An Olympic Runner’s Argument Why Caster Semenya Should NOT be Allowed to Compete in Women’s Events

An Olympic Runner’s Argument Why Caster Semenya Should NOT be Allowed to Compete in Women’s Events

Hi, for those of you who are new to my
channel, I’m Nick Symmonds, two-time Olympic runner and the CEO of the energy gum
company, Run Gum. Earlier this week the Court of Arbitration for Sport announced their ruling in the Caster Semenya case and it’s all anyone’s been able to talk
about in the world of track and field. Now there is a lot of misinformation out
there regarding this specific case and so I just wanted to chime in, now take
this with a grain of salt, this is just one person’s opinion. However, I did
compete professionally for 12 years and I do hold an undergraduate degree from
Willamette University in biochemistry. I certainly don’t know everything, but when it comes to the rules that govern track and field and human biology and genetics, you know I have spent a lot of time studying those subjects. I want to begin this discussion by reading a tweet from my friend and Let’ contributor,
Jonathan Gault, because I think it’s just the perfect way to set the tone for this
discussion. Jonathan says, “The grace with which caster Semenya has carried herself. Over the last 10 years is absolutely remarkable. She has endured criticism,
hatred, and an invasion of privacy for no other reason than choosing to be herself.
Semenya has emerged as a role model and someone to be admired. I couldn’t agree
more and I am so inspired by Semenya’s bravery, her grace, and her
determination every single day. That said, I do not believe that Caster Semenya should be allowed to race in women’s competitions. Now let me be clear, I came
to this conclusion, not based on my personal politics, not based on my
personal emotions, I came to this conclusion based on science and reason.
Now before we dig into this issue we must first identify how we as a society
define gender and sex. In today’s politically correct world we are
realizing that gender is not as binary as we once thought. There are people born as men that view themselves as men, people born as women that view
themselves as women, there are people born transgender and people who view
themselves as gender fluid or gender neutral. I am personally in support of people being able to self identify their gender
and I believe we should recognize them as the gender that they identify with. However, sex and gender are not the same thing. A person does not get to choose
what sex they are. This is a matter of genetics and we are born the way we are,
we are born a certain sex. The vast majority of humans fall into two
separate sexual classifications, 46 XX or 46 XY. The 46 stands for the number
of full chromosomes, the XX designation is what we typically refer to as female,
the XY designation is what we typically refer to as male. But not everyone falls
into these two classifications. The Intersex Campaign for Equality, estimates that 1.7 percent of humans are born intersex. These intersex humans are
wonderful creations of God and they deserve to be treated with respect and
dignity just like any other person. However, in some cases these intersex
individuals may have genetic advantages over 46 XX females. Now it has long been
assumed that Caster Semenya is an intersex individual and this has now
been confirmed by the Court of Arbitration for Sport’s ruling. The CAS
press release specifically says, “The DSD covered by the regulations are limited
to athletes with 46 XY DSD.” OK, so what is 46 XY DSD? Well the DSD stands for Disorder of Sexual Development. 46 XY DSD is a condition in which an individual with one X chromosome and one Y chromosome, the pattern normally found in males, have genitalia that is not clearly male or female. People with 46 XY DSD may be raised as males or females. Not surprisingly, the amount of testosterone in 46 XY DSD individuals can vary greatly. Of course, we know that
testosterone is one of the greatest athletic performance enhancers know to humans. Thus this gives some 46 XY DSD individuals an athletic advantage over 46 XX women, just as 46 XY men have a genetic athletic advantage over 46 XX women. So, where do we go from here? Some people make the argument that Caster is a genetic anomaly just like Michael Phelps or Usain Bolt, and that she should be celebrated not banned from the sport. This is an extremely flawed
argument however as sports organizations don’t classify athletes by arm or leg
length, but they do classify athletes by sex. So, if our governing bodies are going to continue to classify athletes by sex,
then an intersex athlete does not have an event to participate in. We have 46 XX women competing in one event, we have 46 XY men competing in another, and we
don’t have a designation for intersex athletes, unfortunately. I mean this
from the bottom of my heart, this is completely unfair to intersex athletes. This is a crappy situation and there is absolutely no way to resolve it without being unfair to somebody or some group of people. Either we’re unfair to the 49%
of people born 46 XX female or we’re unfair to the 1.7 percent of people born
intersex. It hurts me to say this, but it seems only reasonable that if we have to be unfair to one group, we would be unfair to this smaller group of individuals. And what about the CAS final ruling that with hormone therapy 46 XY
DSD athletes can be allowed to compete again? Well, temporarily reducing an
athlete’s testosterone levels doesn’t wipe out the many years that they were
able to develop speed and strength with the increased testosterone. This is also why I am 100% for lifetime bans for athletes caught doping. The other issue with the CAS final ruling is that it fails to address how an athlete with a different disorder of sexual development would be addressed. Again this is an extremely complicated situation and I have the utmost respect for Caster
Semenya and how she has handled herself through this entire process. As far as I’m concerned, Caster
is a true hero and a role model for all of us. Now if you want to dig into this
subject a bit more there’s a ton of literature out there and of course I
will link all of the source material that I used for this video in the
description below. I hope you guys found that somewhat enlightening and I’ll just leave you with one final thought: As we go out into this world and interact with other human beings, no matter how they self identify, no matter how they were
born, can we please just all try to treat each other with a little bit of kindness?
Maybe a lot of kindness because I think the world could use a little bit more of
it. Alright see you guys next time.


