Before You Exercise, Watch This! | Eric Edmeades

Before You Exercise, Watch This! | Eric Edmeades

Stop! Do not exercise. Please don’t.
I really want you to hear me about this. The vast majority of the people that are
out there exercising are doing more damage to their bodies than health.
I want you to hear me. Now let’s take a step back. I am NOT saying that exercise
is bad, what I’m saying is that exercise while you are malnourished or exercise
while you have toxicity in your system is a bad thing and it’ll do far more
damage than it will do good What that means is, that long before
exercising what you really want to work on is making sure that your body is
properly hydrated and properly nourished. We have worked with thousands of people
in over 20 countries around the world and here’s what we found. In only three
months we can create massive change in the physical body, they can change not
just simply losing weight but they can change their shape, the shape of their
face, the shape of their gut, they can lose all the persistent fat that they’ve
been going to the gym to get rid of and it’s never helped and the reason being
is, your body does not want to carry that weight. It doesn’t want to! Think about it.
It takes energy, it takes energy for your heart to pump oxygen out to
that extra tissue and you have to carry it around. Your lymphatic system has to
clean it. Your body doesn’t want to carry that weight and so what we want to do is
make sure that you’re so well nourished that your body knows that it’s safe to
release that weight, that it’s safe to release that stored hydration and that
stored energy and then what’s fascinating is by doing that, by boosting
up your nutrition you create a circumstance where you will want to
exercise, where you wouldn’t have to push yourself to do it, where you’ll truly
want to do it think of it like this if you are missing really important
nutrients and no I am not talking about using supplements to fix them I’m
talking about using rational nutrition eating solid good food. If somebody is a
little bit malnourished and then they go out and really push themselves
physically, aren’t they gonna get injured? Aren’t they gonna strain the body too
much? Yes, please before exercising massively improve your nutrition
increase the healthy nutrition that comes in your body and decrease the
toxicity and junk that goes in your body and then,
then jump into exercise. That’s how you’ll create optimal health longevity
and quality of life


  1. Eric shares with us how important it is to be healthy from the inside first when it comes to our physical fitness. To achieve the best results, our bodies have to be in prepared for the challenge ahead. Ever thought about this before?

    Eric Edmeades has so many more mind blowing nuggets of wisdom to share. Watch his FREE masterclass to learn more?

  2. YOUR TITLE IS SO SO FRAUDULENT, DID you use this title just to attract followership? you are talking nonsense. You need to go and read a bit of the biochemistry and physiology if the human body. YOU DONT have to eat bf a workout. That is a fallacy,. It adds no health significance./benefit. it takes over 3 hour from digestion to metabolism and absorption before any food you eat is made available in the body's energy production chain. Your body will be using already stored up, fully metabolized energy sources not what you just popped into your mouth 10 mins before you started exercise. Stop misleading people with half baked truth.

  3. Toxicity in your system? One can clearly tell you lack any competence to talk about this as you use that term. There is no toxicity in anyone's system. Your liver is responsible for taking care of that. Also exercise is almost never a bad thing and you're just selling snake oil. Eating a burger doesn't produce toxicity but introduces your body to a cocktail of nutrients it can't use in any meaningful way. That's not toxicity.

  4. its true im facing the same problems im cant even do 1 push up that means my body is not ready for exercise im fat but not much and also weak im just looking into healthy diet to be healthy and strong then i can get into workouts
    the thing is

    eat healthy
    stay healthy

  5. The conclusion is eat so that you can live but not live to eat………….just trust in Mother Nature , she has all the solution……..

  6. He might have a good message but I don't like the style in which it's presented. I don't like someone shouting at me to stop anything, I prefer being seduced into an idea.

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  8. This ad came out when I was looking for videos on people who lost weight. I normally skip the ad part but what he said got my attention. Get your diet done first before exercising right when you feel lighter, makes so much sense as to lessen body injuries like pressure on the joints. So instead of exercises, I should start with ideas on foods to help loose weight. Thank you for the short message!!

