81 Year Old Man Attacked Over MAGA Hat and Trump Derangement Syndrome

81 Year Old Man Attacked Over MAGA Hat and Trump Derangement Syndrome

hey what’s going on guys this is kite
cutter TV with another presentation we got to talk about this 81 year old man
wearing a mega hat attacked in a New Jersey supermarket what type of country
do we live in when a person thinks it’s okay to assault an 81 year old man just
because he is wearing a make America great again hat and has a different
political ideology than you this Trump derangement syndrome is a
real thing did it Bill Maher say and I paraphrase he was hoping for the US
economy to crash so he could blame Trump bring on the recession he said this is
crazy check this out prosecutors say an 81
year old man was assaulted inside a New Jersey supermarket over his make America
great again hat somerset county prosecutor michael robertson says the
man was at the shop right on Elizabeth Avenue he says the man suffered minor
injuries but declined medical attention at the scene no arrests have been made
officials are asking anyone with information to contact the Somerset
County Prosecutor’s Office or Franklin Township police gilma Avalos for CBS new
york.com while police say an 81 year-old man wearing a make America great again
hat was jumped in a grocery store and beaten News fours Michael George’s in
Franklin Township New Jersey with what we know about the attacker police say an 81 year old man was beaten
in the aisles of this Somerset grocery store he claims because he’s a trump
supporter I think that’s very disgusting the person that attacked him is a coward
it’s definitely taking it too far it’s just getting you know pretty tense all
over but the incident happened Monday afternoon investigators say the 81 year
old was just shopping when someone confronted him over what he was wearing
a make America great again hat then they say the suspect assaulted the elderly
victim kind of speechless I’m really a it’s upsetting that things are happening
like this that innocent people who are just out minding their business whatever
you’re wearing it’s your decisions the 81
injuries were minor he declined medical treatment but police are now trying to
identify the attacker and checking to see if the alleged assault was caught on
surveillance cameras with political division high across the country one
thing people on all sides of the political spectrum can agree on violence
is never okay I think it’s just a terrible thing everybody has equal
opportunity people have the right to believe in what they want to believe is
that simple it could be anybody you know so yeah I hope they catch them the
person so far authorities haven’t released any description of the suspect
they’re asking anyone with information to contact the Somerset County
Prosecutor’s Office or Franklin Township police in Somerset Michael George News 4
New York if anybody knows who this person is that
did this don’t feel bad for snitching on him people like this need to spend a
long time in jail next up we got this guy who was in a Mexican restaurant
wearing a make America great again hat when this lady who ended up being an
illegal immigrant assaults the man were in the mega Hat this incident happened
in foul-mouth Massachusetts just outside of Boston unfortunately for this illegal
alien ice paid her a visit shortly after her arrest and served her with a
deportation order on camera ripping make America great
again hat off a man’s head is it’s more serious legal trouble tonight ice agents
who took her into custody say she’s living in the country
illegally wbz’s bill Shields has the latest this is the well-kept home and
found book where Rosie Santos has been living a quiet life but police say about
ten days ago Santos was anything but quiet at this
Mexican restaurant apparently she didn’t like the make America great again hat
right and Turner was wearing her loose ends before then Santos tried to shove
his face in his food Falmouth police arrived and arrested Santos
and early this morning ice agents showed up at her home and arrested her there
ice issued a statement today saying she has since been released from ice custody
after being entered into removal proceedings in the federal immigration
courts I don’t ever want to assume before illegal a lot of good citizens
but you know these people still do the cracks all the time what happened in
this restaurant ten days ago led to Rosie Santos being
charged with simple assault and disorderly conduct she’s got much bigger
problems now and Falmouth I’m bill shields WBZ must be so embarrassed try
to grab my hand I guess sometimes it’s just best if you
mind your business moving on to the next story we have a female team that attends
Clovis North High School which is located in Fresno California her high
school has banned her from wearing her mega hat or any other Trump
paraphernalia California claims to be diverse intolerant but I guess not if
you’re conservative roll the tape how does being a patriot and trying to show
pride in your country how is that inappropriate Clovis North senior Maddie
Bueller doesn’t shy away from sharing her political views or board roar she’s
a member of the valley Patriots a parent caster
where they’re bagging campus so she asked if she could wear any Trump hat
with school colors on it and she was told though deciding the dress code to
my knowledge Trump is not a logo it’s a last name
it’s just our president you can’t really claim that our president is a logo a
sports team it’s not affiliating with any gang the Clovis Unified School
District dress code does not specify we’re shirts or about bottom line for us
