Beach Body Transformation – Only 20 weeks Freeletics Running!!!

Beach Body Transformation – Only 20 weeks Freeletics Running!!!

Hi, my name is Sunny, I am 23 years old and a marketing consultant. I used to be slim my whole life, I had a busy social life and did a lot of sport. But now it’s hard to even look at myself in the mirror. Especially if I’m just in my underwear, what I see in the mirror makes me really sad. I still remember standing here in the same spot 20 weeks ago, feeling super uncomfortable in my own skin. The first 15 weeks were really tough. It was exhausting and I was totally unfit. On top of that, I also injured myself. And that really got me down at the time, because I couldn’t perform as well as I wanted to. But now, I would like to show you the results.


  1. from not turning any heads, to turning and breaking necks all around, while making other women hit their man for looking at other women 😀 hahahahahah

  2. I LOVE pilates and yoga. You can literally do them for free in the comfort of your own home and see just as good results. I believe that your relationship with food plays a factor in weight loss as well. I dont run, I walk everyday for a total of 2-3 hours if that, probably less. I start the day with a 10 minute pilates workout at home and finish my workout with some gentle yoga and then I practice my intuitive/mindful eating throughout the day and incorporate a whole, plant based lifestyle (minimal animal protein) too. I've lost 5lbs in a week.

  3. I tried one intense hour long CrossFit thing and I almost died (fine not died just almost puked). I don’t know how I’ll survive with out ballet as my work out in The future 😥

  4. You’re so brave!!!! Be proud of yourself, you should be! It takes lots of courage to do what you did, not everyone has the mental strength to do what you did.

  5. I'm not a world-class expert but I'd suggest to try to push the chest forward and gain a more straight position to reduce the load on your lower back. Your future self will thank you! Besides that MASSIVE RESULTS! Inspiring 😊

  6. The title is really misleading. I can tell you from real experience it's not all about running. To lose weight, it's like 70% diet and 30% workout. Keep that in mind, you are what you eat, especially when you workout more, you tend to eat more. That will counter the workout you do and you will not feel the result.

  7. Respect! I'm 54 and i'm train every day ( i do Tony Horton P90X3 ) if you want to change, you can….hug from Italy.

  8. How much km did you run every day?
    Have you controlled diet too?
    Have you done workout?
    Does this transformation happens only because of running?

  9. Beautiful work! Be careful though transformation pics are now being taken down on Instagram as ‘self harm’ while Tess holiday eating a cake to herself is perfectly ok.

  10. My life has changed since I found out how to lose.weight. I have lost 39 pounds in 2 months since I started taking this my stomach is smaller and I have more energy

  11. I am a volleyball player and this is one of the warm up we are doing but when i stop playing my arms and legs are so damn thiccccccc

  12. Tommorrow will be day 30 of my weight loss journey and so far I'm down 22 pounds all from using

  13. We each have our own way.
    This girl is not fat, she just hasn't kept up with her usual routine.
    20 weeks is easy for her.
    Not so for those of us who haven't really exercised since our youth.
    But good for her.

    "…run Forest, run "

  14. I really want to try this but I’m too young and don’t have the right equipment for it and it’s not like I can but the equipment anyways

  15. I was 110 kilos by the end of February now middle August I’m 84 kilos, it’s just diet and working out! Don’t get stress with the diet, just eat healthy! Chicken, veggies, not too much sugar, sometimes soda, I did that and I loss weight 😊

  16. It is now 2019, you do not need to exercise like crazy and get hurt to loose weight, just cut carbs down to 20 grams per day and less. Increase good fats and eat moderate portions of protein . If you want muscles just do 3x 20 mn of HIIT per week. Target the insulin not diet.

  17. The main thing is not to run, the main thing is nutrition. If you want to reduce weight, you need to make a calorie deficit.

    After driving 5 km, you will spend about 300 kcal. Big Mac contains 510 kcal. Draw conclusions!

  18. Weight is not the criteria for living healthy life, being happy is the biggest factor that you are fit, without happiness all fitness measurements are useless. Sunny you became fit because you are happy, at early stage you are not fit because you are not happy.

  19. 1 like=1 situp i do every night
    reply so i can keep updated and i'm not going over 1k situps a night cuz thats ridiculous

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