Battle Los Angeles – Movie Review

Battle Los Angeles – Movie Review

scene what it’ll look like everybody somehow
let meg which i think in and that transfers ideally invasion and the
that’ll homosexuals spurned billions in taxes on cigarettes and
mostly smaller leaves the senate establish i don’t buy it now music in sailors does not work for us wait-and-see movie and i think a that message because i thought that barrels scenes in
this were actually fairly tried what it’s all a band of brothers or or the
beginning of get out and i don’t know i don’t have a look at a local reaction as
yet but i think that that is that faster speed lot the particles flying around in
any of us and i think the saving private on that one of the victims of the way
the action is shot not just the contents of the movie but i mean these are like band of brothers but is cat fights in the flu like that in the
battle scenes with ur running around here at the point you try to make it tourism leader has was ultimately kinda really shitty
script carried accounts but i got wait a minute
that script cutting properly from a technical i’d really website and
i know that’s for sure i’d love to see jonathan liebman get ahold of any really
good scripts like comes into darkness falls really really
stupid not to about the tooth fairy you kind of stories come of what he’s
trying to do you know if that’s the way i felt about
i’m not a couple weeks ago you know it’s it’s the significance dumb
scripts but i didn’t think they are but i don’t
think it’s fair dono because the script and unknown doesn’t compare to the screen
descriptors descriptors or laughable right before anything it’s
much put every cliches about military action in perhaps about these two together and as you
watch the movie it’s like you caroline whose number twenty there’s been a
thirty-foot you were waiting for all crazy cold it was it in there but now
many of the risk of a good for deliberate whether i was there i don’t
die on me viscose were not bank there is a great
was one of those who have head part of what is right and then there are
their car character just at the beginning twenty-year staff sergeant is
going to retire obviously travel poll and he’s had history where
you’d let ms did dat really let his marines down you know the the given the
car you drive sort of theory drives and an old mustang again is much lower on
the doesn’t have any but in no families families the marines everything is
brutal this movie was i thought actual i’d get totally competently shot
comparable inmate except when they worked with the pulpit then it was it’ll feels like they were having a
cliche off for the first right now absolutely you don’t like the stormiest
like she said she shows up in hello she’s cliche just the way that castro
right but did she shows up and she stays
tactics post we wait for paying for it and mhm defining the mother ship for
something a master can you have electrodes i think at this for my good looking at
rutgers university five oh man i i think sixty five as short as unbelievable jury
alternates that was the same notes albino dot she could a rhetorical shame
or even though they spend so much time in the beginning of the detest abbas these characters in everything by the care could be just
throwing out the window you don’t care anymore like and i think i can tell for
so i don’t know i right along with my father but i didn’t know who was rumored
they’re bike there’s one soldier who kinda had like p_c_s_ deeper than that
never comes back to season a psychiatrist’s office and because there
was once and then he was never really was last year bring scare but there was
a that was legitimate to be terrified at that point terrifying things were
appetites for continuing got reprimanded some of you had by customers than the plot of the movie
is shooting things and the subplot is
blowing them up will get to know i got a call that i think but here’s the thing
now we’ve we’ve ripped it speeches that script is you’re going to get this year with the other movie overview in this
week red riding hood the script i think is better and red riding hood yes before wolf blows labor writing about one that said we should talk about what’s
good about this movie which is i was carry into what happened next like i
care about a radical well and you know it was again really well shot really well pace
really well time altered states you know it’s an engaging dwarf on c_n_n_’s
anywhere from everything i have been you know they didn’t overdue steady can’t
buy me a shaky cam i going to be getting a beginning this alleged trade likely
shifters or a crap attending a whole other movie of the shaky camera bag
often you know the rare but you know that i thought that he
could actually come see what’s going on at work tonight the battle seems to have a little combat
scenes they set up object you’ve got to that point you guys defend
this next hundred-meter stretch and you could follow what’s going on and from
that standpoint we’ve been able for low the different little battles the
difficult firefighter understand what’s at stake in feet wide that was extremely well dot usse that they didn’t they establish
some of these characters in the beginning and some issues with these characters in the
beginning and then follow don’t follow through some characters who they don’t
even set that story up within the beginning you end up to caring about
liked lieutenant who has a nice arc and you don’t care about and a couple of
other guys you know that so there were some characters that i did think sort of
art through and those battle scenes as individual battle scenes they were good
and then they had some great that i think good sci-fi movies do even in this
year when technically they can really deliver but some of the cool sci-fi
movies in the fifties where they had no effects you know except for maybe one redherring
house and in some of the radical stuff that he did because sometimes you watch some of
these movies and you see the monster historically had a rubber syndrome i
don’t know what they’re doing the love of god wanted a the best ones and i think the thing you don’t even see the thing until the
act and here they took a very long time to
show us the aliens and that was cool and i started the alike who are these guys what i think it’ll
look like and they don’t look like people and then when they were their
revealed to us you know it’s interesting in the first time you see it you jump
back roger ebert who obviously those who is talking about
ripped this will be to shreds i think he’s regarding team it
everything he says is true except i think he missed the overall picture that
this is kind of fun phrase for its resources what indigenous population parental history the report for talk about you know i failure that i’d
love to get it urged by a higher so i will accept it yeah i can’t quite recommended it’s got
some interesting things and it’s very visceral depends exciting that’s all she keep
feels like you’re with the soldiers but it also kinda feels like a video game
and i thought that the they stumbled on the airplane stuff and i was talking
about so i say four points a couple reasons why they give it a
higher grade of made some of those clear burnett connie good andy the voice which was a little christian
bale batman t_v_ gets really was reportedly was preferable at that bridget moynihan i’d love to death she’s hotter than gisele
bundchen that’s the truth tom brady such as the
fax from her frady has big mohair right exactly
what’s the self directly so leverage in morning and blow
to five point five recommendation you should sort of see battle office
sort of thing maybe public it’s not the worst thing deadly disease by the way that’s a great idea com twenty minutes into it because we
had a terrific but i don’t leave our happen that kind of a badass enables the
overall grade five point one three but are the target of five the target
audience is going to look teenage boys are gonna love it and he did in the
scream which is a charity and yes they got so dev very small
recommendation for about a lot of course but i i think


