7 Signs Someone With Depression Likes You

7 Signs Someone With Depression Likes You

[Music] People with depression want the same
thing as anyone else. We’re all looking for love and this is true
no matter what we’re dealing with on the inside. Sometimes it’s very hard to tell if someone
has a crush on you. Whether they’re happy and extroverted or quiet
and introverted. But there are a few simple ways you might be able to tell even with people
who have depression. They seem afraid of getting rejected. Rejection is never fun, but in many ways,
it’s just another part of love. Most of us have felt the sting of rejection
in our lives before, and we’ve come to accept it. But this is true whether you have depression
or not. You might find yourself in a situation where
you’re pretty certain someone likes you but they seem too scared to take that leap of
faith, they just don’t want to get hurt again. Studies have shown that a person with depression
deals with rejection in slightly different ways, so that might be something to look out
for. They might feel like you’re out of their league. Have you ever been attracted to someone but
it seems like you have zero chance with them? We’ve all been there. But depressed people might be feeling this
a lot more than the rest of us. Studies have shown that depressed individuals
tend to feel a sense of worthlessness. Like they’re just not good enough. In a romantic setting, this might cause them
to feel like you’re totally out of their league even when it’s not even true. A person with depression might want to be
with you more than anything, but sometimes, they need a little bit of encouragement and
support to make them feel more at ease. If they’re not interested in sex, that doesn’t
mean they’re not into you. Just because someone isn’t interested in you
sexually, that doesn’t mean they’re not attracted to you. Studies have linked depression with sexual
dysfunction, perhaps a lowered sex drive for example. Sure, they might not be drooling over you,
but they could still be attracted to you. Look for other signs of romantic attraction
and you might find that a person with depression is totally into you. They might seem desperate. Desperation definitely doesn’t show up in
all people with depression, but it is relatively common. Studies have even shown that depression is
linked with out-of-control sexual behavior. They might have allowed their depression to
get the better of them and it could be impacting their relationships in a negative way. Of all the signs, this might be the easiest
to spot. Some studies have even shown a link between
hyper sexuality and depressive symptoms. They might seem awkward when they flirt. Most people remember a time when flirting
got a little awkward, but with people with depression, this might be a little more common. A few studies have explored the link between
depression and lowered interpersonal communication. Examples of this might be slowed or slurred
speech and awkward silences. So look out for these signs. If you don’t look hard enough, you might not
even realize that they’re trying to flirt with you. They might seem uncertain about the new romance. It’s always exciting when there’s the spark
of a new romance. Most of us feel a mixture of hope, excitement
and a little anxiety. But a person with depression might feel a
lot more uncertain about a new romance than others. This is due to something called “Relational
Uncertainty”, which is explored in a number of studies. Relational uncertainty is exactly what it
sounds like, people feeling uncertain about their relationships. The thing is, depressed individuals tend to
feel things a lot more than others. So, if a person with depression is crushing
on you, they might also be feeling a lot of anxiety at the same time. They might have trouble looking into your
eyes. Studies have shown that people with depression
have trouble maintaining eye contact and in a romantic setting, this can be quite a challenge
for them. We all know that the eyes are the window to
the soul, but how can depressed people hope to connect with their crushes if they can’t
even look them in the eye? If you think a person with depression might
like you, watch them closely. Maybe they seem like they want to look you
in the eye but they can’t. If so, then they might just have a major crush
on you. Interested in more dating advice and romance
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  1. This was a requested video. We also previously asked for feedback on it through our community chat. We know how important and sensitive this topic is and wanted to raise awareness about it. We hope you guys find this video helpful! Also, this was animated by a new member of the team, Jacqueline Chin. She has her own Youtube channel here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCj8the1STp_JrdBt9yS36ZA She has animation videos of her own and is an aspiring animator. Be sure to check out her work.

  2. As a person how goes through depression it feels weird to watch this video and feel like I'm not the same as everyone else, no hate, but we feel the same as others just a lot more sensitive for some but idk I just didn't like the was as describing a person by what emotional condition they have, instead of saying "a depressed person" maybe just say this "person feels this." Again bot trying to be mean or cause a problem just, didn't like the way it sits in my head.

  3. Please tell I’m not the only one who doesn’t know what having a crush feels like?

    please tell me I’m not the only one

  4. id just like to apply ive had depression for 6 years and really anyone who belives this is just straight up wrong not everyone is the same at all and it made me really mad because you put this fake news up to get content and money thats honestly just flat out wrong depression is serious ive struggled for years and you want to treat it all like a joke thats sick.

