Anti-inflammatory Diet for Depression

Anti-inflammatory Diet for Depression


  1. The truth is Denmark is one of the happiest places in the world and yet they are also one of the biggest meat and dairy consumers as well. Thats clear cut as it gets. Stop wasting time doc on talking shit about meat vs veggies.

  2. Dr. Greger starts with a false premise: That humans evolved and were not created. For real solutions to depression, do an internet search of "solutions for depression Bible"

  3. I read that heavy metals in body can cause depression, I detox with chlorella and silica and stuff and take gotu kola extract pills, krill oil tablets and drink mate tea with st johns wort and yarrow and eat oaths and stuff for my depression.

  4. What if you give not a rip about life, but don't find any great joy in sleep either?  I'd justas soon stay awake most of the day every day.

  5. Of course the answer is plant.  After all, plants solve everything.Thanks, but I roasted up 3 more pounds of BACON this am.  GOOD Stuff.  Oh and slathered BUTTER on my toasted banana bread.  Also good

  6. A characteristic does not have to be adaptive to be inherited; it merely has to have a gene that is LINKED to a gene for something that is adaptive. By LINKED is meant on the same chromosome, especially – nearby on the same chromosome. "By eliminating animal products or eating an antioxidant-rich diet we may be able the prevent or treat depression." The key word here is MAY. Dr Greger does not prevent evidence that we can, only some facts that suggest a hypothesis that perhaps we might want to test. This is all just SPECULATION.

  7. Weird, since my colonoscopy last week I went into a major funk, and Im still in it.  My doctor took me off all NSAIDs.

  8. Peace be with you; Happy Advent, Merry Christmas, God bless you…in name of Jesus Christ, thanks praise glory to God, amen.

  9. I definitely saw a reduction in my depressive disorder after going vegan. Not entirely eliminated for sure! But enough to be very noticeable.

  10. He didn't say it was the only cause of depression. He said that these factors were shown to increase depression in the trails, and that is worth considering it as a possible factor, one of which is that be adjusted by a simple dietary change.

  11. How wrong is this guys voice, I couldn't listen to him past 30 seconds, he sounded like condescending no-it-all twat.

  12. Maybe all those vaccines given to infants pre dispose them to depression. But don't worry, vaccines are safe cause the CDC said so…

  13. I read that depression is mostly caused by methylation and Pyrrole disorders. I used 600 mg St John's Wort 2 x per day with good effect, but cut that in half when started taking methylated folate and other supps to support the genetic issue: MTHFR disregulation and mineral deficiency. Mineral deficiency (especially zinc) is ubiquitous in the US and elsewhere where modern farm practices are used and zinc is critical for the immune system to keep infection/inflammation under control.

  14. this is so interesting, since i've been eating completely plant based i've felt a million times better. i don't have any symptoms of depression anymore <3

  15. I once heard of a study about a prison in the US. The inmates were given vegetarian food and the results were very positive.
    The inmates were less aggressive.

  16. I could see myself switching to a mostly plant-based diet, but I can't really see myself giving up fish and poultry all together. So if I continue to eat fish and/or poultry, even in moderation, are you saying I won't get the anti-depressant benefit of eating a *mostly plant-based diet? I'm constantly hearing and reading about salmon for instance being a superfood, and how important Omega 3s are. Also, what about Vegans who suffer from depression, or that fact that humans are omnivores, and didn't evolve to cut meat out of our diets entirely? Sure, you should eat far less meat than fruits and vegetables, but there's too many conflicting studies on the subject of how much or how little meat is healthy, and too many studies that suggest that vegans suffer from or are at least at risk for other health consequences as a result of not eating meat, such as vitamin B-12 deficiency among other deficiencies.  If we're going to invoke evolution into the argument, our teeth evolved to chew both meat and plants. We evolved as hunter/gatherers as well. Sure, we probably gathered more than we hunted, but humans have always eaten some portion of meat.

