Advanced Metabolic Circuit | Sleek/Strong With Rachel Cosgrove

Are you really to take your metabolism up
and burn some calories? Today, you’re gonna work out along side me. We’re gonna do 20
second intervals, 5 exercises –really pushing the intensity– and then you’re gonna get
40 seconds of rest. So each exercise, really step up, really challenge yourself. And then
really take that 40 seconds to let your heart rate come down, catch your breath, and then
go again for the next exercise. Now when you finish all 5 exercises, you’re gonna go ahead
and repeat the circuit again, doing the opposite side on some of the single-sided exercises.
Ready? Let’s do this. So, first exercise: We’re gonna go ahead and use one weight, right
in front of you. Grab ahold of that weight, bend your knees, pick that weight up, and
here we go for 20 seconds. We’re gonna do Front Squat Push Press, pushing it overhead.
Ready, set, go: Lowering down, up overhead. Core’s nice and tight, as you press that weight
overhead. Lowering down, overhead. You should really start to feel your heart rate pick
up, getting a little bit out breath. You got 5 seconds to go. And, good. So we got 40 seconds.
Catch your breath, let that heart rate come down and get ready for the next exercise.
Next exercise, we’re gonna be using the TRX — we’re gonna do a Single Arm Row. So for
this exercise, you’re gonna have your TRX in a single arm position. Go ahead and grab
ahold of that TRX, and start with your feet shoulder-width apart, core nice and tight,
body in a straight line, shoulders down, and let yourself hang from the TRX, and then you’re
gonna give me a rotation to one side. So, again, pulling yourself up, row, down and
twist. So here we go for 20 seconds on. And again, up. Core’s tight the whole time. And
let’s do two more. Here we go, one more. Core tight, twist, up and pull. Okay, moving into
our next exercise: We have TRX Rear Foot Elevated Split Squats. So you’re gonna pull this down,
so it’s a good height. Again, you have 40 seconds to catch your breath. Let that heart
come down. After that 40 seconds is up, you wanna get yourself into position: Place one
foot in the TRX. Nice and tall. Core tight. And we’re gonna be performing split squats,
lowering yourself down and up for the 20 second period. So, on your mark, get set, and here
we go: Chest up tall, lower down, bring it up. 20 seconds. Keep those shoulders back.
Core nice and tight. Here we go — 10 more seconds. And 5 seconds more. Keep pushing,
keep that knee right over your toe, keep it in line. And, done. Perfect. We got two exercises
to go. 40 seconds of rest, catch your breath. Next round is a T Push-Up. So we’re gonna
be doing a push-up, and then balancing ourself on one arm and then the other, alternating
sides. So after your 40 seconds, we’re gonna get into that push-up position, and here we
go: Core nice and tight, full range of motion. Take it all the way down, and turn, take that
arm up. And, again: All the way down, turn your body, hips to the other side, turn and
look at your hand. Give me as many repetitions as you can in the 20 seconds. Keep going all
the way down, and up. Now, really keep that form — don’t lose that form. If you get tired,
take a rest. Don’t keep going if you start to lose your form — keep your form. And that’s
20 seconds. 40 seconds of rest, and we finish with one final exercise. This last exercise
is a Swing. So you’re gonna use a kettlebell. Get ready for that 20 seconds. Again, let
that heart rate come down, catch your breath and get ready to do Swings for 20 seconds.
Here we go: Grab ahold of your kettlebell, and go — 20 seconds. Remember, we’re bending
from the hip, lifting that weight straight out with your hips. Looking good. Really getting
that heart rate up. Here we go, almost there. And, done. Great work out. Good job. So that’s
the entire circuit. Now you’re gonna take 40 seconds of rest — you’re gonna repeat
the whole thing again. On the single-side exercises, makes sure you use the opposite
arm or leg. Great job today. Have a great workout.

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