Back To Prison: Life On Tag

Back To Prison: Life On Tag

I want to prove to you, obviously, I can be a good tenant for you and,
obviously, respect your building. I don’t believe a word he says. I’m prepared to give him the
opportunity to demonstrate to us that he means what he’s got…
what he said. Got a job. I’ll be in there Sunday. So, happy days, eh? He’s shitting himself.
I’ve got a feeling he’s going down. They might think, “No. Sending him
to prison’s not a good idea.” But it’s hard to know. It’s the day before Christian’s
trial for burglary and hostel manager Mustapha
is making an important call. It’s Mr Kamara from Naskam.
How are you? And so we’ve got the court
sentencing for tomorrow as well, cos I’ll be escorting him. And I would like to relay
some positive since he’s been here with us. You know, he’s been absolutely
a diamond to the entire community at Naskam at Pelham Road. And I hope that will make
a difference in terms of your recommendation to the court
for the sentencing tomorrow. I’ve been brought up in
kids’ homes, prison. Probably the worst environments that
a person could be brought up in. I’m really scared about tomorrow. In the short space of time I’ve been
out and I’ve been trying to conduct myself properly, I’ve got a lot of people
around me that care about me now. And… ..that’s one thing I’ve always
wanted throughout my life. You know, just to be…to be wanted. And I just feel if I go
to jail I’m going to lose it all. I don’t need to be put in a cage. I just need what everyone else needs
– just a bit of love and compassion. And now that I’ve found it,
that’s why I haven’t gone out in the last two weeks,
I haven’t needed to. Because the only reason I used
to go out and commit crime was to get drugs to make myself
feel better. But everyone in here makes
me feel better, even you make me feel better. So I don’t need to go out
and commit crime to get drugs, but then, now that I don’t have
to… ..the fact that I had to before
has caught up with me. Across town, Sam is in A&E. I’ve done my back in. Bad. Can’t walk. Can’t walk at all. Assistants had to support my
weight fully, both, like, going into
the first place – that emergency drop-in
centre I went to. And what about this thing? That’s… I dunno. This is the first time
I’ve been late home. I’m supposed to be home… I don’t
know. What’s the time? It’s about… What’s it now?
20 past. I was supposed to be home
nearly an hour ago. I’m an hour late for tag now. I’m going to get a letter
from here as well so I can prove I’ve been here. And I’m guessing
the tag people will be… They’ll probably be calling that box
that’s at home right now. This stupid thing, man. Three hours after curfew,
Sam eventually heads for home. Fuck’s sake, man. I imagine someone’s going to be
turning up to my house at some point
tonight. They’re going to want
to know I’m in. I don’t know how it works. I wish that geezer would give me
some more tramadol. At the hostel, Mustapha
has made a decision. Unfortunately we had to let Reece go
because his behaviour in the house was, you know, getting
out of control. I’m all set. How do you feel about Reece going,
Lorraine? It’s hard, but kind of inevitable. Can I get my speaker as well?
Just give me a minute. I think there’s one here as well. It’s fucking horrible, man. I fucking hate this shit. Again. I do feel shit, obviously,
being kicked out. I didn’t want to get kicked out.
That’s what I’m saying. What I’m scared about now
is because they’ve kicked me out. That’s the only thing that’s
triggering in my head this minute. It is actually fucking funny
triggering in my head and it pissing me off because I just don’t want to
go back to jail. But it is what it is. If I go back
to jail, I go back to jail. Where are you going to stay, then? Well, I spoke to probation. When did I go probation?
Yesterday morning. Went to probation yesterday and
obviously tried to get it, innit? Who are you staying with?
Your girlfriend? Yeah. OK. I just want to know
you’re somewhere safe and… Pain in the arse. Just let things calm down
a bit, yeah? What? Reece. Calm. Yeah. That’s the word. Remember
that word in your head. Calm. Respect. However you feel,
it’s his building. If someone comes into your house
and disrespects you… That’s just the way it is. If he wants to come back
here for support, you know, we could help him, we could point
him in that direction. And our doors are always open.
