Abortion | Women | One Word | Cut

Abortion | Women | One Word | Cut

Abortion. Killing, ’cause um, they’re basically killing the baby, even though it’s still in the
mom. Horrible, if you’re given the gift of a baby,
then you should treasure that gift. A choice. Necessary. Wrong, I guess I’ve always just been pro-life.
I feel like when people think of pro-choice they just think of the mom, and the person.
People just don’t think about the life that’s inside of you, or the person that doesn’t
have a voice. Choice, and it’s a controversial choice, but
ultimately everybody has their own reasons. A right. Choice. Oh, scary. Choice. It’s a choice, but that needs to be handled
very carefully, and not lightly. Okay. I think everyone should have the right. Touchy topic, hurtful. It’s not hurtful if they know and accept the possibility of not
having a kid, but it’s definitely hurtful if they want it, and they can’t have it, or
there’s no way to support the baby. Um, controversial. To each it’s own. Pain. No matter what choice a woman makes, it’s a painful decision. Her choice, at one week or twenty weeks, it’s up to her. A hard decision, life changing. None of your business.
Against it. I was asked to have an abortion, and I didn’t, and I’m really happy about it.
She’s my motor and she’s, she’s the reason why I wake up everyday. Choice. Pro-choice. A woman’s right. Right. Necessary. Death. You’re killing a baby.
Choice. Uh, confusing ’cause I think if you need to
have one, you’re confused if you should have one, or if you shouldn’t have one, and people
are telling you, you shouldn’t have one … To each it’s own. Choice, originally I didn’t, I was against abortion, but as I grew older a woman has
a choice to choose. Killing, and depending on the situation, it could be okay. Very sad. Abortion is like murder, and so many lives
have been lost because of abortion. I would rather someone give birth, and give that child
for adoption. Right. Unfortunate, I think that if people weren’t so careless with their sexuality they wouldn’t
need so many of them, so …


  1. It's more than just a choice ,its alot of thought and tough life learning decision made in a small amount of time .its one of those you'll never understand what it feels like til it happens to you .Be safe be responsible take care of yourself

  2. I used to be like that at 15 saying it was killing until I found myself pregnant at 17 basically a child myself with no support, it’s not about killing it’s sometimes the less of two evils I would want to give a baby everything and I could give nothing at that stage of my life, no security, no money. If things were different then I would’ve kept my baby. It is now definitely to do with the situation about weather you should have an abortion or not.

  3. Not a choice. Denying human rights because of an inconvenience… . Necessary if the mothers life is at risk

  4. I don't know a woman that has had her baby/babies say that it was a painful decision .It's beautiful, babes are beautiful and do not deserve the death penalty for another persons irresponsibly. Choice should be made before conception not after. You make your own choice to have sex, to use contraceptives or not
    Killing someone should never be granted as a choice.

  5. “Mother”: Ugh, I’m pregnant again
    Feminist: just get an abortion, “It’s your body”
    Child: Wait, it’s my life should I get a say on i-

  6. The mother has a choice. She can choose to have protected sex. If she doesn't, she'll choose to be reckless, and then to be a murderer. Still, I think that abortion is a right, you all can deal with your conscience, not my business

  7. I would’ve said sad because whether you are pro choice or pro life abortion is still sad. It’s sad if you have to choose to have an abortion because of the circumstances you’re in and it’s sad that a baby’s life is taken away before it can even begin.

  8. To me… no sorry let me rephrase that. Ethically speaking your satanic arguement is always going to be wrong as you ignore that a "feoutus" is indeed a human being thus giving them the right to life. And as for all the points about rape/incest let me remind you though absolutely repulsive in every way it is not murder and only around 1.5% of all recorded abortions strive from that specifically.

  9. Everyone that’s reading this WAS A FETUS so tell me the fuck how a fetus isn’t a human you pathetic people

  10. I agree with the 18 year old. Everyone has the choice. But people who say it’s bad and horrible and are rude to people for getting an adoption are RIDICULOUS. I’m sorry but sometimes teens and people who are young could lose their life and the child’s during birth. Not to mention some people can’t take care of a baby. And I’m not here for likes nor a war. Please don’t comment back at me to attack me, this is my opinion and I don’t need yours to be honest.

  11. Abortion is a right, no matter the reason for getting one, rather that reason be plain stupidity with their body or the reason be they were raped. Abortion should be a right for all women

  12. Abortion is not murder. It is Baby Sacrifice to Moloch, the Biblical pagan god. 🐍👹🐀👺🦇🔪💉

  13. less than 1 percent of abortions are because of rape/incest, therefor 99 percent of abortions are cause by people being careless and not using protection. abortion is killing, be responsible.

  14. If getting raped and getting pregnant is a gift then I’m in for a treat. It’s not always a gift. 0:18

  15. I think abortion is completely horrible these people could just have put them up for adoption. Why did you have to murder them they did nothing wrong to you. God put them into this earth and now you are going to take them out that's really really sad. Also the first girl I agree

    *note sorry if I dont use good spelling or anything like that I'm lazy ok its summer.

