#AskGaryVee 302 | Hannah Bronfman

– [Man] You’re talking about
drinking a lot of water. What about energy drinks, because I drink – Dude, what are you
fuckin’ talking about? – Zack, don’t.
– You’re joking, right? (upbeat instrumental music) – Hey everybody, it’s Gary Vaynerchuck. I’m doing something a little bit different with this Ask Gary Vee, we’re gonna mainly just do a five to seven setup ’cause Hannah’s been on the show
before in the pod sessions so I know some of the audience knows her and you can just Google that, pod sessions with Hannah Bronfman,
but I want to let her set up this incredible book
that’s causing a bunch of buzz. Talk to us about what it is a little bit, and then really what I want to do, oh, let me go on Instagram, hold
on, I want to do that as well. What I really want to do is, you got it? Is really allow you guys to have access. The more I think about the world, I always think about content, but access, to me, is a really big part of it, and so actually getting to ask Hannah some questions, oh, the nails are on fire. – Oh, thank you.
– You got the work, see, you know what,
this might be the first time ever I wish I had
nails, ’cause I just like the fact that you can
like put words on them. Wanna make sure that you
guys get some access, and so, why don’t you
tell the Vayner nation, everybody watching on
screens and on the internets what this book’s about
and how it became to be. – Yeah, sure, okay, so,
I’ve been in the wellness world now for the last
10 years, and started from, I was DJing night
life and I kind of woke up one morning and I was
just completely burnt out and I just really, I
felt like shit, my skin was terrible, I was eating once a day, I was drinking a ton and I was basically up all night and sleeping all day and so I kind of just said to
myself, this lifestyle is not sustainable at all.
– How long’d you do that lifestyle for?
– For about three years. That was
– So you went hard. – Yeah, and that was right after college, so I mean you’re also counting
– You weren’t ready to have college to be done with. – Yeah, exactly, you’re
counting those college years, too, and actually,
when I was in college, something pretty insane, well, it was, my grandmother passed
away and she actually had suffered from anorexia her whole life and when I was with her
and she passed away, it was one of those
moments where I just kind of said to myself, I know I should devote myself to living the
happiest and healthiest version of myself because
that was something that she never did, and
so desperately, I think, wanted for her grandkids,
and so, between that happening and then waking
up one day and feeling like absolute crap, I
basically decided that there needed to be a huge
overhaul in my lifestyle and that I needed to
take my health seriously. – Even at that young of an age. – Yeah, I was about 22
years old, and I just, I noticed that I had gotten
away from all of the things that really made me feel
– Wait, you graduated college at 19, or were you 25, ’cause it was three years after college? – No, I guess, oh, you’re right, I guess you’re right, I guess that’s around 24 and I graduated college at 21, and it was just one of those moments
where I, very good, intense listener over here
– See, you guys didn’t think I could, go ahead.
– One of those things where I realized that I
had done so much damage to myself, so that’s why I really kind of just got on the health journey. I started exploring different experts, trying to figure out what
was going on with me, why was food making me feel so shitty, how to take care of
myself, and I kind of grew up very active, like,
as a kid I was a dancer, I played sports, I loved
cooking, and I just wanted to get back to
the things that really made me feel great, and
so I started meeting with all these amazing doctors and taking all these tests, trying
all these different diets. I ended up starting my first
startup in the beauty world, kind of launched my
beauty curiosity, and it kind of put me as like an
expert in the beauty world, and so over the last 10
years, I really amassed all this crazy info regarding
health, beauty, and fitness and wellness overall and
well-being and mindfulness, so this book is really
a download of everything I’ve learned over the 10 years. I think we can all
understand that wellness has become such a crowded space.
– Yeah, I was just about to ask you, as you were talking, I was like, okay,
the follow-up here is, so much has happened,
when you first started flirting with it, just even thinking about Instagram’s growth and
the permission for anybody to go into the space and
whatever their interpretation, it is, like, what’s your take on that? – My take is that basically,
it makes it accessible for anyone and everyone to have an opinion on what works, what doesn’t
work, and a lot of this can be like fake news, false advertising. – Yeah, just a lot of
misinformation, right? – Yeah, exactly, and it
can also lead the customer, the viewer, to have a
really hard time of knowing where the entry point is and
understanding what’s the one thing that they want to try
or what, and trying to also figure out what’s not a fad
and what’s actually gonna make a difference in their life,
so I’ve tried all the fads because I’m a huge guinea pig
and that’s what I love to do, and I love to be ahead
of trend, hence me being on this journey for the last
10 years, and it really coming to popularity, I think, in
the last five, yeah, so this book has like a ton of accessible
ways of entering in the wellness world, ’cause I feel
like media has really made wellness feel like a very
inaccessible, boutique fitness, organic food, white, bland scene, and that’s really not the case at all. And everyone,
– No, I mean, there’s some, like I was
just thinking about a couple grandmas I know who were
like, just die-hard, no, it’s just Dove soap,
like 93-year-old grandmas who are like oh my God,
and like, oh, just Dove soap for the last 63 years.
– Right. – I feel like you need to
figure it out for yourself. – Totally.
– Like Dove soap might’ve worked for Gertrude,
but might suck for Calvin. – Totally, and I think
one of the big things that I talk about is how I
learned to listen to my body, and what I’m hoping that people
really get from this book is a little bit more
understanding of themselves, and that I hope this book asks
the right questions to help you kind of figure out what
you’re maybe not really being truthful with yourself
about and how you can better understand yourself, because
I think it’s really true, it really, just saying
what worked for me isn’t gonna work for you,
– It’s a strategy of one. – Totally.
– The reason, by far, the thing that I hope
most people hear when I talk about business and marketing
is about self-awareness. – Right.