  1. I didn't mention it in the video, but it goes without saying, if Semenya was a 46 XX female with abnormally high testosterone then of course she should be allowed to compete in women's events.

  2. As Nick Symmonds
    says in all this, one group can not win all and with respect Semenya was said has testes not ovaries apparently. Her physique is more develop because the extra hormone that regular women does not have. But I can not just say athletes with testes should participate as she/him believes. In the sport is detrimental against women sports because the condition of Semenya goes against every regular women. This is the big issue, athletes like her wanted to run in female events because she believes is a woman and was raised like a woman, , so you feel woman you compete with them,and now somewhere a law was passed that men physically man, even with male normal genitalia and in all sense but see himself as a woman can compete with regular physique against women, then women has to compete with them because what they think they are. But no female that feels is a male competes with men, no for that they were born females , but will not move to compete with male athletes. that irony is hidden in the minds that only are pleasing the movement or fear retaliations if they go against that. Men sports do not suffer with one or another. Women Are who had all hot potatoes on her side of the court. Sorry, movement and all related raise issues, but is not fair females have to combat more strong rivals on they side while the disadvantage is there, and fair is not the same as right. Is not hate, nor trying to get them out the sports. And this started on track and field, what would happens when a male born hormones full of testosterone went in the field of female boxing, martial arts, wrestling because sat is a she. It is a sad chapter in our timeline. But whatever measure or law have to be fair for women. Men born and feel male compete in an arena where they have at this time no problems with any gender on their sports, the bar does not rise for them. But women sports are under fire. I do not have the solution to this. But people speak your mind, is like the joke that said ""it is ok if I am not gay?"" . I might be ignored or attacked for this. I Do not worry about my point of view, take good care of women sports, otherwise we will lose it.

  3. Why they racing even? Why are records celebrated? Why does your illustration only contain white women running 800 meters? Every individual athlete should be tested if the are not intersex.. or be fair… Every best athlete as a genetic advantage

  4. I agree with everything said except I don't see how she is a role model, she knows she is intersex but chooses to compete anyway and thrash "regular" women, ruining the promising careers of many women out of selfishness.

    She wouldn't have to deal with all this if she did the morally right thing in the first place and not compete. If she did that then I would be more inspired by her.

    Bottom line, she doesn't belong to either category so should not compete (unless she wants to compete against men, then that shouldn't be an issue).

  5. This is to easy. IT IS NOT A WOMAN, IT IS A MAN PERIOD. was born a man is a man. Should never have been in woman's sports. END IF DISCUSSION..

  6. Couldn't we just put everyone together and have some kind of divisions based on skill level? If the majority of women do not make it to top division, they can still win in a lower division, and everyone can compete against each other. This also means that women would actually have a chance to beat men in competition instead of keeping it separated. That's the only fair-for-everyone solution I can think of.

  7. I totally agree with you 100%! This is not fair on any level! Transgenders athletes should have their own games to compete in! I'm shocked that this is even allowed! Something needs to be done about this! A female athlete will never win against a man! Every athlete needs to be tested!