our dress code is really about allowing our kids to come to school to feel safe
at school to feel supported at school and to be free of distractions so they
can focus on learning here we are closer to the shouting fire in a crowded yet
former federal district judge Oliver Ranger says the students First Amendment
right is being stripped but the district may have the right to do so but hat is
something that could invoke violence or in controversy then for the safety of
the students the school is within its legal right Maddie said she’s been dress
code is repeatedly wearing t-shirts I’m not really caring if I’m offending
anybody I’m just showing support for the president and what I believe that is
very supportive nation but severe now on to a high school student in California
who’s taking on her school after being told she can’t wear a maggot at to class
Maddie Muller says she was just trying to show her pride in her country when
the school claims she had violated the dress code the Clovis Unified School
District is telling the Ingram angle that Muller could not wear the hat
though because it wasn’t a school hat or a hat from a school club or activity our
dress code is actually silent on political attire because we don’t intend
to position ourselves to be making subjective judgments about what is and
isn’t political well now with me as madam our high school says their rules
about have to clear I’m not a I’m not a big one and for hats indoors period I’m
not like I don’t like hats indoors I think if you’re at a baseball game or
you’re in the Sun Hat some doors I don’t I’m
I don’t care what had it is I’m not really a big fan of it but they say this
has nothing to do with stifling your political beliefs do you believe that
I would have to say that I wholeheartedly disagree okay so what
what evidence do you have that the school is actually discriminating
against your political beliefs um currently on campus as of today I
checked today I saw for Hillary Clinton t-shirts one Obama shirt a Bernie
Sanders hat and about seven LGBTQ rainbow flag hats on campus today
were they in classrooms yes okay that’s pretty good evidence okay so it looks
like if that’s accurate I don’t have any reason not to believe you if that’s
accurate then people can just kind of wear what they want to wear it’s go I
mean I see kids coming out of school there weren’t shorts shorts and some
like whoa my mother would yeah but they weren’t lots of stuff including hats and
I see a lot of political symbols on shirts it seems like kids are encouraged
to be kind of mini activists which is it’s not how I grew up but that’s how
kids are but if you’re a conservative activist then you’re kind of a hater
that’s how the dominant culture sees you why did you want to kind of pick this
fight which is pretty brave to do at most probably public schools in the
country thank you I chose to pick this particular battle
because I ended up at the beginning of the first semester getting an internship
with Devin Nunez and David valide Oh during their midterms and that’s when I
really discovered my true passion for politics and I realized that the school
systems seem to be trapped under the government’s thumb about what they’re
supposed to you know teach what’s acceptable what’s acceptable to force
down our throats in a sense and I realized that it’s not always the truth
so I chose that as a conservative raised in a family that my family was made
through adoption so I was born into the pro-life army and I just decided that I
felt like someone needed to take a stand someone needed to stand up not just for
Clovis north not just for Clovis Unified but and wide
for the conservative and Christianity monitoring that’s going on on campuses
okay so there’s a federal judge actually said or a judge mr. federal judge said
the following we’ll put it up on screen about Magga hats
well the Hat is something that could invoke violence or invoke controversy
then for the safety of the students the school is within its legal rights a
former federal district court judge Oliver Wagner said that so your your hat
could provoke people to violence so I imagine that gets thrown on the list of
reasons why this hat and they claim it’s not palatable that is a problem
yeah actually that until the judge said it had never been brought to my
attention Wow are you gonna keep wearing the Hat yeah I haven’t been just because
I know that it’s a big issue right now but I did order a black one and I intend
to try and wear it on campus because black is one of our school colors I’m
gonna try it maybe today yeah maybe just it oh the mango you can’t say Maggie
either I don’t know maybe have a silhouette of truth I don’t know what
today I went to see I’m sorry today I went in to school and I had I guarantee
I’m the only student but I had to get my support the blue sweatshirt approved I
have to get all of my sweatshirts and shirts approved through your office
whatever office before I could actually what you look pretty you look pretty
edgy you look like get a real trouble at school so all right well it’s very
interesting well before we’ll be following that’s a non conformist here
on the Ingraham angle we really appreciate it there you have it mega
hats have been engineered by the left-wing liberal media as a symbol of
racism hate bigotry and division and if you dare wear this hat be prepared to be
branded as such are they trying to take away our freedom of conscience forcing
us to accept their narrative and worldview or biast
sized Trump derangement syndrome is real thanks for watching guys don’t forget to
comment down low like share and subscribe until next time please


