A Conversation With Native Americans on Race | Op-Docs

A Conversation With Native Americans on Race | Op-Docs

I’m Apache, but really
that’s the government’s name, because they can’t say “Dził Łigai N’dee.” They will tell me
how awesome they think it is that I’ve decided
to be a part of my culture. And it’s funny to me. It hits me really weird,
and I don’t like it. And I didn’t know why
at first, but it’s because I haven’t decided
to be a part of my culture. I live it every day. I’m more comfortable with
the term “native,” divorced from “Native American.” I know there are people
who use “indigenous.” If there is one term I
do not like to be called, it is “American Indian.” And for me, to be
indigenous is to have an intimate and interconnected
relationship to a homeland. And so that’s really important,
because land is, you know, tied to every aspect
of who we are. Being native in a city is
almost a daily reminder of your people’s
erasure. Of the fact that people don’t even
remember that you’re here and that you exist. But what I did encounter was
just this preconceived notion that all Native
Americans are dead. I’ve had older white
men come up to me and say, “Oh, man, if
this was 40 years ago, I could just do whatever
I wanted to you.” You know, the
cattle outside doing the work and the dog inside
the house, those are property. Those are the black
folks in America. They are property to white men. Then the exotic antelope
on the wall or the exotic — that’s how natives are
perceived in America. We’re treated like animals. They monitor our blood quantum. I mean, besides
dogs and horses, I don’t know of any other animal that they monitor
the blood quantum. The way I explain
it to people is, imagine a pizza with
different slices, and let’s say 32 slices. Of the 32 slices, I’m 28 Apache. That’s my particular
blood quantum. And Native Americans in the
U.S. are the only minority group who have to prove their
nativeness on an Indian card. It’s used to divide native
people against each other, because it can be
used as a way to say, I am more native than you. And I was a part of that, too. I used my 4 fourths to kind of
make myself feel better against other people. The one drop rule, meaning
that one drop of black blood makes you black, that was to
keep as many people oppressed or legitimize their
oppression as possible. But on the other side,
one drop of anything else completely dilutes you
as a native person. So if you’re a
native person, you have the one drop
of something else, then suddenly
you’re less native. So it’s the opposite. Traditionally, within the Apache
society, you go by the mother. And if the mother is recognized
as Apache, she has her clan, the children are
unquestionably Apache. Not in the American
context, not when patriarchy trumps matriarchy. So what does that mean? My sisters are short
1/16 of a degree. What does that mean? Does it mean their
pinkies aren’t Apache? What does that mean? You know, being a
mixed race person is a whole other side
of it, but that’s a very common
experience in our tribe. So it’s not as if we’re
unusual in that way. What is unusual is the
admixture of black. My grandfather actually
doesn’t want people — if he hears that somebody
from the tribe is coming over, he won’t come out of his room. Because he doesn’t want them to
know that he’s that complexion, that he doesn’t — I guess he doesn’t want me
to be affiliated with having African-American blood. But I mean, I say it. It’s not going to
change anything. If it were up to the
American government, natives wouldn’t be around. Because after a certain
time, that blood will dilute. It will go out. And so if there’s no native
peoples to provide benefits, then we’re not obligated to
meet these treaty rights. And if we’re not obligated to
meet these treaty contracts, then the land is available,
the resources are available. And I think that
that essential point about our claim to
sovereignty, our claim to land, our claim to a culture,
our claim to resources is one that gets lost if we
don’t insist upon the fact that we are nations. And we have taken huge
steps to decolonizing, and that proof comes
from people being able to have the opportunities
to speak their language, to be on their ancestral land. But the thing with
decolonization is that it’s an ongoing process,
just like grieving, just like any loss. As much as possible now,
I try to tell people that I have a Native
American name, and maybe it doesn’t
mean anything to you, but it means everything to me. My name, maybe, doesn’t have a
romanticized, Hollywood Indian name, but my name has
more meaning than that. My name means that
my family survived. My family survived disease. My family survived Catholicism. My family survived settler
colonialism, and my family, they survived. I survived. My existence is resistance. Me saying my name
is Skiumtalx, that is resistance in and of itself.