    Plus, most vegans seem to eat a lot of soy, which is incredibly bad for you. Seems like there's constantly new extreme dietary plans coming about every few years, many of which get debunked just a few years later. You've got people saying go on the Mediterranean diet, you've got people saying go vegan, you've got people saying go on a raw foods diet, you've got some people saying stay away from gluten, and at one point eating according to your blood type was all the rage. There's a certan amount of overlap between these diets that can't be ignored, but then there's also a lot of huge differences. So what should a human eat exactly? What's the proper balance, cause I'm confused, and the scientific community doesn't seem to have come to a common consensus on this either. Admittedly, I enjoy fish and poultry, but beyond that, there are certain proteins and important vitamins that you can only get from animal products, and I don't want to switch to a completely vegan diet, develop health problems due to a deficiency of this vitamin or that protein, and then have a study come out in a few years saying, "Well actually, we were wrong about the strictly vegan diet being the healthiest thing for you."

    I'm not trying to be contrarian or contentious, so please don't take my questions this way, it's just that there seems to be a lot of conflicting information out there, and as someone who takes their health pretty seriously, it's distressing that there doesn't seem to be much of a consensus on what a proper healthy diet for an average human looks like, even within the scientific / medical community. Also, this study only really covered one issue, depression / mood disorders. Is that really enough to recommend everyone just go vegan?

  17. The thing is: if you tell depressed people that leaving healthier lives will help them being happier they will tell you that eating (junk) food is one of the few things that make them feel good. Same with exercising (that is perceived as MORE sacrifice). The problem seems to be that the state of depression stupendously overpowers rational thinking which in turns leads to this constant confusion between causes, consequences and remedies.

  18. I agree that inflammation is the basis for depression, but strongly disagree that fish oil doesn't help. Fish oil has worked wonders for me. The omega 3 supplementation meta-analysis quoted at 4:10 is absolutely bogus. You read the 'analysis' online and it doesn't even explain what happened in each study it reviewed for us. Which omega 3's were used in these trials which were reviewed? How long were these omega 3's taken? How much Omega 3 was taken? Was the Omega 3 form taken a good balance of EPA as well as DHA? What form were the Omega 3's (fish? flax? algae oil)? Animal based omega 3's are superior to plant based ones because the ALA has already been converted. When you take flax versus fish oil, your body has to convert the ALA on its own, and it will not do this in the presence of too much omega 6. So how do we know that this meta-analysis didn't just review low-potency flaxseed oil in patients that were eating loads of Omega 6's in their diet? Anyway, I agree that inflammation is the basis of depression. That's why it takes over a month for a treatment to work, because it takes a month for inflammation to subside. Fish oil takes a month or more to counter inflammation which causes depression. Any study that somehow disproves that fish oil doesn't help with depression is bought and paid for by Prozac & Co. It's very easy to design a flawed study with omega 3's showing they have no effect on depression. Use plant based omega 3's, don't use enough, don't test for very long, combine with Omega 6 oils, do several studies, review them in a meta-analysis, and newsblast the meta-analysis everywhere so that no one can really pick apart the methodology of the individual studies.

  19. or else just take vitamin C. vitamin C is used up as it neutralise endotoxins and viral infections. vitamin C is also necessary for the production of certain neurotransmitters so when the vitamin C is used up handling infection there is less available to produce the neurotransmitters and hence you get depression.

  20. Depression is a family problem among the females in our family. My mother and I attempted suicide, my daughter is bottling all of her problems – but it had been a life long issue for all of us. Mother was in denial and developed a victim mentality. I get angry and decide to fix things. Resented meds because it took away my highs as well as my lows and it felt worse NOT to feel anything than experiencing the lows. There are no accidents – to make a long story short – I was introduced to a very thorough Bible study when I was 30. It had changed my life. No, not all at once but it had moved the axel of my life enough that I did not proceed on the same road. There is a learning curve but if you are motivated you can learn as much, as quickly as you desire.
    Thoughts come into our minds that we CAN NOT control. But WE DO control the thoughts that remain and we dwell on. It is a training process to realize as quickly as possible what is happening and NOT hang on to thoughts that do not belong in your mind. I am not taking meds and had not for over a decade. Yes, thoughts come and go but I make a conscious decision that I do not focus on anything negative. It serves no purpose and I do not allow myself to be robbed of the quality of life. Live with a purpose, you are in control and it is doable. Best wishes to all.

