7 REAL HEALTHY Tips to get in shape

7 REAL HEALTHY Tips to get in shape

When it comes to fitness there are certain things that you may be doing that you think are good But they’re actually holding you back and then there are other things that you maybe haven’t even thought about doing at all So this video is going to change the game for you because it’s going to be telling you Little things here and there that you could consider dropping and certain things you could consider picking up and adding to your fitness lifestyle Before we jump into the do’s and the don’ts please subscribe to my channel. It just it makes my world better I look I love it when you do that number one don’t don’t snack on nuts I know nuts are very healthy. They’re good for your heart. They’re good for your skin. They’re amazing, but they are not snacks do not fall into the habit of thinking you can just buy a bag of Carol mix a bag of nuts and just You know snack on them all day. That’s a bad idea Think of nuts almost like vitamins they’re good for you You should definitely consume them, but you don’t need to be eating nuts Unless you’re a toddler if you eat nuts as snacks, you run the risk of eating way too many calories And if you’re eating more calories than your body needs you’re not going to reach your goals You’re not going to look the way you want to look you’re not going to feel the way you want to feel So instead instead of snacking on nuts I’m laughing because the do is gonna be something you’re not gonna like But I’m just gonna tell you that all the do’s and don’ts I’m gonna share with you today They are organized from easy to difficult. So this is actually one of the easier things. I’m gonna be telling you today So instead of snacking on nuts snack on Vegetables don’t come for me Don’t come for me. I’m just telling you instead of snacking on nuts snack on some carrots. They’re crunchy. They’re sweet They’re good for you. They’re very hard to over eat. They will help you reach your goals faster. You’re welcome. Don’t shoot the messenger Number two don’t Stretch a cold body a cold body is a body that just got out of bed a cold body is a body that’s been sitting In a chair for four hours out of the day a cold body Does not want to be stretched and you shouldn’t be stretching a cold body You’re going to snap your muscles and your ligaments and you’re gonna be in pain You don’t want to do that instead do stretch a warm body. This is why you should never ever ever Skip your cooldown after your workouts Even if you’re in hurry do something stretch if you’re doing my videos I even encourage you to stretch after the video is over. Stay there and stretch out your booty You need it after doing all those glute bridges You will need it stretch it but seriously Though if you’re super super in a hurry, and you can’t really stretch after your workouts Something else you can do is you can get into the habit of taking warm showers at night and stretching after your shower This is something I do a stretch after my workouts every day and also before I go to bed at night I take a really hot shower and when I come out I stretch for five to ten minutes and it’s a great relaxing way to You know go to sleep at night number three don’t don’t tense your shoulders when you are doing planks a lot of you guys hate planks so much almost as much as you hate burpees and push-ups and I kind of understand it but one of the reasons you hate planks so much It’s probably because you’re activating the wrong muscles a lot of you I have seen this even with people that I have trained like in person. I’ve seen this tensing off the shoulder It’s like that during a plank Unnecessary tense your core suck your abs in engage these muscles down here to do your planks instead also Still on the planks do give yourself time to build into being able to hold your planks for a longer period of time Don’t think you’re going to go from never Exercising to holding a one-minute plank. It doesn’t work that way give yourself time to grow into it Do five seconds 10 seconds 20 seconds 30 seconds and be a pro feel like a bus number four Don’t wing your cheat meals. Your cheat meal is something you do 1% of the time to help you be on track 99% of the time That 1% of the time can totally undo all the work you have been doing all week if you’re not careful So the same way you plan your healthy meals Do plan your