– Which is what lead me to insecurity,
right, I’m like oh, people are not willing to be themselves
’cause they’re worried about judgment of others,
and I think a lot of that, I’m thinking about it quite
a bit on mindset, but I have so much empathy, especially
for women, around physical appearance, like that’s
tough, like loving yourself, under complete conditions of
the pressure of what judgment of beauty or financial success
or alpha male or females, like there’s, it’s just a lot. – Totally, and I talk so much
about the mindset as well, and it really, understanding
that how to tune out the haters, how to really
focus in and not compare yourself to other people, I
mean there’s so much out there that make it really difficult
for women to feel comfortable in their own skin, and a lot
of what I talk about is kind of body confidence, and like
my own journey of identity as well, which I feel
like people can relate to. – Where are you on your journey,
like current state of the union of your life, going
through this, being public in a lot of ways, having a
little bit of it girl status and all of that, like where are
you, like right this minute, you’ll look back at this video
in three years and be like oh crap, my question
is, where are you best right now in your historical journey, like you’re best about your
eyes for the first time ever, like literally, right
this second, where are you at the best, and what are you
most continuously, like what are you most struggling
with or trying to hack or get better at, and what are you the best at in your own context? – So right now I feel like where I’m at right now is, really, for the first time, feeling 100% comfortable within my own skin, in my body, I feel like I am heavier than
I was four years ago, but I love my curves, every
inch of them, I feel like I’m stronger than I ever
have been, and so I’m just feeling 100% about my body
goals and just, not to say that I don’t have more gym
goals and whatever, but that I feel really confident
– You’re just like – This is me.
– This is my DNA, – Yeah,
– And here’s where the margins are, I’m not
gonna be X, like, to me, I’ve always, like to me, guys
and girls, it’s like, look, I’m, there’s certain things
that, no matter what you do, aren’t going to happen, it’s a DNA game. – Absolutely, and I feel like
– And people really are delusional,
– I’ve totally figured out my eating habits, what works
for me, I’m on top of them, – What works for you?
– Eating just a ton of vegetables and lean protein
– Kills for you? – Yeah, but it’s really
– Do you love veggies?
– I love veggies. – I love that you love
– I don’t eat really processed foods,
not a lot of grains. If I’m gonna eat animal
proteins, it really needs to be pasteurized
and like wild-caught fish – What do you allow yourself to be a guilty pleasure currently?
– I mean, chocolate is like, but I don’t even think of it as a guilty pleasure. Chocolate is good for you. – Well that means you
have some dark chocolate, like high cacao count
– I love 82% – That’s a big difference
between a fucking Twix. – No, you’re right, I don’t eat candy, but I do love my 82%
– But like, that’s not guilty. What is your like, I’ll
eat some Sourpatch Kids when nobody’s really looking.
– I actually don’t, see, this is, people ask me this, but I really feel like I’ve
trained myself to think that fruit is a guilty pleasure. – By the way, in my best eating
habits, which ran for like two and a half years, I’m
off of it right now ’cause I’m more into muscle gain
which is giving me room – Sure.
– To be a little ridiculous, but I know in six months me
and Mike are coming back, he’s coming back in for six
months to like really get back to it, like fruit was like an enemy. They’re sugar, like
– Yeah, yeah. – Now I’m like I’ll eat
Twizzlers, I’ll do some shit. – I mean, I guess like dirty nachos. – Yeah, okay,
– Every once in a while,
– Like shitty cheese On top of it,
– Yeah, yeah, and I’m not even making them
myself, like I will go out to a pub, Warren somebody’s makes kind of the best nachos, and I’m totally here for that once in a blue moon. – Everybody watching on all
the live streams, Instagram, you guys, too, Facebook,
Twitter, please put in your phone number right now,
Calvin, who’s in for Andy, by the way, the young crews
here, Andy, Sid, Drock, they’re all in India right
now for Sid’s wedding, big shoutout to Sid,
congratulations, I guess he’s gone for like ever, that’s now his role, I think the other guys are
back in a couple of weeks, so, the young crew’s in here,
so Calvin’s in for Andy, put in your phone numbers
right now on the screens. I want to talk about
health, wellness, influence or marketing, Hannah, who has
done a great job building, please,
– Yeah, I was gonna say, you’ve been
so instrumental, I feel like, with my whole, what I’m
even doing with the book and the promo and everything,
and I’m so excited to tell you that I’ve been on my
Instagram ads and my Facebook ads and you’re right, it’s so easy, and I don’t know why I was even hesitating. – It’s similar to fitness. I can tell everybody right now
if they want to get into way better shape and be happier,
sleep, listen to your body and sleep more, or what’s
appropriate to what your body’s doing, eat,
stop eating fats and sugar and work out, the formula’s basic. The execution, for some reason, everything that I spit, and
you’re referring to after, one of the times we hung out,
when the cameras were off, and like, listen to me,
execute this, you know, you have something different than most. You have the fact that
you had organic success because of who you are,
how you execute it. A lot of people, so like,
people who have organic success don’t do the ads and things
’cause there’s organic success. Other people just don’t put in the work. There’s a million reasons
why, but it’s funny. It makes me so happy that
you’re doing it because it is a moment in time.
– Totally. – Like this will go away.
– Right. – Like one day, Instagram will be Myspace. – I can’t even, that seems so terrifying. – Well, the reason it’s
terrifying, what really scares me is, and you don’t have this
problem even though Instagram is so important to you, same
for me, 98% of people watching right now, if Instagram broke
and disappeared off the face of the Earth tomorrow, they
would disappear off the face of the Earth.
– Right. – So I think, my quick little
PSA if you’re watching right now is get your LinkedIn
and your blog and your email and your text messaging platform
and your Twitter and your Facebook and your podcast game up. Youtube. Like why are you one-dimensional? – Right. Anyway, you got a phone. Let’s do it. So the book came out last week. (phone ringing)
– The book came out last week on Tuesday.
– We need to link the book. This is so exciting that
we’re gonna call someone. – Yeah, who’s the name? – Erica.
– This is so cool. I feel like I’m old school. – This is like old school sports radio. I feel like I’m on a episode of (all talking)
(instrumental music) (groaning)
– What’s her name? – Leave a message?
– Oh yeah. – I’ll follow your lead.
– Follow my lead, okay? – [Woman] Press one for more options. (answering machine beeps)
– Erica, it’s Gary Vee, you fucked up.