  1. @kevinoso22 I agree. I actually saw this review before I saw the movie and was expecting something pretty bad, it turned out to be fucking badass. I want them to do a sequel lol

  2. You know what also bothered me? The front straps for the chin straps for the Marines are way too close to the side of their eyes. I kinda get the feeling that the straps for a couple Marines were in front of their eye lids. To me, those staps are fake.They are not like the real straps the Marines are wearing now. Mostly in Iraq and Afghanistan.

  3. This movie was really bad. Abosolutely NO character developement, I did even know who was who, and I didnt even care. Suddenly the main character would have these mental moments, and its like youre supposed to care. And the ending was so boring. I not gonna spoil it, but it was just bland. The action wasnt even that great.

  4. this movie was fucking Badass. you guys just hate marines thats all. its was probably the best alien movie of all time. wow, its actualy shocking to see how many people hate this masterpeice. its almost impossible for anyone who has a braain to hate this. hating this movie is like saying No japanese died during ww2 and actualy mean it. almost impossible and if you do your probably dumb

  5. watched this movie for half an hour and turned it off because it was TERRIBLE. They put a shaky cam in the most layed back scenes that made it unbearable to pay attention too. The roles are cliched and offer nothing new. and the acting is off setting. this movie proves that the best special effects doesnt always make a good movie.

  6. Really unfair review. It's a war movie involving aliens invading, what the hell were you expecting? These guys review the movie like it's supposed to stand up to series like Band of Brothers or Saving Private Ryan when that series and movie were WAY longer, and based off of stories that have been beaten to DEATH, leaving room for nothing else BUT character dev to save it. At least this movie tried to do something new and interesting, which is more then I can say about everything else this year.

  7. Well, I thought, the acting was pretty good, the special effects were great, and I didn't notice any cliches, but I thought the story was sort of odd.

    I mean an advanced alien race comes along that goes planet to planet wiping out the "indigenous population" for liquidized water, comes to earth. The Aliens have crappy aim, their armor is useless against human weapons, their weapons are crap (they head shot a marine but the marine survived). I mean wtf? These aliens are complete crap…

  8. @kevinoso22 right on man, i agree with you.
    its like jesus tapped the rocks to make water and they
    have the nerve to demand cubes with that.

  9. This movie was shit, When every soldier died I didn't care, when every cliché happened I wanted to kill myself , The action wasn't that good and also I didnt care about the battles because like a said before I didnt care for the soldiers because it didnt make any difference, The ending was bad 4/10

  10. @richardfps123 I didn't watch this expecting it to be amazing, I knew it was just going to be some over the top war film against aliens. And I still hated it, I would rather watch Independence Day, which is awful !