  1. Greetings to the native americans❤ from a native north african (berber) .
    Keep your language and culture from extinction, We in North Africa are fighting for our language and culture

  2. you are the only people in the world that, after conquering, lost the complete identity an dignity. SHAME

  3. Seeing what they did to your people and the Africans not to mention everybody else makes me not trust the American government.

  4. One drop of another race should not make less cause a lot of countries are mixed and nobody says nothing so why only native american people should be less native

  5. My thing is why are they called "NATIVE" American? If you're a native of a America aren't you just AMERICAN?

  6. gods may bless u and all natives human beeings on our single earth same like they may bless all of us dumb white ashholes who r destroying everything on it

  7. Been while seeing this . Asking why New York Times .
    Doing Blood . Bring
    out land issue.
    Or More on a people
    with no rights.
    Would be wrong to say just white christian thing to do.

  8. Well They got to be the stupidest half breeds of ever seen in my life you’re not native Americans are straight up half breeds

  9. These are got to be the stupidest half breeds white people black woman over cinema life making a big deal about nothing needing someone to pity them OK we all pity you let’s MoveOn Well stupidest people I’ve ever seen


  11. You cannot own the mind of some people. The goverment wants people of a free mind gone . You aren't alone but you must be seen as a real threat or your heritage would not be at risk.

  12. True indigenous people look like todays black Americans, the Europeans called them copper colored when they made first contact, these are Asiatic and white mixed people on this video

  13. its time to come together my ppl..my first nation brothers and sisters. we are one ppl.rather than occupy our minds with what the government sees us as.native Americans.

  14. The principles of having a homeland and preserving your people and their customs and their race is morally right. No one would disagree with that… Except of course when whites want to do it! Wake up white people, before its too late. Europe is ours and we must fight to preserve it or else it will be lost. We too have a right to our native homeland.

  15. There is no such thing as black American we're mixed were Hebrew native mixed. Think how I feel I'm Hebrew Cherokee native Blackfoot native in English

  16. Very smart group of young Americans fighting to preserve who they are as members of a nation within a nation. Keep fighting for your rights and always be proud of your heritage, never give up who you are!!!

  17. I wouldnt know from anyone else unless you told me.I didnt know the Sioux was white man hater.I didnt know he was an Indian.

  18. I feel for these people and they deserve everything great this country has to offer. We, us, you, owe them! <3

  19. Excuse me…..The Cherokee had slaves….around 4 thousand…..some white people are stupid…and so are so tribal people…..

  20. New York Times is disrespectful.. they’re TELLING you they don’t want to be called Native AMERICAN.. yet the title says “conversation with native Americans about racism” and no one has caught that low key disrespect?

  21. Is this fraud? Only first lady and one guy looks like native americans, and they are still mixed. 2 of them look more white, then my hometown scandinavian residents.

  22. I cringe every time I here white people use the word "Indian". I'm of indigenous decent, and i'm a male. I get so many uncomfortable statements/questions based on my looks. "You're so good looking…I love your high cheekbones"…."What are you"? "you look exotic". It's disgusting and dehumanizing to hear these remarks, and it makes me feel as if i'm some animal you want to put in a trophy case.

  23. Minute 1:46 when she refers to the dogs, cattle and the "black folks" as property… Make clear that this is mearely Zionist propaganda. May all of you experience hardship and suffering beyond belief for your participation in this false and misleading discussion on Race and indigenous Americans.

  24. When I think of America these are the true people that come to mind. Not Italians, Germans, Spanish or any other imported population.

  25. This is something MOST KNOW but do not UNDERSTAND the NATIVE AMERICAN INDIANS CONTRIBUTED MORE then others And same TIME LOST MIRE then others too. If not for them them there would know JAMESTOWN SETTLEMENT , if not for HER HELP there would no LOUISIANA PURCHASE SURVEY of it , in WORLD WAR 2 in the PACIFIC if not them there no CODE SENDERS . There are a GREAT MANY others CONTRIBUTION made so of NOTE , so NEVER even MENTION in this NATION and SOCIETY HISTORY. . The way they were PROTRAYED in though threw PRINT MEDIA , FILM and HISTORICAL DISTORTION it TOOK YEAR'S for the TRUTH about this NOBLE PEOPLE and there HERITAGE come out .EVEN to this DAY there are those WHOM CONTINUE to TELL The LIES and DISTORT the TRUTH at TIMES for it's a TRUTH that SERVES there PURPOSE and NEED . The SAD thing about LIKE ALL LIES told to things the WAY INDIVIDUALS want them to be , this WHOM not SIT AROUND then and LISTEN and LAUGH when they TELL them KNOWING they are LIES it's something WRONG with them for not doing it . Unfortunately THAT WORLD some want and NEED for them to LIVE in it.

