All You Get Is Birth Control | March 21, 2018 Act 2, Part 1 | Full Frontal on TBS

All You Get Is Birth Control | March 21, 2018 Act 2, Part 1 | Full Frontal on TBS

[APPLAUSE AND CHEERING] Welcome back to the show. Birth control is
a goddamn miracle. It lets women choose if
and when to get pregnant, and that time is
exactly when we want to steal the thunder
from a friend’s engagement announcement. Birth control is
incredibly useful. The problem is that
it’s so useful, it’s being used as a
treatment for a hell of a lot of things that aren’t
“keep that baby out of me.” Now we all know
that birth control is basic preventive care that
women rely on for a whole host of reasons– not just pregnancy prevention,
but also health conditions like endometriosis and fibroids
and other health conditions. Other health conditions
like PCOS and dysmenorrhea and wanting to hit
and quit Derek. If a cis-woman is having a
problem between her belly button and her
knees, birth control is often the only non-surgical
treatment option she has, and for conditions
like endometriosis, that really sucks. Actually, everything
about endometriosis sucks. At times, it feels like
there’s just a chainsaw going through you
like nonstop, and– to the point where it goes in
your back and into your legs– just nonstop pain. SAMANTHA BEE: Aside
from the intense pain, it also causes a host
of other problems, including infertility
and chronic fatigue. It also increases your
risk of a heart attack by 52%, which is awful since
we already have increased risk of heart attack from
worrying that Jen secretly doesn’t like us. Eye contact is always so short. You would think that a disease
that is so painful it can actually stop your heart would
at least be well understood, but doctors seem
to have no fucking clue what endometriosis is. What is endometriosis? Well, it is a disease, but
it’s a condition [LAUGHING] where the cells that are
normally inside the uterus occur outside the uterus. How do they get there? We don’t know. It’s like finding all of your
furniture on your front lawn and the police are
like, “That’s life. Want to take the pill?” One in 10 women suffer
from endometriosis, and it’s just one of the many
painful, debilitating lady diseases that gets treated
with birth control and a shrug. There’s also
dysmenorrhea, irregular or excessive bleeding, and
polycystic ovary syndrome. PCOS afflicts one in
10 women with symptoms like weight gain,
hair growth, fertility problems, and diabetes. The only way that women
could hate this disease more is if it also gave
you Trump’s dick pic. Ew. Since these diseases are
incredibly common, poorly understood, and so painful it’s
like your body is reenacting “Saw” every month, you’d
think there would be tons of medical research
devoted to curing them, but you would be wrong. 10% of women have endometriosis,
and it gets around $10 million of funding per year. 10% of people have diabetes
and it gets $1 billion of funding per year. I mean, to be fair,
people have a better grasp on diabetes thanks to movies
like “Steel Magnolias” and babysitters like Stacey. Stacey, don’t go
into the candy shop. In the meantime, all you
get is birth control. So if you have these diseases
but want to get pregnant, you are shit outta luck. But the good news is we have
literally dozens of medications to help men fuck good. Well, good for them, anyway. I mean, there’s no pill to
teach a dude to cut his fucking nails before he puts– you know what? That’s a subject for
another headline. [MUSIC PLAYING]


  1. Medical research has long disadvantaged women by centring men as the default humans in most clinical trials, hasn't it? If it can't be tested using male subjects, it's going to have a harder time getting into the spotlight.

  2. Had to pause to cry when you mentioned the 52% risk of heart attack. I had no idea. It's pretty bad that I learned more about my own disease in a 4 minute Samantha Bee clip than I have in the four yours I've been with my gyno treating me. Ughhhhhh

  3. Yes! This is how I've felt for 15 years. Finally got a doctor to schedule me for a laparoscopy after others have tried to diagnose me with: IBS, appendicitis, gluten allergy, interstitial cystitis, bladder infection, and the ever simplistic brush off of dysmenorrhea a.k.a "I'm too lazy to get to the bottom of this."