  11. @gierbolini90210 — I dare you to make a feature film your self – if you think you're some kind of movie expert and know the goods. HELL! I dare you to make a short one! Hit me up on a message once you're done. I'll post it up on my facebook every single day for everyone to see. I'm pretty interested what you can come up with, mr expert.

  12. Man people are way too uptight and arrogant these days , Movies are supposed to take you to journeys and give you experiences you have never fathomed to be in . It is the magic to transport you to these fictional worlds and make you relate to the characters on screen. I for one really enjoyed the movie cause it successfully achieved what it was aiming for and it was , in how marines would handle the situation against aliens. Wtf where you expecting Fullmetal Jacket pff arrogant pricks

  13. @gierbolini90210 – That's not what I tried to state. Since you seem to know how to make a good film. I'd like to check it out. 'Cause you see, everyone's a critic. Everyone seem to be Mr. and Mrs. Expert on films, music, art and everything else. But can you really make a better one yourself?

  14. "it feels like a video game" Sounds like he is suggesting that video games are senseless shooting games with no plot or developed characters to speak of. As a gamer, that quote ruined the video.

  15. Also as a "teenage boy" I thought this movie was terribly mediocre. Which makes it sound like he thinks teenagers will like it if it has some explosions and no plot. I personally take offense… again. So many stereotypes…

  16. @kevinoso22 I do reckon the script sucked but the movie was pretty good overall. Well shot and plenty of action. I'll prob give it a 7.5/10.

  17. You should never watch the review before the movie, it ruins the experience. I enjoyed the movie even after realizing how cliche it all was, but these guys describe it like if it was totally awful. The only thing that kinda bothered me was that tomboy michelle rodriguez! What the fuck is she doing in a war man? Anyways, I just watch the reviews after I've watched the film just to see other people's opinions.
    P.S. If you read all this you must really be into comments. xD!

  18. I despise critics of all kinds to be quite frank. They focus too much on "oh but the way the camera was" and "oh the script boo hoo". The definition of a good movie in my opinion is one that YOU yourself enjoy. Hell, professionals might hate the film (like this one) but when I went to see it, i didn't concentrate on the clichés, i focused on the action which I loved and it was brilliantly done.

  19. Teenage boys as the target audience? Get real! I'm a serviceman and those cliched characters are true to those who served. Every character type in this film was represented by people that I served with.

  20. And I'm willing to bet that many service men and woman in Afghanistan and Iraq have asked a buddy or two to give a letter or some sort of correspondence to a love one when he or she is facing death.

  21. These idiots don't have their own opinions.They all just go with what one guy says,especially the stupid Asian guy.He has loser written all over himself.

  22. It's simple: If you're an empathetic guy/gal that likes sci-fi, action, war, and a gritty realistic feel. This movie's for you… If not. Then you weren't apart of the target demographic, should move on and STFU.
    It's about as pointless as a R&B fan talking shit about Tool's 10,000 days album in comparison to Disturbed and Slipknot. You have no idea what you're bitching about and are comparing things just because they fit within the same genre.

    PS: The acting was great. Even the kids.

  23. This guys are fucking retarded nd dont know wut they are talking about i just wanted to run in there and shoot the fuck out of them and then shoot some more man the movie is fucking badass i love the movie watch it and you will see what i mean

  24. I disliked it… Oh wait Im a teenage boy so my opinion doesnt matter…

    Honestly, it was a terribly made movie, SFX were very well made and such, though I did see a lot of glitches in the SFX throughout the movie that ruined it for me, like spaceships following the cameramovement and fake looking alien moves etc.

    The plot was the biggest let down, it's nothing but "hey, there are aliens invading blowing everything to shreds, lets follow this squadron that blows everything to shreds …"

  25. It's a movie without great history, some cliches etc etc. And that is what different a bad movie from a god movie.
    This movie doens't have a great history, for them, but it's very awesomo movie with some great memories for me, like the dead of LT Martinez "This is Lieutenant William Martines, Echo Company 2nd Battalion, 5th Marine. Orah!"

  26. EXACTLY. And notice that after they find that out, it only takes a couple of bullets to kill the aliens, compared to before that discovery where the aliens took clips and clips and clips to the chest.

  27. notice WHERE they shoot them at the beginning they hit them on the left side where the human heart would be later they shoot them on the right side of their bodies where the aliens hearts were making them die easier

  28. I noticed that the humans were shooting wherever the fuck they could at the aliens, and they wouldn't go down. Instinct is to go for the head, not the heart, but alas, I don't know what the marines are trained to do.

    I still think that it was stupid little problem in a stupid huge movie. I did not like this movie at all (note, I only watched the first half before quitting, so technically I don't have the right to criticize the movie as a whole) .