  8. I have great respect for Mr. Symmonds, but I have to say I am disappointed by his fairly one-sided presentation of the issue. As a former collegiate track and cross-country runner with a Ph.D. in biochemistry who runs an active reserach lab, this is something I have carefully considered. And in my opinion the scientific validity of the arguments that intersex athletes have an actual advantage are far from being as conclusive as he suggests. A more comprehensive look at this can be found at I have nothing to do with the material on this site, but it is one of the best discussions on the topic from a scientific point of view that I have found. It is certainly more complete than Mr. Symmonds simplistic view (please note I am only commenting on his view of this particular subject), and I would urge people to read it before coming to the conclusion that Mr. Symmonds argument is the correct one. This isn't to say that Caster Semenya doesn't have an actual advantage, but degree and scientific basis for that advantage aren't actually known, and all elite athletes have some unique combination of genetic advantages that allow them to be elite. I use the phrase combination of genetic advantages very intentionally – there is never one trait that determines athletic success (e.g., height does not by itself, make one a great basketball player). Likewise, high testosterone by itself, is not necessarily a difference maker, the physiological situations we are talking about in intersex athletes is far more complex than one simple measurement can capture. Given the lack of scientific clarity on the issue, who are we to tell Caster Semenya that all of her hard work is for naught, and she may now not compete, as Mr. Symmond suggests? The medications we are talking about to lower testosterone are not without potentially serious side-effects, and no doctor would ethically prescribe them purely for performance reasons, just as they wouldn't anabolic steroids. So this is also not a viable alternative. Until proper scientific studies can be done, which take lots of time, and a meaningful set of regulations that are not retroactively enacted to place an undue burden on an athlete who has worked hard for their achievements can be drafted, the status quo needs to stay in place. That is the only fair solution for everyone in our current state of scientific knowledge about the subject of intersex athletes and athletic performance.

  9. She had a female organs . African woman have a different advantage to Europeans. What about Kenyans . They body adjusts to not drinking water for a long time . Is that an advantage? What about serina Williams ? She has muscles but a woman ? This is just crap 💩

  10. I agree with your arguments, I have long felt that women competing against CASTER IS UNFAIR! This must be resolved before our next Olympics. You were kind and graceful stating your arguments & I agree we must remember to be kind to the intersex community. Maybe one resolve is to create a third category for intersex athletes? However I feel Caster should not be allowed to run against XX women.

  11. From what I have gathered, apparently she is a 46XX intersex though with never having had a period, no ovaries and no uterus. She has male internal organs.
    Also from what I gather she cannot take hormones as that will be damaging to her (in what way I am not sure) as a 46XX.

    I agree with you. But I do believe she and her family were deceptive on some level…..

  12. Can someone please point me to a source that can tell me which DSD Caster actually has and if she has testes, ovaries or a combination?

  13. Caster Semenya is a woman, she has every right to participate and compete in women's sport. Every tom dick and harry can have an opinion on the matter, but your opinion means shit; the courts will decide Semenya's fate, not you. Spare us your so-called "Olympic runner" two cents worth of opinions. 🖕

  14. The white man has spoken. Should men be tested for their testosterone levels and those with too much not compete against men with less? Her levels are natural, you want to penalize her for something she produces naturally. so that she stops winning. Please.

  15. Why about the physical makeup? Then we need to define a woman in terms of genetic makeup and physical appearance. If she had normal genes but was the tallest female athlete to compete in the sport would that be ok? Or people were going to have an issue with her height?

  16. lol !How funny this video is, I am just wondering when this was all realized. So the sports world specifically the IAAF is just realizing this problem now, and also you in your 12 years experience in sports, it is your first time seeing a woman like Caster? In this question I would like to understand why now, when a black African woman is winning events then there is a problem. I would also like to know that if she is a woman a special kind of woman as you want to put it, who should she compete against. You speak about how having long legs and long arms is not how an athletes is judged but is that also not an added advantage to the athlete and a disadvantage to those he is competing with. Because here the argument is based on giving fair opportunity to those who to not have added advantage. taller people who play basketball have more advantage to those who are not, so how is that also not looked at as unfair. Give us a break guys this has nothing to do with fairness it has everything to do with Caster and the fact that she is beating your asses ant that is getting a lot of people angry. Medically this is not ethical, why give someone who is absolutely healthy drugs just to tone them down it is absolutely wrong and no matter how nice you put it ,with your educational English and big terms and you nice I am all for the right and fact attitude WRONG IS WRONG. that IS IT!

  17. This is the best, most balanced video on the subject that I've seen. Also love that it's coming from a fellow trackie👊 ..Unfortunately, so much of the hatred she has received has to do with racism 😔…I actually did a piece about it for my channel.
    Glad I found your page! New sub!

