your work and
you also have potential to work overtime and work
more hours in those jobs. But again, the number one
thing I have to stress here is don’t do something unless you think you’re going to enjoy it. Don’t just do it for the money. Now, what I did is I worked my job and I knew I didn’t like it and so as a result, I lived
as frugally as possible. I saved as much money as possible. That way I could do something
different down the road. And so I saved up over $20,000 working at that job for two years. And then I made the decision
to take that leap of faith and pursue entrepreneurship
and I’m very happy that I did that, but I would just say, make sure that before
you make a major decision and get educational schooling and spend money on some kind of degree, make sure you’re going to at
least enjoy that line of work and have a plan down the road. But if you have no clue what you wanna do and you don’t wanna be burdened
with a ton of student debt and student loans, this is
what I would recommend doing. Anyways guys, that’s
gonna wrap up this video. Thank you so much for watching. Keep in mind that if
you do wanna enter that weekend giveaway for Stock Radar, all the details are in
the description below. But I thank you guys for watching and I hope you have a
great rest of your day. If you are interested in learning more about investing in the stock market, I’ve created a free course just for you. The link is in the description below. Here are a few other videos
you might enjoy as well.


  1. Bro u make more money then YouTubed pays I’m a foreman at I/N in south bend and I make 200k a year it’s Union aswell

  2. I didn't finish high school. I started out making 25k a year. I moved to MA landed a job in 3 days and in 2 years I'm up to 65k. I'm seeking working for myself. That's the best way I think. Investing, saving and working for yourself and real estate.

  3. I am a Helicopter Pilot, for anyone interested in ATC (Air Traffic Control) this job is VERY mentally demanding, the monetary incentive is high because of this.

  4. I’m 27 and work at a cable company here in Nor cal. Im a lineman/troubleman(Network Maintenance and make over 100k a year. Took 4 years to get there though, started as a installer. I bought a new construction house in sac I’m getting into real estate investing and stock trading since I save 50 percent of my salary, Best job ever! I could work this job until I’m 60 if I wanted to. We cap out at $47/hr. Any worker in a bucket truck get paid really well! Hard position to get into though.

  5. It's good in general to learn a trade. You can learn in some high school programs. It's good to have for a career or a backup plan if things don't work out the way you want. Pays well. Plus, in some high school it's free.

  6. I work in construction dropped out high school I make the same as my sister who has a bachelors degree but it’s hard fucken work working in the sun. I don’t want to do it all my life so I went back to college at night and I’m working on my ged already passed a few test.

  7. For those who know, nursing is not a “little to no college” degree. It’s 2-4 years of high stress, difficult nclex style tests, clinical hours, little to no sleep, etc. It can be done, but anyone in healthcare who’s gotten the degree and licensure to work knows it takes a lot to just get the 1st job.

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