7 Signs Your Relationship is Making You Depressed

7 Signs Your Relationship is Making You Depressed

Love can be a double-edged sword,
sometimes it makes us feel more alive than we ever thought possible, and sometimes it
has us at it’s mercy. Sooner or later, we need to evaluate our relationships
and let go of people who maybe toxic towards us. The unfortunate truth is that some people
are just not ready for relationships and may not have your best intentions in mind. Accepting that your partner is contributing
to your depression is hard to face, especially if you desperately want things to work out. Here are some signs to watch out for. 1. You don’t work together towards common goals. There’s nothing worse than a partner who
doesn’t support your dreams. If someone is holding you back from reaching
your goals, it won’t be long before you start feeling depressed. You and your partner may be interested in
completely different things, but can still be working towards getting promoted, running
your first art show, or conquering the next wall at your climbing gym. If you’re partner is not goal-oriented like
you are, it might feel like your partner is forcing you to choose between your relationship
and your dreams. 2. You can’t connect emotionally with your
partner. One of the best parts of being in a relationship
is being vulnerable and being honest with your feelings. The strongest partners connect with each other
on a deep emotional level. So when that emotional connection seems muddled
or distorted, it leaves both partners feeling confused and lost. Sometimes people just aren’t emotionally
compatible. If you find that you’re much more willing
to talk about your feelings than your partner, it may cause you to feel dissatisfied and
misunderstood. 3. Your partner’s depression might be contagious. Is depression actually contagious? Researchers have tried to answer this question
and have come up with extremely interesting results. One study looked at a college roommates and
found that students started experiencing depressive symptoms when a new depressed roommate moved
in. Another study was done on rats with similar
results. Depression was induced in a group of rats
and when new happy rats were introduced to the cage, they quickly developed the same
depressive symptoms. So, is it possible to contract your partner’s
depression? According to the research, it seems like a
likely possibility. 4. The relationship is starting to get abusive. Abuse is one of the most obvious causes for
depression in relationships, it’s also much more common than people realize, especially
among women. A large amount of abuse experienced by women
goes unreported. It’s estimated that between 18 and 36% of
women have experienced some form of relationship abuse in their lifetimes and predictably, relationship
abuse is one of the most common causes of depression. This abuse can be physical, emotional, or
psychological. Regardless of what form, you should look to
loved ones outside of your relationship for support. Remember to appreciate your time and not rely
on your partner for a stronger sense of self-worth. 5. A total lack of communication. Lack of communication is one of the most common
reasons for failed relationships, and if you can’t communicate with your partner, you
might start to feel depressive symptoms as a result. Interestingly enough, a recent study showed
that poor social skills and depression are linked. No matter which partner lacks communication
skills, the relationships will likely suffer as a result causing depression for one or
both partners. 6. Your relationship has evolved and your needs
have changed. Relationships are filled with magical moments,
mostly during the honeymoon phase, and we often wish these moments could last forever. However, people change and partners become
comfortable. As the years go by, you might find yourself in a relationship with a completely
different person. Your partner may have different needs, different
priorities and different expectations. This type of evolution in relationships isn’t
just inevitable, it’s healthy. Problems only arise when our partners can’t
meet our changing expectations. If you begin to grow apart from your partner,
that’s okay. Just because they seemed like a great match
in the past, doesn’t mean that we should hold on to someone who aligned with our past
values. 7. You feel like you’re stuck in the relationship,
even though you know it’s not working out. Okay, so your relationship is making you depressed,
so why don’t you leave? Over the years, researchers have tried to
figure out why people stay in unsatisfying relationships and they’ve come up with some
interesting theories. Early studies claim that couples stay together
because they thought that they couldn’t find anyone better, or that they were afraid
of the uncertainty of separation. But modern researchers believe that it’s
much more personal. One new study suggested that people might
stay together because their partner is extremely devoted or out of concern for each others
welfare. If your partner is saying concerning things
such as, I can’t live without you or you’re the only good thing in my life, it can put
a lot of pressure on you to keep them happy. This shouldn’t make you feel like you have
to accept certain behaviors and mistreatment if you’re experiencing it. Have you experienced any of these relationship
issues? If so, have they led to depression? Let us know on the comments below, and hey,
why not leave a like and subscribe to the channel while you’re at it.


  1. Whatching this video makes me feel a little hope in myself..from the very first time i met my ex i tryed to hide from him becose something didnt make to seen right..i finally convinced myself that he was the love of my life until i started to feel depressed becose he constantly lied to me and tried to convinced me that i was a toxic person becose i didnt wanted to stay in the relationship..finally i went to a therapist that tought me how to express my emotions well and he finally leave me.