  4. Type I diabetes is 100% lethal if untreated and even if aggressively treated shortens the lifespan considerably and even in the best case greatly affects quality of life. It has a very clear mechanism and cause. Endometriosis is extremely painful and can contribute to some conditions that shorten lifespan. It has a well understood mechanism but not a well understood cause.

    Besides the fact that Diabetes affects twice the number of people that Endo does the difference in severity does account for some of the difference in funding for research. Of course Endo should get more research but going after diabetics seemed a really ridiculous choice.

  5. I learned about the cutting nails thing in high school. One of my friends back then asked me to cut my fingernails, if I wanted to do that again with her.

  6. Thank you for talking about endometriosis! I've been saying the same thing forever!!! had 7 surgeries for treating this horrible disease. Full hysterectomy at the age of 33…am now 51 and still dealing with the effects of this disease. Problems started in my late teens. Lost most of youth, my career, and having children. Lucked out with a good hubby though…he's been through it all with me for the past 32 years.

  7. I got help for my symptoms and let me tell you, not passing out from pain on a regular basis is amazing.

  8. Refreshing to see you cover this Sam! I have a rare version of PCOS that causes internal bleeding and blood clots… the disease is so understudied that when I was younger they were going to diagnose it as cancer, and to this day have nothing aside from birth control and pain killers (no thanks) to treat it. Good news now is that scientists have successfully 3d printed ovaries, so getting new healthy bits could be a thing in the near future. yay?

  9. This is amazing – I welled up with emotion seeing endo being recognized and explained with humor and empathy on popular television! (By Sam Bee, no less, who is like the badass big sister I never had!) Thank you so much for sharing this vital information! I hope that it can help some young women advocate for themselves and the help that they need. Hugs!

  10. Is it just me or are the play next video links always broken? "You just watched part 2, click here to watch part 1"

  11. Hey Sam, thanks for saying 'cis-women'. I like how you didn't make a production of it, just slipped it in. It really helps to normalize words like cis and trans.

  12. Sam Bee in the words of Catherine O'Hara. "I wanna bare your children!!!" (sctv reference) Great segment. Do more we need the medical community to stop shrugging their shoulders at us!! 30 yrs never helping me!

  13. I hate this argument.
    The vast majority of women who take birth control pills take them for birth control.
    Obviously, women who take them for endometriosis etc shouldn't get any guff about it.

    And every time a woman has the chance to stand up and address the fact that it's nobody's G.D. business WHY she or any other woman takes BC pills–but instead deflects to this craven "Well, some women use them for their pure, chaste, virginal endo/acne/whatever" shtick, she's basically helping to validate the idea that women's sexuality is some terrible, awful thing.

    It's a form of throwing our sisters under the bus.

  14. White people do not have the right to determine what is racist, men do not have the right to determine what is mysogonistic, straight people do not have the right to determine what is homophobic, and the rich do not have the right to determine what is oppressive, in this country, or any other. Just thought I'd shoot this out here.

  15. God you're AMAZING!! Thank you for talking about the pill and Pcos but even though it's the only pill that help a little bit relieving the symptoms and pain but it doesn't work for everyone, it get's some women depressed others super moody and weird or they get allergies… But birth control isn't a solution. Thank you for highlighting the subject <3

  16. I'm 17 and I have PCOS and birth control is literally the only thing that helped me despite countless other medications I tried. The only upside is that I don't have to worry about having kids right now. Thank you for talking about this!

  17. I have endo and I can confirm the 'chainsaw' description is not an exaggeration. I picture my pain as a badger made of lava trying to claw its way up through my intestines

  18. Samantha, PLEASE talk about Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder (PMDD), I can't believe your team didn't come up with this one. As many women have PMDD as endometriosis, if not more!

  19. My 20-year-old granddaughter has been taking bc pills since she was 14 because of this. ? Don’t tell her I told you. ?