  18. As a Geneticist with years of research experience I agree on the genetic stance you pose.  However, I disagree with the endocrinological stance.  Testosterone levels are a crucial part of the male advantage (directly linked to XY but not exclusive) and one of the main reasons the sexes perform differently and have been separated in athletics.  Therefore elevated testosterone levels in XX females should also be disallowed if they persisted for a designated period of time.  Research should determine the level and duration that would be allowed.  Anyone with higher levels should not be allowed to compete with the XX "female" group of athletes.  Since testing is only required at the highest levels of competition, this distinction would only apply once they decide to enter those competitions.  Some testosterone level testing already excludes those "doping" but it needs to exclude anyone who has ever had abnormally high levels for their group.  This could also be extended to males and those with levels above a certain amount for a given period of time should be banned as well.  The new regulations go in this direction but as you alluded, not enough.  It should not allow for corrections or hormonal down regulation since that would not erase the advantage provided by a life or prolonged period of benefiting from the higher testosterone levels.  Anyone who has had the level above a set amount for a "set period of exposure" should also be banned for life.  I believe you agree with this view but in the vid, you seem to contradict yourself.

  19. Banning Semenya means woman sports is similar like Paralympics. You need really to fit a specific category with specific requirements before you can compete. Semenya is really not a man. She doesn’t have a penis. She is also not born with it. She was whole her life a woman. So she should compete with woman. If you ban her, you downgrade the woman sports categories.

  20. Get bent Nic, that's BS and you know it. There are several athletes in the same mould and Caster who have been running for decades, it's only now an issue when one of them is winning. Shove that grain of salt up your arse. Tell me, what would Usain Bolts testoerone be compared to yours? I'm betting it's way higher, should he not be allowed to compete? It's not a flawed argument at all, same damn thing. Let me not mention that doping is far more rife than you posit and you know it.

  21. It's my understanding she was born a woman. If she's a woman she should race with the women, period. Meanwhile, the same people who are against her being in women's sports are the first to justify actual men dressed in female regalia participating in women's sports. It's an azzbackward world just as the Bible predicted it would be.

  22. I totally disagree with you. Because Michael Phelps is praised for his genetic advantages in swimming but she can't because she's a black female athlete. They are [email protected]#king racist. I bet if she had blond hair and a slim noise. They wouldn't say anything. They are full of 💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩🖕🏽🖕🏽🖕🏽🖕🏽🖕🏽🖕🏽🖕🏽🖕🏽🖕🏽🖕🏽🖕🏽🖕🏽🖕🏽🖕🏽🖕🏽🖕🏽🖕🏽🖕🏽🖕🏽🖕🏽🖕🏽🖕🏽.

  23. Great way for a lot of feminists to never buy your product. I think I'll go on Google and just give the company a bad review.

  24. Respect to Caster, but “she” is clearly a “he”. Her chest, rib cage, hips, facial bone structure, overall size; it’s pretty obvious she is a dude. Caster wasn’t even breaking a sweat or looked like she was trying to win. She should be able to compete but as a dude.

  25. So because her genetic makeup is superior than you all, you’re saying that it overrides the fact that she is racing people with vaginas… like the one she has.

    Then categorize sports in chromosomes not gender.

    Don’t put your (not you) limitations on her. You all were born this way. Not her.

  26. Without knowing about this issue or who the participants were at all, I saw randomly somewhere on social media a race with Caster winning by a long distance against a group of women. My first unbiased impression was that I had just watched a race where a man outpaced and outraced a group of women. It seemed obvious to me this “man” was far more powerful and developed than the women and it was no surprise he won with such a large margin. Obviously after watching I became aware that Caster identified as a woman and was allowed to race. I’m sure she has trained hard and put up with a lot and probably is a wonderful person however anyone with eyes can see the unfairness of this scenario. Is it unfair to her as well? I’m sure it is but the look of defeat and hopelessness I saw in those women’s eyes after losing to Caster says more than any of us can say.

  27. He He He He He He He …. its a He. He is a male.

    A mutation is a mutation. It is biological. If your
    skeletal development is male, and if you have a
    functioning dick, and if your muscle mass is on
    par with your skeletal development … then you
    are, biologically, male.

    A mutation of female genitalia does not allow
    you to choose which gender you wish to be. It
    is determined by that aspect of your biology
    which is most developed. If it walks like a man
    and talks like a man and looks like a man, and
    dicks around like a man … its a man.

    I found out, just recently, that there are others
    out there, males, making the very same gender
    claims, using the very same psycho logic.

