Best FEMALE Workout Motivation 2016- Never Give Up! [MUST WATCH]

Best FEMALE Workout Motivation 2016- Never Give Up! [MUST WATCH]

What happened yesterday no longer
matters. Today’s another day so get back on your feet, get back on track, and move closer
to your dreams and goals. You may not be the strongest, the fastest, or the
fittest, but you know what that’s okay what matters is you’re taking a step
every single day. Getting off the couch when others aren’t, not using the cold weather as an excuse and you’re not relying on anyone else but yourself. Obstacles
can’t stop you, problems can’t stop you and people can’t
stop you. Only you can stop you, and today you’re making the choice that
nothing and no one will get in your way, ever. Trying is not the same as doing. We all fall down and rarely do we
succeed the first time around. Just remember, at any given moment you
have the power to say this is not how my story ends.


  1. Amazing. You are an inspiration Ashy. You have helped me begin turning my life around from what was a very unhappy, unhealthy teenage girl to a strong and confident woman who is making herself happier every day. I really don't have anyone else to thank. You have changed my life.

  2. Thank you Ashy, for everything! You are truly an amazing women and a big inspiration to me and many others <3 xxx

  3. <3 loved every second of it <3
    I would love in the future to help girls here in italy— spreading self confidence ,healthy choices and most important balanced life ! amazing feeling ! big hugs :* <3

  4. Great video, LOVE IT!

    Was I the only one getting super frustrated that it was going from day to night 😂 haha

  5. wow wow wow !! did i ever need to see this, truly has touched me in so many ways! i wish i could hug you 🙂 love how you presented this message, i watch this everyday to start my day 🙂 thanks! <3 xox

  6. Before watching this, I had no motivation to exercise and eat healthy. Because of you, I have finally been able to take that step and commit to bettering myself. Thank you so much Ashy!

  7. Love Love Love this! Ashy you honestly keep getting better and better in my eyes, not only are you a good friend, mother, wife but you care for girls you have never met. Watching your snapchat and your new raw episodes i feel like i know you and can relate to you so much! Thank you for spending a part of your life helping others. You are amazing xxx

  8. ahhhh omg love this video!!! I watched this before I went on a run and it really helped me want to get outside and be active :))

  9. So amazing! be my best friend ❤ literally my soul sister! Haha have an amazing time on your trip! hope taj is feeling better!
    xoxo Snapchat family

  10. Loving all your videos makes me wish I started following you before. Very motivating makes me wish I knew about you before when I started my health journey might have help me start it the right way to lose weight.

  11. to ashy,
    you have inspired me so much to be the best me, to be fit and healthy and enjoy life!
    i have watched all episodes of raw and it is AMAZING! I've been following you through snapchat and instagram for almost 2 years and i am happy to say you are definitely my inspiration!
    i am 14 years old and you have helped my get into really good eating habits and i have became so fit and i am so much happier.
    don't ever let people bring you down ashy, you are sooo amazing and there is so many other girls like me out there who admire and idolise you.
    it would definitely be a dream of mine to be able to meet you!! your lifestyle is definitely one i want to be able to grow up and have. and don't even get me started on taj, he is soo adorable.
    thanks for everything, and i really really hope i would be ablate get to meet you soon!
    love brittnei (insta – @britt1537) xxxx

  12. I saw this on your snapchat last yesterday, thank you so much. This is the motivation I need to carry on today and keep at it! You're amazing!

  13. Ashy Bines Bikini body challenge is absolutely incredible. I joined up years ago and am still amazed by how it changed my life, It did so much more than get me fit. I joined the bikini body bootcamp and attended all sessions near my home town. the trainers were so incredible, supportive, motivating and inspiring I made so many friends and there was nothing better than waking up at 6am to smash a solid work out with all my girlfriends,. Through what ashy has created I have overcome my eating disorder and now love my body from the inside out. I couldnt praise ashy enough the program she has created really is incredible and i would highly encourage anyone and everyone to join up and actually do the bootcamps. Thanks to her and her team of amazing trainers I gathered up the confidence and am now a personal trainer myself, spreading exactly what ashy has taught me to everyone I now train. the focus is on health and self love and being a better you! x

  14. 💕 I travelled to Australia last year and where I worked the girls in central Queensland loved you, I soon became hooked with your insta and Snapchat… these videos I hope will help me push forward with my goals ❤️

  15. This is so great! I have been training for years and this truly speaks to me and my clients. Thanks for creating and sharing. 🙂

  16. great video….can't find good women's fitness motivational videos that aren't just spank banks….

  17. im crying watching ur video …thanks so much its really help me …bcs I really sad right now and hate my much

  18. Try to think the workout is for fun n make it everyday.. Im sure u will never get bored and u will never give up..

  19. Thank you so much for your knowledge and helping others to do well. This has made me re think of how I am going to spend my time and life. Thank you again so much and I will try my best to get to my goals.

  20. i dont understand y too much fitness is bad for women, cuz thts how the whole world considers it.. tht only men r supposed to be strong with muscles 😒

  21. Best motivation video for girls loosing weight here is the link
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