  1. I don’t agree violence is NEVER ok but in these cases violence is dumb. So happy people are being held accountable for their actions. Makes me wanna get some trump gear

  2. We who support Donald Trump need to get as violent as they are.
    Tear off democratic party logos ,all we're doing is supporting the President of the United States, and he's been the best of the best.

  3. Did you know Bill Clinton said let's make America great again and Ronald Reagan said that nobody got offended over that

  4. Leave that guy alone. It's his right. First amendment and all. Plus, it helps to pick out the Trumptards in the crowd.😂

  5. Why don't you go to the Middle East and fight those people for killing others and beating women and gays instead of attacking someone who doesn't do anything

  6. Shame on those schools. They should encourage children to be proud of this nation. They teach civics and teach how the government works. The schools reaction is ludicrous! We are moving into a crazy dangerous situation in this world.

  7. Domislivenews should slap this dude . I support Trump but stop copying other people, specially if it don't fit you..

  8. Where does it stop. Can I be offended by anything someone wears and have them remove it so I can feel safe. That argument doesn't hold water. Support for the president whether for or against him is free speech. Only the left feels they have a right to deny and suppress what is wore at school.

  9. I actually live close to the area where the elderly man was attacked in NJ and I am a delivery driver for Shoprite too
    I will wear my MAGA hat now and hope cowards to come at me and attack


  11. I wear my Trump hat everywhere I go. I get a lot of dirty looks and a few "Love the hat". I live in a democrat run city, so I'm not surprised.

  12. The left demonstrates their hypocrisy by letting their hats and shirts slide and only focusing on the right’s apparel. Perhaps if the right became violent at the sight of a Che Guevara shirt (a socialist mass murderer) or a communist hammer and sickle hat (+20million murdered under Stalin alone) then the left would allow those shirts and hats to be banned as well.

    The left is a hypocritical, violent, brainwashed group of people that are very dangerous.

  13. President Trump is working hard to restore the country’s rule of law. Trying hard to clean the swamp when he is surrounded by swamp members. But, these ppl getting attacked for wearing MAGA hats seem to be wonton for attention. Why wear the hat around in the general public unless you can defend yourself? Just sayin!

  14. What no video? These cowards only pick on the weak. I wear my gear everywhere n had no problems cuz im young, tall n fit well kinda n I'd fight back

  15. I usually don't hit ladies but this says that this was a girl a woman who attacked us 81 year-old man in this case I wish I would have been with that guy there helping him shop, even if it was a woman tried to attack him I would have first of all confronted her hopefully when it got to that point I would have confronted her and stopped her first of all, but if she would have insisted or try to hit me and try to attack him I would have grabbed her by the hair and held her down I would have held her and make sure the cops were called so this b** got arrested she would have been put face full face on the on the ground first nobody does that to an elderly that's a federal crime you don't do that just because of a different boat a belief or different view that's never okay even if it's against my view,? I would never do that it's not okay to assault somebody because you have a different view or belief


  17. Damn cowards. They almost EXCLUSIVELY attack young kids or older people, but they don't do that shit to people who can defend themselves. Pathetic

  18. This just proves that neanderthals are still around and are still scared of thunder, lightning, and MAGA hats.

  19. When these assholes do this to a CCW person and get shot doing this shit I hope they start changing their ways. Let them try that shit in a gun loving state and see what happens. Three sounds..bang bang thud.

  20. Here in America I can’t wear my Maga hat or I will be attacked daily. Chicago is not so free if you are conservative and don’t support the ‘ruin our country’ democrats. If we are free to choose, then I choose Trump! Maga!! Build the wall!! Trump 2020!!


  22. Women can wear hats / caps any where. Men can't wear a hat / caps inside. (By the way these are caps not hats).

  23. So this wasn’t on main stream media because the left had Too much heat after Jussie and his “MAGA hat thugs” that jumped him? 🤔 poor 80 year old man.

  24. So if I hadn't votes violence then punish or suspend the children that are engaging in the violence and show them that free speech is protected just as somebody is wearing something that you don't agree with is not give you the right to engage in violent acts of Retribution to them

  25. Coward vermin, assaulting an elder person! Don't forget what you did because you are going to pay, karma is waiting!

  26. A hat that says make a great America great again. Well I think America has always been great. But I don't get triggered about the Hat. People, I don't understand what the big deal is. There truly must be Trump derangement syndrome, because I don't see the Hat as being racist. Just like I don't see the president as being a racist. I've never heard him say anything racist and I never seen him do anything racist. So this is Trump derangement syndrome. If you have Trump derangement syndrome. God help you, because your head is messed up. God bless President Trump and God bless America.

  27. Wish I would have been there! There would have been a different outcome 🤬🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸#TRUMP 2020

  28. I wear my make America great hat all the time hoping some ass hole would trying some shit with me I'm going on being 63 and I have a big old timer that's razor and don't think I want slice and dice a ass hole who try to start any shit with me my motto is don't fuck with me and I want have to lay your guts in your hands cause I don't give a fuck !!!