    GENDERS. *Its biology and not psychology!!*

    And further, you don't get to change your biology,
    using transgender psychology and your feelings
    that you are a male/female trapped in a woman's/man's body.
    The mutant is a fraud. The transgender is a psycho.
    And both use psycho logic. And transgenders have
    to use anti-depressant drugs for ever after to stop
    becoming suicidal.

  28. If she was born intersex, that's one thing. When someone just decides one day they are the other sex that's another and cheating.

  29. There should be a race just for intersex so they could fit to compete there. That's how in the competition especially internationally. They will look at you physically first and when they are not satisfied, they will look at you biologically. Then from there, they will make judgement.

  30. @Nic Symmonds. Unfortunately you got it wrong. Read what Kim McCauley has to say below in points 1 to 9. In two parts. 1 to 5 and 6 to 9.
    The ruling against Caster Semenya was discriminatory and arbitrary, and revealed how backwards sports’ governing bodies can be.
    By Kim [email protected] May 1, 2019, 4:27pm EDT

    Photo by Cameron Spencer/Getty Images
    On Wednesday, the Court of Arbitration for Sport denied Caster Semenya’s appeal against an International Association of Athletics Federations rule that would prevent her from competing at the highest level of track.

    The rule limits the testosterone levels of competitors in women’s track events, and will require Semenya to take medically unnecessary drugs in order to compete. If you need it, here’s an explainer on Semenya’s medical designation, the IAAF rule, and the CAS decision.

    It’s a completely nonsense ruling, and the culmination of a 10-year witch hunt against Semenya that was started solely because of her appearance. Let us count the ways that this absolutely sucks.

    1. CAS admitted its ruling was discriminatory
    Powerful people and organizations often get away with discrimination because people are unable to comprehend the discriminatory nature of their actions. But bizarrely, in this case, there’s no question about whether Semenya is being discriminated against. CAS found that she has been, but that IAAF is justified in doing so.

    “The Panel found that the DSD Regulations are discriminatory but the majority of the Panel found that, on the basis of the evidence submitted by the parties, such discrimination is a necessary, reasonable and proportionate means of achieving the IAAF’s aim of preserving the integrity of female athletics in the Restricted Events.”
    An established precedent of “reasonable” and “necessary” discrimination is terrifying. The majority of the CAS panel either failed to consider the potential ramifications of this precedent, or didn’t deem it to be a problem.

    2. Caster Semenya sure does get discriminated against a lot
    In 2009, Semenya was subjected to a gender test by IAAF to prove she was eligible to compete in female athletics. When that failed to disqualify her from competing as a woman, the organization came up with a new policy that put a testosterone ceiling on female competitors. Semenya was still able to compete under that policy, so IAAF got to work on justifying stricter rules based on bad data.

    IAAF’s repeated attempts to end Semenya’s career are entirely based on people being put off by her appearance, and it’s pretty obviously racist. Bruce Kidd, a former Olympian and Kinesiology professor at the University of Toronto, pointed out to the CBC that the IAAF’s new rules only include events that black athletes have historically dominated.

    “They have identified seven events where they think there is a correlation [between testosterone levels and performance]. Two of them are the pole vault and hammer throw and they have not made them part of this new rule, and those are events that are dominated by white women. They have targeted the mile, an event that is currently dominated by black women. And the mile isn’t even part of their study. It’s hard not to draw the conclusion this is a racist, targeted test.”
    3. Everything about IAAF’s rule is arbitrary
    In the IAAF’s argument, they state that the normal range of testosterone in cisgender women is 0.06 to 1.68 nmol/L, while the normal range in cisgender men is 7.7 to 29.4 nmol/L. How they used this information to argue for a limit of 5 nmol/L in female competitors is difficult to understand.

    If high testosterone levels in women are performance enhancing to the point of being unfair to a majority of cis female competitors, and their conclusions about how much Semenya’s performance is affected by testosterone are based on sound science, why would they set the limit at three times the normal range ceiling? The limit of 5 nmol/L seems like a made-up number that targets specific people IAAF wants to ban, rather than one that ensures a fair competition.


    Caster Semenya’s case against discriminatory testosterone testing, explained

    The distance restrictions also don’t make sense. This rule only applies to runners who compete in distances between 400 meters and one mile. IAAF has not publicly made an argument for why high testosterone levels in female competitors do not constitute an unfair advantage in sprints and long-distance events, and the CAS did not include any information about those arguments in its summary. Again, this seems like a rule specifically and narrowly targeted at one person.

