B.S. in Health, Wellness and Fitness

B.S. in Health, Wellness and Fitness

[ Music ]>>The Health Wellness and Fitness Program at UW Stout is a new
program designed to prepare undergraduate students for careers in a
growing healthcare industry as preventive
healthcare and fitness professionals. Two concentrations allow students to focus
their studies in a particular area of interest. The curriculum focuses on learning the causes of the major
controllable healthcare issues in our society, developing skills to
assist others in adopting healthier lifestyles and acquiring
the business management skills necessary to succeed.>>The Health Wellness and Fitness Program encompasses a number of
different areas, including health education,
wellness, fitness, as well as anatomy and physiology. There’s a business core to the program as well that prepares students
from the, the business side of the Health, Wellness and Fitness.>>I realized that the was the perfect major for me because it not
only has the nutritional aspects but the fitness side, which
is really important to me and I’m very passionate about it.>>A couple reasons, you know, there is going to be demand for this,
this opportunity or, or employment in this sector
because of the skyrocketing insurance costs. A number of corporations as well as society’s trying to control costs
and the best, one of the best ways we
control cost is through prevention.>>I chose UW Stout because I really like how a lot of the professors
were hands-on with their students and all the field
experience and everything that went into after you graduate.>>Students will be involved within class with a lot of application
of, of, of course work, not just knowledge, but a lot of hands-on
work, which is contingent [inaudible]
works a lot with the UW Stout Mission.>>They know the college student, that’s the first thing you want to
look at is I’m going to have a job when I graduate and I honestly
think that in this major, you will have a job when you graduate and
the professors will make sure that you have lots
of opportunities available to you to get that job.>>With the number of different of areas, I think we’ll, we’ll market
our, our students, one is they have a different number of areas of
expertise or background in, whether it’s business,
nutrition, health, chemistry, biology, the sciences as well. So they’re going to be well rounded students coming out. [ Music ]

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