Ashwagandha Powder: Benefits & Uses

Ashwagandha Powder: Benefits & Uses

The health benefits and uses of ashwaganhda
powder, also known as indian ginseng. 1. Ashwaghanda is a herb that has been for over
3000 years as a natural medicine in ayurvedic healing. 2. It comes from a perennial shrub which grows
in drier areas of India 3. A powder is made usually from the roots or
leaves of the plant, and it can be used to treat a great range of health problems. 4. It is most commonly used for women who are
going through the menopause. It has the ability to balance the hormones,
stabilise moods and reduce hot flashes. 5. Taking this powder regularly can reduce oxidative
stress on the body, and boost memory and mental cognition
6. It is also adopt genic and increases the body’s
energy levels, particularly when suffering with depression, anxiety or stress. 7. Ashwaghanda can also increase the chances
of pregnancy, by giving you a healthy dose of nutrients including tannins, potassium
nitrate, alkaloids and fatty acids 8. It has been shown to reduce swelling in the
brain, and often increases intelligence and alertness. 9. If you have trouble sleeping at night (insomnia)
this healthy herb will cure this problem in no time. 10. Ladies who have irregular menstrual cycles,
can take this to regulate their hormone levels, and treat discomfort. 11. It is highly anti-inflammatory and will reduce
the effects of aging, keeping your skin vibrant and healthy. 12. The herb has a very potent smell which has
been described as horse like. You can purchase this in capsule form if you
prefer. 13. If you suffer with high blood pressure, taking
this on a daily basis will lower the blood pressure noticeably. 14. It also lowers bad cholesterol levels and
stabilises blood sugar, making you less likely to crave unhealthy foods. 15. It is also mentioned in the Kama Sutra, and
works as a sexual stimulant for both men and women. 16. The adaptogenic and antioxidant properties
of this can help your body to heal from many chronic diseases, and allergies. 17. It is also antiseptic and works to treat asthma,
fever, coughs, colds, conjunctivitis, tonsillitis and many more. 18. Like most healthy herbs, it also treats constipation
and can protect you from stomach ulcers and spasms. 19. To learn more ancient remedies, please see
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  1. Another great video. Thanks Ryan. I need to get this see if it helps with my hot flushes. and other problems that I have been mentioned in this video. ♥♥ blessings Ryan

  2. sir,i would like to eat empty stomach aswgandha powder in the morning and evening.i want to know how many minutes before and after eating it,you have to refrain from drinking water and other food.i eat triphala from last week.can i eat triphala?plese reply

  3. I am trying to use this marvelous powder but it actually gives me stomach pain and makes me feel nauseated. Is there a way to overcome this? Thank you

  4. for how much month I should consume Ashwagandha+Milk? I am 20 years old male.I want to get rid of body weakness and I want to increase my weight

  5. How many months can eat in aswanghanda…
    Under 20 years old person

    Plz replay it's very important for me plzzz

  6. ashwagandha really helped me during my period. I always suffered from pms but since I take ashwagandha I have no problems anymore. I am happy and feel good, my skin looks a lot better and I sleep much better.
    I take the capsules, 1 per day is enough for me.

  7. Sir should female take Ashwagandha powder of roots ?
    If yes , then I have 2 doubts
    1)As Ashwagandha increases testosterone level in body , so it may also increase testosterone level in a woman body, which is harmful for woman.
    So should a woman take Ashwagandha in such case ?

    2) What if a female has PCOS? In that case should she consume ashwagandha ?

  8. "അശ്വഗന്ധ ടാബ്ലറ്റ് "( ashwagandha tablets )

    ന്യൂട്രിലൈറ്റിന്റെ പുതിയ ഉൽപ്പന്നമായ അശ്വഗന്ധ ആരോഗ്യമേഖലകളിൽ പ്രവർത്തിക്കുന്നവർക്ക്‌ ശുഭപ്രതീക്ഷയാണ്‌ നൽകുന്നത്. DNA ഫിംഗർ പ്രിന്റ് ടെക്നോളജിയിലൂടെ നിർമ്മിച്ച അശ്വഗന്ധ ടാബ്ലറ്റ് ഇത് വരെ മാർക്കറ്റിൽ ഇറങ്ങിയിട്ടുള്ള അശ്വഗന്ധ ടാബ്ലറ്റുകളെയെല്ലാം ഗുണനിലവാരത്തിൽ പിന്തള്ളിയിരിക്കുന്നു.

    ആയുർവേദ ഔഷധങ്ങളിലും  ഔഷധചേരുവകളിലും വളരെ പ്രധാന്യമർഹിക്കുന്നതാണ് അശ്വഗന്ധ. എല്ലാ പ്രാചീന ആയുർവേദ ഗ്രന്ഥങ്ങളിലും ഈ ഔഷധത്തിന്റെ മഹത്വം വിവരിക്കുന്നുണ്ട്. ശരീരത്തിന്റെ പ്രതിരോധശേഷി, നിത്യയൗവനം, സന്തുഷ്ട ദാമ്പത്യജീവിതം, പ്രമേഹം, സന്ധിവാതം, സെറിബ്രൽ പാൾസി, അപസ്മാരം, രക്തസമ്മർദ്ദം, ഉത്കണ്ഠ, മാനിയ തുടങ്ങിയ പ്രശ്നങ്ങൾക്കും ശ്രദ്ധക്കുറവ്, പഠനപ്രശ്നങ്ങൾ, ഭൗതിക വികാസം, ADHD, ഓർമ്മകുറവ് എന്നിവയ്ക്കും അശ്വഗന്ധ നിർദേശിക്കപ്പെട്ടിട്ടുണ്ട്. തലച്ചോറിലെ കേന്ദ്ര നാഡീവ്യൂഹത്തെ ഗുണപരമായി സ്വാധിനിക്കുന്നതിലൂടെ ശാരീരികവും മാനസികവുമായ സൗക്യം അശ്വഗന്ധ നൽകുന്നു.

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