– It’s also Hannah Bronfman, I
was hoping we could chat – But we can’t because you fucked up. – Okay. (laughs) See ya. Alright, we’ll go to the next one. So, Hannah, the book came
out Tuesday of last week? – Tuesday of last week on Jan 8. I know, it’s always Tuesday. Oh, I see, new year,
new you, okay, so that’s where you guys positioned it.
– Which, by the way,
– Who’s this done by? Harper Collins, Harper, wave. – Mine is Harper Collins, too.
– By the way, the whole new year, new you,
I mean, I get it, but for me, I always say there’s no better time to start something than today. – I agree. I didn’t do it this year, but
three or four years in a row, I would make a New Year’s
Resolution video on December 13th and I would be like why
are you waiting 19 days? – Totally. – Like, right, but for book
purposes, seems like a good time of year to get the
placements you wanted. – Yeah, absolutely.
– Who do we have? Trent.
– Trent. Trent’s gonna have something. Hopefully Trent will answer. – So we’re gonna go into,
for a lot of people, books are a big thing and I want to know how the book went for you. – Okay, yeah. – Hello?
– Trent, it’s Gary Vee. – Thanks, brother, I got you.
– You got me? – Are you serious right now, holy shit. (Hannah laughs)
– Okay, Trent. – Holy shit, what’s up dude?
– What’s up, dude? – You don’t know how long I’ve
been waiting for this shit. Oh my god.
– Trent, where are you from?
– I am from Texas. – What part?
– Fort Worth. – Love it.
– Do you have a question for Hannah?
– I do, I do. – Hey, Trent.
– Oh my god. I can’t breathe right now.
– My heart is pumping. – Oh my god.
(Trent laughs) – So big question for you. I work full time, I build
airplane parts here in Fort Worth. I am a content creator, and
I’m trying to get my health on track, but I work like
40 hours a week here, and then another 20 doing my hustle. How do I fit it in? – Well, you’re working part time at 60 hours a week, so you
got unlimited time, bro. – I would say there’s a
whole method to the first seven minutes of when you wake
up and how that’s supposed to really help your metabolism speed up, – Hold on, hold on, I apologize
’cause I was making jokes, what did you say about
the first seven minutes? – So, within the first
seven minutes of waking up, that’s when all your shit is spiking, – And Hannah, is this like
– So your cortisol – No joke, and you may not
know, is this like stake in the ground, tobacco causes
cancer kind of thing, or is that the current hypothesis of culture, I’m asking, I don’t know.
– No. It’s a real thing that cortisol,
I’m not sure about Trent specifically,
– Yes, of course. – Your cortisol should, if
you’re in healthy shape, should spike in the morning,
and that’s what helps you metabolize and burn calories all day long. – And so what should one do
in the first seven minutes? – So within the first seven
minutes, I would say get a five minute workout in, which
literally means do one minute of jumping jacks, one minute
of a wall sit, rather, – Which, by the way, I
apologize to interrupt, ’cause I’ve been good on this episode,
but when I first started working out for real five
years ago, the wall sit destroyed my life.
– Wall sit is hard, yeah. – Yeah, it’s the worst.
– The only thing that I cried about.
– See, doing a wall sit, – This shit, right?
– Sorry for interrupting, so you’re
talking about HITT, right? Like H-I-T-T stuff.
– Yeah, but not even, but HITT also really does
mean getting your heart rate up in a really intense way and
I’m kind of also just talking about even doing a wall sit,
which doesn’t technically mean a lot of cardio, it
does get your heart rate up, so even doing that and doing
a minute of sit up, and you can do something different every day. One minute of exercise with
five different exercises is five minutes right when you wake up. You can do it right next to your bed, and that’ll kind of set you up for a better execution of your day. – There are sometimes, like, I
was just like, you know what, I’m just gonna wake up, and now
I’m just gonna run out of my house like at a dead, I was
sleeping eight seconds ago, I’m gonna put on shorts and I’m just gonna wear shorts and T-shirt when I sleep now and just run out to New York City. Is that okay?
– I mean, that’s really intense, really intense. Also, Trent, I’m not sure
exactly what your health goals are, whether it’s losing
weight, gaining muscle, – Well, let’s ask him. Trent, what’s your goal, bro?
– My goals, I’m running 5Ks, 10Ks, 15Ks,
and then I have a spartan race in June and then another
one in October, and so I’m – Congrats.
– I’m trying to push it to the very next level
because everything that I’m doing right now, so I’ve just started
getting really hard in my videography so I closed Century
21 for like a year contract, so we’re on course to do 40K
next year, and so I’m just, oh my gosh, I can’t believe
I’m talking to ya’ll guys right now, I’m sorry.
– No, don’t worry, Trent. It’s real. This is not a dream.
– This is awesome. – So Trent, are you trying
to win the New York marathon, like where are we going with this? – I just want to push my
body to the next level. That’s it, like it’s
nothing more than that. – Like you like it?
– I love it. – It’s fun?
– I’m super competitive, so I used to box, but I got knocked out by a kid named Mufasa. Pro tip, never fight a kid named Mufasa. He will win nine times
out of 10, all the time. – Like Mufasa from Lion King?
– Yes. Like the kid’s name was Mufasa. That was his fighting name. – Hannah, in your new
book, is there tricks to meet Mufasa in a boxing match? – No, not really, but I do
talk about boxing a lot, ’cause it is one of those kind of
– Trendy. – Well, it’s very mental,
right, if you’re not focused on what you’re doing and being
present, you’re gonna get knocked out by Mufasa,
you know what I mean? – Which nobody wants.
– No, nobody wants that. – Nobody wants that.
– But what I was gonna say in terms of your
goals of the 5K and the Spartan races and stuff like that,
obviously, agility moves and getting your endurance
up is gonna be something that’s gonna really help you in those particular types of events. So I don’t know what you do
on the weekends, I mean, it sounds like you don’t have
that much time, but if you go out to like a tough
mudder or just even get one of those ladder ropes and if
you’re into content, if you have a little tripod, you can
start filming all this stuff – But Trent, but Trent,
do you eat like shit? Tell the truth, do not lie to Hannah. – I’ll be straight with
you, I eat like garbage. Yeah, I knew it. I felt it right through the vocals. – You know it.
