5 Reasons Why Having A Period Is Important || EATING DISORDER RECOVERY

5 Reasons Why Having A Period Is Important || EATING DISORDER RECOVERY

hey guys I’m Christina psychology
nutrition coach and I welcome you back to another video in this video I’m going
to tell you the five reasons why it is so important to have a period the first
reason why it is so important to have a period is because your period is
cleansing your body so your period is a natural cleanser for your body when we
are having a period our body cleanses out an excessive amount of estrogen
which is very important because researchers have found out that too much
estrogen in our body is a big factor that contributes to breast cancer and
your period also helps your body to discharge excessive iron which is very
important and helps to reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases such as
stroke and heart diseases the second reason why it’s so important to have a
period is because your period prevents you from having osteoporosis so for all
those of you who are not aware of what osteoporosis exactly is osteoporosis is
the reduction of bone mass in our body having no period which is called
amenorrhea or skipping three to more periods in a row appears to be a high
risk factor in developing osteoporosis and this is due to the low estrogen
level and low progesterone level because the low level of these two hormones are
leading to osteoporosis the third reason why it’s so important to have a period
is that your period can inform you about future diseases in your body every
change in your period comes for a specific reason so your period is a
great ambassador when it comes to your health so every change in menstrual
blood color length or odor can be a sign that something is wrong in your body and
even irregular periods or having no period at all can be a sign that
something is not right for example in your hormones or you have
other reproductive health related problems or you even have diabetes or
heart disease so you see that your period is a very great ambassador and
it’s informing you about your health situation the fourth reason why it’s so
important to have a period is because of your period women are living longer than
men having a period slows down your aging process because as I mentioned
before your period is cleansing your body is discharging excess amount of
iron from your body and this is a major factor in making women age slower than
man and even live longer than man and the fifth reason why it’s so important
to have a period is because your period increases your metabolism and fights
against bloating having a regular period means that your hormones are in order
which is very important when it comes to water balance in your body and to health in your digestion so most women who have an imbalance in their
hormones they also experience a lot of water retention or a lot of bloating and
a very slow metabolism which is not related to premenstrual syndrome every
woman who has a regular period experience that bloating and water
retention is reducing after the first days of having a period and that is a
sign that your metabolism is working on a very great level so these were the five
reasons why it’s so important for having a period and I hope this video was
helpful for you I also want to mention I do two videos per week every Monday and
every Thursday I’m doing videos and if you like this content please subscribe
to my channel and I hope you will see next time again I wish you all the best
take care and good bye

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  1. Hi everyone 🙂

    Most of you who suffer from an eating disorder or disordered eating will probably experience irregular periods or even a complete loss of it. In this video, I wanna show you why it is SO SO important to have a regular period as a woman.

    Having a regular period is a sign that you are a healthy woman! It is not the only sign but it is a major factor when it comes to hormonal health, healthy digestion and mental health.

    In the next videos I will talk more about how dieting and eating disorders affect your hormonal balance and also how you can get back your period in a healthy and natural way.

    In my eating disorder I lost my period for more than 6 years and even years after I didn't have a regular period. This affected my health in a very very negative way.

    I want you to recognize the importance of having a period and to try to get back your period as quick as possible 🙂

    I hope it helps 🙂

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