  2. The last part hit me my ex would say things like “after you came my life has been so much better” I felt the need to keep him happy. While trying to do so I lost myself because I had to sort out personal things with myself too. I couldn’t keep up with it. I’m glad he broke it off and realized it wasn’t good for any of us and so we peacefully parted ways. If he wouldn’t had done that I would’ve never done it myself.

  3. my mother hit/abused my step dad and my step mom hit/abused my dad. your gender specificity is inaccurate, though either way im depressed.

  4. If you feel or think that you are in toxic relationship, I'd advise you get your proof before accusations and with hackerrperrera47 at Y a h o O dotcome, my Divorce was a blessing in disguise..

  5. I started seeing this video and it sparked all what my ex Did before hackerrperrera47 on Y a h o O dot come exposed her before our breakup

  6. Having break up is like been reincarnated and its somany secret the unknown hold. The other side get sunny when hackerrperrera47 on Y a h o O dotcome feed you.

  7. "I can't live without you" really struck me, I've felt "stuck" in this relationship for a long time, I only just recently brought myself to "take a break" and reevaluate the situation and… I've come to realize, I wasnt just unhappy for /no reason/. The relationship had become unhealthy, very unhealthy, but I had ignored some very big warning signs, and even not realized some abusive ones… I found the courage to ask for my stuff back today, I'm currently looking for someone to go pick it up with me because.. I'm afraid to be alone with him. And for me… this isn't normal, I'm always the first to offer to break someone's nose, or hit them where it hurts, I can verbally destroy anyone. But… in this situation, with this kind of person, I feel powerless

  8. My partner is depressed and literally has no motivation to do anything in life, we've been going out for almost 2 years now. And he makes it a chore to see me or meet up with me, hes very hard to emotionally connect with since he has trust issues and always assumes I'm gonna leave him for somebody better. Then when I do leave over the summer he immediately doesn't care for me, but when school starts up again he begs me to come back to him and everything saying he can't do anything without me. Hes a very depressed person even though he doesn't say he's depressed, he also has bad habits on making me feel self conscious and childish being with him.. I feel as if I can't emotionally reach him no matter what I do.. and even when I try to Express my emotions he doesn't take me very seriously and always tells me I'm just "too emotional" and such when I try to be serious with me and talk about making things better in our relationship.. I don't feel energized at all in my relationship with me no matter what I do. I feel as if he only uses me for comfort but doesn't take my feelings into consideration, we constantly fight and contradict each other. Sometimes I feel like a low battery after spending time with him, I wanna help him do better because I feel guilty everytime he says hes not gonna get anywhere in life. It makes me upset and frustrated because I don't want him spreading weird rumors about me either if I do decide to permanently leave him. I feel so drained and desperate to feel positive things in my life, But I'm absolutely sick of his behavior. Even though hes a very sweet guy and very loving, I feel as if we don't emotionally click at all. Maybe somewhere there might be a better person for him. And at this point, I don't know what to do anymore, this video really helped to open my eyes to how I feel.. and I definitely relate to ALMOST all these points… except the abusive one, I think it's more of (Emotionally manipulation) but what should I do.. I know this comment is gonna be buried in here somewhere but somebody please give me advice..

  9. This is the number one topic nowadays, Almost everyone is talking about “why it’s not working”!!!
    It seems almost like a phenomenon, that maybe related to the widespread of social anxiety and daily life challenges/stressors.
    Otherwise if that’s the case, then no relationship will work ever.

  10. I’m facing evey single thing , but I can’t break up , she isn’t leaving me , she stuck me emotionally .. I’ve wasted 4.5 yrs , Please help me

  11. I feel I'm the one on the bad side of this…(i have bipolar depression)… I'm scared i might make my partner depressed or ruin his life …….do i let go, or is it something that can change? I feel it's definitely something worth working on…

  12. I've never hurt my gf and i never will
    but she always plays with my emotions and insecurities

    but she still says she loves me
    she doesn't want to hangout with me but says she misses me
    She doesn't reply to my texts for hours but when i do it then i am a mean person

  13. Why are these videos always geared toward women?  Don't people know that the world is FULL OF NARCISSISTIC women????Hello???Men are victims too.  Damn women, think they're the only ones.  How self-centered and narcissistic.

  14. Will me and my girlfriend are not being einmit or anything it's like number 7 in the video she wants married 1st and einmit but she doesn't understand that we were dating for 5 years

  15. when i was with my ex, i loved him so very much but knew it wasn’t working. i was becoming unhappy to the point where i would cry in bed next to him most nights and he wouldn’t even know. i felt so much pressure to stay because he always said i was the only good thing in his life most days. i always feared i might hurt him by leaving. we ended up breaking up and 3 days later he started seeing someone else. never let your partner make you feel trapped!

