Art Therapy for Stress Management

Hello friends! Today I’ll show you how to
make therapeutic art to manage your stress. Make sure you find a space that
feels comfortable and where you won’t be disturbed. Put on a salt lamp, candles, low lights, or even essential oil diffuser. The materials you need are paper, any kind of drawing or painting material –
I’m using Caran Dache – which is a water-soluble pastel, also you can bring
water with cup and brushes (if you are painting). First set an intention to make
art today to relieve stress and not add to it with making judgments about our
art work. Be willing to open up to the creative process. Now gently place your
attention on your breathing and your body. Rate your stress from a scale of
zero to ten – zero being no stress and ten being extreme stress – and just rate what
number you are right now. Relax and make yourself comfortable. When you are ready imagine an
environment where you can be stress-free, a place where you can relax, be
comfortable, and feel at peace. Once you have this image in mind you can start
creating. When we’re stressed out we first need to
relieve the tension we’re holding in our bodies. It might
feel counterintuitive but instead of trying to solve our stress we need to
let go and first breathe. This exercise will help you first get into your body
and tap into your right brain instead of the left brain and tap into our creative
imagination to calm our overthinking stressed-out mind. When we’re stressed we really forget to relax and we really forget to tap into the peace and calm
that we already have within us and this prompt will help you to tap into it
easily. So I’m creating a scene of myself at the beach I added some water to make it into a painting. Let me know in the comments what is your favorite place that you like to be in when you’re stressed out. Where is a
place that you can feel totally relaxed and 100% calm? After you have finished your artwork you
can clear out the space and get ready for some reflective writing. You can bring a journal or a paper and a
pen to write with and write down the answers to these
questions, to get more in depth into your artwork. First question is where is this
place? Simply describe what kind of place this is that you created. Second question
is how would you feel if you were in this place right now? What are the
emotions and what are the physical sensations that you might feel? And last
question is, what did you learn from this exercise? And write down any other
thoughts that come up right now. Thanks for following along with the self
art therapy practice. If you enjoyed this please like this video, subscribe to the
channel, and I’ll see you next time!

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