cheat meals? If your cheat day is Friday, you should know by Wednesday night exactly what you’re gonna be eating at 12:00 p.m That Friday is it three slices of pizza and a tub of ice cream not saying that was my last cheat meal I’m just saying plan your cheat meals number five do not Get comfortable with exercise than anything less than five to six days a week. Don’t come for me. Don’t come for me I’m just the messenger now. Listen, I’m not saying you should go from zero to 100 right away if you’re new to exercise It’s okay to start with one day a week two days a week three days a week But don’t aim to stay there do a spire two getting to the point where you’re exercising Five to six days a week and loops five to six days a week Don’t have to be workouts that kill you. It could be ten minutes. It could be five minutes It could be two minutes do something every single day. The goal here is to build the habit of daily exercise So it can be something you do Into your 60s and 70s and you be looking snatched who doesn’t want to be a snatch too. Grandma. That’s the goal That’s the goal right there grandma looking fly with gray hair Number six don’t try to lose weight or get fit with diet alone A lot of people say that abs are made in the kitchen. It’s 80 percent diet 20 percent exercise I think both of them are wrong. It is 100 percent diet 100 percent exercise that’s like saying being a decent person is 80 percent showers and 20 percent brushing your teeth No 100 percent. You need to take a shower 100 percent. You need to brush your teeth Same thing with working out. This analogy is not making sense But what just in a roll with it, you got an exercise and you have to eat Well, it’s both you can’t escape there is no cheating. It’s not even a thing If you think that you can cheat the human body and only diet and not exercise forever You’re kidding You gotta exercise you exercise because if you don’t exercise your muscles Atrophy, they get smaller. They don’t do what they’re supposed to do. You’re at high risk of injury And the worst part is the more you diet the harder it is to get the same results So you put in double the effort pay double the money Do double the work and get half the results that you used to get the first time you die died five years ago Whereas you could just exercise and when you exercise it’s the opposite it’s hard when you start but the farther you get into a Consistent exercise routine the easier it gets your body gets stronger you get stronger You can do your 1 hour workout in 3 minutes You can do the same amount of work in less time because you just stronger. It just snatched a just awesome So do your workouts don’t listen to those people taking shortcuts be the turdus not the hair These analogies are not making sense and speaking of dieting Our number seven point don’t rely on diet and exercise alone Let me explain if you are a person that’s working out eating clean doing everything right for you’re still gaining weight You’re still not getting the results you want. You need to pause and reevaluate Maybe there’s something deeper going on for you. It could be your hormones that are going off It could be your thyroid that has an issue could be cholesterol high blood pressure You just never know and it doesn’t hurt to go get evaluated by a medical doctor to help you out get professional help Don’t be out here playing Russian roulette with your health if you’re doing everything right and not getting results That’s a huge red flag that they may be something deeper happening You need to get tested get your blood tests your cholesterol checked your blood pressure checked your thyroid checked Your vitamin D levels checked your calcium levels checked check everything talk with your doctor. Tell them what’s going on get help I know that health insurance is crap in a lot of countries, but you are worth the $200 $300 however much it’s gonna take to make sure you are healthy You’re happy your magistrate your buddies tight and you ready to take over the world. That’s all I have to say Thank you for watching this video. Please subscribe if you haven’t done so already leave me comments. I Ll see you in my next video check out my website cocoa fitness calm I have amazing programs that will help you with belly fat Grow your booty stay consistent with your routine being an awesome person, you know. Hmm. Check it out. Bye guys You