– I could tell that Mufasa knocked you
out and you eat dog shit. – Oh, see, Trent,
– Help me here, Hannah. This is the thing. Trent’s gonna run through
Dallas, meanwhile eat like 40 chocolate puffs and like
– Oh, it’s not that bad. I mean, it’s not that bad,
like I’m still eating chicken and rice,
– Cool, bro, I’m glad you ate some chicken once. You’re eating dog shit, and you know, Trent, do not lie to Hannah.
– Trent, do you eat processed foods?
– Yes. – Do you eat a lot of sugar?
– Yes. – Yes.
– You see. – How much water do you drink a day? – Not much. – I try to at least get a gallon in. – That’s a lot.
– That’s a lot. – I don’t drink water for shit. I’m gonna dry up and disappear. – You need to drink water.
– I basically never drank water in my life.
– But you really drink a gallon of water?
– Yeah, he figured that hack out.
– It’s like the gallons that you get from Walmart.
– You know why he drinks a lot of water?
– Because I eat like shit.
– I did a bad job with my guess. It’s cliche. All these people walk around my office, be like look at my gallon,
and then I look at their fucking table and they’ve
got like Taco Bell and fucking Twizzlers everywhere. People love to do bandaids. Be like yo, I run a 5K and I drink water. Cool bro, you ate 43 Twinkies this week. – Right. How many vegetables do you eat a day? – I try to at least do a
handful of broccoli a day. See, I’m still eating like
crap, but I’m doing like a handful of veggies,
essentially, for two meals. So it doesn’t really do anything. – Okay, I would just, okay,
so, in addition to those agility and endurance
things, obviously, your water intake is great, but you
clearly need to switch up what you’re eating and I would
say try and eat a majority of vegetables on your plate
with a six to eight ounce piece of protein and cut out
all of your processed shit, and then if you’re hungry, you should be snacking on
– Yeah, a lot of people, talk to me, I want to jump on this. – About snacking? I think it’s really important
to eat when you’re hungry, otherwise
– You gotta listen to your body, right.
– You’re finished. I used to not eat during, I
still basically don’t eat during the day, but what would
happen is I would eat 7,000 calories at like 10 p.m.
– Yeah, terrible. Don’t, you should definitely
not be eating at least two and a half hours before you
go to bed, because your body really digests and detoxes
while you’re sleeping, so definitely you should
be drinking two glasses of water before you go to
bed and two glasses of water as soon as you wake up.
– And no joke, this is like the cliche,
I’m dying to ask you this, straight up, and don’t lie
to me, you’re nailing this two glass thing in the morning and night? – Oh, hell yeah.
– Seven days a week? – Oh, f,
– That is like religion to you.
– Oh my god. – Just like taking a shower?
– You wanna know a crazy thing that I do also?
– No, yeah, I do, yes. – I don’t eat and drink at the same time, because for optimal
digestion you’re supposed to drink water 45 minutes
before and after a meal. I talk about it in my book.
– Really? – Honestly, though, this
stuff sounds too hard. Just eat Jack-in-the-box.
– It’s honestly not that hard.
(Trent laughs) It’s like small, conscious
things that you should be doing, but I was gonna say about
snacking, you should definitely be snacking on veggies,
some protein, whether you’re making, eating like carrots
and hummus or even just some sliced turkey, just don’t eat, – How do you feel about flatbread? Like wheat flatbread?
– No, dude. – That’s not, what are you talking about? – Flatbread? Are you going to Panera? Like what’s happening here?
– Dude, you’re like me, like I’m about to go to Carbone
after this and I’m about to eat so much spaghetti and
just think about how fucked up this all is because Hannah
just told me not to do any of this shit.
– With wine, right? – Yeah, I’m gonna have like
14 glasses of wine and like nine pieces of bread and
triple spaghetti special. – And it’s only fucking Monday, bro. – But then I won’t eat Tuesday. – True
– See, that’s terrible, that’s terrible. – This is where interesting
to your body’s interesting, and I believe you, and I
do believe that there are, like I always, in
marketing, there’s best case strategies and then there’s nuances. I will tell you, as a
43-year-old, no question, I’m not talking about gorging
and then, take away gorging. When I’m eating properly,
at my best, when I’m eating properly, consistently,
and still having a fast day really, I don’t want to
fast to act cool or I think it’s right, it’s crazy
how much my body reacts. – Having a fast day is
very, very good for you. – God, I believe it.
– It’s very good for you. – I really, it’s very weird for me. – Your organs need to have some rest time. – I believe it.
– Do you ever, or is it too,
– Absolutely. – Yeah?
– Yeah. – I’ll do a lot,
– consistently or randomly?
– Randomly. I’ll do a water day every now and then. I don’t necessarily
promote it or talk about it on the internet
– Do you feel like you do it, do you feel
like you slip, like I’ve always, – No, I actually end up doing
it when I’ve been really, really good because I find
that when you’re doing things in a really consistent, good
manner, your body benefits even more when you have a detox day. – Trent, thanks for calling, brother. – So, here, wait, wait, wait,
super quick, two things. So you’re talking about
drinking a lot of water, what about energy drinks
– Dude, what are you fucking talking about?
– Def. Don’t. – You’re joking, right?
– Yeah, straight up, straight up,
– No, no, you’re joking, right? That stuff is garbage.
– No, okay, so no more of that.
– No, dude. – Nope, no more of that.
– Okay, okay. – Like I can’t even tell if you’re joking. – I just want to get in the best shape. – Okay.
– No, I’m being dead serious. – Dude, you just call and
said yo, I want a question, but real quick, I’m eating
flatbreads and bread bowl? Do you think I’m okay?
