6 Ways To Manage Stress At Work│Self-Care Hacks

hi I’m Kate Harrison of BCBA with
Brett DiNovi and Associates I’m going to talk to you about self-care and why
taking steps towards promoting self-care amongst your team and employees can
drastically change your company culture and as an added bonus likely decreased
turnover and increased revenue have you ever or do you ever feel
stressed out at work so much so that you can physically feel it in your body
have you ever had difficulty transitioning from work back to home
family life if any of this is true for you and you’re in a role where you’re
leading other people it’s likely that your employees are feeling this stress
too so this video is for you self-care is a term that is thrown around pretty
regularly but one that means something different for everyone
in short self-care is intentionally taking time to pay attention to you and
to the actions that make you and keep you happy and healthy proactively paying
attention to self-care in situations where everything is status quo people
are happy they’re feeling good can help build resiliency during times when stuff
hits the fan and people are overwhelmed stressed people are getting sick and it
gives them the ability to bounce back more quickly it’s a responsibility of an
organization’s leadership to empower its employees to make daily decisions that
promote their self-care helping leaders and employees take care of themselves
will ultimately increase employee engagement increase the quality of work
and services being delivered and decrease turnover rates which will lead
to higher profits more business and happier employees self care is different
for everyone and requires a holistic perspective to really take it on for
your organization here are six of the ways our leadership team embeds self
care practices for our employees values are basic and fundamental beliefs that
guide our actions and attitudes daily identifying your personal values allows
you to design and live out a meaningful and fulfilling life the same goes when
an organization identifies their values employees are able to perform meaningful
and fulfilling work at our organization family first is our number-one value
this is something that blew me away at the first interview with a leadership
team because I had never really been privy to
this type of information had it existed at other organizations and it was
something that was really hammered home at the first interview an interview
process works both ways the company is interviewing a candidate for the
position and the candidate should be also using this time to determine
whether the sought-after position and organization is going to be a good match
for them too this value is not only shared during the interview process it’s
carried out every day by staff and leadership this message is posted in
offices reminded throughout the company communication and modeled by leadership
in various situations when they arise identify your company values and
encourage your higher-ups to live them out daily the CEO of our company
Brett denovi encourages every employee to find further meaning in the important
work that we do by identifying an area that they’re passionate about and
pursuing opportunities to excel in it coach others and even branch out by
creating something new a niche area can be something that
someone wants to learn more about wants to bring to the company a project that
they may want to develop and so on and so forth sometimes it can take a little
while to figure out what you’re passionate about and it may change over
time but fostering an environment where employees are encouraged to explore
different areas of their careers leads to workplace satisfaction longevity and
they may even bring your company an opportunity that wasn’t there before
workplace bullying and belittling is unfortunately not uncommon among any
industry and ours is included and these kind of behaviors are most definitely
not conducive to promoting self care amongst your team my colleague dr. Paul
givanni has a great video related to this topic which is linked below at our
company we have several systems in place to proactively prevent workplace
bullying and demeaning behavior one of the most important things that we do
among our staff is to reward the behaviors that support positive
relationships we have a virtual community where our team members can
log-in and ask questions share experiences and tips ask for guidance
talk about stressors in the field and even just share funny stories everyone
is welcomed and encouraged to join in the conversation for a field
that can sometimes feel really isolating due to long drives and the long hours
spent during one-on-one situations this has helped us foster an instant
community additionally every week we have a survey that has sent out that
allows staff to discuss the highs and lows of the week while also reading
their overall job satisfaction during this survey employees are given the
opportunity to share something positive about someone else in the organization
these comments are chosen at random and then shared with the entire BDA team
offering others a chance to chime in with cheer and it is a great morale
booster our leadership loved setting up
opportunities for BDA team members to get together off the clock whether it’s
painting an exercise class or meeting up for a drink these kinds of activities
offer people some time to show off who they are outside of work another way our
organization aims to support self care is through offering health and fitness
opportunities one of our incredible employees Marc Bradley is a personal
trainer and RBT and he found his niche in developing and promoting physical
fitness programs for the clients that we serve through a program called movement
matters the clients loved it and the Sassi – and the program doesn’t stop
there Marc greets and shares achievable
fitness challenges and activities through our online community and makes
fitness available to those who have limited time and resources to get it in
at BDA we want to know what’s going on at the end of every week all the
employees are required to fill out a brief survey that we mentioned earlier
in addition to sharing your job satisfaction and support for colleagues
it’s an opportunity to provide feedback as to why your job satisfaction might be
lower for any particular week if your readings are low a member of the
executive team will reach out quickly to help resolve an issue in a constructive
manner as a new employee or if you’re new to the field speaking up can
sometimes feel uncomfortable but encouraging employees to voice their
opinions and address their concerns allows everyone to have a say and to
resolve issues before they get to the point of no return lastly at BDA we
provide comprehensive training during the onboarding process and provides
regular opportunities for training with our CEU events guest
speakers group supervision and monthly leadership meetings staff are encouraged
to share their expertise by volunteering to lead one of these events and help
identify topics that are important to the entire team self-care doesn’t always
come naturally to people and it’s not always encouraged by organizations the
promotion of self-care has to be modeled by the top down if you’re an owner of an
agency or you’re part of the leadership of an organization that wants to change
the world with behavior analysis and keep your doors open I encourage you to
identify one action that you can take in the next 24 hours that encourages
employee self-care and overall well-being
maybe it’s giving a call to one of your employees and asking them what is
something they’d like to learn more about or setting up an invite for an
after work happy hour or yoga class or maybe it’s pulling a team of employees
together to identify your own core values let us know what you’re working
on in the comments below thanks for watching

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