    4. It’s not like Semenya is obliterating records
    Semenya’s performances have been great, and she’s the best runner in the world at her distance, but her times have also been pretty normal. She’s not doing Usain Bolt or Katie Ledecky-type stuff. She has the fourth-fastest time in the history of the women’s 800 meters, and her personal best is a full second slower than the world record. Nothing about her performance raises any red flags.

    5. Wait, please define the word “talent” for me
    The IAAF justifies this rule by saying it wants to create “a level playing field and ensure that success is determined by talent, dedication, hard work, and the other values and characteristics that the sport embodies and celebrates.”

    What is and isn’t talent? The natural physical gifts that Caster Semenya has don’t constitute talent? I’m confused!

  31. @NIck Symmonds. @Kim McCauley. Please read part 2 from nr 6 to nr 9 of Kim Mccauley's argument that Caster should be allowed to run. Part 2. by Kim McCauley :
    6. What is and isn’t an unfair physical advantage?
    Michael Phelps obliterated records in every event he swam in. Besides his perfect-for-swimming body type, Phelps also has double-jointed ankles and produces considerably less lactic acid than his competitors. Why is having a body that produces more testosterone than 99 percent of the population an unfair advantage, but having a body that produces less lactic acid than 99 percent of the population fair? Which naturally occurring body processes and chemical compounds are OK, and which ones aren’t? Do we really want to open up this can of worms?

    7. Telling athletes they need to medically alter their bodies to compete is pretty messed up
    Semenya can still compete in the 800 meters if she takes anti-androgen medication to reduce her testosterone levels. Mandating that anyone take medication that their doctor does not deem medically necessary so that they can compete under your rules is an incredibly bad idea. It’s wild that a sports organization would actively de-prioritize the health of its athletes.

    The CAS panel actually recognized this problem.

    “The side effects of hormonal treatment, experienced by individual athletes could, with further evidence, demonstrate the practical impossibility of compliance which could, in turn, lead to a different conclusion as to the proportionality of the DSD Regulations.”
    But, incredibly, it decided to rule in IAAF’s favor anyway.

    8. IAAF and the CAS have really shitty and outdated views of gender
    Here’s a really good piece from Madeleine Pope, a runner who lost to Semenya in 2009 and felt salty about it, then realized she was wrong while doing her PhD research. The whole thing is recommended reading, but here’s the most important part:

    I encountered the vast literature written by advocates of women’s sport who oppose the exclusion of women athletes with naturally high testosterone for both scientific and ethical reasons: scientifically, because biological sex and athletic ability are both far too complex for scientists to reduce to measures of testosterone, and ethically, because these regulatory efforts have always been characterised by considerable harm to the women athletes singled out for testing.

    Court’s ruling tells us women’s sports are no longer for all women

    Describing testosterone as the “male sex hormone” is inaccurate, and recent research suggests that a lot more goes into athletic success than testosterone levels. Reducing athletic ability to testosterone and equating testosterone levels to maleness are caveman beliefs.

    9. Caster Semenya does compete on a level playing field
    Here’s how CAS summed up its difficulty in handing down its decision. Emphasis is mine.

    “It is not possible to give effect to one set of rights without restricting the other set of rights. Put simply, on one hand is the right of every athlete to compete in sport, to have their legal sex and gender identity respected, and to be free from any form of discrimination. On the other hand, is the right of female athletes, who are relevantly biologically disadvantaged visà-vis male athletes, to be able to compete against other female athletes and to achieve the benefits of athletic success.”
    Caster Semenya is a female athlete. She has never not lived as a woman. She was subjected to invasive gender testing, went through it, and was determined to be a woman. Allowing her to compete unrestricted against women does not infringe on the rights of women, because she is a woman.

    But don’t take my word for it. Here is a list of world champion cis women athletes who agree. The likes of Billie Jean King, Megan Rapinoe, Meghan Duggan, and Jessica Mendoza have stated that they would have no problem competing against Semenya, and that they see the IAAF’s regulations as “invasive surveillance and judgment of women’s bodies that have long tainted women’s sport.” I value their input much more than that of IAAF’s overwhelmingly male council.

  32. @Nick Symmonds There are only two categories male and female. Caster is female with slightly higher testosterone levels than some females. She has similar advantages as is the case with other athletes like Michael Phelps, Usain Bolt, the Williams Sisters and a number of other athletes who have advantages over other athletes not only due to testosterone but due to natural advantages through birth. These athletes are blessed with these so-called "birth defects" and should be celebrated in my humble opinion as long as its natural and not enhanced by drugs. Also it's unethical for sports bodies to promote prescribing drugs to athletes if not for medical reasons.

