Baby Spice Tries ’90s Snacks | Food Fight | Women’s Health

Baby Spice Tries ’90s Snacks | Food Fight | Women’s Health

I so would have used this in the 90s when I was back dancing. Mind you, it doesn’t feel very stable. And you could actually hurt someone with this, so watch out, kids. Hi, I’m Emma Bunton, a.k.a. Baby Spice, and I am
now the host of one of the best shows ever — The Great American Baking Show! Women’s Health have asked me to try some ’90s
snacks! I’ve got such a good palate; I should know what is good
and what’s not good. We had Pop-Tarts at home in the UK —
I’ve never heard of these. So I thought we’re gonna figure out
once and for all which one is the best. So let’s put that
one in the toaster, and – do these look the same? Or maybe they’re a bit different,
okay. They’re similar. Get this out… Let’s toast those. How long is that gonna take? Okay, maybe we’ll go with something else
while they’re toasting. A favorite of ours back in the day – these are
Lunchables. And I do remember these quite well, so – I remember, I think I remember – so you get two of these lovely crackers, get a bit of cheese, and then you get a bit of the ham –
I think it’s meat – and then you put it in the middle and then you make your own
little sandwich! It’s quite genius. Actually, it’s not bad. It’s not too bad.
Not sure these would be my lunch again though. Oh my goodness, I can’t believe I’m
actually trying this. I mean, I haven’t had one of these in forever. You know what, I’m gonna – I’m going to be a bit controversial and say that this is a
favorite for me over this one. I’m making such a mess! This is me though;
you’re getting to know the real Emma Bunton. I’m very messy. I don’t need to taste the Doritos; I’m a huge fan of Doritos! In fact, I put cheese on them and put them in the oven. These are a winner for me. I’m never gonna try this thing! There’s so much sugar in this! As my mum would
say, my teeth would fall out, and I’m not even going near it. What’s this? Smashups? Warheads?
What on Earth? Extra sour — apparently with these
Warheads they’re very sour; you’ve got to try and keep one in your mouth. It’s not really my thing, the whole sour thing. OMG- OMG!! I don’t like it. OMG! That… is revolting! Hubba Bubba! Yes!
Love these. Brings back quite a lot of memories. I love how much you get!
We would just share this between me and friends, and it would last us
all day. So I like this. Ring Pop? I don’t think we had these. Are they sour?
Oh! It really is like a ring pop! It’s very sweet – but fun! It’s just like a fashion accessory. Fruit By The Foot! This is just a fruit roll, is it?
That smells very sweet indeed. I don’t think we had this in the UK. I think… It’s okay. It’s not my favorite. This is a CapriSun
Pacific Cooler! We never had these kind of ingredients or these kind of tastes; we
only had orange! Get the straw… Oh my goodness… it’s like, um – it’s apple-y, and, and
um, lemony, and…. cherry. Ugh, I hate anything cherry-flavored. I think I’ll stick to orange. If that’s alright. So my favorite ’90s snack
would 100% be a Dorito. In fact… I’ma take these with me.
These are definitely a winner. Cheesy Doritos! I’d literally eat these all day long.


  1. Hahaha very fun! I would like to see Emma tasting the Spice Girls lollipops! They were supposed to make it again was very good!

  2. Of course she's taking minuscule bites, she's a multimillionaire she's not gonna put that trash in her body when there's champagne and wagyu beef waiting at home

  3. The ham in the dairylea lunchables stinks so i would not eat that idk how she didn’t gag bur maybe they’ve changed the recipe since the 90s

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