  29. I guarantee you if someone did that here where I live there was gets shot on the spot either by the elderly man or by a stand binder attacking the elderly here has little Torrance and will be dealt with immediately.💥💥

  30. Keep it up. Keep it up. They gonna knock off the wrong Hat sooner or later. And its going to be a grave mistake.

  31. I wish they would try something like this on my 81 year old grandpa he would blast him with a 44 magnum in a heart beat, then finishes shopping with a smile

  32. Don't they have cameras in that store and if so why don't they look at the film and find out who the guy is and I'm sure he paid for something and if you pay with a credit card they got his ass. I'm 64 years old fixing to be 65 and if some son-of-a-b** comes up to me and slap me or does anything to me because I wear a Maga hat. They got life all f*** up because I'm that son of a b** that a fool you. I'll hand your ass to you.

  33. What is up with these assholes that keep attaching people over a Damn cap. Now that is pretty low when you go after an 81 year old man. Low life. Bastards. 👿💥🔫

  34. Wow tough soy boy beating up an old man f**** liberal Democrats are full of hate how sad they should direct their energy to something positive

  35. THANKS for your VIDEO, intelligent observation and process of the MAGA caps wearing issue. I am definitely getting a MAGA cap b/c I believe in the message. Trump got the message out I have always advocated regardless who said it. I think devilrats are angry
    b/c they did not get the message out/it's not what they see for America,USA.

  36. don't you think what that judge said should apply to the people ware the local sport team hat. just report it and claim that it might trigger you and start a fight .

  37. My 3 brothers and I are all going to buy MAGA hats this week and go to the most liberal areas in town. We'll see who fucks who up.

  38. SCOTUS wasn't silent on political attire. They ruled about the same time the ACLU n Abbie Hoffman (a paid USSR asset … vernona files) that wearing a peace sign in any form is allowed political speech and under the 1st amendment. This debate is settled LAW!! STUDY, STUDY, STUDY!! What a dumbass judge … now ya know why the 9th appeals court is constantly overturned. Laura … you should already know this, fire your research crew. Of course knowledge and experience is wisdom.

  39. I am sorry for an 81years old, and I hope the Police will found him. And I would like to say thanks you, to the young lady who is standing up for the President Trump, and you are standing up with Americans people who loves this country. God bless you my young lady, one day you'll be working on keeping our country safe and protect our nation, thank you.

  40. These cowards don't even know why they're attacking these hats. They don't have a clue about President Trump except what the fake media tells them. And they bought it.

  41. If Maddie has to get everything approved by the coward liberals, then so should everybody else in that school. I'm pretty sure that's discrimination.

  42. I wear my Trump hats and shirts everywhere…do this to me and I will defend myself!
    God bless this man and God bless America!

  43. These schools are out of line. They think they can indoctrinate all the youth of America into their socialist views and there will be no push back. There is a great awakening coming.

  44. It's a hat! What is wrong with people these days? America needs to wake up and stop the violence. Democraps need to stop this because they are to blame for encouraging it.

  45. Old man couldnt defend himself because jerk ass jersy wouldnt allow him to. Charge the dim dems for taking his God given right to defend himself and underminding the constitution witch constitutes treason.
    Big bad ass piss ignorant dim dem woild have thought twice, if phycialy possible , if there were a person in jurrrsey thats word much less osth was worth a hoot , to defend and uphold the constitition , this might have turned out different or not happened at all. Remove the treasonist enimies domestic.

  46. This fat coward! He wouldn't have done that to my 6ft 4 brother at 320 lbs. I bet you that! He is a loser like the rest of those Demonrats and leftists. They probably won't arrest him! And people still voting Demoncratic!! SMH!

  47. When they go low. They stay low. Democrats are a bunch of deplorables. This is what Clinton and Maxine stood on their soap boxes time and time again telling everyone to resist and yell and scream and kick them slap them so whatever you have to do to them. And yet. She is still doing it and because she is a democrat nothing has ever been done. To any of those deplorables. But if a trump supporter and or any ANY REPUBLICAN DID JUST ONE OF THE MANY THINGS THEY HAVE SAID AND DONE IT WOULD BE FRONT PAGE NEWS FOR YEARS AND THEY WOULD LOSE THEIR JOBS AND HOMES AND BE FINED. YET. THIS IS WHAT THE DEMOCRATS ARE. THEY ARE VIOLENT HYPOCRITES. AND SO EVIL AND HATE FILLED THAT AS EVIDENCED WE CAN CLEARLY SEE NOTHING IS BEYOND THEM. THEY LOVE VIOLENCE AND HATE THEY LIVE ON IT. THEY DEPEND ON IT. THEY NEED IT. SAYS IT ALL DOESNT IT???
    TRUMP 2020

  48. The liberals preach tolerance, but yet they are the biggest LUNATICS and Hypocrites!!! I’m wearing my hat, with patriotic 🇺🇸 pride, come at me bitches I have the right to self defense!!

  49. Disgusting. That could had been anybody's grandpa. What is wrong with people smh. My grandparents raised me and if that was my grandpa I'd be sitting in prison after that incident.

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