(Trent laughs) – Do you think I’m good? I don’t get shit for sleep. Oh, god, okay, yeah,
then, other than that, how much wine do I have
to buy, see, we’re just going bad on the whole
fitness thing here, how much wine do I have to buy to be
able to meet you in October, because I’m coming out to New
York City, me and my fiancee are coming out there
to experience New York, – Look, honestly, the real
answer is, way, way more than you want to hear, because
I think Nate and TR-OW-DEE have been bartering it for
like $10,000 worth of wine, so we’re talking like 50 cases,
but your energy is so good, and I like you, so send me
an email, and let me see how I can sneak you in
for at least a minute. – Dude, oh my god, you’re making
my fricking life right now. – Dude, I’m flattered. We’ll talk soon. Alright, more calls. (Hannah laughing)
– You know what’s interesting, and
I’m sitting there listening, he’s obviously excited,
nice kid, like for a minute there I thought he was, like
I honestly believe he wasn’t, if you ask me to bet right now,
I don’t think he was joking, and what’s funny about that
is, no different than being overeducated in whether it’s
wine or the New York Jets or marketing, like, boy,
he really thought energy drinks and flatbread were decently okay. – Yeah, it was also crazy
’cause like then hear how disconnected his goals
are from his day to day. He has these goals of
doing the Spartan races, whatever with the 5Ks and
whatnot but yet his daily are just saying the opposite.
– And by the way, it’s scary, you can’t outwork your mouth. Like I work out for real now,
and like, when you’re not eating well, see ya.
– Hello? – Hello, it’s Gary Vaynerchuk
with Hannah Bronfman. – Yeah! Okay, alright, I promised my
husband I would not freak out, so, we’re good.
– Olive, where do you live?
– Fangirling on the inside, we’re good.
– I love your name, Olive. It’s so pretty.
– Thank you. Thank you so much.
– Where do you live? – Say that again.
– Where do you live? – I’m in Tampa, Florida. I just moved here from California. My husband just retired from the military, so we’re settled in, we’re good to go. – Thank you so much for your service. What can we answer for you? Okay, so here’s what I’m doing right now. I’m already coaching, I’m a
health and wellness coach. I’ve done NCC competition
before, that’s not my route. That’s not what I want to do. I really want to get back
to the holistic approach for clients, so I’m just
trying to teach the same things as you, Hannah, love yourself, take good care of yourself.
– Love that. – Thank you. But I only started in November. I know, Gary, patience, I got you. But I need to work on some products to supplement my income in the meantime until my client list goes up.
– Real quick, before you go anywhere further, ’cause this is super important for a
lot of people, a lot of people try to build an audience, and
then they want to monetize, right?
– Right. – The problem is, they try
to monetize their audience too soon, and what ends
up happening is you never end up building an audience
because at 300 or 3,000 or whatever it may be, you
get into a place where you went in for the sale before
you romanced your audience. One of the reasons I was
able to become who I was was I was building a wine
business on the side, so for, even to this point, I
don’t monetize my audience the way most people do, and
I don’t care if people buy wine or sneakers which is
completely left-field from what I do, that content,
86-page deck I put out, that’s normally the move for somebody like me where you charge $3,000 for that ebook. I would tell you the number,
and I’m so glad you asked this, Olive, ’cause it gives me
an opportunity to deliver my 2019 thing that I thought of
on the beach which is if I can give one great piece of
advice to anybody, if you’re building a health and wellness
brand to your audience, before doing what everybody
tells you on the Internet, all these Internet marketers,
which is you need an $89 product to monetize to them
which tunes everybody out, half the room just rolled their
eyes ’cause we all see it, I want you to monetize
something that has nothing to do with that side of your
life so that you can afford to continue to
organically build an audience. I believe that the reason I’m
so passionate about the flip life and selling and trading
and buying tchotchkes and dollar stores and
garage sales is you will be so much more financially
successful if you figure out how to flip on the side
and make $4,000, or $3,000, or $2,000 a month, if you
need to subsidize, because the second you start selling a
cliche affiliate powder shake or detox this, or you try
to create your own $239 open right now, presale at
$99, you become one of them, which is 99% of what we see
on Instagram, which is why 99% of people don’t win.
– I can’t even believe that I,
first of all, that was awesome, and I can’t believe that I feel like I’m one of those people. I’ve just now, for the first
time, in seven or eight years put out a product and I’ve
literally spent this whole time, yeah, the book being
the product, but this whole time I really romanced
my audience and tried to get them in love with
the types of messaging and content that I put
out with and then only now – And, you and I, for different
circumstances and realities, because we built other
businesses before, could afford not having to monetize our audience. When I hear Olive calling
and the millions of emails and DMs that I get a year from
people that need to monetize and have decided I’m going to
be a personal brand on this, and I’m gonna sell this thing. Olive, my advice, and I’m
not kidding, it really dawned on me during vacation,
’cause you get to think, on a hammock, I’m thinking, like,
wait a minute, if I put these two passions together, I
can help people learn how to buy and sell things, like
from garage sales and, – Mm-hm.
– I believe every woman that has a
fashion sense can dominate the Goodwill,
– Yeah, I agree. – I really do, and I
actually think you, in Tampa, from dollar stores, thrift
stores, or buying bulk and doing retail arbitrage,
are more likely to make $5,000 a month doing that,
and still have time to build your fitness thing because
I’m telling you right now, sister, if you come out with
a $1.99, that $200 item, you’re not gonna build an actual audience. – I totally agree with you,
and Gary, I’m not even kidding you, my flipping starts next week. – I love you.
– We just wrapped up, I’m not even kidding, I
flipped a ton when we lived, we lived in Humboldt, California
for the past four years – Shoutout to Humboldt,
– By the way, great cheese. Humboldt fog, baby. (laughing)
– Humboldt fog is the best, yes. But don’t eat it ’cause
Hannah will punch you. I’m sorry, go ahead.
– No, I know. Cheese is terrible.
(Hannah laughs) – I know, it’s like triple
cream, 47,000 calories in like one scoop on a Ritz cracker.
