Annoying Orange Minecraft Ep 4: Depression [TURN ON CAPTIONS]

Annoying Orange Minecraft Ep 4: Depression [TURN ON CAPTIONS]

[static, sighs] It’s kinda lonely in here all by myself. Hmm… Oh… -Hey, what’s that? Note: Whether you believe in God or not I am not going to talk about that because it’s not up to me what you do with your life. But if you are someone who likes to think creatively and do things for yourself to experience a more fulfilling life then you would be open to observing, learning, and applying what you know in order to get what you want. Listen to what I have to say and do your own research and find where your journey leads you. -Hey, you’re an orange! Static is a product of SOURCE. It no longer appreaciates of me for some reason? Haha… -I’m an orange! -That’s what I said. SOURCE is becomeing more biased and less neutral. Whoopsie! Big uh oh for satanists! -Hey, hey Orange, you wanna hear a joke? -Why’d the chicken cross the– -Hey, hey Orange! -What? -Why’d the orange go blind? -Huh? -‘Cause he was low on Vitamin C. [guffaws] -Hey, I was telling jokes. -Get it? Vitamin C? [guffawing] -Hey, hey Orange! What’d the orange say before he went to work? -“Back to the rind.” [guffaws] -Hey, that’s my joke! [guffawing continues] Hey, hey Orange, how many oranges does it take to screw in a light bulb? [grunts, farts] [laughs] -What was that? I was in the middle of telling a joke and then you just– -[wet fart] Oh. There was a little pulp in that one. [laughs] -What is wrong with you? -I think I’m a little ripe. [guffaws] -Oh yeah? Well, I bet you can’t do this. [burps, laughs] The Primary Books of the RABBI’s is the TALMUD, Jew are KHAZERS! Anti Zionist JEWS USE THE TALMUD, :Even the Best of Gentiles Shall be KILLED Soferim [15] “Anti-Zionist” Jews?

There’s NO SUCH THING! Some Jews claim to be Anti-Zionism, including a group of Orthodox Jews known as the Neturei Karta. The Neturei Karta rabbis have infiltrated non-Zionist Christian organizations and have totally deceived supposedly non-Zionist talk show hosts both on radio and on the internet into believing that they, the Neturei Karta, are, indeed, against Zionism. They also were invited to the recent Iranian Holocaust Revisionist Conference, thereby revealing that they also have deceived the President of Iran. However, the Neturei Karta is an organization of Jewish Rabbis whose “holiest” book is the Talmud – a book that is the absolute origin of Zionism, Communism, Anti-Christianity, Anti-Gentile hate propaganda, and the total control of the entire world! If anyone believes in the Talmud, they are, by definition, a Zionist, no matter what they pretend to be! Judaism is a “chameleon” culture/religion. It “becomes” whatever is necessary in order to deceive and trick non-Jews We will be FORCED to take the Jew God Lucifer as the law passed in the US 1991, the 7 Noahide Laws, Obama Picked the RABBI, the World Religion will be the Noahide Laws in the Jewish Utopia, The UN approved the Law, It is Freemasonic doctrine, The Vatican approved, Judaism is FREEMASONRY, Communism is Judaism, The Christians will be beheaded by Guillotine, Jesus is Idol Worship under the Talmud, US is under Talmudic LAW! -You’re annoying. Anyway, I am thinking of making a video for you people who are yet depressed or too much of an introverts. I feel like I am a lucky guy that I am not depressed. I controlled myself soon. But now i know have to help you people get out of depression . So now i am developing a video soon. I know you are too bored of this cliche things and you think your iq is so much higher than this. You are bored by the shitty matrix. But guess what we all have the capacity to change it. I have too much to write TOO MUCH.. I really care of you my ex collegues. Many of you might think I am just a normie. No i am not i was one of you but was lucky that i chose god and now life is getting more easy. You people on the wrong track. I am woke now and woke people get the choice of choosing negative or positive, i chose being positive, i chose the god. He will make everything fine. I feel what you are going through, it may be hard to come back but you should do that. And you are pretty bored of your life aint you? Than guess what instead of wasting the iq you in these birth may be we all intellectuals can choose the side of God and maybe bring break the old RAM RAJYA. -‘Cause you’re stupid? YES. But dont stop reading yet. I am not trying to turn your religion to hinduism or something, it aint any religious propoganda or something, but yeah you can follow any god of your religion. Always remember if the devil exists the God exists too. In the history the God has won always and he would be winning everytime. Choose god. Hail the GOD!!!! -[growls] I AM STOPPING WRITING THIS MESSAGE CAUSE SOME DEPRESSED PEOPLE MAY BE TOO LAZY TO READ THIS. “LOOK FORWARD FOR THE VIDEO” I QUIT BEING A 53 YEAR OLD.) -Hey, Orange! -What? What is it, Orange? Okay, I need to break it to you. I really was testing to see if you’re legit this whole time. Christianity is satanic. Seriuosly. It’s true. They played us all like a “harp from hell.” Stop listening to religion guys… live life morally, treat everything equally and understand that life is all an acid trip. The pyramids are acoustic vibration rooms. To connect to SOURCE. True GOD CREATION. Christianity is following a pedestalised god when Jesus was actually trying to tell us he is not different from us, as we are ALL CONNECTED TO SOURCE. -Knife. -Huh? [screaming] -[laughing] -[agonized screams] -Hey Orange, way to go. You’ve got lots of guts. [laughs] Get it? Guts? [laughs] I’m so funny. I tell the best jokes in the world. To Be Continued…


  1. As expected another masterpiece, but if you compare it to the other instalments, it's a bit weaker as it started strong with thë ßœrçē, but as it went on we got the topic of the Zionists and Jews, that you already covered in the previous episode, but it expands it in another dimension of quality by introducing Ennio Morricone as the sound editor and song maker. Overall great instalment, another brilliant critique of this flawed society, as you do every episode.

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