Abs Workout 🔥Get that 11 Line Abs in 35 days

Abs Workout 🔥Get that 11 Line Abs in 35 days

Hey everyone, welcome to the 2019 summer shred challenge So if you’re looking for that 11 AB definition look, this 10 minutes ab workout is the perfect workout for you ! So you can do this video on its own or you can join the rest of us with this 35 day free program by following the calendar schedule. I’m also giving away 3 Apple watches So check out the comments below to find out more. So you got everything you need All here, all free, so I’d really appreciate it if you smash that like button !! Subscribe and also turn on notifications Also there’s heaps of other people out there who needs a buddy, needs motivation So do share your progress in the comments and use my hashtag This workout has 12 exercises, 40 seconds on and 10 seconds off All these exercises combined will help you to achieve that 11 line ab definition Lie flat on your fitness mat and we’re going to start with scissor drop You’re basically crossing your legs like a scissors as you lower your legs down Have your palms rest on your side Or you can rest them right below your butt for some back support if you are still feeling a lot of strain on your lower back then you can crunch up a little and that works your abs even more or you can choose to not lower your legs down as much Now stay put and we’ve got bicycle crunch next Remember if you want to get those flat defined abs you need to engage your core and the best way to do is to focus on your breathing. Squeeze your abs each time you breathe out Now flip around and we’re going to do groiners next, this is an advanced mountain climbers Make sure your core is engaged as you bring your legs out to the side and this Really works your whole core and your lower abs Next get back on the mat again and we have corkscrew This is similar to a reverse crunch But you’re doing a twist to the left or right this helps you to work your whole core, especially on those obliques and lower abs Get back up again and we’ve got crossbody mountain climber Push your knees toward the opposite elbows and again engage that core. You have to work it for those abs Now get on your back again and we’ve got three way V-up , you’re basically rotating between a V-up with both legs up then your left leg and Then your right leg and repeat, your abs should be burning right now! Mine was burning but keep pushing guys Now flip around and we’ve got twisting pistons next jump off it to one side while rotating your lower body This really works the external obliques and your abs which gives you that line definition We’re more than halfway through the workout guys. Just five more minutes to go not long at all. You can do this Great work guys now get on a side plank position with one arm bent like so and we’re going to twist and have your elbow touch the ground this will really work your obliques and your whole core. This is a difficult one so I’ve included a less intense version if it helps Now flip around and we’re going to do the other side and this exercise will definitely give you that ab definition Now lie on your back again and keep your legs as straight as possible And try to crunch up as high as you can that you’re trying to touch your toes Remember you’re using your core muscles to lift you, not your neck. Be safe guys. I know it’s tough, but we’re almost there keep pushing Now flip around again into a plank position on your elbows and we’re going to do some hip dips Make sure you go down low when you’re doing the dips, but make sure your form is still good Just one more exercise to go after this Flip around again guys for the last time and our last exercises in and out, focus on that breathing Inhale as you lean back and exhale and squeeze as you go back in And that’s the workout guys great work for getting through this one All you gotta do is to keep pushing and you’re gonna get results Please leave a comment down below on how you’re progressing as that really helps others, too And don’t forget to show me some love by smashing that like button and subscribe If you haven’t already and I’ll see you in the next workout Bye~! 🙂


  1. Ok im 5ft 1" and about 110 lbs…should i start this?will i lose too much weight??anyone please reply if you know 😭😭😭im scared to start this because my parents would kill me if they find out im working out and loosing weight.. Im already skinny

  2. I have got a question : Aren't planks with bunny hop and twisting pistons the same?(If they aren't the same can u please tell me the difference?) Thx

  3. For the guy watching in the shadows: my brother did this with me and got a 6 pack while doing no other exercices (he eats clean and its not the buffed kind of 6 pack, more like a dancer body kind of 6 pack, I mean i think because Im not too keen on looking at my brother's body that long lmao) but yeah it works for guys as well