– Oh, that’d be so good. But I totally agree with
you, and the four years that I lived in Humboldt, I
was a trainer and nutrition coach, so currently my clients
are still the ones who have been with me since the beginning,
I took a little time off, I went down another industry
and I came right back, so I still have, the clients
that I have right now are all ones that have worked with me
before, so I’m not hard up, I’m mailing my list, I’ve put
out maybe one or two offers just for the coaching, but
I haven’t tried to sell them for anything else, and the coaching is, my mailing list is 98% people that I’ve already worked with before. – Great, so look, the more,
listen, I had a call today with a real estate company,
and they were asking why real estate agents are
struggling on social, and I’m like ’cause they’re trying
to sell a home on every post. Still, to this day, I think
Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook that book I wrote impacted so many people because it gave them a very simple way to think about give
give give and then ask. Too many people interpreted it as give give give and then take. When you eliminate, if we
can create something in 2019 where you eliminate expectation
from your following, that’s the part that
everybody’s struggling with. They give,
– Yeah, they don’t owe me shit.
– That’s right. – Right, right.
– That’s exactly right, but everybody’s like
yo, I’ve been putting out this great content, now buy my shit,
like have you been putting out great content, and wait,
have you been putting out great content the whole
time, just, I mean, it’s literally guy and girl dynamics. I tell a lot of guys and
or girls on a one-to-one, I’m like look, it’s dating dynamics. If you’re such a nice guy
to girl mainly just to hook up one time, you’re not gonna
build something meaningful. You have a short-term agenda. – Right.
– Right? And so like why are you giving and what are you trying to create? So look, if you have the
hustle of flipping and that can buy you air cover to
disproportionately give content and all your best advice,
which then gives you the advantage on once a year,
throwing that right hook for whatever you’re trying to do within that fitness space, you will win. – Yeah, you’re so right. Thank you, Gary, I needed
to hear that so bad. You don’t understand how bad
I needed to hear that tonight. – You know what’s funny? It took me a long time. I’ve only started tapping
to these feelings. Strategy matters. I’ve never realized, like,
– It matters the most. – Fitness, you want to hear
my fitness story real quick? And we’ll keep Olive on. On a plane five years
ago, I realized everything good in my life was when I was accountable to others, not myself. I’m a great boss because I
want to deliver for them, not what they do for me,
– Right. – I’m good at my content,
like, I’m a give, and I get selfish out of the selflessness of it. On this plane I realized,
right, I don’t want to do more pushups than I did yesterday. I don’t compete with myself
like a lot of people do. I don’t do it for me. So I realized, what if, this
is literally how it went down, what if I hired a full-time
person who travels with me ’cause I’m traveling a lot,
and what if I didn’t want to let them down?
– Right. – And literally that’s what’s happened. I figured out my fitness life
because I don’t want to let Mike or now Jordan, and then
Mike’s coming back for a tour and then they’re gonna switch
on and off, I don’t want to let them down.
– I love that. – And that is weird, right? It took strategy.
– It works for you. – It’s the accountability.
– Yeah. – It’s being accountable,
it’s why I’m winning. I’m accountable to everybody
else, not my own selfish needs. – So many people say to me
how do I get into working out? And I say well you could do
stuff at home, but if you really wanna do something and be
accountable and actually get it done, book a workout with a
friend, because if you don’t show up, you’ve let that friend down. – I think there’s people like that. Olive, I’ll tell you one thing. The other thing I’ve been
thinking a lot about about this advice while we’ve been
talking about other things, if you make that right hook,
back to January 8th of Hannah’s book coming out,
which is strategic by HarperCollins, like is like
these are books over index during this time, I do believe, though Hannah’s right, always the right time to do the right thing,
but if we’re talking business, back to strategy, I do believe
that if you did something where the opening for whatever
service you wanna sell goes from December 15th
to January 15th, you’re gonna get two bites with the apple. In December 15th, people
are festive, people get their bonuses, people
are in a buying spirit, so you’ll convert an
audience, and on January 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th,
12th, people start dwelling and start worrying that they
haven’t kicked themselves into gear.
– Right. – I think if you created that
month and stayed consistent, did it every year, you’re
making a promise to the audience that I’m never gonna monetize
you except for this window, you’ll see some results from that as well. – I agree. I love it.
– Cool. Good luck.
– Bye, Olive. – Thank you so much, Gary.
– Bye, Hannah. Thank you so much.
– I’m pumped for Olive. Let’s get one more in. Before we get this, like
you can set it up, but what do we want to cover before we get in one more call and wrap this up today? What else should people who
are watching, for example, tons of entrepreneurs,
probably 75% male, too, obviously, one of the things,
I don’t have a lot of people on a second time, it means I like you. – Thank you.
– I wanted to have you on because I know
enough about you in culture that you’re gonna crush your audience. You’re gonna be on other
podcast shows, TV, whatever. I was excited because I
think your message really matters to a lot of my
audience, and I don’t honestly think Rick in Iowa, 23-year-old
cliche digital marketer is gonna go run out and pick
up your book if he’s not watching right now, but I think he should. – Yeah, so, this book really
is geared for everyone wanting to learn more about
themselves, and I give my personal anecdote that
kind of really effected me and made me want to effect
change within my lifestyle. In addition to those
philosophies and expert advice from a lot of people who
I’ve met over the years who I constantly rely on, there’s
a ton of delicious recipes in there that anyone can
make, and there’s just, it’s just good knowledge,
also, on how your body works. – Where in this world, does
your extremely handsome husband live his life?
– So my husband is, we’re almost the same person. He’s very healthy as well. – Forget about healthy. Do you actually, in a macro, think you guys are super similar?
– I do. – So I have a very
interesting thesis about this. – Uh oh. I’m scared.
– It means that you really love yourself. – Interesting.
– So I think that about me. My wife and I have a lot of similarities, and I think it means that I love myself. Like, I do think that
there’s a really interesting insight that you decided
to spend your whole life with somebody that’s just like you. – I guess it’s kind of very true. – There’s a self esteem thing there that I’m trying to figure out. – We’re also both Scorpios. I am as well.
– Oh, you are? – When’s your birthday?
– October 26th. – Oh, you’re an October Scorpio? I’m kidding, I’m kidding. I knew you guys would love that. I’m kidding, I’m kidding. I knew that would deliver awesome. – When’s your birthday?
– I’m November 14th. – Oh, you’re the 14th? My cousin’s the 14th. Brendan’s November 3rd. – But honestly, it’s funny,
– By the way, real quick, team, I need a
T-shirt, I need it now, I’m being serious, custom
T-shirt, oh, dot dot dot dot, you’re an October Scorpio? I want to rock that.