  33. @ Nick Symmonds, you a white supremacist IDIOT !!!! If Semenya was a white bitch, YOU would brag about her "natural" supremacy. I bet ALOT of fools LIKE YOU would probably want to discount Michael Jordon as NOT being a man. But being an X-man. So, he should be discounted from basketball. Its funny how MAN will classify a person born a man as "she" if that man says HE is a woman. And vice-versa for a woman. If Semenya is not a woman , even though she has a pussy, and should not compete in female sports. Then, men could use the same argument that she doesnt have a dick and should compete in men's sports. You are clearly a white supremacy using piss poor logic to define your flaw hypothesis. If the white girls dont like getting there asses kicked, they need to man up !!!! I am sure there are alot of top athletes (male and female) who have extra natural boosts that have them to become elite. Should we limit them because of what God gave them?

  34. If they are a woman they are a woman period. Let the woman race. I am an all natural female bodybuilder. I've seen women like this everyday. It is what it is. The weakling women are going fall off anyway. They can stop their pouting. THEY ARE JUST NOT GENETICALLY GIFTED TO RUN WITH THOSE BEAUTIFUL BLACK POWERHOUSE WOMEN.

  35. @ Taylor Osteen  I don't have to answer any of your questions. I am deeply satisfied that's she's been cleared to run. Another thing why is the focus only on Caster Semenya??? Have any or all the the other "girls" been tested. Why not test all of them, if you are so concerned?? Definitely clear discrimination on every count!! No other athlete in the whole world has Ever been so terribly discriminated against!! Again, as I said. You believe what you want to believe. I believe what I believe. Again, the difference is, I know Caster and you don't. So no amount of ridiculous arguments from your side is EVER going to move me. After all, no need. As the courts have already ruled in her favor and I'm ecstatic!!! End of story for me. You can carry on with your ridiculous, baseless arguments only based on your hearsay from the jealous athletes and media. Continue, I won't be replying anymore as this is a waste of time. Courts have ruled, and that's enough for me. "Do unto others what you want them to do unto you"

  36. Semenya has broken no records in the 800m, and has been beaten before. She's also not the only athlete this affects even though they are going after her explicitly. There's another women's runner that runs the 800 who this ruling also effects.

  37. Castor Semenya is intersexed, therefore not male or female, and yes all athletes should be tested and classified as intersexed and run 🏃‍♀️ with other intersexed that falls within this category.

  38. Gender is nonsense if you remove it from sex. What's the importance of what you wear or what you like? If I wear jeans, a t-shirt and no make-up I'm still a woman. Gender identity just promotes stereotypes and sexism.

  39. But the current 800m world record holder is Jarmila Kratochvílová and I bet she had the advantage more than Caster and she was not facing any kinds of discrimination simply because she was white.

  40. In any sport every person or team must have an equal and fair chance of winning with no physical or material advantages . Is it fair when her competitors are always running second because caster has a physical advantage . That is the crux of the argument

  41. If they think semenya has unfair advantage why not those judges race against other runners to see if they can beat them , lots of men put on the track with female they still loose . It’s all about training.

  42. He’s a man full stop he should compete with the mens not with woman his nature and physical is very obvious he’s a man is nothing to be unfair is just a fact that no way a woman can compete with a man !!! The world we living in now I don’t think is discrimination is just the laws and now we have put up with all these insane people that wake up one day and realise the feel they are not what they are????incredible to understand so next is going to be that if an animal can compete with humans we need to do a new law ????

  43. One finding stated that the some instances high levels of testosterone did NOT inhances performance??? I'm so confused

  44. If you think it is fair to discriminate a minority who don’t conform to the jorm then you are just prejudiced. It is better to stop athletics than disadvantage other people nobmatter how small that group is because of no reason of their own. To take away someone’s right to puruse their profession is a civil tight that should never even be debated esp with this flawed science. The science is extremely flawed to make such sweeping generalisations as you do here. Thank god a higher court has seen the sense and put this prejudice to bed for the time being!

  45. She is natural fit of a female according to the rules and you coming up with this intersex hogwash is misleading. The case is not about gender as you are making it here. You and your science missed the point!

  46. Because hes a fucking man. End of discussion. Hes won like 30 straight events. Hes, not a legendary athlete. Just an athlete running in the wrong class. It's a joke.