  20. A little perspective:

    10% of woman (assuming she's speaking only of the US population): ~16,625,329
    $10,000,000/year = around 60 cents per person/year

    10% of people (assuming she's speaking only of the US population): 32,727,026
    $1,000,000,000/year = $30.56 per person/year

    Seems a little skewed.

  21. What worked for me is my girlfriend telling me cut your nails, please. But understood, we need to invent a manicure bot.

    It is curious that the medical sector all but ignores endo. Is it because it's full of men who don't care about lady problems? Is it a problem that eludes process detection? It'd be really sad if it's just because we're in a sucky society and can't be bothered.

  22. Why do people like you I’m not sure what tip of Comedy you are going for but you should change it to a better one maybe someone can tell me but until then I do not know what it kind of comedy this is

  23. Absolutely BRILLIANT! Such a good representation of how poorly endometriosis is being treated. Luckily, there are other options for women – go natural ladies 🙂 Seriously! I did it 7 years ago and feel great.

  24. As useful as it is having the birth control pill, it's definitely appalling that there isn't enough research being done into it and other treatments, and consistently frustrating at how many stories I hear of women not having these problems diagnosed at all when they start! I've got PCOS, thankfully my doctor was amazing, thought it was PCOS based on symptoms and sent me off for blood tests and ultrasounds to confirm, giving me the option to go on the pill if I wanted to (which I did after about a year or so). My sister has endometriosis, took her multiple doctors visits to find one who actually listened to her and didn't brush her symptoms off as a UTI, STD or pregnancy. Thanks for bringing this to light and those of you sharing your struggles, it's crazy just how many people are affected by these problems and yet there is so little information, research, or informed doctors.

  25. Birth control isn't a problem. It's just an effective treatment.

    It's NOT the only non-surgical treatment for endometriosis. And supposedly medicine eliminates pain from endometriosis 56% of the time.

    The potential causes for endometriosis aren't that poorly understood. Apparently the most widely accepted theory is menstrual backflow attaching itself to places it shouldn't.

    Clearly both Sam and that doctor being interviewed should hire me to read Wikipedia for them. Unless the doctor does go on to say this after the clip was cut off?

    By the way, the cause for diabetes? Also unknown.

  26. I was diagnosed with stage 4 endometriosis when I was 22. Found out it was actually the endometriosis that was causing me such severe pain in my hips that I had to use a cane for 2 years, walking around like I was 80.
    Had 3 laparoscopic surgeries Within 5 months. And one emergency surgery ,due to Endo complications. That last surgery I literally sat in the emergency room for 5 hours before being seen. Where I have a doctor tell me that I didn't look like I was in severe pain, and he didn't understand why I would need emergency surgery.
    When all was said and done, I told my OBGYN how difficult it was to get help there. And his suggestion was to tell them I had the stomach flu, because they'd see me sooner then they would if I said I was having " lady issues" … then he suggested I get pregnant to treat my endometriosis. Because at least then, I would have nine months without Endo growth. When I flatly declined he asked my boyfriend if he wanted kids because "it's his decision too"

  27. this is where I am right now, painful endometriosis and nothing but birth control to treat it. the birth control does absolutely nothing for the pain, but I keep taking it because it makes me periods somewhat lighter which is better than nothing

  28. A good video overall, a couple of notes.

    Endometriosis is diagnosed by exclusion, there is no test for it and all other possible diagnosis need to be explored before coming to the diagnosis of Endometreosis.

    We don't know what causes a lot of diseases not just diseases that only effect women, such as Alzheimer's and Multiple Sclerosis and it's not for lack of trying.

    Medical research is usually funded based on the mortalilty rate of the disease and although Endometreosis and PCOS are debilitating they have very little effect on the sufferers lifespan.

    I did notice that you stated that PCOS effects 10% of WOMEN but Diabetes effect 10% of PEOPLE but that is not equivalent since that means that PCOS effects only half the amount of people that diabetes effects. That just seems a little disingenuous.

  29. What is it about vaginas that doctors/scientists don't want to study? Even women doctors like in the clip are clueless. Why? I feel like specialties like proctology are a bit more off putting.