– Okay, – And when you see me in the airport rocking that, recall this podcast. – People do say that to me a lot, they’re like oh, you’re a
baby Scorpio, and I’m like well don’t forget that baby
scorpions have a bigger sting. – Really?
– Yes, FYI. But I was gonna say, also, about Brendan, – You’re saying October’s
not as cool as November? – It’s way cooler.
– Are you November, too? – She’s also a Scorpio, I know. – November? Love it.
– I really do gravitate towards November people. You’re November, too?
– You mean Scorpios. You mean Scorpios, by the way. – Yeah, you’re right,
’cause what are they after? What’s on the back of scorpio? – Sag, right?
– Sagittarius. – You’re a Sag? Dude, what the fuck,
everything was going so well. – But I was gonna say that
– Wait, wait, real quick, now I’m really interrupting, but I have to deliver this. Soft tissue.
– Okay. – Where do you sit, if at
all, on soft tissue work? Do you know what I’m talking about? – Yeah, your fascia?
– Yes. – Yeah, it’s super important. You gotta massage that, work it out. It’s your biggest organ. You know they’re laughing
because this is like my number, I don’t know
if you were noticing, I just found a new,
– Yeah, you gotta work those spots. – I don’t know if this is your
area of like deep expertise, but I, so me, I will tell you
that I have had a bad back ’cause I worked at my dad’s liquor store when I was a kid, my whole life. – It’s changed your life
doing soft tissue work? – No no, no no. Like really changed my life. I think it’s a conspiracy. I think the entire
chiropractor, massage industry is suppressing the soft
tissue industry, because I’m completely and utterly
convinced on fascia work. like you would not believe.
– So fascia work is really, really important,
and also, your whole lymphatic system lies in
your soft tissue, and so a lymphatic massage is very
soft, but it’s engaging the way you get rid of
toxins out of your body. – The amount of toxins that
I’ve gotten out of my body in the last 36 months that
has completely, and I mean from a quality day to
day life perspective, – Do you see a difference
in the quality of your legs? – I can’t, every time I get
a chance to sell this, I do, because the happiness that I
have that I discovered this. My quality of life is so much greater. Like it was real restrictive pain. It restricts your motion
and you don’t even know – Water retention really
lies within the soft tissue. – I didn’t know that
since I drink no water. Number two, we’ll have to
address that, number two, you’re talking to somebody
who works out seven days a week, what does that mean,
four to five days real, two days we do soft tissue
work, like I will roll, and like hard core, for hours.
– You’ve gotta get that lactic acid out. – Not two minutes like I see other people. They’ll do it for two, three
minutes, and then they work out, minimum, I’ll roll
for 15 to 20 minutes a day. – By the way, I think that’s
gonna be one of the largest trends in 2019 within the wellness world is recovery and soft tissue work. – So it’s so funny. I think that we should start a business. Because I think you have a great brand. – Let me know.
– I literally want to start, I think the way
Rumbles crushed it and full cycle, and like all the
trends, I’m not kidding. The funny thing is, I think
people would be blown away, because think about how lazy everyone is, imagine a place where you
walk in and you do nothing. – So there’s a place in flat iron that’s all about stretching. – I know about that.
– But I think there needs,
– Yeah, but I’m talking fascia
work, soft tissue work, which by the way, hurts
like fucking, like tears, and I’m good with pain
tolerance, but literally just, if your shit’s really fucked
up like mine is, it’s literally to the touch, and let me just
explain how crazy soft tissue work is, I’ve been doing it
now for two and a half years every day, and four days
ago, I realized how fucked up my front, what is this?
– Your quad. – My front quad is. Literally, me and, I was like,
Jordan, there’s something, and I was like trying to,
– You got in there? – But I’m like, it’s like right here. It’s not like, like my
first thing was the adductor which, I mean, guys, soft
tissue fascia, I’m telling you, it’s the one that 90% of
people that get massages and chiropractor this, and my
fucking disk that, neck work, I’m trying to figure out the
fascia of my eye pockets. I’m all over this.
– Totally. I actually had to work out
my quads yesterday ’cause my calves were so tight and your
calves are connected to your quads, and I didn’t even
focus on my quads even though that was where the majority
of the pain and tightness was coming from,
– I get it. – All coming from my quads.
– One last one. I’m really into this one. I think it’s for the normal
person, the thing that’s really bothering them in their lives. People have headaches
because of their neck, and it’s literally just
their shoulder, and sometimes it’s your rib cage, I’m telling you. Who’s this?
– I agree. – Ben.
– Gary Vee, how are you, good sir? – I’m tremendous. Please say hello to Hannah. – Hi.
– Hello, Hannah. Hello, Hannah. How are you?
– I’m great, thanks. How are you?
– I’m doing awesome. So great to talk to you guys. Love your content, Gary and Hannah. First question, do you have this book available in audio format? – I do, absolutely.
– Did you read it? – I only read my intro, I actually tried to read the whole book, but
it wasn’t in my contract that I signed two years ago,
I’m looking at my publisher right now, but I did
try to read it myself, but they said no ma’am.
– Oh, interesting. – Yeah.
– Is that right? You guys decided a
professional would do better? That’s okay. I think that’s right.
– I’m not Michelle Obama, I guess that’s what they were thinking. – [Ben] Do what you do best
and outsource the rest. – Thank you, Ben.
– I’ll tell you my singular most hated thing
professionally that I do is read my own book for audio. I have to do it because I have to do it. The thought that my book
would not be me reading it just feels horrible.
– No, your voice is like, it’s
synonymous with your brand. – Plus, I improv the whole
way, but, I am terrible, – You’re not like reading the
– Yeah, I go, you can see the people when
I’m in the recording studio, they’re like straight men
and women, they’re used to everybody being professional,
I’m in like second sentence I’m like yeah, actually you
know what, I changed my mind and you can see their
head pop up and be like even though they were
warned by the publisher ’cause I’ve done five
of them, they’re like, he’ll probably go off script,
I go off the reservation. (Hannah laughing)
– I think that would be Youtube gold,
to watch you in a studio. – I agree.