  21. I am vegan for more than 2 years now, literally eat huge green salads every day, a lot of fresh unprocessed frueits, do not smoke and do not drink and STILL I have have very very emotionally low moments in these two years of being vegan. Changing diet to veganism is amazing at so many levels, BUT it's not the ultimate solution for depression people. It helps in terms of getting a bit more aware of the world and how your actions affect it. But depression is cured through intentional efforts, also- going out in nature and doing sports, fighting loneliness and reconnecting with people, at extreme cases, even pills- yes I said it. Honestly, once you go vegan and get to know all the sh*t being done to animals and how human beings intentionally destroy the Earth for money (talking MNCs) and how the general consumer doesn't give a dime about it… makes depression grow. Diet can only help cure depression by boosting energy levels and I guess more energy=more movement= more endorphin= less depression. Doesn't work as a panacea though.

  22. Are endotoxins found predominantly in animal products? I am confused as to whether the endotoxin study was relevant, as there may be an abundance of endotoxins in plant foods too, or even the subjects were injected with plant-based endotoxin? Would appreciate an answer 🙂

  23. Your Entire LIFESTYLE should be healthy.
    -No drinking, smoking, drugs, Pornography or Masturbation/ Sexual activity outside of Marriage.
    -Whole Foods Plant Based Diet.
    -Cold showers and stay away from TV
    -Drink Plenty of water and get Plenty of Rest
    -Above all Prayer to our Heavenly Creator and worship to Him.
    Do these things and you will be a Much happier healthier Person, depression WILL be greatly reduced or eliminated.

  24. This must be why all the people who feast on large quantities of meat at barbeques, pig pickins, and cookouts seem to be so depressed in anticipation, during, and after those events. 😉

  25. My boyfriend is the only person who witnessed how different I act now that I'm vegan. I used to be anxious, depressed, and veeerrrryyyyy angry. I lost my glue one day and I threw a bunch of shit around and screamed and cried. (I know, I'm loony. I think it was the depression making me angry) But since becoming vegan my mood gets better every day! I can even go for a stressful car ride without flipping out and becoming a "backseat driver". I'm much more patient and calm. My anger is suppressed and disappears almost as soon as it appears. I feel great, and my boyfriend is happy for me. (And happy that I'm not bitching all the time, lol)

  26. Highly recommend you rethink this video. I'm with most of the data Greger puts out, but not this one. And shame on people who bypass the science on this most serious topic. It is a leading cause of death especially for the younger peeps out there. So, lets get our heads out of the fruit garden for a moment…Preventative interventions (NOT DIET) are effective treatments. You should encourage that, before promoting diet which you should do secondarily. If preventative measures were not effective, then, we can say its all the diet. And I'm not including drugs as part of that!!! Its also hard to debate that inflammation is a consequence of the depression. Its a fact that depression causes immune issues. As for immune challenges, endotoxin is of limited use. Its better to find data relating to pathogens infecting or even alleregens, and resulting depression, such as

    You will see its not so simple as 'diet.' The article also suggests that Japanese and Inuits who have Omega-3 from seafood may explain lower rates of inflammatory disease.
    More on diet and depression:, The take home message is jury is still out on things like mediterranean diet, but leaning towards benefits.

  27. I've been eating a completely plant-based diet for 2 weeks now, and even after the first week I felt downright euphoric.

  28. If we evolved I think poop is stinky, why do dogs and other animals seem to be attracted to it? Aren't they at risk for infection as well?

  29. I suffered depression on and off my whole life, even as a baby. I have eaten a plant based diet for the past 11 years and for some reason now at 44 I don't get depression any more. I feel well balanced and happy all the time, I sleep well and feel very healthy and positive. My blood tests are great also. I don't like to go around saying it's because of my incredibly healthy plant based diet but I do wonder sometimes.

