Amniocentesis (Genetic Testing)

Amniocentesis (Genetic Testing)

Tomorrow morning I have my amnio appointments
which means that I have to go to the doctor and first have a genetic consultation and
then the amnio which I don’t remember if I was this nervous last time. So an amniocentesis
is simply with a sonogram watching a needle go through the skin into the amniotic membrane.
Taking a little bit of fluid out and sending it for analysis and counting the number of
chromosomes. What we do for genetic testing really depends on someone’s age. Less than
35 you’re low risk. Above 35 you’re high risk. It’s awesome, it’s awesome. I’m very lucky
because I’m what? I’m 39 now already. And they show you like the breakdown of age and
like everything kind of… it like doubles by 40. Like all these problems that can occur.
I’m really stressed out abut it. About the amnio because I was thinking about it last
night and a lot of my friends are having miscarriages right now. Not from amnios but just having
them and it makes me really nervous because you know, there are things that can go wrong
even though my doctor’s amazing and we didn’t have any problems the first time. There is
a risk of losing a completely healthy, perfect pregnancy with amniocentesis. And we usually
say the older you get the more sense it makes to take that risk because the more chance
as we get older that we will have these chromosomal anomalies. The reason is is that the sticky
material that pulls the chromosomes apart gets a little bit older as we get older. You
meet with the genetic counselor which you think was silly to do since we already two
years ago met with her. And we met with her for the counsel test but maybe it’s useful
because they explain so many things and you just forget those things over time. Alright it’s over. And it wasn’t too bad although I’m still nervous about it. I was hurt more because she was digging her nails into my hand and really hard. The way it happens is
they put the needle and then they attach like a syringe to it and suck the (Off-camera:
To extract the liquid). To extract the amniotic fluid so they’re sucking it out of the…
out of the needle and the needle is moving and that hurts. Do you want to show off your
wound (my war wounds)? It seems to be fine. I tried to rest for a couple days and then everything
is kind back to normal again. And she’s growing as you can see, she’s getting bigger.

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  1. I have to get amniocentesis weds. Im 34 weeks pregnant right now and im so scared and no mother wants her baby to be different or to have hard life its so scary prayers for all mothers going through this

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