  47. I'm not a scientist by any stretch of the imagination. But looking at Caster, the first thing I thought was a dude. Then it struck.

    Fuck this dude thinking that he can just turn on cheat codes and hack his way to victory. The road to victory is paved with blood, sweat and tears. Not hormonal replacement pills.

  48. god what a load of tosh mate, Caster is a man, end of story, forget your kindness bs, he has cheated women out of millions of dollars and made the sport a complete farce.

  49. Probability that pearson who has physical, medical problems with gender has name CASTer SEMENya is so low that it is impossible that it is all coincidence. It is in both name and surname. Someone somewhere is laughing at how stupid we all are.

  50. So what about Usain Bolt he clearly had higher testosterone levels, he has ridiculous world records.

    Just because semenya is female she should be banned?

    Mic drop.

  51. Yes, the USA women's football team have won again 2019 world cup, could they be tested for excess testosterone level because some of them look like men with no breast and looked stronger than others.

  52. So if Casta, is not female, hey let's create sports for Male, Female and Shemale……when Martina a white woman, who looked more muscular than his female opponents was winning in tennis no one complained, when ever a black person performs better that a white person, the white race will look for excuses, same think Hitler did, Jesse Owens thought him a lesson. This is another form of racism, maybe African countries or blacks should host their own Olympic's. Enough of this hug wash.

  53. Your argument is invalid, if XY was all it took to be a man, then babies and children would be able to beat grown women in sports, but that clearly is not how the human body works, you have to go through puberty to become a man or woman, and that's not the case for most intersex people because their bodies don't respond to certain hormones like androgen's, i can't believe idiots like you have a platform to spread hate, especially on a topic you know nothing about. For the record true intersex in the animal kingdom is being born one gender and changing later on in life, how can people not know this lmao.

  54. Why does no one ever bring up the fact tht true 46 XX females all have wombs and if you dont have a womb youre not a female period

  55. Holy shit this is the most respectable argument I’ve ever laid eyes upon, even if the leftists or rightists disagreed with you, they wouldn’t be able to argue back because you laid down straight facts in the most respectable way you could

  56. "I have the utmost respect for Caster – I will prove this by talking about genitals and other aspects of her medical history in a public forum and directly comparing her to malicious cheaters in an effort to explain why I think she should be banned for life."

  57. This is full of crap. Racist as hell. Never has such a wrong in sports been so unfair. Would they let her run if she was pregnant? Don't talk about respect when you show none. Do people who live next to the ocean have an advantage over people who live in deserts and can't practice surfing all the time? Should they make that fair by having them use a lesser board? This shit is nothing but racist. If she has no wrang let her do her thang and run.

  58. Yeah Nick, she really tried to 5Uck every one over (quite the opposite). Guys like you and Seb ruin what is important about sport. The internet doesn't forget.

  59. Was already rules in place only PC/SJW try play word games to make themself look good the test levels and test levels in comparison to other hormones are what used to guild who can and can not compete. This is no different then the Russian women who roided out and crushed Olympic games . And even to the 46xy do not get complete with none 46xy if they want to complete then do so vs other in same group. As is unless major changes happen women sports are dead all records and championship will be full of men saying they feel male .

  60. A white man telling a black woman why she should be less than. Sir, please find the biggest bag of dicks and then suck them all. Fuck you! White men like your piece of shit ass is the worst this country has to offer and i'm about to put your dumbass on blast! Fuck you! She's a woman you idiot! She's not Trans you dumb fucking asshole. You're mad because she could beat your pasty white ass proving you fucktards ARE NOT FUCKING SUPERIOR TWAT WAFFEL. God Damn you idiots are so afraid of anything without balls that isn't white.

  61. 46XY DSD. Undescended testes, no ovaries, no female reproductive tissue. When they wanted to dress him as a girl, he identified as a boy when he was young (look at photos), now identifies as male in his male -female relationship.
    Yes, he did nothing wrong and needs sympathy for the fact that he was born with abnormalities of the male sexual organs.

    Please, lets respect that there are two categories of athletes, male 46XY and female 46 XX, irrespective of arm length or testosterone. It is unfair in any other way

  62. Precisely. I believe she is a man. Secondly she identifies herself as a man and even marries a woman. This confirms that she is a man. She cannot have it both ways

  63. OK So a Born women, women cant compete….. but a dude that cuts his nuts off gets some boobs stitched on and takes some pills make him just fine to compete in the same competition even young against high school girls? YEAH WOW America has gone to shit.Time for a change

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