  30. All diseases are hard to cure not just for women and not just for men but in general it's hard to cure disease

  31. I was diagnosed with dysmenorrhea in my teens and needed parental permission to take the pill. My mom refused because good girls taking the pill would give them ideas about being naughty so I suffered in pain for years.

  32. We need to hit the CDC for being so chicken chit in not standing up to Trump when he made certain words off limits! Dr.s don't know Endometriosis at all. We need more lady doctors who care about us.We need moremoney for women's health issues!

  33. so wait what was the point of saying how much funding gets put towards diabetes? how is this relevant to the topic? not being a troll just truly curious

  34. This shocks me that 10% of women suffer from something so serious and I've never even heard of it.

    Okay, I'm woke enough that it doesn't shock me, but still…it shocks me.

  35. Too many men out there who think it’s natural for a woman to endure more pain than them and see no benefits in changing it.

  36. My wife developed endo after our son was born via c-section. She just had surgery, four years later, to remove the cyst that formed around the cells.

  37. Took the pill for 15+ years, and it didn't work. The pill, the shot, the patch… you name it. Acupuncturist, chiropractor for back pain, herbal supplements, nutritional changes, stress management, exercising, earthing, weight loss, weight gain, ridiculous doses of pain meds from different classes… So when are we actually going to fix this? I've had female doctors tell me that I'll "learn to live with this pain" and/or submit myself to an ineffective yet expensive surgery ever few years. Female nurses ranking me last to be seen in urgent care ecause it's "just bad cramps" and asking if I've taken Midol. An older male doctor who told me that I should go to the psych ward because he could see anything on an xray. Younger male doctors checking for ectopic pregnancies then looking dumbfounded when I'm not pregnant and just giving more pain meds. I don't want more pain meds; I want an actual effective treatment for endo. Apparently, that's too much to ask.

  38. Birth control also REDUCES the amount of abortions. But hey Republicans don't obviously know anything about that either

  39. Can we seriously just have a whole show dedicated to how awful men are at pleasing women, especially the ones who think and brag about how good they are.

  40. It typical. If it was men having the intense pain, health problems and giving birth, there wouldn't be an argument or an issue for medication. Popping pills like candy… and billions given to it for research.

  41. Samantha–you aren't being fair to the thousands of gybecologists that work so hard to treat ciswomen who have these debilitating diseases.

  42. I have PCOS – they give me a diabetes medication (metformin) to control it, but when I say control I mean do the bare minimum. It took about 15 years and my insistence that a doctor try other ways to resolve before an endocrinologist finally tested me for the common symptom of insulin resistance in PCOS – which it turns out i had. A common symptom never tested for, makes me wonder what else they've missed

  43. Thank you for this. It's rare to see someone publicly speaking about endometriosis, giving all the facts and also making jokes about it that made me laugh. I'm going to be sharing this with everyone!

  44. I have PCOS and endometriosis. And it's AWFUL. I can't go to school sometimes due to pain. I had to quit marching band because of the nausea and fatigue and pain. I'm on tons of meds just to function. I had to beg my doctor for a laparoscopy, the only way to diagnose and remove endometriosis. Sam doesn't even scratch the surface of how awful these diseases are, but thank you for the laugh.

  45. I could cry at the accuracy. I've been bleeding for over a hundred days straight. I vomited and nearly fainted from pain just a month or so ago. Every doctor I see says since I'm on Birth Control they can't do anything to help me. Then the double and triple check I'm not pregnant and send me home. I ask, "how do I manage this" and they say "however you have been". Some of these people really want to help but cannot because there is no research or funding. This has to change. I'm losing so much of my life to this condition. Thanks for talking about this.

  46. I demand that the taxpayer fund the development of a male birth control pill and then give it to me for free. And i will complain about this until i get it!

  47. Is it weird to anyone else that a bunch of white old men that claim small government are making all these laws to prohibit women's access to healthcare. Im on neither side but conservatives always seem to want to tell woman how to live.

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