  1. Gurllll, its like you read my mind! I was just about to start a new health and fitness journal and I needed some ideas for my "tips" page❤

  2. Towards the exercising 5 times a week: I actually used to exercise 6-5 times a week, but now I do it 4 times because I did too much cardio and lost my period! So be careful with too much cardio, especially when you are a woman!
    But strength-training should be fine doing it 5 times a week, I think

  3. Oh my gosh I snack on nuts almost everyday! I had no idea that they had so many calories :O thanks for the tip!!

  4. Hi.beautiful.sister⚘..mama
    The sister.hood🖐🤗🤗🤗🤗❤

  5. “Shape” they say “get in shape” they say… problem is that I am in shape, the shape of a darnt circle!!!!!! 😩😩😩😩

  6. Love your tips, love you. Love the positive attitude and how you encourage us to realistically be our best selves so that we can enjoy all the awesomeness of life.

    Also, I worked out today!! But with the tiny ankle weights, not the big monsters. 🤣🤣

  7. I like that you include people of all ages in your video! I'm never going to be 20 again but I can still aim to be a healthy 40 ❤

  8. Regarding stretching, does it mean that those neck, shoulder and back stretches for those who work long office hours are not good? I tend to have stiff neck and just started doing more stretching..

  9. I have always loved doing a yoga sesh after working out and in the sauna . I had never thought about how not warming up could be bad its so soothing after intense workouts

  10. I agree with most of your tips, but not with that you can ruin everything by a unplanned 'cheat meal'. Once you have a solid base , it's okay to engulge sometimes. When I have a cheat meal it can be quite a lot, sometimes I get over my daily calories, but I don't lose all my progress. Shouldn't do it everyday, but its okay..

  11. I snack on nuts because I'm purposely trying to eat more calories so I can have a calorie surplus and gain muscle.

  12. I am absulutely in love with your channel. It’s really helping change my outlook on what and how to live a healthy lifestyle:)

  13. I LOVE YOU SO SO MUCH KOBOKO!!!!! You motivate me during your workouts but most importantly you make me feel positive/happier and also make me be more loving to myself! Thank you i wish u the best ❤️

  14. I’m only 13 so I can’t really control when I get to eat healthy unless my mom is making food that is healthy so if I just try and cut down on unhealthy foods that I eat and snack on fruits and stuff and exercise is that still going to help me loose weight?

  15. I lost 20 lbs. with diet & exercise & thought just maybe I don't have to exercise. …WRONG! She's totally right by saying you have to diet AND exercise!

  16. Lol my main life goal is to never stop working out and caring for myself. Imma be a "snatched grandma"!!🤣😂🤣🤣

  17. Exercise and black magic are similar bcs they both drain your body of energy first and you get more powerful the more you dabble in it.

  18. I have been saying the nuts are not snacks tips for years!
    Nuts are very good for you
    But very high in fats and hence very high in calories. And can make you gain weight very quickly.

  19. I have scoliosis with two curves and I’m trying to get in shape in a way that can support my back without getting to tense and hurting.

  20. If you eat nuts in moderation they won’t make you gain weight. I have some type of nut every day (almond butter, almonds, walnuts, etc) and stick to a serving size and Im thin and toned.

  21. 1. Don’t snack on nuts
    2. Don’t stretch a cold body
    3. Don’t tense your shoulders while doing planks
    4. Plan your cheat meals
    5. Don’t exercise less than 5 days a week.
    6. Exercise
    7. Don’t rely on exercise and diet alone

  22. Thank you so much for this video! More than half of these I've never heard of, including the stretching one which I had a problem, with today actually. I was doing stretches to grow taller (first ting in the morning and last thing before bed) and today I felt a sharp pain in my side and it stayed for the whole day. And now I know why! Which is crazy coicindental but amazing nonetheless. Please make more like this and keep up the great work! 😀

  23. this video has really helped me i have started making healthier choices, i am a runner but i don't eat the best or workout apart from running lol but i think i should.
    week 1: i have been working out late at night i find it more fun and do it for 40 minutes before i go to bed which helps me get to sleep,

  24. I would not recommend exercising for 5 days a week. Your muscles need time to recover, exercise once in 2 days or accordingly, as your body feels, keeping in mind that you take extra time to walk on your recovery days. This helped me a lot. Other than that, video is good!

  25. Just now found you and i absolutely love you already!!! You have no idea how much I need this and how helpful this is!!!

  26. I don't consider nuts a snack. More like a small mid-day meal. Almonds are pretty low in fat for nuts. So if I get 300 calories from that (I'm a college student, so meals on the go) and drink a bottle of water that is a meal for me. Lots of fiber and protein as I'm a vegetarian. I lost a few pounds too.

  27. Mam' I'm from Bangladesh.I'm ur new subscriber..1st take my love…
    Actually Mam! I'm too much slim according my age, I can't understand what exercise i should practice in regular…Please Please please 😣suggest me some of ur exercise which is good for a slim women..

  28. Just started watching your videos for the first time and I'm in love! You're so joyful and give good advice 💕

  29. Anytime I get discouraged or unmotivated I come here and you just lift me up. Thank you, beautiful spirit ♥♥♥♥♥!

  30. Maybe eating comments for breakfast is the real trick to get a slimbody! 😉

    Im just kidding, I love your energy. Keep up the good work!

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