– I agree Ben. – Ben, you know what’s funny? Is it’s real torture for me
because I often say one of the things I do, I’m really not a good reader. I actually genuinely believe
I’ve become a better reader out of the sheer pressure of having to read my book in audio book form. It actually did teach me
learning patterns of like reading ahead, things I used to do. – Yeah, I’m not a good
reader either, yeah. – Ben, are you an audiobook consumer only? – Not only, but it helps
because I’m on the road a lot, I’m just constantly here,
there, and everywhere, and I feel that I understand
it better when I hear it. – And are you, just for my own
fun, ’cause I’m interested, do you feel like you’re leaning more into audiobooks because of
the way podcasts and other things have happened in culture? – No, I have ADHD and an 8th
grade education and reading is one of the things that I
really, really struggled with, and that’s the honest truth,
so hearing it, it’s a lot better, I learned by seeing
things, but reading it was, it’s just tough.
– Yeah. – The other question I had for
you was how did people from your past lifestyle, you
said you did the night life thing for a couple years, I
played in bands for years, and I got out of that and changed
the script, flipped it up, how did your friends and
your family react to that and how have they taken to the book? – So in the beginning, it’s
funny because when I started posting, I was kind of already
on the journey, but I wasn’t necessarily talking about
it with a lot of people. – And where did you first
start talking about it, ’cause this was a while ago.
– So, it was on Instagram, really,
I guess in early 2012, and I was kind of
showcasing my healthy habits and different recipes and
what I was doing at the gym, and I was using this hashtag
which is now the name of my company, HB Fit, and
I realized that when I was going out at night, some of
my friends were calling me HB Fit and they were asking
me what did I do in the gym that day, and I just realized
that this conversation completely was changing and
once I kind of realized that even just my friends were
responding to the type of content I was putting out that I
wanted to create a place where we could talk about these
things in longer form content. I think my family was super
excited just because I grew up in a really active home
and my mom is a vegetarian, Reiki master, crystal lover.
– Oh, is your mom crystaled out?
– Oh, crystaled out. She used to tape crystal
to all of her chakras and then answer the door for the FedEx guy and I’d be like oh my god, mom. – The crystal culture is intense. – She is a chanter, she
used to study with a kahuna. The whole thing.
– Some of that, it’s funny, I was about to
laugh at myself, it’s funny what I think is wild, crystals,
but I think you should be a monk, like, it’s funny
how people pick and choose. It’s like that dude that called first. I’m super healthy, gallon of
water, but I eat Taco Bell. – Right, exactly, exactly. – Pick and choose.
– So I think my mom – But your mom was ahead
on the crystal thing. – Oh, totally, totally. She’s been like that since
the ’70’s and so I think she was really excited about
me going down that journey and exploring that for
myself, and then there were definitely people who
didn’t get it and thought it was all bullshit
– You were trying to be goody two-shoes?
– Yeah, totally. – Just drink this gray
goose and shut the fuck up? – Yeah, totally, and drink
your tequila and get blackout. We know you used to type of thing. – ‘Cause what, you’re not
blackout Bronfman anymore? – Yeah, literally, literally. I actually used to be
called boggart Bronfman, if you really want to know.
– I love it. – So yeah, there were
believers and there were haters and like everything in between
but I kind of just stuck down my path and now people,
it’s so funny, putting out a book, some people have come
out of the woodwork to tell me how proud they are of
me and I haven’t even heard from these people in so
long, and to be honest, the reaction I’m getting from
the books from my fans and followers has been so
meaningful, and having these meetups where I get to sign people’s books – Where did you do your Tuesday last week? – I did it on Wednesday,
and I did it at this place called Bonberi on Bleecker
Street and I think we had like 150 people come and the
signing took almost two hours. – You’re a slow signer.
– Well, I gave everyone like a minute and a half to
chat with me, and people really told me insane stories
about abusive relationships and getting over lymphom,
it was just really intense and they were telling me
about the part that I played for them in their journey and
it’s just been very surreal. – Did anybody come out of
the old woodworks and be like yo, do you remember the time
we blacked out in the club? – No, not yet, not yet, but
I’m sure those will come. – If you were one of those
people, reach out to Hannah. – That’d be my 10 year, do
you want to do my 10 year challenge on Instagram, you know how people are doing that right now? – Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah.
– And the photo I’m gonna use, spoiler alert,
is literally me at the Jane in 2009, Djing with half of my head shaved and a cigarette in one hand.
– Yes. And is the next post gonna
be an egg after that? – No. What the hell’s going
on with this damn egg? – Well, what’s going on,
and we were just saying before we got here, it’s
like there’s this really fun moment going around on Instagram. Literally two massive memes,
like Instagram’s been super quiet, early Twitter had these
things happen all the time where like everybody would
get on board on something, like Twitter has not
been like that at all, and then literally the 10
year challenge and the egg have happened within
24 hours of each other, which I actually think, if
there’s a third one that drops this week, it’s gonna be
like, get ready for a year or two of everybody trying
to create these things on Instagram, which’ll
probably ruin Instagram and lead it to become Myspace. Which’ll then be vulnerable.
– Hannah? – Yes, Ben.
– Oh, I didn’t want to interrupt, but the
last thing I wanted to say is you and I have a very
similar thing in common. You wrote a book about
health and wellness. I wrote a thick book about it, it’s called Because Your Mommy Does
CrossFit, but mine is slightly different than yours, it’s
not really giving advice like yours, yours is far
more better and superior, so I look forward to
downloading yours ’cause I just think it’s gonna be awesome.
– Oh, well thank you so much, and I really – Have a great year.
– I hope you love it. – Take care.
– Take care. – What a sweetie.
– That was fun. – Yeah, that was awesome. – I want to buy 100
copies, so reach out to me. – What? – I’m gonna put ’em in
the lobby of Vayner Media so that people can grab it and
thanks for being on the show. – Thank you so much. This was awesome.
– Bye everyone! – Later! (upbeat instrumental music)

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