  26. Man this is harsh. I never heard of "blood quantum" before. Just reading the comments and them talk about blood purity and the like, it sounds so cruel.

  27. I have this fantasy. Techno-man eventually destroys everything, dies out and only the indigenous peoples have the wherewithal to survive and live on in a green America.

  28. I think we're all mongrels of one ilk or another. Am I pure blood Irish? Don't think so. The native Irish were banished to the west of Ireland by Oliver Cromwell, then millions perished in the famine in the 19thC. Ironically, it may be the case that the indigenous tribes of America are purer in that sense since they were quarantined by the Europeans. Man's inhumanity to man. Will it never end?

  29. I can understand why a genetic test would be essential. When you have black ancestry, it's pretty obvious, whereas a native american, especially a diluted one, could pass as an Indian, arab, south American or Asian.

  30. Can somebody tell me how all the paintings are darkskin people with long or dreaded hair representing the natives.and now all them look mexican still claiming there natives.like whos who?.guess blacls and Chinese were here first and mixed and created these guys

  31. Hey idiots theres only one native race on the planet and thats the african.all other races are a genetic mutations like white people or they are a mixture of africans and mongoloid or african and carcazoid.

  32. Latino is a culture not a race.theres only three races on the planet folks.afrozoid carcazoid and mongazoid.all others are mix breeds

  33. I’m black and Native American it’s quite frustrating especially with the one drop rule I look native or “indigenous”

  34. "BREED THE OUT!"

    Funny how Natives are 1 drop ruled OUT of being Native, and black people are one drop ruled in (EXCEPT) when you start talking about reparations. Then… they want to highlight how "well this black person is light skin so clearly they have white blood in them and won't be entitled to reparations!"

  35. I have an idea: Comes the 12 of October, we all shall look up to the sky above,call on our fallen brothers ,and then look down to the ground and all shall spit coursing the name of the criminal known as Columbus .
    It can happen.

  36. Germany has the same problem now. Some other people claimed the land in 1945 for good. Its about Heritage.
    Thats why the Germans are so Pro-Indian.

  37. Shes right they would get rid of natives all together I am sorry to say I am white and I am ashamed of the way whites treat any people of any colour. And yes Indians live in India, and all because the first white people couldn't or wouldn't use the correct name for the natives of the American land. Who says they wanted it to be called America?

  38. What is bugging me is the way these people are speaking about how they are attacked even subtly and seeing how it damages their identities.

  39. The oldest state to obtain STATEHOOD…..DELAWARE, NEW JERSEY AND PENNSYLVANIA -1786


    Fifty States in North America possesses names that defines the identity, culture and religion of its migrants settlers. Sure the tribal Indians must have a well deleniated territorial domain inside these States. The State of GEORGIA has the Georgians from GEORGIA, a former union of the old USSR. INDIANA has the INDIANS, BANGLADESHIS and INDONESIANS its legitimate migrants while the MEXICANS has NEW MEXICO as their future ressetlement. All other States has the Tribal Indians, the authority to decode and decipher the secret meaning of its Titles and to whom, occupation of these domain can be granted.

