Be More Attractive To Women | 8 Easy Ways To INSTANTLY Stand Out From The Crowd!

Be More Attractive To Women | 8 Easy Ways To INSTANTLY Stand Out From The Crowd!

hi it’s Stephan Erdman I’m wearing a suit
that’s right and there’s a reason for it in this video we’re going to be talking
about eight ways that you can stand out from the crowd
in order to attract women and if you ever wanted to make a great first
impression on women that you’re interested in then this video is for you now when people meet you for the first
time they will make it assumptions about you like you make assumptions about them
like you make assumptions about me right now when you see me for the first time
you look at how I’m dressed you looking at my face you look how much I smile
so let’s be real women do it we do it no big deal now the key is of course to get
people to make good assumptions about you right so let’s get straight into it
number one is your body language people make huge assumptions about you based on
your body language the way you stand the way you move
whether you’re open whether you’re you’re relaxed whether you seem tense
if you hold tension in your body it automatically will make people think
that you’re hiding something or that you have some issues that you’re having
problems and women will also look at you they will basically look at your body
language and they sometimes will have an instant ink thing what you’ll be like in
bed because they can see from your body if you like it’s gonna be horrible in
bed right because your body language and your mindset absolutely go together just
try this stand up straight and just punch the air for a second and notice
how you feel of course you feel more energized already so use your body
language to stand out from the crowd by just being the one that’s standing tall
than everybody else that’s just their centered calm and in control
number two accessories accessories are one of the easiest ways to stand out
from the crowd and if you don’t use accessories consciously right now then
you’re making a big mistake let’s say you’re wearing a suit now what will be
an accessory for that well you have an accessory like a tie for example now you
can wear the wrong tie as I’m showing you here and you can wear the right tie
now that would be a great tie and that’s a kind of tie that women would comment
on incidentally this tie is from a company called the dark not calm that’s
a website that I love it’s all about making men look better by giving them
the best accessories that you can think of they have a great selection of ties
each of their accessories is handmade all the ties come with a double layer of
wool and cotton interlining they also have accessories lie
for example these lava stone bracelets okay look at that what I love about
these bracelets is that they’re rough and elegant at the same time it’s not
too big and it fits nicely and it can go with a suit
it can also go with anything casual it can go with a shirt rolled up sleeves it
can go with a bit of a rocky look my favorite accessory these days especially
when I wear a suit a jacket or anything like that and I want to jazz things up a
bit handkerchiefs or pocket squares handkerchiefs are just beautiful
especially this one here also from the dark not calm so you just pull this
together you can stick it in like this and especially if you come straight from
work you want to go on a date for example slap this on put this on
instantly you ready for a date as you may have realized this video is
sponsored by the dark not calm and if you go to the dark not calm I’ve
arranged a 25% discount code for you it’s called a G 25 so if you’re
interested in getting some great accessories like this silk handkerchief
that I’ve been showing you that I’m wearing or this bracelet then go to the
dark not come and check it out you get 25% off with the special coupon code
that I’m also putting here in the description which brings us to the third
factor in standing out from the crowd and making a great first impression and
that is to dress well and I know that sounds obvious but what does dressing
well actually mean well it doesn’t necessarily have to mean to buy the most
expensive clothes okay I’ll have the big labels in fact that can work against you
but when it comes to dressing well within your style the key thing for me
are two things number one wearing clothes that fit you right number two
combining things well now this suit for example it fits me very well
shoulders fit waist fits now contrast that with this suit that I bought quite
a few years ago as you can see it looks sloppy it looks too big
the shoulders are too wide and it just looks terrible really the same thing
with shirts you can get really great fitting shirts these days with a bit of
stretch in them even make sure your clothes fit you don’t always have to get
them tailored but if you do find it difficult to find the right fitting
things for yourself then you may have to go to have them adjusted slightly for
your body the certain basic thing to dressing well
is combining colors correct in combining styles correctly if you wear a dress
shirt which is meant to be tucked in and you wear it over some old jeans or
something it’s always going to look horrible if you wear a more casual shirt
that is not meant to be tucked in then it’s gonna look very different have a
look at this that looks great have a look at this that looks terrible
it just doesn’t work together right so think about these things there’s so many
videos about these topics so that you can just research a little bit but it is
crucial to making a great first impression and I noticed the difference
every time by the way what I love about the dark not as well is that they also
educate people about how to combine colors every time you buy something
there you get a card that tells you what to combine it with in terms of the
colors also that blog on their website are really educational so check it out
okay the fourth thing that will always make you stand out from the crowd is
positivity because so many people are so busy being miserable or being moody or
trying to act cool and when you’re positive and you just approach people
with positivity you approach life with positivity you approach yourself with
positivity it radiates and it makes other people want to be spending time
with you so focus on what can be done what you like about people focus on what
you like about life be grateful for what you have focus on what you like about
yourself and never get stuck in negativity for too long I know that
sounds general but it’s so important number five openness generally being
open is so massive when it comes to people when it comes to situations when
you look at things as opportunities rather than as dangers you are going to
change your it’s a bit like that film yes-man where
Jim Carrey said yes to everything now of course that was a comedy
still the principle is really really amazing now I used to be a maybe person
and that’s still my tendency I tend to evaluate things for ages and then I make
a decision but when I just go for the yes and I just go ahead and I see the
opportunity and I move towards what I’m excited about amazing things happen
number 6 is obvious for many people and I don’t talk about this very often
because I’m not the expert but be in shape be in reasonable shape when people
see you being very out of shape or when people see you not taking care of your
body they make assumptions about how you deal with the rest of your life it’s not
really about don’t be overweight it’s more about feeling proud of who you are
and feeling good about you when you’re in shape when you look your best when
you feel your best you automatically have a huge advantage when you come into
a room and people react to you because it’s obvious to them that you feel good
about yourself number seven is a key follow-up from the
last one because all of this will give you confidence and confidence is not
something that basically goes against other people this is where people always
get this wrong you cannot be confident and put people down you can be confident
and lift people up that’s what real confidence is if you’re interested in
learning more about being more confident just check out my program there should
be a link here for you now the last thing that will make you stand out from
the crowd I just want to take it separate here is to have a purpose
having a purpose comes out in your body language having a purpose comes out in
your confidence having your purpose comes out in how you interact with
people when you know what you want at any moment in your life you are much
stronger than your average person most people just float through life they sort
of just adjust all the time to what’s happening and something that women
really go for is a man with a purpose a man on a mission
so those are some of my favorite ways of standing out from the crowd and
attracting women in the process for making a great first impression without
even talking to them and so that when you start talking to them they already
intrigued they want to talk to you just to
reiterate go to the dark not calm if you want to get amazing accessories get 25%
off AG 25 is the coupon code go to the link here in the description thanks for
watching haven’t missed something let me know in the comment section please like
this video give it a thumbs up and subscribe if you haven’t done so already
what’s the next video here or go to the website and check out the six-week w
confidence challenge I see you later


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