  9. Nourish your horse before you enter him for a race. The horse will die without being properly nourished after the race.

  10. I wouldn't listen to a single word this guy says just because of his shitty ad that tells people not to exercise before every health and fitness video

  11. Ah thats true. My dad always tell me to excercise but I'm malnourished like hell. Luckily, I didn't listen.

  12. Clickbait asshole! Saying something controversial about exercise to get views. Got me. So fuck you. Btw i didnt watch the whole thing cuz ur a deuche.

  13. This guy is a salesman and an actor before he's anything helpful to mankind. He exhibits all the nasty traits of merchant behavior.

  14. I'm already skinny but I think I'm addicted to workout what you think although I feel hurt sometimes my food is not that great healthy of one I mean I'm I included

  15. why are they always talking about fucking fat some of us are so skinny and trying to gain a few kilos not to look like a chopstick

  16. STOP? you just LAZY… u can't do what we do!!!
    your tittle can cause negativity way of thinking…

    it's about combination of nutrition and workout!
    you should understand what are the advantages of doing workout?
    why we need nutrition after workout?

  17. Dear Eric,
    As a physical fitness researcher and speaker, yoga teacher, and personal trainer, I find your view on exercise not only wildly ignorant but also incredibly dangerous. Promoting a pseudo-scientific belief that exercise is not needed nor something that contributes to a person's overall health is laughable. Millions of Americans suffer from obesity and by promoting an idea that exercise is not an important intricate foundation to ones health: mentally, physically and emotionally is going to kill more individuals that will read your message than help. Exercise is FUNDAMENTAL in a human beings overall health. One CANNOT in OUR society rely on a diet and toss out the idea of exercise or imply that exercise is some myth and not a bodily requirement in the sustainability of long term health in human development. Your idea and approach is stupid, you sound ignorant and your entire concept is pseudo-scientific, dangerous to those whom are truly struggling with excessive weight and it screams fad diet. For the protection, health and safety of every individual: I truly hope that your concepts become greeted with the appropriate scientific evidence from individuals who will dispute your claims and that millions of humans do not die in the process of listening to someone who is promoting an ideology that humans do not require exercise and that health is achieved by remaining sedentary as long as you throw in a salad as a replacement. You know what you're doing to make a penny and you should be ashamed of yourself. The health community is disappointed and alarmed by your message and it could lead to a very dangerous promotion of ideas in regards to the health of human beings on a physical, spiritual and mental level in relation to an individual's overall well-being in the sustainability of long term health and lifestyle. Find a way to make money that doesn't risk the health of millions of individuals who are truly seeking truthfulness.

  18. Wut if u like to exercise. I mean im not saying I love exercising but after d exercise I feel accomplished. I think exercise is important too. I mean nutrition is important as well but exercising and stretching r fundamentally important as well.

  19. I have pain in my neck should i continue exercising ? Or stop? The pain goes away sometimes and come back ..

  20. PLEASE STOP putting this ad in front of every workout/nutrition video I watch. I fucking hate it. I love my exercise. I do not "want to hear you about this." One dislike is mine.

  21. He's right. I've experienced severe hair loss when i used to workout 6 days a week. My diet was not very much nutritious. I stopped all my workout routines and focused on my diet. With diet rich in nutrition i experienced not only losing bodt fat but also my hair started growing back & my skin looks glowing & ever young. I now feel so good sticking to my diet. Everyday exercises i do are stretches, yoga & i prefer walking 30 minutes everyday.

  22. What do you mean stop exercising…. you speaking to many people who had a good diet as well and exercising ….your way of presenting your message is not appropriate… just because you want to capture attention you dont just say stop exercising like its worst thing one would do to his body…. find some better ways to say it…what is wrong these people with their ads these days….. the ads alone are annoying..Uhhh

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