  29. He was comparing how the action scenes were handled, (in reference to the Band of Brothers comment) not the overall quality of the films/shows.

    No need to get too personal with this. And yes, this movie was as shitty as I've seen in 2011.

  30. most borring show on the planet and the same dudes going to be wrighting the script for the new ninja turtles??? that explains why its going to be ninja alien turtles.

  31. the asian dude qoute"the plot of this movies is shooting and blowing things up" its a movies about the marines thats all they do dumb fuck

  32. I loved this movie okay so it has a bad script but I like crap script's yeah you where right that
    teenage boys liked when I saw back in 2011 there were a lot of 12,13,14,15 years old
    I give it a
    3.7 out of 5
    P.S:If you agree don't bitch about it's just my opnion

  33. speakin of cliche'- Marines+hot air force chick= inevitable fuck scene OR blowjob reference. I saw this movie on the bus coming back from the field and told my bud " only the fucking jarheads could be in the middle of Armageddon and have Michelle Rodriguez literally fall out of the sky."

  34. well another movie shut down by c=stupid retarded critics, what have they not shut down, none they criticize every movie!!!

  35. You know there would not be anything in the world if you couldnt critize something so that would strive to make better. This movie could have MUCH better than it was. 1. They didn't even give a face for the aliens = the whole scifi setting out the window. 2. Character development = i didn't care for any of the characters. This could have been dramatic epic, instead it was dumbed down to a popcorn flick. Underwhelming movie. Thats my take. If you like it, thats fine.

  36. In my opinion, the movie was great. It had friggin awesome and intense action, it was touching at some parts ( like when the kid's father died ) the music in the movie I really liked, and I like how we get to know the characters. Even if all the character's story and personality doesnt matter at the end, u still feel bad when they die. Overall, I would rate this film an 9/10. -3 Battle: LA

  37. HOLY SHIT THIS MOVIE TRIPS ME THE FUCK OUT…….watched this movie a million times lmfao even watched it baked makes the movie better

  38. this movie was boss i dont know why people didnt like this movie its pure action except the part were hector was crying which slowed the movie down but overall this movie was awesome people must think this movie too much and who gives a damn about other movies like it but this movie is cool

  39. wait but their freaking aliens black hawk down had humans and in battle la they didnt know how much the aliens were capable of and they had a freaking mini war on the way so i see why they took 40 min to get their i give it a 8.8/10

  40. Uh hello they're aliens far more superior to any weapon we had here on earth planning preperation studying what you're up against is crucial one false move that's it worlds gone in reality you'd need more then 40 minutes to prepare if aliens invaded for real they'd be millions maybe billions of years ahead of us so we'd need that amount of time to prepare in other words we are fucked either way and if a race or civilization is that advanced what they hell do they need from us the latest tablet.

  41. "The plot is shooting things, the subplot is blowing things up" ITS MARINES SHOOTING ALIENS. DO YOU NEED ANYMORE OF A SCRIPT? It basically 90 minutes of marine porn.

  42. I think there was a Sci Fi writer that used the trope of aliens with super advanced interstellar drive (because that is where THEY put their technological emphasis) travel to another planet & overawe the 'primitives' with their nifty black powder & muzzle loading weapons…then they reach Earth-The Terrans don't have fancy space drives but they sure got better weapons!

  43. Don't want to argue but just putting this out there: I guess thanks to "Private Ryan", the shaky cam tries to recreate the chaos of combat. After all a real combat cameraman doesn't stand up & take clear pictures during a real fire fight.

  44. Agree with everything here. If they cut out the countless dumb one liners and made the characters act more like they actually would in that situation it would have been a sci-fi/war classic

  45. "Teenage boys are going to love it" Are you kidding me? I'm 16 years old and couldn't stand this dumb, atrocious, sickening garbage dumpster of a film. As Roger Ebert once said, some movies can be easily created at home by banging pots and pans together. This is definitely one of those films, an atrocity to Cinema that shouldn't exist…

  46. Battle Los Angeles was a fine B-movie SF film. I enjoyed it. Sort of like what a SciFi Channel movie should be if they had a budget and a clue or two. I give it a 7.5.

  47. Ya, aliens who have mastered inter-stellar travel want…water.  H2O is super abundant in our galaxy and it doesn't matter if  it comes as ice or liquid.  Plus, The U.S. or another 1st world regional power nation would do a better job of species-cide.  Just program a biological virus or neutrino bombs (look them up…kills life without damaging infrastructure or radiation)

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