  16. You really see maturity through age, the teens haven’t been exposed to much pregnancy, and are probably have abstinence shoved down they’re throat from parents or sex Ed teachers. So they believe sex, pregnancy and abortion are just “not good” as the older the women get they believe it’s a choice because they’ve experienced sex and seen loved ones have abortions as they might have had them themselves

  17. It's not a choice! You made a choice while having irresponsible sex and baby is a consequence! Your so called "choice" is same one as person with a gun stand eye to eye with you and he'll choose either you're alive or dead! Exceptions are while life in danger or rape cases! But abortion in most cases is MURDER!

  18. The only situation where a woman should be able to abort a innocent child is if giving birth actively puts the mother's life at risk

  19. I believe no matter how small when a baby developes it always has a soul and to take that soul that hasn’t even prospered yet and to kill it is just wrong and life is about letting fate happen as it happens, and when you mess with fate your life may even end up worse. You never know why god gave you that child, maybe that child is in your stomach for a reason. Maybe that child will help you grow as a person, maybe that child will help you gain maturity. Never question fate because what seems like a curse may be there to create a blessing.

  20. I just depends, say if a women is just sleeping around without using protection and just doesn’t give af then there’s a problem. But if a women is raped or something along those lines and isn’t financially stable for a child or simply isn’t ready then I THINK they should be able to have a abortion.

  21. Abortion is murder……
    You were given a beautiful gift from our wonderful father but you throw this gift away😔 How heartbreaking is it to kill your child that is looking for life, for love, for someone to care for it. If you can't handle a child in any way give it up for adoption instead to kill it. Just think about how they have no say in life. 🙏

  22. Not my business. When my mom was a kid her cousin got pregnant at 16 and they were close but when my grandma found out she kicked her out and so she got an abortion she was in a bad relationship at the time and couldnt support it at the time but she lived with guilt. Everyone has their reasons and its their decison and none of my business what they want to do, its their body and their choice

  23. My moms biological mom could have probably very well gotten an abortion

    She was 16 when she had my mom, if she had gotten an abortion I along with 3 others wouldnt exsist

    My mom
    My brother
    And my sister

    Also abortion is against my religion and beliefs

    I made a decision today and I have chosen to be fully pro life

    I was on the fence but then I did some searches on my denomination and it's against abortion then I looked into it a little further and I decided

  24. If the baby isn’t in a developed stage and it just a clump of cells it’s legal abortion ( I’m not a doctor but I have common sense)

  25. Excluding rape victims, whats the purpose of your genitalia? To get pregnant so you can give birth. If you choose to use it for pleasure and you get pregnant its on you. In this case I see abortion as murder, because the whole purpose of female and male genitalia is to perpetuate the specie so why define its core purpose by killing the baby because you used it other than that?

  26. Third world people are against it yet they’re the ones that need it the most. Poverty, diseases, overpopulation, pollution, famine

  27. Ok but can I just say one this I hate that pro choicers say. I hate when they say oh its just like any other medical surgery. or oh its just a clump of cells who cares if it dies.
    Its not just a clump of cells. Why do you think parents get so fucking sad when they get a miscarraige?? Because it's a fetus that will turn into an adorable baby and then an annoying kid lmao. You cant just say it doesnt matter
    when its literally a life. If a fetus isnt a life then what is it??? Where do we all come from?
    A fetus.

  28. Honestly, this topic breaks my heart. The fact that women are mindlessly murdering human beings just makes me so angry with the world. Millions, and millions of people have been murdered and all they say is “choice”. Right, it’s a choice that millions of lives were never lived. Children never cherished. Lives never changed because one woman decided to end a life because it was “insignificant” or “unwanted”. Think of our future… think of all the events that will never happen. A woman could be killing the president and think nothing of it. What if Abe Lincoln’s mom decided to kill him? Slavery would still be an issue and more pain would be caused. Abortion is murder, not to mention what the mother has to go through. Pain on pain on pain. Why is this still an issue? Pro-choice will bring out the rape card and the financial issues but in the end is murder the answer? No. Murder should not be the “fix”. I wish people could understand that it’s not just a “fetus”, it’s a human being. The baby is not a mistake. If people weren’t so stupid to be giving a piece of themselves to random people on one night stands and having sex out of a selfish, lustful mindset we wouldn’t be having this problem. All I’m saying is… before you go ahead and say you’re pro-choice, think… think about all the blood that’s been shed. If you think mass murders like the holocaust is bad then look at the world today. I’m sorry if this offends anyone but I am very passionate about this subject and I would like to get brains thinking.

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  30. If my wife ever got an abortion with me knowing it or without, I’d never forgive her. If an accident happened, that’s my child and I’m fully accepting of the consequences no matter my age. I know that many women end up depressed later in life post abortion because of the regret that haunts them and I wouldn’t wanna see my wife dealing with that. I’d much rather raise the child MYSELF than with her if she wanted nothing to do with it. And coming from an adopted child, I understand that not all children get adopted but why take away their chance of becoming a sports star, or a doctor? Many people think men have no opinion on the matter but I really think that men’s thoughts are valuable because it’s not just the women that get affected.

