Beginner Circuit With TRX | Sleek/Strong With Rachel Cosgrove

Beginner Circuit With TRX | Sleek/Strong With Rachel Cosgrove

Are you ready to workout? This workout is
gonna be appropriate even if you’re just getting started. This is beginners circuit using the
TRX to de-load and make it easier. Now, we’re gonna do 20 second intervals, working for
that entire 20 seconds. Take a break if you need to — don’t lose your form. And then
you’re gonna get 40 seconds of rest before the next exercise. We have five exercises.
Get through the entire circuit, and then you’re gonna repeat, again, on the other side. So
we’re gonna go ahead and do that circuit again. So let’s go ahead and get started. Grab your
TRX. Go ahead and hold onto it. Put as much weight onto it as you need to. Stand up nice
and straight, back up, core tight, and we’re gonna lower into a Body Weight Squat. Again,
use your upper body as much as you need to, keeping your form. Here we go for 20 seconds,
down and up. Full range of motion. Keep your heels down. And again, use that TRX as much
as you need to make it easier. And we have 5 seconds on the clock. Keep going. And rest.
You have 40 seconds of rest. We’re gonna move onto the next exercise. Again, we’re gonna
use this TRX. We’re gonna be doing a rowing movement: An Inverted Row. So you’re gonna
hold on, get your body in a nice, straight line, let that heart rate come down, take
your recovery. When you’re ready, after the 40 seconds, get into position. And we’re go
for 20 seconds. Shoulders are down and back, core’s tight. And here we go: Inverted Row
for 20 seconds. Get as many done as you can in 20 seconds. That’s 10 seconds, give me
another 10 seconds to go. Last 5 seconds. And done. Great job. So here we go: We’re
onto our third exercise. We’re gonna go ahead and do a Lunge. Now, again, we’re gonna use
this TRX to take some load off and make it a little easier. So use the TRX as much as
you need to. Chest up nice and tall, after your 40 seconds. Rest, let that heart rate
come down. And, on your marks, get set — here we go for 20 seconds. And step back, chest
up. Keep that front knee going right over your toe, right in alignment. Stepping back
each time, use that TRX as much as you need to. And last one. Good job. That’s 20 seconds
of work — we got 40 seconds of rest, before our last two exercise. So we have five exercises
total. Next exercise, we’re gonna go down to the floor and do a Plank Walkup. So this
is gonna be a nice plank position on your elbows. Go ahead and lower down to the floor,
elbows right under your shoulders, and core nice and tight. And here we go for 20 seconds.
And you’re gonna walk yourself up, and then take yourself down. And then you’re gonna
repeat on the other side. Take yourself down. Up, down. Now, while you’re doing this, you’re
keeping that body in a straight line the whole time — don’t let those hips pop up. And go
ahead and give me one more. Up. Alright, we got 40 seconds of rest, and we’re gonna hit
our last exercise, where we’re gonna stand up again. This one is a Single Leg Bend and
Reach. So for this exercise, after you take that 40 seconds, balancing on one leg, core
is tight, you’re just gonna reach opposite hand toward the floor, bending from the hip.
So when you hit your 20 seconds, here we go. Ready and go: We’re gonna reach forward, come
back up. Reach forward, come back up. Now, while we’re doing that, we’re bending from
the hip, thinking about kicking those hips back, as we bend from the hip. Get as many
done as you can. What you’re gonna do is you’re gonna repeat the circuit again, and do the
opposite leg the second time around. We’re gonna go ahead and do another 2 seconds. And
done. Now, that’ the entire five exercises. Go ahead and repeat that circuit again, doing
the opposite side with the single leg exercises. Great workout today. Have fun.


  1. i love circuits. its the only cardio i'll spend my time on. i think 40 seconds is wayyy too much recovery time, even for a beginner. still great though. this channel would get SO much more views and subscribers if you advertised it more. i found it on my own, but would have been a part of it way before had i seen an ad for it.

  2. Hi, have you seen this thing called the Max Muscle Method? (do a google search). My friend says it gets people to increase their strength.

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