  4. Just started the 2 weeks shred program and holy shit I needed to take like a 7 min break after I did the first video.. I was so winded. Im kinda disappointed in myself because a month ago I had just finished doing Shaun T's Insanity 2 months program and I saw a lot of fat loss by eating proportioned meals, working out and drinking a gallon of water a day, but then I self sabotaged by not doing anything for a straight month after finishing Insanity (which was torture btw) by not working out and giving into my cravings and so Im kinda angry at myself because I always do this thing where I start to see results and then I give up because I just want to lay in bed and eat junk food. Truthfully, the hardest part of any fitness journey is the diet and thats what I mostly have trouble with because not only do I get tired of eating the same food but also I really hate being in the kitchen cooking. Any tips on how to keep going and keeping myself motivated?
    DAY 2:
    Just finished day two of the program, I'm literally drenched in sweat right now. I was a little apprehensive of doing the workout today just cause I was feeling kinda sore everywhere but I decided to go through with it and I'm just glad I got it out of the way. 3 videos in one day was kinda intense and had to take little breaks here and there just cuz my legs were starting to give out but I just tried the best I could. I'm hoping that if I keep writing my progress here it'll help me stay motivated and hold myself accountable.

  5. I will do this every day :
    (tomorrow starts)
    DAY1 I did this workout and this one https://youtu.be/UBnfm4s7CRA it was very hard, but I want a flat belly so gooo !

  6. I'm on day 4 and this shit is hard😭 but some exercises are starting to get easier so I'm excited for the end results:))

  7. Hey guys I’ll be doing this for two weeks since school is starting
    Day 1 SOOO PAINFUl I’m just soo unfit oh my weight is 58kg and my height is 165
    Day 2: I started my period today but that won’t stop mee and I see a tiny difference

  8. This workout really works, I started at a 29,5 inch waist and a 33,5 inch stomach. After one week there was half an inch of both but I also got less bloated. Now we're two weeks in and I'm at a 27,8 inch waist and 31,8 stomach. I haven't gone on an extreme diet or anything I just cut out snacking and eat smaller portions when it's food with a lot of carbs in them. But I still drink alcohol and stuff and don't do any cardio.

  9. This is totally going to help me get to a back to school body fit!! Thank you so much for a detailed neat organized video!!❤️❤️❤️

  10. I’ve been doing this challenge for like 3 weeks ,and I can defiantly see some defitnion , only when I flexed my stomach though, I got less bloated too! I feel like it would of been more shown if I actually ate healthy , lol but I stopped doing this workout for the past week, and that was no good, I became more bloated , so now I’m back and going to keep doing this! don’t give up guys! Thank you Chloe ting!:)

  11. I am exercising two times a day
    Day 5 : I finally have done all the exercises without stopping, I am so proud of my self❤️

  12. okay so lately i've found myself falling out of my usual working out habits and just letting myself be lazy and over eat all the time because i've been kind of depressed and there's been a lot of shit going on but all that has lead me to become a lot more unhappy with my body because i've put on some weight. it's not a lot but it's still not wanted so i'm going to try to start doing this workout everyday as consistently as possible in an effort to become happier mentally and to make my body happy as well <33 i'll try and post results after each week or so because ik seeing other ppls results can help motivate u a lot to do the workout urself :))

  13. I keep seeing people post how better they feel, and how good they look. I'm going to eat healthy, workout, etc. for a month and see what happens! I'm doing this workout and two others. I am currently 123.4 lbs.

    Day 1. Did all my workouts, was dying on the last one but I tried my hardest. Ate healthy!.

    Day 2. Finished them all.

  14. Its so hard but im pushing myself becuse i want this and If i want something i push myself harder. I love you Chole ting❤️😁

  15. I’ve been doing the hourglass abs and this 11 abs workout for 2 weeks and 1/2 and so far I can see the ab lines showing and my stomach was gotten flatter !

  16. I want to start this today and try to stay motivated through school that starts soon
    (23 Aug). Anyone who wants to be workout buddies to stay on top of each other?

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