  30. Thanks for a very interesting article, here are several tips on anti-inflammatory dietary supplements…
    Curcumin: Research has shown the anti-inflammatory properties of curcumin to be as effective as some pharmaceuticals, but without the negative effect of toxicity. This powerful antioxidant also supports joint health and cardiovascular function.
    Resveratrol: This extract found in red-wine helps to quell inflammation, regulate the malfunctioning immune response, and defend you against cancer.
    Omega-3: Omega-3 fatty acids inhibit an enzyme called cyclooxygenase (COX), which triggers inflammation. Our fish oil is designed using emulsification technology that enhances absorption by the body.
    (I learned these and why they work on Mackyns Nature Guard website )

  31. I had mild depression before going vegan and now, 3 years on, it's pretty much gone. I don't remember when the change happened and I did notice my mood stabilized and I had more energy. Nothing else inmy life changed but somehow I felt the return of hope.

  32. Positive associations
      Sugar-sweetened soft drinks 0.39*** 0.05*** 0.09*** 0.08***
      Refined grainsc 0.36*** 0.04** 0.08*** 0.08***
      Red meat 0.33*** 0.01 0.07*** 0.09***
      Margarine 0.26*** 0.04* 0.04** 0.06***
      Diet soft drinks 0.23*** 0.01 0.05** 0.06***
      Other vegetablesd 0.10** 0.01 −0.001 0.04**
      Fish 0.06*** 0.0003 −0.02 0.04**
     Negative associations
      Wine −0.48*** −0.10*** −0.07*** −0.10***
      Coffeee −0.45*** −0.08*** −0.06*** −0.10***
      Olive oil −0.23*** −0.04** −0.05** −0.04**
      Green, leafy vegetablesf −0.21*** −0.05*** −0.05*** −0.02
      Yellow vegetablesg −0.15*** −0.03* −0.05*** −0.004

    In other words carbs are the major culprits if you actually bother to read the damn article rather than listen to the propaganda

  33. At 3:57 he only shows the part of the table where fish is seen to have a positive association with CRP (inflammation) while completely cropping out vegetables which also have the exact same association of 0.04… (scroll down to Table 1). It is one thing to only include studies that support your claims, but it is another thing to pick and chose findings from a single study while ignoring others that are equally as important. Cherry picking at its finest. By the way, I am not against a plant based diet, in fact I think we should all base our diets around plants. However, if you look at the totality of evidence for and against fish consumption, it is quite obvious that fish is an important part of the diet, and more people should be eating seafood, especially in populations where red meat consumption is high. I think skewing results from studies to demonise fish is without a doubt going to do people harm from a health standpoint – I wouldn't take this video too seriously.

  34. So true. I have worked out for myself over years that my depressive and anxiety episodes are strongly linked to my allergies. Worst allergies are tree pollen in February and fungal spores in autumn. Symptoms are relieved by taking an additional anti histamine. There are many neurotransmitters including histamine so lm wondering if the allergies directly affect the amount of histamine in the brain thus causing my symptoms. I have gone vegan these last few months so hopefully matters will improve but l was persuaded to eat fish the other day which l ate out of politeness. I then had a nasty bout of symptoms. Thanks to Dr Gregor for this information.

  35. Seen this video a week ago and changed my diet to completely raw vegan, just came back to let you know I'm pretty sure you saved my life.

  36. Since going vegan, I;ve only had two episodes & it has been 1.5 years. This is such an improvement & it motivates me to keep going everyday.

  37. Well I can say, I only ate the bare minimum of fruit and veg throughout my twenties and thirties, along with high sugar, a lot of processed food along with meat, salt and alcohol and i suffered long bouts of depression and melancholy for most of those two decades.

  38. I don't buy this. Optimal nutrition must include some animal protein preferably from fish, grass fed beef and organ meat. Also, my own personal experience is evidence enough to me that 2 grams a day of EPA (an omega 3) work better at treating depression than the ssri's and snri's currently on the market. Where did I get the idea to take EPA to treat depression? Books and the internet. For example: and

    Veganism and Vegetarianism will not give a person optimal nutrition. Optimal nutrition has to include eating within an eight hour window every 24 hours when not fasting (fasting meaning not eating for longer than the 15 hour fast you should be getting every 24 hours), keeping your omega 6 to omega 3 ration between 1:1 and 4:1, eating only as much protein as you need, keeping your carbohydrate intake relatively low (that means getting your 20 – 150 grams of carbohydrates almost entirely from vegetables and never eating grains or legumes) and including 4 or 5 tablespoons of coconut oil a day preferably taken prior to meals (to reduce insulin response).

