Alicia Silverstone on Her Fight for Women’s Health  | California Live | NBCLA

Alicia Silverstone on Her Fight for Women’s Health | California Live | NBCLA

he’s been America’s Sweetheart ever since a role in clueless that is one iconic movie and her character lives on forever but Alicia Silverstone is far from clueless now she is in fact an inspiring strong woman fighting for women’s health her commitment to healthy living is inspiring Alicia has written a couple of books and now she’s the co-founder of my kind organics and she’s here with us in studio today welcome to California live thank you thank you so much for being here and I want to get right to these products because I’ve been that person where for years I had no idea what was in the vitamins I was taking and the supplements and I think we all assumed that a vitamin is gonna be healthy for you but we don’t realize that it’s just anybody can stuck a bunch of stuff in a bottle pretty much and say it’s natural and it’s not necessarily so we think these specifically so great well so what happened was I was pregnant and my midwife said you need to take a prenatal and I thought I don’t need to take a prenatal I eat so healthy I’m fine and said well you know what about for insurance and so I went looking for that vitam what would what would that vitamin look like and I couldn’t find anything on the market that I was willing to take that was healthy as healthy as the food I was eating everything was wrapped in chemicals and they were not organic and they weren’t necessarily vegan and nothing was everything nothing was what makes these so special as they are certified organic they are non-gmo verified they are vegan and they are all food based there are no chemicals no binders no fillers so this is pure nutrition it’s like you’re eating food when you read the ingredients it says things like broccoli you know yeah spinach those are the ingredients it’s not anything you can’t understand yeah and you said you can trace these products back to the actual start of at the seed yeah right we know our farmers are all super organic everything’s been tested like I said certified organic and non-gmo verified means serious testing so especially non-gmo verified that’s very difficult certification to get we are also B Corp so we’re doing things really responsibly for workers and everything for the environment the BA you know even the packaging I’m very mindful that it’s all recycled and soy ink and they’re just also delicious let’s try one is my this is just your regular multi yeah for the gummies and so what makes these things special probably bears what makes these so special is the gummies on the market you look at like the top-selling gummies they’re made with those are good two teaspoons of sugar per serving so I don’t know about you but if I’m gonna have a sweet treat I’d like it to be whiskey or bourbon or a piece of yummy candy I don’t want it to be my vitamin that I’m taking every day right because that’s just added sugar that I do not need and I certainly don’t want to give that to my child so from I have children’s gummies that kids just love and what is your wish here are you trying to inspire women to take control of their health well I wrote a book the kind diet and then I wrote another book the kind mama quite a long time ago and that was because I just saw that there was something missing I felt like I had this secret that I wanted it not to be a secret and it’s what makes me you know being a mom takes every morsel of your being and you want to be present and available and feel good to appreciate those little munchkins yeah I’m up and if you’re tired and not feeling good everything is hard parenting becomes so difficult and everything just becomes so hard so why not get the best sleep you can the way you get the best sleep is by eating the best you possibly can so when I wrote the kind diet and then the kind mom it was really just to inspire people to understand that we have this amazing opportunity three times a day to make a choice that will make you feel amazing get rid of your moods you know I was on an asthma inhaler and allergy shots and I had acne and my nails were super super brittle you can’t even bend my nails they’re so thick now so I’m so glad that you mentioned the parenting aspect because I know you have a son and I think getting kids to make healthy choices is really hard what do you do with that with your son well he’s you know I I was eating this way when I was conceived when he was conceived I was eating this way when he was conceived and he was I was breastfeeding him for a very long time while he eating these foods and so the first foods he ate were all these really healthy healing foods so it’s all he knew now of course he’s seven and has eaten many many naughty things in the world that I don’t love him eating but his foundation is so strong and she knows the difference he knows when he can’t go to the bathroom why Oh mommy I ate this he knows that when he gets feels slightly funny he’s been eating too much sugar too much salt you know he knows how to how to how to regulate himself and it’s all just from example and from eating this way and he loves it he let me make pizzas together who make our own pizzas with this great vegan meal COEs cheese and you know we grow the food in our garden we go to the farmers market and that’s part of our ritual every Sunday so these are things that we do together and he’s just and we make cookies for for our class he’s were the tea fairy at his school so every Wednesday we deliver a vegan treat for the class and he’s so into it he makes them with me and he’s you know he makes his lunch with me before we go to bed at night we I discussed with him here your options so he’s getting you know do you want a stir-fry make it sound fun did you know like you make it sound like I want to get into it with it’s all fun and it makes it easier for me because if I say to him hey what do you want to eat and he says yeah what I want and I know it’s good then I can make it he’ll eat it well you got to come back here more thank you so much for being with us and you inspiring us to be healthier


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