If he demonstrates to us that his behaviour has changed,
we’ll give him another opportunity. On the other side of Nottingham,
Sam’s received a letter from the prison authorities. Do you know I had to go to hospital
and all that the other day, yeah? Yes. So I was late home and they
sent me this. “Formal warning for breaking your
curfew by accumulated time violation “of 1900 hours up to 2154 hours
on the 16th of the 8th. “If you break your curfew again
I have to inform the public “protection casework section and
they could send you back to prison.” It says, “I am sure you do not
want to go back to prison. “If you now keep the conditions
of your curfew, “you will hear no more from me.” That bit annoyed me
when I read that. What bit? “I am sure you do not want to go
back to prison,” that just one line. It’s, like, you don’t even need to
write that on the letter. No-one wants to go to prison. It’s just muggy. That’s why I felt like ringing them
up and telling them to fucking
do one, but my mum was like, “No, no, no.
Just calm down.” Imagine if you didn’t have proof, that would’ve been tag ripped
off – gone. That would have been see you later. I’m not staying around here just in
case they do just decide
to come pick you up. I don’t know how it works.
So you would’ve just done a runner. Well, no, listen, if I know
I’m going back to prison I’m doing a runner –
fucking straight. No way. I’m like, “Oh.”
It’s shit in there. I’m not losing my freedom again,
man. But, I mean, you would get caught
eventually. No, not eventually. Not necessarily. That’s not… That’s not a given
fact at all, that anyone’s going to
get caught. You’re only going to get caught
if you’re loud and brazen. Grow your hair, grow a beard.
Change your appearance. Think of it, especially if you get
to London. What? There’s 12 million people
in London. Change your appearance. They’re
never finding you in London. Christian is getting ready
to go to court. What time is it? Two o’clock? Yeah. It’s drawing close. How’d you sleep last night? Didn’t. At all? No! It’s the day before I’m possibly
going to prison. I’ve got my missus
in the room. Well, sorry. I didn’t really know… You need something in the
memory bank. Come on now. All right.
THEY LAUGH Seven T-shirts, seven bottoms,
seven tops… socks, seven boxers. So I can take my own clothes
into prison with me. A little luxury. Hi-ho, hi-ho, off to prison we go. Bye. Love you all.
I’ll see you later, Christian. Yeah. See you later. Good luck.
Thank you. If anyone sees you,
they’ll stop benefits. This is actually the most
comfortable way to wear this bag. Reece has turned up
to offer moral support and hostel director Mustapha
will make a speech in Christian’s
defence. The paperwork needed for Sam to get
the pork pie factory job
never arrived. But he’s labouring for a family
friend instead. The most annoying thing in the
world, man. Tell me about this new job, Sam. I’m going to put some patio
down, do some gravel. Just make it look nice again,
really. You’re enjoying it? Love it.
I fucking love it, man. It’s good for the soul. It’s good for my pocket, too.
So that’s the main thing. Hard work, man. I’ve been out a month and one day,
and it’s took me three weeks and four days
to get some work because my file still hasn’t
been sent up from Kent yet. So the probation people
can’t help me. And even a transfer, they said to me
that a transfer from one probation to the next takes six
to eight weeks. Once I’ve even got my paperwork. So you think they can’t help me
get work or anything for…it would be, like, three
months. What are your plans for the next
week or so?
I want to go see my pal Gav. It’s a bit of a trip, really, for me
to go down in the morning, drive down there, have lunch down
there and then come back. Do you know what I mean? It’s a bit
much for one day. You run into any traffic, I’ll
end up being late home again. I can’t have that, so… So going down to the inn
isn’t recipe for disaster? No, because… Well, it can’t be.
As long as I don’t drink anything. That’s the…that’s the only
play time disaster will happen is if alcohol goes into my body. So, no. No alcohol,
it’ll be all right. I’m clean living, anyway.
Nothing can go wrong. Touch wood.
HE LAUGHS Oh! He just turned round and said,
“I don’t want to see your ugly face
round here again!” A very good day. We’re really pleased that Christian,
you know, has been given a second
chance. Freedom! Shake my hand!
Shake my hand! You know what they said to me?
Fucking yes! Had he gone down they wanted me to
kick you out. Did they? I’m joking! Yes!
THEY CLAP Gimme five. Gimme five. This guy. This guy. Mustapha don’t like physical
contact, but, yeah. I can’t get up! Do you know now…? Do you know how
you said about taking tobacco in? Do you know, like, a Kinder Egg?