  5. I just went through a breakup and I just have to realize I have to block 5 people a day bc they are jerks and know everyone hates me 🙁

  6. I'm watching this cause I have depression and I'm a homo and he's straight so I show more emotions to him?

  7. Person that actually has and is suffering with depression: I'm sad
    Person that listens to Billie Eilish: Same man, I feel ya
    Person that actually has and is suffering with depression: :[

  8. Me: yOu LiKe MaRiOkArT tOuR?
    My friend/crush: yeah ig, but I play Mario odyssey more
    Me: Oh yeah that game is life ?
    My mind: wtf is Mario odyssey?
    Me: I remember in kindergarden you dressed up as Mario for halloween
    My friend/crush: wtf I thought you forgot that
    My friend/crush: ight imma head out

  9. Ok now what if you yourself are having these signs but aren't sure you like the person… And you shouldn't like the person… Just asking for a friend ?

  10. More people needs to watch this video coz then maybe or should I say hopefully our people or our crush’s notice how insecure we are and stuff and actually treat us normal coz everyone be hating on depressed people

  11. i've been through a hard depression 2 years ago and i did feel the same way
    i can't say that i've completely recovered from it… cuz.. i'm not, but those problems happen less and less
    today my boyfriend and i have our 5 months anniversary :3 yay :3

  12. This kid keeps looking me wide eyed. I think its obvious he likes me. But his my best friends boyfriend. I don't know how to tell her he might cheat.

  13. Yeah there’s a girl at school that I like but she’s depressed. And she has been acting really weird around me lately… So I’m going to hang around her more! 🙂 And yes I’m Lesbian

  14. I really hope my crush sees this video and may realize i like them, i get really anxious when their around and when its a 1on1 situation because i cant even look at them and i feel like it gives off the wrong vibes.

    I also don't want to tell them because if they don't like me ill feel worse about myself and my self confidence will drop even lower, and I have known them for more than 7 years and don't want to ruin our close friendship and i feel like they are not even noticing my feelings towards them or feelings in general and lately have wanted to keep my distance from them

  15. I have a crush but my friend is my crush sooooo it is awkward when we talk cuz when we do I don’t look at him in the eyes I also have depression and people think I’m joking but I’m not

  16. I guess this proves that I have depression cause I have all of these things and I'm always so scared about confessing my likings to my crush ?

  17. I was the depressed on before and I was going through rejection and she just found out and she said that I could ask her and she would say yes but just left and I had to wait a whole nother day and I was not ready but it still worked out and I’m back to normal almost but now I am dating someone and I can relate so this is a good video for people…thanks for making this video…I’m finally ready for a relationship for a lifetime to do yea❤?

  18. If all of this is true, then a lot more people like me than I thought. When I'm around people I try to hide my depression and so far it has been working. Yaayyyy.

  19. This video only taught me I’m depressed and the person I like
    I feel like I’m out of there league
    I truely and really love them
    I’m pretty desperate but won’t take any chances
    I don’t try to take chances
    I seem awkward a lot
    And I’m basically dead inside because I’ve gotten to the point where I don’t seem to try to care about anything because it seems my life is worthless so why care? It’s just going to backfire anyway…
    My life only gets worse and worse and I can’t even look into someone’s eyes so what’s the point?…

    Sorry for wasting your time not like I’m worth anything anyway…

  20. At my school no one cares if you have depression they just won’t talk to you so I have to go out of my way to attempt to act like I’m happy but on the inside I’m terrified and everything is terrifying. And when someone else is mad or sad I try to take it away which just tears my life up more… it also ruins my self esteem… anyway sorry for wasting your time… I don’t know why you listened to me I’m just one of 7 billion other people in the world…

  21. Update on my last comment. I was trying to find out because I have a crush on someone with depression. They are one of my bffs and I was TERRIFIED telling him would ruin our friendship. Just remember that just because you have been rejected before doesn't mean you will always be.

    Last night I decided to tell him. I bad my friend say it, and then him and I talked. He pulled me to the said and we talked for a bit. He said it doesn't have to be awkward and blah blah blah. Just remember that people understand you, guys!!

  22. Is there any chance I can talk (via email or dm or something like that) with one of you guys of psych to go? I trust y’all I would love to chat

  23. Ok so I have a huge crush on this guys who has depression and today he accidentally called me darling

    And literally my crush has all these signs

    I feel like I should ask him out IDK WHAT TO DO AAAAAAAAAH

  24. I am actually like sick of love, I mean, I’m bad with it. I’m afraid to get rejected again, I got rejected many times so I am afraid to love again.

  25. Yeah yknow all of this is true for me bc I’m suicidal and have been for a long time and me rn I have someone that likes me and I like him to but I can’t look at him it’s really hard and I’m trying to see if he actually cares for me or just wants me for my body and that’s another thing about ppl with depression they are going to think a lot of guys are the same and just want you for something else not for who you are

  26. Me depressed me crush depressed me crush told his friend he has crush on me his friend told me I no believe becuz nobody wuv me ?

  27. Che bello trovare queste raccomandazioni random e vedere la propria descrizione stampata sullo schermo. Grazie per le dritte, ma sono comunque senza speranze, bello il doppiaggio della narrazione e buoni i sottotitoli in italiano.
    La vita per me è da soppravvivere sfortunatamente

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