Balancing Hormones Naturally With Alisa Vitti | Well.Org

Balancing Hormones Naturally With Alisa Vitti | Well.Org

Alisa: Hi. I’m Alisa Vitti CEO of
and author of “Woman Code.” I’m an integrated nutritionist, and I specialize in women’s
reproductive health issues, dealing with menstrual disorders, infertility issues, low energy,
and low libido. You know, it’s so interesting. Just two generations
ago, the biggest concern a woman had was getting pregnant, right? The idea that if someone
just looked at her the wrong way, she might get pregnant. And now, here we are two generations
later, and women take it for granted that they’re going to have to go through the IVF
process even in their twenties to conceive. Endocrine disrupters are everywhere, from
dry-cleaning chemicals to anti-bacterial hand soap to even the fluoride in your toothpaste,
and it’s important to appreciate that each of these different compounds affect different
target glands of the endocrine system. For example, fluoride in toothpaste has a dampening
effect on your thyroid health. I got into this work because of my own hormonal
issues. Fifteen years ago, I was two-hundred pounds, covered face, chest, and back in cystic
acne, and I wasn’t getting my period, maybe once a year, and I was suffering from a disorder
called Polycystic Ovarian Disease. And it was about a seven-year process going from
not knowing what was wrong with me to full recovery. I developed a functional nutrition
protocol that brought my whole endocrine system back on line so that I could shed this weight
effortlessly, sixty pounds, was able to clear up my skin, and, of course, I’m happy to report
that I’ve been ovulating and menstruating every month for the past twelve years, which
is exciting because for so many women, when we think about having these types of issues,
we think they’re never going to get any better. And to be able to bear witness, not only in
myself personally, but also for the past decade professionally working with thousands of women,
whether they have PCOS or fibroids or heavy periods or difficulty conceiving, to really
help them see the potential that their body has to recover hormonally naturally, it’s
a huge gift to be able to serve women in that way.
So the solution I created, we call the Woman Code System, and it’s a five-step process
that helps take a woman from hormonally unbalanced to balanced in using food. So the first step
works with the endocrine function naturally. So we start with blood-sugar stabilization.
Then we move into adrenal support. And then we move into elimination, pathways of elimination.
As your body’s making all of these hormones, you need to be able to break them down and
get them out of your system quickly. So, that’s the first three steps. The fourth step is
what I call “hormonal synchronization.” This is where we use food in a particular way each
phase of the cycle so that you’re supporting with micro-nutrients and super-foods all of
the different hormonal production that you need for each of the distinct four ratios
of your menstrual cycle and also using food to break those hormones down and get them
out so that this never-ending cycle of keeping your hormones balanced from the production
side and also getting them out of your system so they’re not building up that level of excess
estrogen that is at the root of so many of the hormonal symptoms you’re facing.
The fifth step of the protocol has to do with the mind-body conversation as it relates to
being a woman. So many of us have a relationship with our bodies, our cycles, and our hormones
that is, let’s say, not so great. We want to change that inner dialogue to one where
a woman feels like she can trust her body and rely on her feminine energy. So we have
this misconception as women that our bodies are these ever-fluctuating, not-to-be-trusted,
kind of mysterious things, but, really, I want women to lean into the hormonal patterns
that they do have because they’re a huge source of leverage, right? If you want to get more
done in your life with less effort, leveraging the shifts in your hormonal biochemistry and
neurochemistry is how women can get more done with less strain on their body.
I find it’s really important for women to start thinking about improving their overall
hormonal health, certainly three months in advance, but, ideally, nine months in advance
of getting pregnant.


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  2. Balancing hormones are EVERYTHING. Also, eating clean and well when it comes to literally all and any illness. The idea of what healthy is has been vastly deformed by society and media. Personally, I started myself on one 3 fatty foods, no nightshades, low sugar fruits, no sugar foods, clean, chemical free foods. It gets rod of depression, anxiety attacks, sleepiness! This lady knows whay she is sayong because she went through, just like me

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