  39. This is why I will always recommend a plant based diet. After suffering from depression for over 10 years it just disappeared on a vegan diet and I've never been more happy it's been three years and I'm still amazed everyday.

  40. Why have we evolved to get depressed? It’s worth baring in mind we wouldn’t have evolved at all if our ancestors were vegan.

  41. When I was healing from lyme disease I would go through periods where I felt worse even though I was getting better. My whole body would hurt and I would feel tired as the lyme bacteria died off and released toxins. I also went through a period of feeling really depressed. Now it makes sense. I knew I felt better when I exercised, but being sick prevented it. That was a very difficult rut to get out of.

  42. you know, you might have some good… even great info to share. I cannot get past your bothersome, highly-distracting tone of voice, phrasing of speech, however, to actually listen to you for more than 20 seconds…

  43. The author is only presenting one side of the argument here and probably has too black and white a story regarding antioxidants and free radicals. The latest science is showing that an important process called hormesis is vital to life and that free radical challenges to the body are vital to the quality and quantity of mitochondria in the body. Please think more deeply about these issues before presenting studies that fit your preconceptions about how diet “should be.” Some animal protein – particularly a pescatarian diet – is linked to longevity in the blue zone populations. This is not mentioned here. Again, please do your homework. Thanks.

  44. So all the japanese are depressed. They eat so much fish! Are you depressed? Cut fish and eat broccoli. Come on.

  45. Definitely an interesting Video. I have been going vegan off and on, and it is so evidently clear that veganism is the way to go. I suffer from crippling anxiety and I know the link between gut and brain health is strong. Would be interesting if you did a video on anxiety and the Gut Microbiome

  46. Lovely Video clip! Forgive me for butting in, I would appreciate your initial thoughts. Have you thought about – Lammywalness Erase Depression Guide (do a google search)? It is an awesome one off guide for beating depression fast without the hard work. Ive heard some extraordinary things about it and my mate at last got excellent success with it.

  47. Diet definitely is the place to start in trying to overcome depression, but if it doesn't work it can be toxicity from heavy metals or herbicides like glyphosate. Some people get better after taking a spore based probiotic, that can also bring down brain inflammation.

  48. Bit of a stretch to blame oxidative stress on all animal products. Saturated fats which typically come from animals are less prone to oxidation and cheap vegetable fats have high levels of polyunsaturated fats.

    But that's the problem with looking at consumption of "animal products" what is the trend with animal products? LOW FAT!

    Skinless chicken in nuggets, mince beef proudly boasting "less than 5% fat", skimmed milk, low fat cheese, low fat yogurt. Everywhere the fat is being cut out of animal products and sold as waste.

    But what happens after all the good animal fat is cut or skimmed off, taking the nutrients with it? To make up for how lean the animal products are, low nutrient refined plant products are put back in, typically seed oils and fructose based sugars such as sucrose or HFCS.

    How is fish most commonly prepared? Without the skin and in a refined vegetable oil. You're not getting fish oil, you're getting vegetable oil!

    Few people have extra virgin olive oil or coconut oil that is low in polyunsaturated fats.

  49. a (mostly) whole food vegan diet has helped me switch from feeling miserable all the time with occassional moments of happiness to feeling good/ok as a norm and just having a crisis from time to time bc of things that just happen in life :p. when someone asks me if i'll ever go back to eating ""normally"" i always say yes a and shiver a little at the thought because it would kill me, quite literally because i really used to want to die and if nothing changed it might have happened. i'm infinitely grateful and hope more people can get relief that way

  50. I was depressed for around a year. I saw a video similar to this one and decided why not give anti inflammatories a go. I reduced the amount of cooking fat I consumed and made it a rule that I consumed cod liver oil tablets daily (high in omega 3 which is anti inflammatory). The change i've felt in the last couple months is incredible. I feel much more like my normal self and find my feelings of anxiety and depression greatly reduced. Please to anyone reading this, give a similar diet a go for at least a few months. Depression and anxiety are dreadful to experience and I hope anyone experiencing them can overcome them as soon as possible.