  16. I think the main issues in today's world with relationships start with us being very self centered in our lives.

    People aren't willing to put up with much in the terms of negative attributes in anything anymore.
    People are too insecure, too selfish, too afraid to take any risk, too unwilling to pick things up or do things for another person.
    This is become more of a modern day practice, but when we are too afraid to be hurt ourselves or when we are too unwilling to go an extra mile for someone, it creates a depressing situation for relationships.
    But then you have people like in this video, who make it to where doing these kind or selfless things is harmful and creates a trapping situation where people get held emotionaly hostage.
    So congratulations, we all suck, were all miserable and it's all our own faults.
    Fuck humanity.

  17. My partner is really sweet but.. she got depressed and wanted to be alone all the time and pushed me away and I got mad and sad and got really depressed like I wasn't good enough. I don't want to leave her because it will make her feel bad.

  18. Been dating a man for almost three years. Good looking, artist, loyal and funny. He is absolutely emotionally unavailable, hide or won’t come home if I’m sad or upset, won’t talk about us, our future, finances or anything else emotionally related. Gets angry or frustrated if I try to ask him questions about our relationship. He won’t communicate about anything and has never asked me how my day is or how I’m doing inside. I tried in every way possible to show him my needs and how these things are vital for relationships to work and still nothing. He is chronically depressed and shuts down for several days a month. He made me so depressed I became suicidal. Even then he showed zero concern or love. I left him today and feel a weight lifted and can see the light once again.

  19. Statistically men the women experience domestic violence at roughly the same frequency. Unfortunately for men we're not allowed to report it and have no where to go when it happens.

  20. My last long relationship had me kinda depressed because of my partner. I couldn't be the therapist anymore, among other reasons…

  21. Just ended a 5-6 year relationship with someone whom I fell in love with but we just changed and the last 3 were all I felt in the end.

  22. I lost my best friend over my relationship and I don’t feel the buzz that everyone talks about when you’re meant to be in love. it’s like we’re just friends with benefits and I don’t know if that because of us, or because I’m upset about whet happened with my friend

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  26. I am suffering from all of these. Just bcz i am living with my in laws these are getting worse. I dnt knw i am suffering from Depression but i am suffering from anger issues and anxiety attack and loneliness. I am sad most of time. Even writing this comment i am sad. I have constant fight with my husband. I cry almost everyday. Now even crying i am not feeling light or able to find solution to this. Can anyone help me out please.

  27. was omw to depression until I found entertainment in the predictable disappointments and fights. now I just shed a cold tear or two after being hurt and then live on.

  28. Just broke up with my bf today.

    I always felt drained after seeing him and sick, I even got a stubborn case of strep throat AND an ear infection which I feel was cause by how drained he really made me feel, my immune system got weak.

    For some reason I'd feel very annoyed with him and our communication quickly evaporated. Only dated for 3 months and he required a lot of attention and 'mothering'(cook for him, clean, give him rides cause hes fucking carless, wouldnt get a job, no driver's license and hes 22 etc) Felt like he didnt realize just how much it took to be with him and how much energy and time I put into him.
    Normally i love being affectionate but the last week of our relationship I'd literally recoil when he tried to touch me or kiss me on reflex. Not intentional.

    Feel SOOOOOOO much better it's over now.

  29. She forgot to mention that folks often choose to stay in the toxic relationship because he or she doesn't work and the bf or gf is paying all the bills so they stay because he/she has nowhere else to go. I've seen this happen with both men and women.
    I know a guy that's going through this right now. He has an extremely abusive gf and he doesn't have a job so she is the only one working and he puts up with a lot of her shit only because he has nowhere to go. She cheats on him, abuses him verbally, physically and emotionally. Smmfh.

  30. That last one hit me to the face. Everytime I think and tell my husband that we need a break,he won't even do that. He doesn't want to not be around me,but whenever we have arguments about going out or spending time together,he tells me he wants "me time" and that's fine,but when I ask for it,in terms of I need to find myself or something like that,it's always….he doesn't exactly use the word no but says the "I can't live without you" thing and,it's sweet and all,but I feel like I'm not happy like I was once before. And I'm not saying he doesn't make me happy,he does but on certain accounts he says things that upset me or that upsets my heart and I immediately start crying and thinking to myself that this guy doesn't care about me or my feelings. For example,today I asked him if he wanted to help me wash our dog. In my mind I thought it was a good idea of spending time together without going out and spending money as usual. Well,that's when the argument started. He said he works all day,all he wants to do is to have time for himself,chill at home watch some movies or play videogames. Okay that's fine I get it,but I have let him do that for the longest time,and this was my first time asking him to help me or to do something with me that doesn't have to do with going out and spending money. He pinned on me why I'm asking him when he asks me to clean the room,do the laundry and dishes and he never seen me do them. I do them when he's not home,and somehow even when we have a dog,our room gets into a complete mess again and there would be times where I'd take a break,watch a movie,play games of just listened to music. But it's like in his eyes,I'm not allowed to,or I at least have to get them done before he comes home. Even when I do wash his clothes and everything,I don't even get a thank you at all. It's only when the next time I mess up he'll cue in on that. But when I cue in things he hasn't done that I asked of him,the only excuse he can give me is work and he got tired, which is why I ask him on weekends. I sometimes ask him/text him after work saying "if you can, can you (so and so) if you can't it's alright." And either he'd do them,forget them or say he can't because he doesn't have that kind of money yet. I'm getting off topic. But the point is, everytime he has said something when I'm being genuinely honest about something like "you want to help me wash the dog??" And he'd say, "so I can't rest? Is that it? I work all day and I can't get one day off without you asking something of me?" And all I had in my head was I found a way to spend time together and have fun without the use of money. But what he said made me feel like,I was alone. That he didn't want to do the simplest things with me at all,and it hurt me a lot to where it makes me think,am I even in this marriage for the right reasons?