  31. It's not my intention to offend anyone. it's kinda sad though because so many women answer this question with the word "right" but what about the baby's right for life? Abortion is not the solution. There are so many women that have to face the pain of miscarriage. If you can't care for the baby you can give it for adoption. It's just 9 months of a woman's life that will grant a man the right to come into the world. I know that it's difficult but if we want to speak about rights we have to do it rightly so.

  32. Lord Jesus, our society has convinced women that it’s “necessary”, “right” and “a choice” to kill her baby in the womb because mistakes were made. Unbelievable.

  33. Let’s think about it this way- everyone you see on the streets was once a fetus, a fetus that continued to grow because it was allowed to. Now if you abort that fetus, it will never have another chance to grow into a baby, and will never have the chance to be held, to see the sun rise, to make friends and become parents themselves. Aborting a fetus is taking away that child’s right to live and learn.

  34. Pain because of the process and everything that comes with it not everyone agrees with it and women just have to care about who they tell because some people do not respect other people’s decisions and choice because it’s your body and your life and it’s your choice wether or not you think you are fit for a child.


    sometimes abortion is needed.. people who hear "abortion" instantly think of someone who didn't care while having sex and now they don't want to carry the afterleads of that. But that's not always the case. There are thousands of cases of girls getting raped and getting pregnant; imagine the life of that kid??? Being in the hands of someone who wouldn't even be able to be in a good state of mind, or wealth. Then the kid finding out it was a mistake from a rape, i could never live knowing i was the cause of rape. Also, what if the mom was raped being a teen??? Do you think the kid would be able to have all the needs (such as diapers, food, clothes, etc) that it needs??? The mom would need to go to school, work, be with the baby, take care of it… And what about the mom?.. Y'all always think about the baby, but imagine how much pain the mother will be in!!! Take a moment to be in someone else's shoes before thinking abortion is "murder". Thank you.

  36. The greatest scheme the conservatives ever pulled off was convincing you that a 5-week-old clump of cells was equivalent to a fully formed human that emerges 8 months later.

  37. "If people were not So careless about their sexuality. . there wouldn't be a need for so many ……makes you think a whole deeper meaning of " take responsibility" over your own bodies. Hurtful, offensive I agree but it's the truth🗣

  38. personally, I am pro-life because I think about how hard my mom tried to have a baby because she tried for 2 years with my father and I never want to have an abortion

  39. Fuc k you for saying choice okay so hitler is allowed to kill and burn news because they were supposedly terring down german

  40. If something goes wrong with the pregnancy that could put the mother at risk of death or something that could make her really ill then fine go on and have one but just to have one because your not ready is wrong…if you didn't want a kid you shouldn't have had unprotected sex.

  41. abortion is a women right. its ok to abort because that "baby" (more like a fetus) hasnt born yet. its not gonna be sad about being killed. its not gonna be sad about not being born. but the mother can ruin her whole life. maybe because she's poor. or because she's 15. or because she was raped. you can't call yourself "empathetic" when you abortion shouldn't be legal. because you are giving more right to something that hasn't have a life, a family, something that can't ruin its life because it doesnt has one yet, before someone that does. you are not empathetic or god’s friend. you are fucking selfish.

  42. 1:27 "pain"

    1:41 "hard"

    2:19 "confusing"

    Yes, I don't think anybody goes into an abortion like it's a fucking tooth that has to be pulled. If someone is actually doing that, you can be well assured that it wasn't easy!

    This person was also good – 2:43, but that's about it.

  43. You should ask these women, how they feel about abortion, if they were the babies. And if their mothers should have aborted them or not. Fetuses become babies, babies become adults. Only those who see fetuses as a different species can be okay with abortion

  44. 2:54 I sometimes agree with this lady but I do not agree with this. my reasons you must ask? well,
    1. there’s overpopulation so it’s really not a bad thing if we’re not having so many children
    2. if it’s before 3 weeks then it’s not technically murder because there’s no heartbeat (i think)
    3. it really just comes down to the situation, if it’s completely necessary to have an abortion then there’s nothing you can really do but if the woman doesn’t want to get an abortion then it’s a very hard thing because they don’t want an abortion but they know they have to get one for whatever reason.

    in conclusion, I believe that it is a choice, a choice that shouldn’t define a person.
    Thank you for coming to my TedTalk.

  45. I completely agree for women’s now I’m a male but they should not have the right for mureder it’s exactly not kinda exactly like a man murdering a baby abortion SHOULD BE ILLEGAL god made a baby to live not to die in the womb before it can see the world Pro life forever abortion makes me sad 😢😭

  46. You mean knowing your life is murder cuz you didn't know how to cross your legs are you sad texting all the feels

  47. If a woman/mother has the "right" to abort her baby ("my body", my choice") then a man/father has the right to ABANDON his baby, in other words: "MY MONEY,
    MY CHOICE!!!!!" (Dave Chappelle).

  48. abstinence or planned parenthood. i don't think its that hard. if you don't want to have a baby, then don't have sex.

  49. I think there needs to be a more open discussion as to what leads people to make certain impulsive/thoughtless actions (in regards to unsafe sex) and there needs to be more accessible support centers for mental health. Our decisions are never the root of the problem, it is the choices behind them

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