Yeah. I violated myself earlier. The only way I could get tobacco in. I don’t want to know. So I’m going
to have to go and lay an egg. Hey, hey! Where are you going,
Christian? Toilet. The toilets, to go and lay my egg. I don’t think you want to go and
watch him. Explain to me what… Well, tell you what. Stay there. I’ll show you. Nothing up my sleeve.
Nothing down my sock. I’m going to bring something
out of here – watch. LAUGHTER GROANS Oh. Mm-mm. Does it hurt? Yeah. Are you in pain? Yeah. THEY LAUGH GROANS Wow. BREATHES HEAVILY Ta-da! Ta-da! Prison pack. Tobacco goes for £200 an ounce. In prison. Yes. How are you feeling, Sarah? Happy! He’s out and free. Until he gets sentenced again. He fucking won’t.
I’ll fucking murder him. Right, Robb. Fuck off.
I want to get high. Sam’s time on tag is over and he’s
passed his driving test. Nice. I’ve got freedom back, do
you know what I mean? Sentence is done. That’s actually…it’s
actually done now. It’s just licence
and then that’s it. I’m a free man. If I hadn’t come
out of prison on tag, I would have been able
to go out drinking and then there would have been times
when I’m, you know, whilst I’ve been on tag I’ve been
sitting at home thinking, “Fuck this. This is rubbish,”
like, “I’ll just go out.” But then I’ll think, “Well, I can’t.
I’ve got a tag on my ankle.” Without a tag I think I would have
been back in prison very,
very quickly. I would have just gone back down to
Kent, wouldn’t I? I would never have been in
Nottingham if I didn’t… ..if I wasn’t on tag. So… I would have just been
straight back… ..straight back to doing
what I was doing, I suppose. It wouldn’t… It probably
wouldn’t have taken long. I probably would have been on this
healthy vibe for a little while and then I would’ve seen the same
old people and got doing the
same old shit and… So you’ve got no plans
to go back down? No. This is the only option, to be
up here. It’s the only sensible option,
so that’s what I’m doing. Reece was allowed to move in with
his girlfriend and he’s finally off his tag. When did I come off tag? Monday
11th. And I cut it off myself! Are you going to keep him on the
straight and narrow?
She can’t keep me… I’ve tried. I fucking tried, Robb.
I’ve told this guy every day, right? “You don’t fucking behave,
I’m going to punch you.” She would never punch me.
You’re pissing me off. Babe, can you not lay all over me?
This is professional right now. I don’t care.
SHE LAUGHS Get up, we look like crackheads,
babe. Get up! Shut your mouth. Tag-free. Oh! Yeah, Reece.
You’re happy about that, aren’t you? Soon as it came to 12 o’clock,
he fucking sliced it off. No, listen, it wasn’t even 12
o’clock when I started cutting it. They went in the room, took the
boxes. You know where the tag was? On the bed. On the bed.
In blatant sight. They had a look round the room. They looked round the room
for the tag. Come on. They need the tag.
They didn’t take the tag. See if your tag’s worth anything? It’s just coming up with
loads of boots. They don’t sell them on eBay,
obviously. Because you can’t fucking buy them,
babe, cos they’re from the police. Yeah. Put police near electronic.
Police electronic ankle tag. After getting tag-free,
Christian relapsed on mamba. But now he’s looking to kick
the drugs once and for all. Look, I’ve got mamba everywhere. Just fucking…
There’s spliff nubs and everything. This is mamba.
This is my psychological breakdown. But how many people – especially
ones… – would just…? They wouldn’t throw them away,
would they? Do you know what probably the most
expensive thing I own is? My dinner set. And they’re solid silver. I could melt them down
and make a chain out of them. Where did you get them from? A friend. Why? You recognise them? LAUGHS I have been off mamba for two days. The turning point was when I turned
over and seen Sarah and… ..I just started thinking how
poisonous I am to everyone when I come into their lives
and all the relationships I have. Whether they’re friendships or
anything like that, always, I always pollute them with my
negativity, if you know what I mean. Either with drugs
or something like that. And to turn around and see the
effect that my drug use is having on someone else,
that was a turnaround.


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