7 Ways To Destroy Belly Fat Every Woman Should Know

7 Ways To Destroy Belly Fat Every Woman Should Know

The belly is one of the worst locations for
a woman to keep her excess body fat. For some reason, it’s easier for dudes to
get away with a beer belly… “Woohoo! look at that blubber fly!” …but bonus weight around a woman’s gut is
the quickest way to get asked when the baby is due. To avoid that kind of awkward situation, here
are some surefire ways to destroy belly fat all women should know. Early To Bed Diet and exercise are great and all, but they’re
hard. That’s why it’s amazing that one of the best
ways to trim your tummy is simply by getting the proper amount of sleep. Women’s Health Magazine reports that when
you don’t get enough sleep, your body releases cortisol. Cortisol is the stress hormone, and what do
we do when we’re stressed? We eat. You can’t sleep and eat at the same time….usually. Coconut Oil There are a bunch of fancy, science-y words
to explain exactly how, but in layman’s terms, coconut oil kickstarts your metabolism, according
to Doctor John Dempster, writing for The Huffington Post. The boost in energy helps you break down more
fats, especially the ones in your belly region. Yogurt For The Win Researchers have demonstrated that increasing
your calcium intake can help you burn more fat. Also, replacing high-sugar foods in your diet
with more protein can help you feel fuller longer, curbing your appetite. The secret here is that yogurt is a delicious
source of both protein and calcium. Drink Tequila According to a report from the American Chemical
Society, research has shown that drinking tequila can help you lose weight. Wait, what? The short version is that the agave plant
contains a natural form of sugar that your body can’t absorb and lowers glucose levels. We’ll drink to that! “Tequila!” Drink More Water If only this list was made up entirely of
booze. Alas, good old H2O will have to do. There are about eight million reasons why
water can help you shore up your core, according to Time Magazine, but the main benefit is
that it just fills you up. Researchers found that the more water their
study groups drank, the more weight they lost compared to other groups. Try subbing out water for sugary drinks, and
save the soda for something else. Peanut Butter Bliss The monounsaturated fats found in peanut butter
can help you lose weight and they’re super good for your heart, according to Prevention
Magazine. Let’s also not forget that, peanut butter
tastes great and leaves you feeling satisfied for an extended period of time. 9 out of 10 E.T.s agree. “Good.” Dark Chocolate Diet Now, before you immediately start your tequila
and dark chocolate diet, remember that moderation is crucial. Researchers aren’t recommending a plate full
of candy bars, but rather a small amount of dark chocolate before and after meals that
can help curb insulin spikes that turn off your body’s fat-burning process. “There’s a new study, where doctors prove
that when you’re kind to yourself by eating chocolate, you’re more likely to be kind to
others. And yes I made that up.” Thanks for watching! Subscribe to our YouTube channel to watch
more videos like the one you just saw. And leave us a comment to let us know how
you fight the fat…


  1. Ellen: There's a new research that proved that being kind to your body makes you kind to others. and yes I made that up 😂

  2. Just stop eating fast food, that's not complicated. Cause you can be sure none of these will makes you loose your belly fat

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