  51. Nutritionfacts ignores studies they don't like and is a vegan promoter. Fact is that sugar causes inflammation, blood and mental instability and weight gain. Many vegetables create lectin inflammation. Hormones affect depression. In many foods in the USA – the estrogen in soy has feminized males and makes males and females angry/depressed. Via respect and food, testosterone moderates the mood of males. Meat is the most nutrient rich food. Eating more meat and fewer carbs has cured depression, weight and immunity problems and much more, for many females and males. video – Does Red Meat Treat Depression and Mental Illness?

  52. expected vegans to come in and talk about how healthy they are. Tell that to Steve Jobs and others who die of cancer. Enjoy your high sugar low protein lifestyle. Btw: eating right with meat is quite healthy . Most athletes, olympians and fitness models eat meat.

  53. Plant diet is anti-inflammatory?
    "Glyphosate, pathways to modern diseases II: Celiac sprue and gluten intolerance."
    Now even eco, bioproducts are contaminated.
    Glyphosate has also an influence on microbiome: human and in the soil.

  54. Too bad I fell into doctors hands and was told to get a bp/ds or I’d die. I need way more protein than veggies can give or I’d die.

  55. A major problem with this video is that it doesn't address the fact that depression can be very generalized. There could be a thousand different vectors for depression & inflammation.

    So if a vegan diet works for you then stick to it, otherwise you need to keep searching. A major warning I'd like to give to anyone switching to a vegan diet is to take solid care of the amino acid (protein) composition of the foods you'll be consuming.

    For me, it was peanuts (butter) & it bloated me the fuck out & gave me a lot of other issues. Apparently, a lot of vegan protein sources are high in an amino acid leucine, taking excessive amounts of this lowers your Vitamin B3 (niacin) which can wreck you if you were already low in B vitamins, which you likely will be as chronic inflammation drains them.

    Not having enough niacin can induce depression as well by increasing rate of excretion of tryptophan which is a precurosor to serotonin & melatonin. As you can tell, this is all one big vicious cycle. Guess what else is high in leucine: dairy/whey protein. This might be why avoiding dairy works for some.

    Niacin is also responsible for lowering cholestrol. There's your cardiovascular disease connection.

  56. how about mixing a good amount of plant based foods and meat everyday? will that help inflammation from getting too high? will that stop IGF1 levels from getting too high? I'm a bodybuilder so meat might have to stay in my diet.

  57. Must depression they one from intoxication alcohol candida pathogen mucus fungi fungus mould dust flu virus herpesvirus 123 Herpes parasite plagues brain damage neuron disorder because of alcoholism and drug and substance lack of sleep because of intoxication and bad practice of sex unhygienic bad diet dirty food unhealthy food.

  58. I really want to know what to eat for depression. But I cant get past this evolution nonsense! Evolution is not a fact, its a religion. How can intellegent people be so stupid? You need so much more faith to believe that nothing exploded and created everything than just simply believe there is perfect design behind everything.

  59. Hummmmm humans have only gotten depressed more and more in the past century and we eat less and less meat(not inflimatory) and more sugar aswell as certain vegetables(inflammatory) jezzzzz i wonder why people are getting more depressed

  60. what about this?

  61. Things are not passed down simply because they are beneficial. Things are passed down when individuals procreate before they die. If evolution were providential there would be no cancer or any congenital diseases. Evolution is NOT in the direction of the best-possible world. It's goal is not to increase life-spans indefinitely.

  62. I've just eaten tahini but now i have inflammation in the brain :/ not sure how to deal with it.
    I thought tahini would be something good to help absorbtion of fat soluble vitamins from my plates of steamed veg.but now my brain is inflamed and i dont know how to deal with it.pleawe advise

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