  31. I felt the “You’re the most important thing in my life”
    Dated this boy for about two months, he had some issues going and he kept telling me this all over. During the last period i told him that the relationship was stagnant due to a lack of communication and willingness to do things together and if things continued going this way I would have preferred parting ways.
    It was so hard to break things off cause i felt so bad but realized he was guilt tripping me

  32. Pointing out the prevalence of abused women wirhout addressing the stigma faced by abused men and the fact that abused men are also under reported, probably even more so, comes across as insensitive, to say the least.

  33. The depression thing. That's different then feeling down because your partner is, right? In the way where its hard to be in a good mood if the person you love isn't doing well, that is.

  34. I've been thinking of breaking up with my gf who I live with. I'm not sure what to do. I think about breaking up a lot but then I remember all the beautiful moments we had together and I don't want that to go away. We are both in a new city and really depend on eachother for company and support. She's in school and without my income I'm not sure what she would do, and wether I'm with her or not I want her to finish so she can be financially secure in life.

  35. I have depression and it’s ruining my relationship we are just falling apart and I don’t want to be in this relationship anymore but I can’t I feel trapped

  36. I thought your comments on abuse were one sided. Abuse happens to men as well. And abuse is also not just physical abuse either

  37. Why are everyone always only mentioning the abuse going towards women? Men experience a lot of emotional pressure and emotional abuse. People have to bring awareness to that.

  38. 2:50 I hate how they completely skip over the fact that men get abused far more often then that by women. As someone who has been abused in a relationship by a woman, I find this oversight deeply concerning

  39. As well as the Men We get abused too I've been Punched like I mean My Woman gave me a legit ten hit combo teeing off on me in my face while I pleaded for her to stop gave me a lil black eye and bloodied my lip I took it tho because I do MMA and wasn't GNA do anything to her I just walked away afterward ???

  40. I mean, I want to break up with him. Badly, but when I see him at school I just can't help it and act like a sick lovebird. So he and my friend are friends long before we started dating. They were talking and then suddenly she mentioned about her ex friend who she said was a slut. My bf thought it was me and started ignoring me..its been a month

  41. 5 years now…the biggest issue is our changing needs over time. We both aren't the same people we were 5 years ago. Just cant seem to find the person I fell in love with

  42. Yeah I've had one of these, I was hella close to suicide, then my current boyfriend talked me out of it when we were friends

  43. I’m late, lol. But I need reassurance or advice or whatever.
    Ok so I’m in a relationship and it’s stressing me out. A lot. My girlfriend is telling me lots of things like she needs me, I help her through everything, she’s attached to me, she has nobody else etc. She also self diagnoses herself with many mental health issues like anxiety, depression and also eating disorders (she definitely doesn’t have EDs) and she opens up about literally everything. It’s good to open up but she turns everything to her, like if I’m trying to open up about my feelings she’ll suddenly go and start talking about hers instead. Like the video said her depression is catching onto me and also how sign 7 explained I feel like I can’t leave since she tells me she needs me. I’m not mentally strong enough to turn to her or text her and end the relationship because I know she’ll be really sad and I sympathise too much. I don’t know what to do about it, if anyone could help it’d be great but if not that’s fine too

  44. Funny how she only talks about abuse stats against women.

    I told my ex if it ever got physical, I would call it off. My ex started hitting me saying I deserved it. Dumped her ass

  45. Failure are challenges. Move on. Find anotherpartner but watch these videos first. https://m.youtube.com/results?search_query=levabuhay

  46. Crazy channel. Of course every one has experience some of tbese issues in different forms or intensity. Basically, just tell people straight up. If you are in the least uncomfortable in a relationship split. These videos are so vague a general that if you watch then for sure you will thing you are depressed of abused.

  47. There is nothing beautiful about this world… you try and try to make others happy but your happiness means less to nothing.

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