Best Friends in Middle School (Down syndrome)

if you had to tell the whole world one thing about Jessica what would it be I think I would say just to be friends with her it’s kind of privilege to be friends with such a nice person and I think I’m pretty honored to have such a good friend like her I feel like happy that he say that and every step that I think I would never have a plan 1 front question to me asking me why am i friends with Jesse and I told him I wouldn’t you be friends with anybody and friends of front pretty much and then they said well why you best friends with that I said because she’s just an awesome person he took them joke and sometime are not good since some saturnine corporate I told her a couple things up over gonna learn and it’s great like the health and science she doesn’t hear about it yeah it’s kind of disgusting I really do I hear right sometimes you’ll ask me a question about like eighth grade and how it is and is any different I like what do I need and stuff and I said don’t worry about it and just relax for the summer and then worry about one school is closer I am cleaner with it AC Pallas and I’m little bit scared because I don’t know where where no peace classes you know like in seventh grade don’t tell you what classes than this one that’s the same thing they’ll do and if great yeah it’s really simple and mister all will always help you just remember that mr. roles for you he’s a kind for you found fault sometimes he also have to be you horik if you have a not here it’s help you it’s just it got any different than your other friends no not a bit different she’s funnier than all of them but there’s not a big not even a close not even 0.1% of difference

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