  40. My grandma dad was a true blood native then her blood passed down to me from him does that make me part native??

  41. You ladies are so very beautiful my mother was half Irish and Cherokee my father full-blooded Irish but I have so much respect for you very beautiful women will you marry me someday LOL

  42. Native Americans are the only true Americans love you all this coming from a white guy from Tennessee my mother half-breed Cherokee and Irish my father full-blooded Irish respect and love to all of you

  43. I am half breed Chippewa . My mother celluloid from Afghanistan canada. My dad from texas. I have never felt like I belong to any group of people not even in texas. I feel that way because I have been betrayed by everybody. I joined the army i 74 came out in78. Came out got married, now 2 beautiful daughters 4 grondkids. And this what I belong to-my family-my future is here with me. I do have feelings towards the bad things that happened to my ancestors. But I am not a rasicts. I now understand it was the corporations andhovetnment. No the peopl rd themselves. I have many good black, white, and Hispanic friends. And have learned to res poo etc them. I guess we have no other choice except to grow up and mature. May God forgive us all.

  44. 0:51 I love this part with this girl well because of her skin tones white and she's native! My skin tones white, but I'm a good chunk native, I mean I can get registered. It's hard when you tell someone your race and because you don't fit what you "suppose to look like" you are completely denied your heritage by strangers. Anyways proud to be native!
    Edit: Also love this part 2:46
    Where not all a certain color

  45. Native people is the only minority the anglo saxon white elites truely fears. They can never put you on main stream like the African who got nothing left, because you still want to be who your people were. And you have balls, you can not be bought. You can not be threaten. You can not be fooled. You can not be brainwashed into entertainment.

    They fear you. Because you are the only who has the legit right. Thats why they will try whatever they can to give you any chance to threaten the status quo.

    But there you live standing. We salute you.

  46. The second one was a mix you can tell…claim both BLOODS not one because you are both with your pale skin…..claiming INDIGENOUS

  47. It's tough losing all hope and faith in my country because of the massive crimes committed against me and covered up by my government proving justice is non existent. Even for the biggest wealth producer in history their is no justice. Their is no laws to hold the news media accountable when they are proven to commit the single largest robbery in history with attempted manslaughter and terrorism and illegal torture for years. I'm the victim of the single largest crime ever committed against one man. A crime so large my life is ruined forever. And it hurts

  48. Natives will be here as long as human life exist. The blood doesn't go away or become less over time. Since America was taken from them they have been made to feel like they do not exist. Our prisons do not even assign them a TV set. Our prisons divide everyone by race, gang, group, State and religion and no one is allowed to be individual there and it is all designed to create hatreds. Our nation divides citizens into upper and poor classes and this goes to our system of money. At the beginning of television in the U.S. there was a want to end prejudices between Indians, blacks and whites and we had many publications and movies which did aid in the loves towards a better future. Over time our nation has made laws forbidding the upload of anything that speaks contrary to Hollywood movies and again we have more hatreds created. We should think of the native prophecy about this land becoming sick, of how it is destroying itself and will become Indian land again: we should want for that or this part of the earth will surely die. Indians are necessary to the health of all things and most probably are where we all come from. My grandmother on my mothers side was Indian, but in prison I had to be on the "Aryan" side to survive. I pray for the Indians to come back in strength.

  49. I look like a white boy but i am crow absolaga nation sorry i dont know how to spell it our rez is trash we shouldn’t have a Rez nobody should my mom was whit but my grandmother is tizdabondal so i think i take her clan but I’m not sure and i won’t ever get my native name i hope i do get my name my last name has been shortened its fallsdown but originally it should be “old buffalo falling down” and my grandpas land was leased or something like that im only 11 but its still terrible

  50. I think most natives were dark skinned before columbus… They also are victims of the self hating mentality that was created by white supremacy.

  51. Wow, I'm an American mutt I guess. The list of genetic markers in my DNA is like a true mixing pot. Growing up my family said my dark clear complexion was from the Indian blood in me, and I had affinity for native American culture. Since that test I've become aware it is Indian blood, not native American:( still India has some wonderful history as well. They were enslaved as well, but what happened in the US back then was more like an attempt at genocide. Stay strong first nation, there are some pale faces that still respect you.

  52. I’m so sorry every time when I reading history about what happens with all are beautiful native people break my heart I’m truly sorry I’m 29.9% DNA results native. is anything I can do I’m here I love you guys hold on in there Mother Earth love us. ❤️?

  53. If rather be full than just part native, but it's not like I can change it!
    I agree with this …LABELS that others give us are at the root of conflict, hatred, segregation.

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