A Pregnant Provider: Compassionate Planned Parenthood doctor

A Pregnant Provider: Compassionate Planned Parenthood doctor

Because we have 18 health centers — I rotate
between a lot of the different health centers. I go where I’m needed. Obviously, I’m pregnant. I actually feel like there’s a certain solidarity
amongst patients when they see that I’m pregnant. Often patients will congratulate me or ask
me if it’s a girl or a boy. It’s an acknowledgement that as women, we
have these complicated choices. When I was a third year medical student, I
was on birth control pills and I missed a pill – as so many women do and I had an unplanned
pregnancy. I remember feeling like a ton of bricks had
been dropped on my shoulders and wondering how am I going to get through this last year
of medical school — it’s one of the most challenging years — and then go on to be
a mother. How am I going to achieve my career goals…
and I went to Planned Parenthood to have my abortion. I do remember very vividly the doctor who
took care of me and she was great and very compassionate. Having experienced an abortion allows me to
be just a little bit more compassionate and a little bit more gentle. I can empathize with the patients a lot more
having been through it myself.


  1. The doctor who placed my Mirena (almost 2 year ago)was pregnant, went so smoothly almost painless! I remember thinking "I wonder if it's because she's pregnant" lmao

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